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Help = Help Eliminate Long-term Pain Take 5TLC/d maintain vitality; sleep, nutrients, Peace of Mind, 2 Muscle Meat-Motor Movement routines

Since 1997, after taking Helm's course in Acupuncture, my practice has incorporated all aspects of Myofascial Tissue Therapy including Trigger Point Injections, CraigPENs, IntraMusclular Stimulation, ProloTherapy and Wellness for all complex pain issues.

1 minute course and s*x procreation made 6-year-old common sense simple 1-2-3 pregnancy muscles TLC helps the body heal ...

1 minute course and s*x procreation made 6-year-old common sense simple 1-2-3 pregnancy muscles TLC helps the body heal from PTSD.
1. Egg + 2. S***matozoa = 3. O**m -> 9 months pain misery bleeding sweating tears fear swelling preeclampsia eclampsia all before labor and delivery.
1st time in history pregnancy can be categorized as fatal to egg donors s***m donors are immune, a highly contagious, continuously naturally occurring, in**stuous, inbreeding, deadly, infectious parasitizing cannibalizing intrauterine/uterine, malignant, metastatic neuromuscular skeletal cancer, s*xually-transmitted disease.

"Sexual Misconduct" in a multiple multitude of ways means behaviors, has, is, and always will be ...OUR OWN MAKING... UN...
F. Murray Abraham Was Kicked Off 'Mythic Quest' for Sexual Misconduct

"Sexual Misconduct" in a multiple multitude of ways means behaviors, has, is, and always will be ...
going on for past few-million years!

Still invisible except to a few of US cursed to witness these demeaning deplorable disrespectful behaviors know the answer yet get put in jail for speaking TRUTH.

Since all that exists comes from females females will figure it out eventually or not.

The White Lotus star’s exit from the Apple TV+ series last April came after at least two complaints were made against him, Rolling Stone has learned

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE for any of 3.9 Billion females and our species one DNA permanently corrupted by inbreeding in**st m...
Nigeria's Silent Slaughter

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE for any of 3.9 Billion females and our species one DNA permanently corrupted by inbreeding in**st male dominance rate hate torture terrorism assassinations beheadings honor killings genocide ethnic ... just say NO?!?
Today I know the precise answer thanks to the telegraph electricity radio TV social media newspapers propaganda of unfounded fear of loss of privilege position comfortness even living in a 10 million dollar mansion will not speak because the other females will not come to your rescue because they know they'll all be beat to death By Their Own male offspring and female Offspring joining in the torture .... these behaviors are obviously called follow the leader sheeple blows my freaking mind ... there's only 2 of US and it's easy to make it once you start trying because once you do happiness fun fearlessness up here children's laughter will be heard forever more...

the problem 200 years of males perpetrating playing doctors have destroyed the Mind body spirits of all mothers they're exhausted battle fatigue shellshocked combat stress doped up on opioids method of me fentanyl really co***ne and alcohol will not Rock the boat because they'll get sicker and sicker more miserable so logically status quo. can't retreat can't fight in a quagmire.

In Nigeria, over 60,000 people have been brutally killed since 2001. Radicalised militants are carrying out a bloody campaign against local communities and no one is talking about it. It’s time to stop this silent slaughter.

THIS IS A SAD DISPLAY OF ORIGINAL SIN this child born the result of egg s***m combining 7+7=14 dastardly demons of his  ...

