Sambuca Modern Apothecary

Sambuca Modern Apothecary


As you celebrate the holidays with loved ones, mark your calendar for YogaFest, January 4th - 6th! Our raffle is a great way to give back to the girls at the Homes of Hope Orphanage while giving YOU the chance to win great prizes! Sambuca Modern Apothecary has donated a set of 10 essential oils that is up for grabs!

Sambuca Modern Apothecary uses pure essential oils to create therapeutic blends that help counteract

Essential oils impact our emotions and our mood along with promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The healing properties of essential oils can be effective through inhalation and by topically applying them to pulse points. Aromatherapy using plant aromatics enhances your health, beauty and well being.

Timeline photos 29/08/2020

New store! Excited to send these to Whole Foods uptown Charlotte


Check out Remedies to Roll in The Garden Herb Shop in Ohio. Thanks Kelley! 25/09/2015

Remedies to Roll (@remediestoroll) • Instagram photos and videos A modern approach to aromatherapy. Create your your wellness.


Sambuca Modern Apothecary 13/09/2015


Newest store in Virginia to carry Remedies to Roll A unique mix of antique, vintage and new home decor, furnishings, accessories and gift items including artwork, aromatherapy,and apothecary products. Event and space rental also available. 04/09/2015

Sweat & Soul | Welcome to Hot Asana Yoga Studio & Boutique! | Southern Pines, NC 28387

Check out these new Yoga Studios that now carry Remedies to Roll. Hot Asana Yoga Studio Durham Hot Asana Yoga Studio Southern Pines Hot Asana is based within a rapidly growing community of yoga fans. This studio sets new standards in what you should expect from your studio. With a full line up of classes running all day for all experience levels, to a fully stocked boutique, to all th 29/05/2015

A Green Beauty Boutique - Fig & Flower Natural Beauty | Atlanta, GA

Newest store to carry Remedies to Roll. Check them out! Natural, non-toxic personal care products, including makeup, skin care, hair care, bath and body, mom and baby, men, home care, and accessories!


Whole Kids Campaign Raffle basket coming soon to Whole Foods Market Wilmington in a basket with Beunlimited Yoga 6 month membership. This campaign raises money for salad bars and gardens in local schools. Look for it in September!


So excited about getting my new labels...finally! and rigged this handy label holder.


Dogs respond incredibly well to essential oils. The essential oils work fast and get into the bloodstream within 20 seconds of being applied. Only a small amount of oil is needed to be effective.
Frankincense and lavender diffused in the air and applied between the toes and on the pad of the foot can be extremely helpful to dogs with anxieties. Use tiny amounts of essential oil for dogs with sensitive skin as well as on puppies. The essential oils can be diluted with coconut oil. 25/04/2014

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Thanks for sharing Andrea Shakti Shooter Sondey! Love Turmeric:) Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why new research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising!


This email from a customer made my day!

" I had Uplift and Open and my older son has commandeered them. He has anxiety at school and they've been a great help to him.
The roll-on bottle has been nice because he can keep it in his pocket at school. Thanks for putting together a great product!"


My daughter helped me make my own t-shirt online! 05/12/2013

Build Your Immunity Our Open blend is the perfect blend for building your immunity during the winter cold and flu season.  Blended from oregano, thyme and cedarwood with hints of eucalyptus and fir to stimulate the immune system and fight infection.  Opens the lungs and sinuses while keeping germs at bay.  Apply to pul...


LEMON stimulates the lymph system and increases metabolism while purifying and cleansing the kidneys and liver. Add to your morning smoothie and don't forget to add the peel (if organic) for added bioflavonoids, potassium, vit C and calcium. The peel contains the essential oil.
Diffusing lemon essential oil helps stop the spread of germs by killing air born bacteria and viruses.


Apothecary Studio 20/09/2013

Watch Out, Depression! Wine Is Here To Kick Your Butt

Happy Friday! Wine lovers, this one's for you.


Donation for United Way of the Cape Fear Area golf tournament next week...thought they might need a little Relief for sore muscles in their goody bags.


Finally was able to get my "locally made" sign at Whole Foods in Wilmington...Yeah!


Happy Monday! Be a helper this week!


Apothecary Studio is coming together! 29/08/2013

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Check out another local entrepreneur! Awesome news Sam!


We had our first Remedies to Roll party last night for Peggy Pancoe Rosoff! Awesome group of women and a great party. Everyone created their own special blend to take home. Thanks Peggy!


I agree!



Here is a great way to re-use the Remedies to Roll glass bottle... 22/08/2013

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Nail Products and Salons

Think twice about cheap nail brands and local salons Indigo Organically Infused Salon Sage Salon & Spa that use non toxic nail polish. Have you ever walked into a nail salon and wondered "what is that smell?" or "should I really be breathing this?" Your instincts are right on. Nail polish, polish removers and artificial nail products contain a host of toxic chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, reproductive harm, asthma and...