Neil McNerney - Counselor

Neil McNerney - Counselor

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Leesburg, VA. I am also an author and public sp

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Loudoun's Favorites 2021 23/06/2021

Loudoun's Favorites 2021

I am thrilled to be nominated for the Loudoun’s Favorites for 2021! You have helped me in past, and I’m hopeful that you can help again! Follow the link and scroll through three pages to get to #79.

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ZOOM Parent Meeting May 6th at 7pm! Communicating with your teen is a challenge, even on a good day. The challenges increase dramatically when we add the pressures of social distancing, online learning, and being around each other all the time. The Ryan Bartel Foundation is pleased to have Neil McNerney, Professional Counselor and Denisha Johnson, LCSW, both experts in understanding the teenage mind share with us how to deal with the frustrations, eye rolls, and raised voices that are bound to happen with such forced togetherness. Register Here:


In Loudoun County, VA, Wednesday is the first day of online learning with new material. Speaking as the person who literally wrote the book on Homework, my advice to parents of kids K-8 is: Don't worry about getting the work done. If you can get 30 minutes a day accomplished, that is amazing. It is not worth the frustration, arguments, and hurt feelings that will ensue by trying to implement a course of studies that was (heroically) put together at the last moment. The pressure on parents and students isn't worth it. Every kid will be in the same situation in September: Mushy brain with lots of relearning to do. If you have a kid that is motivated to work hard: Fantastic. Good for you. But for so many kids, online learning will be close to impossible. Kids with learning and emotional disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, depression, motivation, and oppositional disorder will struggle with this new reality. It's OK to cut them lots of slack. For high school students, the stakes might be a bit higher for certain classes, but again, everyone will be in the sane boat in September. It is not worth the conflict during these stressful times to force learning, especially those who were already struggling with school.

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: How Families Can Cope Together . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. 05/04/2020

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: How Families Can Cope Together . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Has the tension begun to set in at home? Do you wish you could be a better leader during this time? If so, please join me, Loudoun Mom Lucia Alami, and Suzie Bartel for a Zoom Webinar on how to deal with forced togetherness and how to not drive each other nuts! This will be our first live conversation for parents sponsored by The Ryan Bartel Foundation. Please take a moment to register below!

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: How Families Can Cope Together . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. Join us for an insightful, virtual panel discussion on how to cope during this period of forced togetherness, without annoying each other. Neil McNerney, Licensed Counselor and RBF Board member and Lucia Alami, Loudoun mom of 5, share experiences and perspectives on topics that include: Are there an...

McNerney: First Day of School Jitters 16/08/2019

McNerney: First Day of School Jitters

My August column for Loudoun Now: Dealing with Back to School Jitters

McNerney: First Day of School Jitters The school supply lists are published, the stores are full of supplies, and students are beginning to feel the worry about back-to-school. Each year brings new stresses, both to parents and students.


You all helped me do it again! Loudoun Now's Favorite Psychotherapist for 2019! Thank you for your votes of confidence. It is humbling and means the world to me.

Vote for your favorites 18/06/2019

Vote for your favorites

I've been nominated for Best of Loudoun, and I'm hoping you can help me by voting!

Vote for your favorites Share your recommendations about your favorite places, people and businesses. Voting continues until June 30.

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 10/04/2019

It's starting feel real! Beginning May 1, I will be closing my Reston office and will be practicing only in my Leesburg office. I've spent 12 years with my friend John Millikin at Isaac Newton Square. It's been my long-term goal to practice in one location and close to home. Beginning May 1, I will be at my Leesburg office six days a week helping teens, families, and couples.

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 15/03/2019

Had a great meeting with parents at Belmont Ridge Middle School this morning talking about The Teenage Brain!

McNerney: Don’t Take It Personally 25/02/2019

McNerney: Don’t Take It Personally

My recent column for Loudoun Now

McNerney: Don’t Take It Personally We’ve been told over and over that parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. I agree and disagree with this statement. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s not a job. It’s our life. Our family is everything to us and we can’t just turn it off like we can with our job. We are thinking about our ...

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 20/09/2018

Although it took a while to settle in, I am happily in my new office in Leesburg! We've tried to make it a relaxing place, with soothing colors and furniture. I am incredibly happy to be back with Delaney as my client coordinator! I wouldn't have been able to make this move if I didn't know she'd be there to help!

McNerney: Are You a Lawnmower Parent? 20/09/2018

McNerney: Are You a Lawnmower Parent?

My latest column on the newest term in parenting: The Lawnmower Parent

McNerney: Are You a Lawnmower Parent? It seems that every year or so, there is a new phrase to describe the way we are parenting our kids. Most of the terms tend to be less than flattering. Helicopter, Tiger Moms, Free Range Parenting, and Stealth Parenting are just a few being thrown around these days. Enter the newest term: Lawnmower

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 14/08/2018

Great meeting today with the Counseling Staff at the Academies of Loudoun! What a facility! I'll be presenting the the parents at least twice this year and we're also planning some professional development trainings. If your Loudoun school is interested in me providing a parent seminar, just reach out to me and let's talk!

