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What if we lived in a world where it was safe to be witnessed by other women in vulnerable spaces?

When we are learning about our bodies, there can be moments of, “is this normal?”

There can be moments of, “I really don’t like this”

& there also can be moments of, “I really DO love this”

It can be life altering & supportive to share these moments of doubt, fear, & love in a sacred container filled with the voices & energies of other women.

When we intentionally create these containers to hold the spectrum of these emotions, such as TEND, FLOURISH, WOVEN, or BRAIDED, we are opening up the door for women to have an opportunity to connect deeply with themselves while being witnessed.

By being with our bodies while being in the presence of other women who are talking about their experiences & exploring their own tissues, we are giving ourselves the chance to normalize, de stigmatize, & offer grace & love to whatever is occurring within our own bodies.

Join us for your deep dive in a sacred container with other women in our up coming workshop, TEND | A Lymphatic Breast Care Workshop
In Northport, MI on September 25th from 1pm-4pm.

There are still a few more days to sign up!

We can’t wait to see you there🌀


WOVEN Is a collection of knowledge that has been lovingly threaded together by the hands, hearts, & wombs of, , & .

We have been called to come together to share this body of work with you for the sake of nourishment in all forms.


🌀 Resting🌀


WOVEN is a collection of skills that shall lovingly be passed on to you with confidence that you will be able to look at your body with new eyes, & that you will be able to offer yourself loving touch without agenda & will be able to discern what loving touch feels like & be able to let yourself receive it when it feels right & honor your boundaries the rest of the time.

In this container we give ourselves permission to rest.

In this container what we consume directly impacts how we feel.

In this container there is space and time to NOTICE how we think & feel & welcome it all as apart of our whole-ness.

WOVEN :: Weaving Women Together

An immersive space to build foundational skills that will revolutionize how you relate with your body & being on the daily.

Join us in the circle ✨
November 10-13th
Nevada City, CA

Link in bio for more details🌀

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We will be facilitating 2 beautiful retreats in November.

WOVEN :: Weaving Women Together in Nevada City, CA
BRAIDED :: Interlacing Communities of Women in Northport, Mi

These two retreats are very similar models with subtle differences. During both, we will be focusing on winter nourishment through food, touch, and connection.

❤️WOVEN :: Weaving Women Together

Differences of this container will be:

This gathering will be a 3 night immersive space held in beautiful Nevada City on a sanctuary of 240 preserved acres.

The space will be facilitated by 3 incredible practitioners, , , &

We will be incorporating breast workshops as well as womb workshops in this immersion.

❤️BRAIDED :: Interlacing Communities of Women

Differences of this container will be:

This gathering will be held in beautiful Northport, Mi at .

There will be 2 facilitators, &

This retreat is a 2 day, lodging optional event.

There will be teachings on an introduction to energy work, as well as a portion that will be dedicated to crafting herbal oils.


Swipe to see all of the things that you will receive in BOTH containers!

You can apply to attend or learn more about either of these retreats by clicking on the link in our bio! ✨✨


Tend | A Lymphatic Breast Care Workshop

This will be the first work shop that we will be facilitating this month.

We will be hosting our first one in Traverse city at on September 16th from 6-9pm.

Next, in Frankfort at The Sacred Soul massage and yoga on the 18th from 1-4pm

And last at on the 25th from 1-4pm.

Doors are OPEN for signups!

During this circle, we will gather to learn about the importance of maintaining our breast tissues and learn easy self care practices to incorporate into daily life to nourish ourselves.

Follow the link in our bio for Tend to learn more and sign up!


The Well Womban Collective presents our second founding member: Gabrielle Sisson- here’s what she has to say-

Hello there! My name is Gabrielle and I am a green witch, body worker, energetic healer and herbalist who has been in practice for nearly a decade.

My work centers on the lived understanding that acceptance of yourself and your past is necessary for you to act from a place of holy wholeness.

We accomplish this together by reconnecting you to your people, your ancestral roots-the ways that they lived, ate, worshipped, and loved.
This combines beautifully with deep nourishment from the land where you currently reside.

Our work together will be a call to harmony- with your body, with your past, with the land around you, and with the earth itself. In this way we forge a path together for your deepest liberation, healing, and growth.

