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Drum circle with drums made of tires and packaging tape...

Drum circle with drums made of tires and packaging tape...


Anyone have any ideas for me?

Blue Sheep PrincipleWe are defined by what we choose to be. Not by the outward labels placed on us.Himalayan Blue Sheep ...

Blue Sheep Principle

We are defined by what we choose to be. Not by the outward labels placed on us.

Himalayan Blue Sheep are neither blue nor are they sheep. They were given a label that they didn’t ask for or deserve. It was given to them because they were not seen for what they are. Based on the label, they are very misunderstood. To the blue sheep, that does not matter.

We have no idea why we are defined a certain way by other people or why we are expected to fit a certain mold based on labels placed on us by people who are sometimes similar to us and by people who are very dissimilar to us. Ultimately, just like the blue sheep, we do not have to operate according to other people’s definitions of us.

Blue sheep have no idea that the world calls them blue sheep. They are unchanged by the absurd labels the world has placed on them - no matter how misunderstood they are and no matter how they are perceived, they keep on operating exactly the way they were designed to operate. Their color and features are no bluer or sheep-like today than they were long ago when someone came along and decided to call them blue sheep.

In the same way, we can become impervious to the labels and preconceptions that people around us place on us. We can look within and find our inner purpose. We can discover our inner design and rebuild our operational paradigms that drive us forward into action. We can dig deeper and learn, like the blue sheep, to act upon our original design that existed within us before we took our first breath.

We can learn to operate on a new level pursuing our true potential, not tethered by the thinking of others. Free from the constraints of outer labels that others place on us with their limited knowledge and understanding of our purpose and our true design. When we take back our choice to be who we decide to be, the beliefs that others form about us become obsolete.

Our maps and directions were placed within us and have always been there. Latent potential - waiting for us to turn inward and discover our true nature and purpose and set it into motion!

-Samantha Mason Vazquez





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