McNerney: Video Gaming Disorder? What Parents Can Do 31/07/2018

McNerney: Video Gaming Disorder? What Parents Can Do

My latest Column for Loudoun Now. I was a skeptic for a while about this issue, but lately I've seen quite a bit more evidence that this is a real issue for many teens.

McNerney: Video Gaming Disorder? What Parents Can Do There has been quite a bit of talk about the World Health Organization identifying a new disorder they are calling Gaming Disorder. The news of this disorder has been getting a lot of exposure recently with various mental health providers giving their opinion on whether it is a separate disorder or

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 05/07/2018

It's getting real! My new Leesburg office is almost complete! Moving in over the weekend and start seeing my Leesburg clients next Wednesday! 30 Catoctin Circle SE, Suite 207, Leesburg VA!

Photos from Neil McNerney - Counselor's post 04/05/2018

The Countdown Begins! I am hoping to be in my new Leesburg office by June 1! I am thrilled to have my own large space where I can do individual, couple, family, and group counseling. I'll keep you posted on the progress. First thing to go is the brown walls! I'm thinking some type of calm blue color. Any thoughts on these three?


I am thrilled and humbled to share that I was awarded second place in Virginia for column writing by the Virginia Press Association! When Danielle Nadler of LoudounNow asked me for three columns to submit, I complied, but I didn't think much of it. I've never felt that my writing was very good, and I often cringe when seeing my words in print. But I think it's important to give another perspective on parenting, so I keep at it. See the comments for a link to the articles.


Join me this Wednesday 7pm at Sycolin Creek Elementary School where I will be speaking on my book: "Homework - A Parent's Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out!


During my very fun Facebook Live event for the Real Housewives of Loudoun, I offered a free copy of my book "Homework - A Parent's Guide to Helping Out Without Freaking Out!" to the first eight people that liked my page! Here are the winners:

Colleen Mosely
Lamia Larguet
Carol Barbe
Meghan Bogue
Susie Pomata
Rob Chiatello
Maria Rodriguez
Kimmy Huggins

Please PM me your mailing address so that I can send you a copy!


Although I am still iced in on the mountain, the presentation tonight is still on! Please join me at Fusion Academy tonight at 6pm for "The Teenage Brain!"

McNerney: Smartphone Use and Teen Depression 02/02/2018

McNerney: Smartphone Use and Teen Depression

Here's my latest column for Loudoun Now. More and more research is confirming what we suspected: Social media use may increase depression:

McNerney: Smartphone Use and Teen Depression If you have read some of my columns this past year, you probably know that I don’t tend to jump on the latest parenting trend, or needlessly attempt to scare parents through alarming and possibly inaccurate studies about kids these days. With that in mind, I have been somewhat skeptical about the ... 29/12/2017

McNerney: Embarrassing Our Kids on Purpose

My latest column for Loudoun Now: Reasons to avoid embarrassing your kids on purpose. Here’s a top 10 list of things parents do that (intentionally or not) embarrass their children in public:

Singing, and especially dancing.
Being too loud in public.
Wearing embarrassing clothes.
Trying to be cool.
Disciplining your child.
Treating them like they are little, or fragile.
Using nicknames, especially “cute” ones.
Telling embarrassing stories.
Asking their friends too many questions.
Hugging and kissing your child. We, as parents, often inadvertently embarrass our kids. During our recent college tours, I witnessed at least five incidents when students would whisper to their parents: “Don’t ask any questions!” They were certain that anything that came from their parent’s mouth would be obvious and embar...


I have been invited to speak at tonight's Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents monthly meeting at 7pm in the Administration Building. I will be sharing information about how the Community Services Board is addressing teen su***de and will be sharing information on what parents should look for concerning teen depression and su***de. This meeting is free and open to the public.


The Atlantic

Interesting research on the redshirt phenomenon.

Based on their analysis of approximately 14,500 freshly minted Ph.D. recipients, researchers conclude that a student who isn’t redshirted could end up earning $138,000 more over the course of his or her lifetime than someone who is. (from 2015) 26/10/2017

The Don't Freak Out Guide To Parenting Kids With Asperger's

Great news! Sharon Fuentes and I just signed a deal to have our book translated in Arabic! Can't wait to see how the cover will look! Don’t Freak Out… You are not alone! You are half way through grocery shopping and can tell that your Aspie is about to melt down. You know you should just 86 the whole thing but you really need milk, bread and coffee. Eventually your child can’t stand it anymore and falls to ...

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Launching Your Teen - The College Years
I had the honor and pleasure of presenting "The Teenage Brain" Sunday night to about 80 moms of teenage boys. What a gre...


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