Glenda’s Healing Circle

Glenda’s Healing Circle

A Healing Circle for Energetic Healing & Ascension � Healing Meditations, Oracle Angel Readings, T

Operating as usual

Photos from Glenda’s Healing Circle's post 23/12/2022

Communing with my Higher Self ♥️ Sending Love and the Highest Light ♥️

Photos from Glenda’s Healing Circle's post 23/12/2022

In Arecibo Puerto Rico 🧬🎶♥️🇵🇷💗



On The Energies…

We are in a Mercury Pre Retrograde Shadow. Mercury is Retrograde from Dec 29 to Jan 18th in Capricorn. That means we are in Mercury Retroshade right now. We are also 3 days until the Winter Solstice. That means we can expect major energies as we are counting down the rest of the year. As Mercury is slowing down and shifting into retrograde it’s a good time to stop and assess how things are going. It’s a great time to be reviewing and clearing the energies of the year. What story are you writing for 2023? A love story? For those of you not already in a Twin Flame Union, know this person has been looking for you the whole time they have been on Earth. Expect Destined Shifts to occur over the course of the next 3 months. Many Twin Flames will meet, come into a Union, or fully recognize their connection if in one now. This is why your love life is coming up so strongly right now. Many of you that are Twin Flames are in fact incarnated Angels here to help the planet in a big way. Imagine a connection that you have to be fully healed for. This is a soul you’re destined to be with. You are meant to ascend into the 5th dimension together. When we wake up we first must move through 4D though. The majority of the awake spend too long here. 4D is all about more healing and shadow work. It’s the realm of the karmics. Your Twin Flame has been waiting for you the whole time. You have done so many lifetimes with this person, it will feel like home when you meet. This is one of the best parts of Ascension and coming to Earth. Expect the Energies of the Solstice to be huge for your love life. If old wounds, karmas, or blocks are coming up in this area allow them to and focus on more healing. This is all part of a deeper process we all must go through. If you have been trying to manifest this person know they are right around the corner.

Sparks Of Divine Light Healing

Photos from Glenda’s Healing Circle's post 17/12/2022

Feeling Reverance for Nature 🍃🌴🌱 One with the Universe 🧬🌳🙏🏼 captivating all the Light Upgrades 💫🌙🌖 and Giving Out Love and Harmony to All that is Living 🌎 Every Leaf 🍃 Every Flower 🌺 and Every Moment 🌛 I Love You All Beautiful Beings 💗 🌱🌿🌛🌙🍃💗🌺

Feeling Reverence for Nature… One with the Universe captivating all the light upgrades and giving out Love and Harmony to all… Every Leaf 🍃🌳🌴 Every Flower 🌸 and Every Moment 🌸 I love you all Beautiful Beings #glendashealingcircle #naturelove #lightcodes 16/12/2022

Feeling Reverence for Nature… One with the Universe captivating all the light upgrades and giving out Love and Harmony to all… Every Leaf 🍃🌳🌴 Every Flower 🌸 and Every Moment 🌸 I love you all Beautiful Beings #glendashealingcircle #naturelove #lightcodes


Feeling Reverence for Nature… One with the Universe captivating all the light upgrades and giving out Love and Harmony to all… Every Leaf 🍃🌳🌴 Every Flower 🌸 and Every Moment 🌸 I love you all Beautiful Beings #glendashealingcircle #naturelove #lightcodes



Universe 💜💜

Photos from Isis Channelings's post 12/12/2022




777. Healing 7 generations of blood lineage.

Blessed be for your sacred work.


In Divine Service,

Jess Alphonse
IG : (my only account)



Growth, change, and rebirth. Believe in yourself. Believe in your light team. Take that leap of faith. The universe will provide. Trust your intuitions. Call in your desires. It’s time to keep an open mind, see from new perspectives and level up your life. You are a powerful soul. You got this!
Love, Alyonna


Many around my house in the forest 🌳 Call upon the magic of this Earth. Walk outside. Take a Depe Breathe. In Silence. Just Observe 🌳🧬🦋🌙🌖🌸💗


I’m a dancer 💃🏽 it’s interesting to read this, and to consider to use it as a form to invoke. I think I will and sharing LIVE. COMING UP 🌸💗🌸🌙🧬🌖

I wanted to tell you, a dance is an invocation. Your channel is powerful. What do you need to invoke? A dance is an embodied, materialized manifestation. A dance can be a declaration of banishment. It can be sexy or hideous. It can be divine, sexual, sensual, dark, light, wild and mighty.