My work combines pulse diagnosis of your elemental body, energy work techniques, herbal and nutritional guidance tailored to you and your ancestry, womb and abdominal work, lymphatic breast massage, spiritual & lifestyle guidance, as well as general therapeutic massage.

I am here to empower you to break generational curses with fierce love and devoted tenderness, to facilitate your creation of a foundation of harmony and trust with your own inner wisdom.

I also love teaching workshops, facilitating retreats, speaking at events and on podcasts.

When I’m not in the office you can find me splashing around in the waters of northern Michigan, taking long walks in the woods, wild harvesting and crafting herbal elixirs, and drinking copious amounts of tea.
I value deep connection and spend most of my days with my nearest and dearest-quality time is my top love language.

To learn more about me or how to work with me head to the link in our bio & follow the button to my practitioner page!🌀


We would like to introduce you to our first collective member.

Cierra Dunn has been providing bodywork since the beginning of 2018 & has been working with women and children of all ages for over a decade.

Her practice has expanded profoundly over the years and now reaches women on a wholistic level.

Cierra provides mobile work or work in our office space in Frankfort, Michigan. You can receive a range of therapeutic bodywork, Crainosacral Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care, Prenatal or Postpartum work, Womb massage or manipulation, digestive massage, or acupressure when working with her.

You can expect for the energy to be fluid & for Cierra to cater to your comfort level during the time of your session, providing your with intuitive and reverent touch as your body asks.

Cierra’s passion also lies in working with women in the form of workshops & retreats that she often hosts with & . She has a deep desire to educate & empower women to tend to their own bodies & rewrite the relationships that we have with our bodies.

During the times that she is not in the office, Cierra spend the majority of her days outside processing herbs & plants or playing in the water & connecting with those that she loves.

To learn more about her or get on her schedule, head to the link in our bio & follow the button to read more about Cierra! 🌀


Did you know that the Well womban Collective hosts retreats and workshops??

Introducing our women’s immersion- WOVEN :: Weaving Women Together

This immersion will be held in Nevada City, California from November 10th-13th.

This is a container for each of us to step into the power that lies within our bodies through community touch, education, and unification of energies.
This is an opportunity to feel refreshed and empowered by our time together, taking on a newly invoked sense of vitality with concrete skills to help you take care of your own body outside of this container whilst building lifetime sisterhoods with other like minded women that will be forever rooted in the magic within this sacred container.

You can read more & apply by clicking on the link in our bio!

And for all of our Michigan folks, stay tuned for a surprise happening in Michigan! 😉


At The Womban Collective we believe that the 1:1 sessions that we offer are an energetic exchange that host the potential to unfold your innate tenderness, boldness, passion, energy, or whatever else might be alive for you at that time. We believe that these sessions are a melding of all of the different aspects of you & allow space for unfolding on fundamental levels.


What is the origin of the word “Woman?”

Some believe that woman was derived from the words “womb” and “man” being merged together, but etymology suggests that the word woman was derived from the concept of a “wifed-man.”

So this being said, if you had a husband, you were then able to be defined as a true woman.
We are talking about hundreds of years of energy going into this concept.
That women are less than if they do not take a husband. That you don’t have an identity as a sovereign individual if you do not take a husband.

We are here to rewrite the story that has been imprinted upon us around what it means to be a woman; a womb holder, a mother, a sister, & a daughter, a sovereign being.

We want to encourage you to feel empowered in your own ability to see and feel in your own body the power that is held in being a woman and a sovereign womb holder in this world.

You can choose to have a husband, but not doing so doesn’t make you any less woman.

There is deep mystery that lies in womanhood.
Each month when we bleed, veils become thinner and we become hollow bones for messages to be channeled through us.

Our wombs are deeply entwined in what it means to be woman.

The matriarchy is alive and well within our wombs and within our woman-hood.

Let us all begin the journey to rewrite the narrative together✨


Welcome dear sisters!

This is The Well Womban Collective.

We are a duo of two healing artists, & .

We have chosen to come together & fuse our love and passion for the hearts, wombs, bodies, & spirits of women & create this incredible body of work.

We have an office space in Frankfort, Michigan but also offer our own unique version of working with individuals as well as groups of women.

We have melded our knowledge in Ayurveda, Tradtional Chinese Medicine, Eastern philosophy, and the Wise Woman Tradtion and skills as bodywork practitioners, herbalists, energetic healers, & so much more in order to



& Unite
Women around the globe.

