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How COVID-19 is affecting our fears, phobias and anxieties - Counseling Today 03/12/2021

How COVID-19 is affecting our fears, phobias and anxieties - Counseling Today

"No one wants to feel anxious or afraid all the time, of course, but the treatment goal isn’t to completely eradicate these feelings...the point of counseling is to learn how to respond to these emotions in more helpful ways"

Our director Andrea Batton was recently interviewed by Counseling Today about how COVID-19 has affected our anxieties and fears. Andrea expertly describes how we should face our fears and not run away from them.

How COVID-19 is affecting our fears, phobias and anxieties - Counseling Today The pandemic has given rise to some very specific worries that threaten to exert control over clients’ thoughts and behaviors, leaving counselors to rethink how they approach treatment. 12/31/2020

How to Cope With COVID Related Stress

"Feeling anxious? Having difficulty sleeping? Is your mind racing with all the possibilities of what could go wrong—or perhaps what already has? Rest assured, you’re not alone. " Baltimore magazine

Read this interview from Baltimore Magazine with our Clinical Director, Andrea Batton, LCPC, on coping with COVID related stress as we begin a New Year and a fresh start. Expert from the Maryland Anxiety Center shares ways to handle the unknowns. 09/08/2020

Maintaining Fitness Habits As We Reopen | Maryland Anxiety Center

"As the world starts to shift back to “normal”, it will be extra important to continue to manage our stress levels and maintain our self-care and wellness routines to ease the transition."

See our latest blog article on maintaining fitness habits to optimize emotional well being. Not only have people seen great results and success with their newly-established virtual fitness routines, but it has been a great way for people to ...


International OCD Foundation

On October 6th, walk with us to advocate for OCD and related mental health disorders.

[08/17/18]   Registered for @IOCDF's Training on #OCD Treatment Engagement!Excited to learn from DrAlecPollard @DrJonAbram DrGregoryChasson(@IITHumanScience)DrLisaCoyne(@McLeanHospital)@DrRandyFrost DrMichaelTompkins(@sfbacct)DrBarbaraVanNoppen(@USC)DrStephenWhiteside(@MayoClinic)@SWilhelmPhD

[08/10/18]   Hey @Merrittprop! Today is #NationalSmoresDay - step it up! 😊

[08/10/18]   One of the best things about #mindfullness is that it can be done almost anywhere. Whether you're in a waiting room, eating dinner or watching a sporting event, being present and non-judgemental changes not only the way you think and feel, but also impacts the experience itself

[07/29/18]   Another end to another incredible @OCDconference. We’re loved seeing colkegyes and attending terrific presentations. Next year in Austin!

[07/29/18]   “#DBT is about building a life worth living” ~ @MorgansVoice_ @midatlanticocd #OCD #CBTworks

[07/29/18]   Starting final day of @OCDConference #OCDcon w/using #DBT & #ERP to treat #OCD sufferers who are classified as nonresponders w/ @MorgansVoice_, Drs. Fugen Neziroglu&Sony Khemlani-Patel(@BioBeInstitute), Dr.Magda Rodriguez (CPE Clinic) & Jessica Bishop
@midatlanticocd #CBTworks

[07/28/18]   Congrats to Alec Pollard, PhD for earning (not winning but earning) this years @IOCDF service award. No one more deserving! @OCDconference #ocd #ocdcon

[07/28/18]   Just spotted @realmarcsummers @OCDconference! Clearly he’s passionate about #OCD #Advocacy #EndTheStigma

[07/28/18]   Time for this year’s keynote at @OCDconference #OCDcon. @drdrew will be speaking on "Seeing" the Elephant of Stigma Reduction: A Move Towards Empowerment and #Advocacy. #OCD #anxiety #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwareness #EndTheStigma

[07/28/18]   Really interested in looking more into a recommendation from @SWilhelmPhD (@harvardmed, @MassGeneralNews) to using #CBT protocols for psychosis for patients with #BDD and have limited insight @OCDconference #CBTworks #OCD #anxiety

[07/28/18]   We need to talk about the goal of making #ERP part of a lifestyle in order for patients to continue to make improvements beyond "good enough" b/c as patients make progress they spend less time with exposure [email protected] (@smithcollege) @OCDconference #OCD #CBTworks @anxiety

[07/28/18]   With patients struggling with #OCD & #BDD who are cutting back on their compulsions, it's very important to incorporate positive activities to fill that time previously used for ritualizing ~ @SWilhelmPhD (@harvardmed, @MassGeneralNews) @OCDconference #OCDcon #anxiety #CBTworks