There are dances for grief, for rage, for ecstasy. Wear a costume or dance naked. Let your belly speak, let your hands speak, let your breasts speak.

Grab your ball, or a big stick, stomp your commands into the earth beneath your feet. Dance your prayers into the high heavens. Make the moon show herself to you. Become an earthquake or a volcano.

Spread your wings and make the wind come. Change physics with your hips. Dance until you yourself burst into bloom and the river of life starts singing your original holy name.

~ Alison Nappi
The Wildness with Alison Nappi

Art by Julia Jeffrey
Stonemaiden Art

Photos from Isis Channelings's post 07/12/2022




An awakened man looks for a woman in partnership not specifically in her perfections (although wonderful) but in her imperfections is where each soul adds value.

For he sees the mirror of the universe in her reflection. An awakened soul knows we find the missing pieces of ourselves in our counterparts, and the challenges they face together are the building blocks that when conquered is a future worth working together.

The awakened woman moves & feels in ways her king cannot and she teaches him the strength that accompanies the feminine energy. Her loving nature will inevitably lead him to better understand his own heart.

The awakened man stands in guardianship to protect the most precious commodity to him, that is his counterpart, and in turn empowers his woman to be herself.
In her raw form.
For she knows whatever she brings to the table will be supported and loved.

Relationships take work, they require compassion, forgiveness, understanding, honesty and loyalty. If you can find these attributes in a partner, keep them!

They are worth it. ❤️

Photos from Glenda’s Healing Circle's post 04/12/2022

After a Long Journey…. We find the Light Within for all the blessed reasons and then I’d reflected outward as long as You Connect with your Heart 🧡🦋🤍☀️🧬🔮🧿🌔✨🌺 Own It 🌙🌛 the gates are opened. Chat soon live and hoping to connect with all of you! 🌺🌸🌾


Yessss! 🎶💗💜🔥💕



Your self sabotaging tendencies are being brought to light. Pay attention and make the conscious choice to acknowledge, heal and change the energy.
This can be a challenging time for many so have patience and trust in divine timing. Focus on raising the vibration of your body through sound and movement. Let go of the anger, the pain and sufferings. Go deep into the darkness and find your light. Take the next 3 months to strengthen your light. Make this the beginning of your most incredible come back.
Karma is rewarding you for your kindness and the universe is sending you a miracle- an unbelievable blessing. Love, Alyonna Angelica



Your hardest days paved the way for your enlightenment today. 🙏🏽♥️



You have been praying for increased flow and have been visualizing greater wealth. Your positive thoughts and desires have manifested the abundance coming your way. This good fortune not only applies to money, but also to increased opportunities in your personal and professional life.

Affirmation: " I graciously accept good into my life right now. I deserve abundance. I am financially secure. I am supported abundantly today and everyday in my future.". 💰✨️😇🙏






El día 22 del 11 del 2022 se producirá la apertura de una poderosa puerta estelar que abrirá los corazones de todos para recibir el mayor amor que jamas hayamos sentido antes que marcara el fin de las frecuencias de miedo en toda la humanidad para vibrar en una resonancia armónica de luz, amor y libertad. Un día tan especial para manifestar deseos, milagros, sueños , bendiciones y conectar con el amor más puro de tu ser para sintonizarnos todos juntos a nuestra esencia verdadera espiritual.



Photos from Isis Channelings's post 22/11/2022



So It Is 🌺♥️🌺

To look at another woman with inspiration rather than the green eyes of envy.

To love another woman as a sister, rather than seeing them as the enemy.

To remember we each hold a love so vast and powerful it could heal the world,

To realize within our femininity is a strength that can move mountains,

That can either heal or crush another's soul,
To take our responsibility as the wardens of Mother Earth as a privilege, rather than a burden.

To embrace and engage with the unspoken within and without.

To heal our wounds consciously for ourselves, our
ancestors, future generations and one another.