In addition to offering individual sessions, we also will be offering workshops, retreats, and events both locally and globally.

You can drop your email with the link in our bio to stay in the loop. 🌀

We are so glad to have you here!💜

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My life unfolds most deeply when I take the time to slow down and really savor the little things. Gathering wild violets, laying in the grass on a warm sunny day, spending time looking for 4 leaf clovers (and finding them!). Our nervous systems get so easily over worked in this chaotic world we’ve bought into. And, of course, no one can promise you safety. But you can come home to feeling safe in your body, right here, right now. It’s a small thing-but it creates a whole world of difference. I cannot solve the big issues. But I can keep coming back home to myself, and trust that if I do this (again and again and again) will have more capacity to show up for all things-even things that feel insurmountable. One breath at a time.


“To honor the sacred is to create conditions in which nourishment, sustenance, habitat, knowledge, freedom, and beauty can thrive…what is sacred becomes the measure by which everything is judged. And this is our measure, and our vow to the life renewing rain: we will not be wasters but healers.” ~ Starhawk

Photos from Journey Wise Healing Arts's post 05/04/2022

Swipe for easy reading or full post here: Our Beltane sale is still happening for Coalesce!

When you sign up with a friend, auntie, mom, daughter, relative, or lover you’ll each receive $100 dollars off your admission price.

We’ve been getting some really epic and amazing womb holders showing up for this retreat and I’m so excited for the energy that is building.

It’s going to be so special-and we want you to be a part of it if you feel called.

I also wanted to take this time to answer a few questions we’ve received about Coalesce-

1. What if I really want to be there but I just can’t afford it?

I totally hear you-and I am pleased to announce that we’ve opened up two sliding scale spots for women who come from underserved communities and/or low income backgrounds. We’ve also added affordable payment plans to make the burden of cost more attainable. Additional there is still *one* work trade space available.

2. My daughter would love this offering! Can I bring her with me?

I’m so so pleased to announce that we have opened up the container for menstruating young women who attend with a parent or guardian. If you feel like your daughter would benefit from what we are offering-we want her there! Daughter spots are $100 off normal admission prices.

3. I want to attend but I’m traveling from far away and am nervous about getting to and from the airport and the added costs of Ubers etc. What do you advise?

We are setting up shuttles to and from the airport to make sure everyone who wants to be here can attend. Just let us know your flight details and we will supply transportation. No problem!

If you’re called to do something-don’t let the little details keep you from coming.

We’re always happy to hear your questions and concerns-and if you have a strong desire-apply! There’s always room for discussion.

Link in bio!


Vulnerable share:

This isn’t something that I would typically share on social media-but I’ve come to the point where I feel that this part my story cannot be useful to anyone if I keep it under wraps.

So here goes.

A few days ago-I celebrated 5 years of sobriety. 5 years free from alcohol, ma*****na, ci******es, and other drugs.

5 years of physical, mental, and emotional labor to radically change my life from the inside put.

5 years of processing my emotions as they are without the interference of outside chemicals to mediate what I’m experiencing.

This process has been raw, real, phenomenally unpretty, at times downright disgusting, and at other times painstakingly and heart wrenchingly beautiful.

I am not the same person, and yet also simultaneously I am more myself than I have ever been before.

Healing is not usually easy, and in my experience does not happen overnight. It takes commitment to yourself. Dedication to your practice. Devotion to your process.

It takes giving up everything you think you know about yourself, your reality, the status quo-for the chance at something better.

And it never ends (thank the goddess). I am not done changing, growing, shifting, morphing.

Life requires this of us-that we are attentive to each new situation.

That we rise to meet life on life’s terms.

It is not always easy, but holy sweet mother is it ever worth it. I am worth it.

And so are you.


In our new summer solstice immersion COALESCE Cierra Dunn and Tori Jayne and I have put together an event where you can lay down your self imposed self reliance and step into communion-with yourself, with us as your guides and sisters, and with the larger community.

We will even be teaching you some healing arts tools (both herbal and energetic) I picked up in the Amazon. As well as many other tools my fellow sisters have picked up in their respective studies. Our goal is to show you that you do not have to walk this road alone.

Life is so much more easeful, joyful, and full of grace and beauty when we have each other.

Come, and receive that nourishment. Link is in my bio to apply. We have a limited amount of spaces-so if you are feeling the call-answer it.

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