[07/28/18]   "I love when people ask me about glutamate" ~ @DrChrisPitt (@YaleOCDResearch) #OCDcon #anxiety #OCD @OCDconference

[07/28/18]   Lots of discussion about symptom reduction vs recovery with #BDD - @SWilhelmPhD (@harvardmed, @MassGeneralNews), Katharine Phillips (@WeillCornell), @DrChrisPitt (@YaleOCDResearch) & @DrRandyFrost (@smithcollege) #OCDcon #BDD #anxiety #OCD

[07/28/18]   Final panel of the day at @OCDconference! "Severe #OCD & Related Disorders: Therapeutic Models for Recovery" w/@SWilhelmPhD (@harvardmed, @MassGeneralNews), Katharine Phillips (@WeillCornell), @DrChrisPitt (@YaleOCDResearch) & @DrRandyFrost (@smithcollege) #OCDcon #BDD #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Greatly appreciate these evidence-based recommendations for #depression from Katharine Phillips of @WeillCornell - @NorthernLightTe and @SHUTi_Me @OCDconference #OCDcon #OCD #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Andrea G. Batton, LCPC, director of @mdanxietycenter, is headed to the @midatlanticocd general interest meeting at @OCDconference #OCDcon. Stop by and meet board members and let them know what programing you’re interested in. #OCD #anxiety

[07/28/18]   As therapists we can’t be al things to all patients ~ @DrJonAbram @OCDconference #OCD #OCDcon #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Relationships become stronger when #ERP is done as a team ~ @DrJonAbram @IOCDF #OCD #ocdcon #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Effective communication between partners has to include communication training-are we trying to fix it by solving the problem or expressing empathy by sharing feelings ~ @DrJonAbram @IOCDF #OCD #ocdcon #anxiety great advice even in the absence of OCD

[07/28/18]   People need to get better at having #anxiety rather than getting better at making it go away ~ @DrJonAbram @OCDconference #ocd #CBTWorks

[07/28/18]   Looking forward to hearing @DrJonAbram speak at @OCDconference #OCDcon on ͞Family Affair: Involving a Partner or Spouse in Exposure and Response Prevention for #OCD͟ #CBTworks #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Following completion of @IOCDF’s BTTI trainings, providers are more confident in their diagnosing and treatment of #OCD and utilization of #CBT ~ Dr. Ryan Jacoby of @OCDNews @OCDconference #ocdcon #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Presence of comorbidity with #OCD negatively impacts treatment response & remission in kids ~ Dr. Eric Storch of @USFHealth #OCDCon #anxiety @OCDconference

[07/28/18]   First up this morning at @OCDconference #OCDcon is a presentation on Elucidating Predictors of #OCD and #BDD treatment from Dr. Ryan Jacoby of @OCDNews, Dr. Jennifer Greenberg of @MGHPsychAcademy, F***y Dietel of @WWU_Muenster & Dr. Eric Storch of @USFHealth

[07/28/18]   Excited for the 18th Annual Road to Recovery Tour at @OCDconference #OCDcon! We’re headed out with @GraysonOCDHelp and his team in #DC to expose ourselves to all of the triggers the city has to offer. #OCD #CBTworks #anxiety

[07/28/18]   Just had a wonderful conversation with Eda Gorbis, PhD, LMFT of @theWIAD about the magical city of Paris and the joie de vivre of the French people and lifestyle. Such a pleasure to discuss a lovely topic! @OCDconference

[07/27/18]   Brain scans have shown that people with #BDD actually see things differently than people without BDD ~ Dr. Katharine Phillips of @WeillCornell #OCD #ocdcon @OCDconference #anxiety

[07/27/18]   Thinking other people take notice of you in a special way is common - Dr. Katharine Phillips of @WeillCornell #BDD #OCD #anxiety #ocdcon @OCDconference

[07/27/18]   One of our highlights of the @OCDconference #OCDcon is happening now! @SWilhelmPhD, Dr. Katharine Phillips of @WeillCornell and Dr. Fugen Neziroglu of @BioBeInstitute speaking on Essential Components in the Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder #BDD #OCD #anxiety

[07/27/18]   Excited to be presenting at 9:45 at @OCDconference #OCDcon on I’m More Than My OCD: Putting Things in Perspective in the Maryland room. Join us to learn more about living according to personal life values, goals and morals, instead of #OCD @midatlanticocd #anxiety




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