To allow the feelings to flow through,
To be acknowledged and let go.
To observe,
To speak from the heart,
To accept our vulnerabilities as strength,

Sister, I see you as you speak your truth,
Sister, I honor you as you claim who you are,
Sister, I hold you as you rise to who you are destined to be.

~ Clare Deale

Art by Autumn Skye ART


Absolutely 💜💜💜

Being your authentic self, gives of a beauty, only you emit 💟




Feeling this now! 💗💜🤍


Plant a Tree 🌳 with Love, Write ✍️ Book or a Poem from the heart 🤍,
Give 🌺 & Don’t believe everything you hear…
Just Believe in Yourself ♥️


Our Ancestors are Reaching about to Us 🙏🏼♥️💗♥️


”The ancestors are calling you.

These are your 'spirit families' and guardians from the deep, eternally-bound past.
The ancestors gather around you, perhaps straddling many native cultures, traditions, communities and civilisations.

Your personal spiritual timeline - how your soul has reached across lifetimes and millennia - can be reflected in the shimmering faces of the sacred ancestors that make contact with you now.

You can easily link in with your spiritual ancestors by considering the traditions, cultures, perhaps countries, and 'realms' that you are instinctively attracted to. This is usually a very magnetic feeling; a pull or draw towards a certain group or tribe. For example, you may be very attracted to native traditions of countries such as America, South America, Africa, the Middle East. You may feel a pull towards the aesthetics, food, colours, textures and music of this culture or tradition.

Your ancestors of Light extend to those who you may consider to be 'off-Earth', such as angels and star-beings.
They can be goddesses and gods.
They can be sacred animal totems. There are endless forms of spiritual ancestry who form up the lifeblood of your Soul.

These guides specifically want to call themselves 'ancestors' today. They are your Great Mothers and Grandmothers, Great Fathers and Grandfathers, Brothers and Sisters. They comprise a Great Family of Light that surrounds your soul path.

It is important that you recognise your ancestors, as they connect with you now to deliver vital energies and new guidance. They know you inside and out, and can also take you on journeys to rediscover lost and forgotten parts of your Self.

This liberates your spirit and helps you to remember your deepest purpose. You will feel a closeness, a sweet familiarity with your ancestral families. They will often have significant messages for you, at poignant moments upon your 'Earth Walk'.

It is no random occurrence that you are drawn inexplicably to specific realms or cultures, sacred rituals or healing traditions, at certain trigger points in your life.

You are responding to a Call from your spiritual ancestors, and they are asking you to be open to connection.

Ancestors create events and situations in which you can receive their contact, open to their assistance and expand your Self. This is usually out of the control of your mind's plans about your life. It is serendipitous, magical, destined.

This is the Way of the Ancestors. They come to remind you of the realms beyond the veil. They come to remind you of your innate greatness, and capacity to illuminate the world. They come to offer healing, rituals, succour and sustenance for your opening into Spirit.

They believe in your deep powers and want you to use them, for the greatest good of all.

The Ancestors gather now, in healing circles, on the ground and in the air, in the oceans and rivers, the hills and mountains.

Listen, listen, listen.
Hear their Call.

It is only for you.”

~Sophie Bashford

Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Juila Jeffery





Soul contracts 🪄🤍✨️


More on this LIVE coming up 🙏🏼🎶🤍💗🔥

Speaking Your Truth 🪄🤍✨️



Tonight is the new moon in Scorpio ♏️

Make sure you’re planning and making room for the new 🫶🏽✨👑🪬




If you ever felt called to be a healer, a teacher, a salve for the people, now is your time to come forward.

If you are a word weaver or a light worker or a lender of ears, now is your time to come forward.

If you have been hiding medicine in your pockets, behind your eyes, beneath your tongue, waiting for the "right" time to share it, now is your time to come forward.

If you have been waiting for approval, for validation, for vindication before sharing your most precious gifts, now is your time to come forward.

If you are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect mentor, the perfect plan, now your time to come forward.

If you can bring laughter, comfort and warmth to the most solemn spaces, now is your time to come forward.

If you have ever been called to use your life for something greater than yourself, now is your time to come forward.

Yes, you might be terrified.
Yes, you might be unpopular.
Yes, you might disrupt the social norm.

But the world needs you.
Come forward.

Lend your gifts to the greater good.
Help make the world a better place so we might all be free.

Author ~L'erin Alta

Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~Emily Kell

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