THIS IS A SAD DISPLAY OF ORIGINAL SIN this child born the result of egg s***m combining 7+7=14 dastardly demons of his parents arrogance ignorance nastiness ... BOTH guilty of child abandonment abuse assassinations abortions beatings terrorism torture traumatization isolation r**e cannibalism 4 life .... All Children of God worldwide in our human being, 7.8 billion Souls, placental animal family all share 1 DNA in common so exact same singular heavenly Godly 1 purpose reestablish Harmony peace equanimity comfortness joyfulness Holiness Divinity chastity generosity togetherness motherly of the entire human race female 💞 Fetus 💞 Family... allowed to be destroyed by the Vietnam War because black males could not stand firm with Muhammad Ali Martin Luther King Jr ... NON-VIOLENCE FOREVERMORE in FIGHTING over P***y Galore money that don't exist title pride privilege you know the deadly sins ... THAT'S THE REASON WHY females are teaching the little girls to twerk for money exposing their souls to their own children males testosterone stoked parental pair with a p***s Birth by mother guardian of DNA embodiment of God ... bowing down to the anti God ... there's only two of us like a Noah's ark 2x2 ... the bundle of joy is baking in the oven ... all humans have to do is put grandmothers in charge of the health and well-being of the family restoring her Majesty as masters of medicine Midwifery delivering babies at home pregnancy 1 2 3 cooking up the cure for cancer in the kitchen herbal remedies eradicating all hate postpartum traumatization stress decompensation so mom's will not bleed to death and labor and delivery or have to be sliced open by super predators to make money and slaughterhouses called hospitals built upon Hitler's Holocaust exact replicas . .. right now in children's hospitals little ones have already been hacked into pieces reassembled with bicycle parts by beasts who are playing God with minds and bones throwing children away throwing body parts away orthopedic Enduro surgeons plastic surgeons obstetricians gynecologist neurologist all perpetrating being honorable yet just like me bag of my mother's skin filled with my grandmother's muscles, food for apex predators and now for us we are cannibalizing Mother Earth cannibalizing children and females are out making money by selling va**na products so they can get wetter pu***es .... as they hold down 10-year-old girls so they can be violated r**ed by super predators and she gets an or****ic thrill having s*x with dogs be*******ty ... DISGUSTINGLY DO BLACK FEMALES "NOT SEE" THE CRUELTY YOU ARE INFLICTING ON YOURSELVES AND CHILDREN THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY AND NEW PLANET ... NOPE 🙊🙉🙈😵😴 it's obvious to me the electricity in TV has mesmerized females so easily sell their souls assassinate the children abort their children beat the children to death cold-bloodedly ... down to the lowest denominator of human Jeffrey Dahmer Wayne Gacy Joseph Mengeleism Dr Frankensteinism... 🤢🤮 whatever filthiness females agree to agree to pump out babies and throw them away as trash is God's Will because females willfully choose to have 10 babies daddies WITH PRIDE and orphanages. 👻 I keep trying and we'll keep trying in this ghostly phase of witnessing new planet wonderfulness yet perversions of females teaching little girls to be prostituted by grown men policemen in disguise presidents plumbers preachers pastors popes ... getting on their knees to receive squirts of ej*****te on their face disgusting. how can it be po*******hy is God's will 🤔 still a mystery to me. but iceberg slim explained it beat him until they bottom out train like dogs and they will comply and obey and do tricks yes one of the tricks is to have s*x with dogs be*******ty. 🤲🏾

blows my mind I rewrote the book on acupuncture unbeknownst to me.

blows my mind I rewrote the book on acupuncture unbeknownst to me.

Acupoints for thyroid disorders, which are called Three "Tu" Points in Jin's Three Needle Therapy. ST 10 (Shuitu), CV 22 (Tiantu) and LI 18 (Futu) are all near the thyroid gland under the Professor Jin's idea of selecting "points around the diseased area".

BTW, “Tu” means enlargement in Chinese.

For more:

all you need to know about viruses from chickenpox flu Corona foot-and-mouth Covid herpes shingles HIV to Ebola.All natu...
A COVID-19 quarantine bus overturned on a mountain road in China, killing 27 and sparking anger at draconian isolation policy

all you need to know about viruses from chickenpox flu Corona foot-and-mouth Covid herpes shingles HIV to Ebola.
All naturally occurring viruses are 100% innocent and will resolve in a predictable manner.
All enhanced viruses and I'm certain HIV is some type of enhanced virus or not really a virus or chemical weapons are unpredictable chaotic man-made fear tactic so now you know!

A bus transporting people to COVID-19 quarantine in southern China overturned in the mountains, killing 27 people.


hello, wonderful news, once yyou know 3 words TRUTH you can prepare yourself from bo***ge; grandmother ppregnancyDIY acupuncture then you know truth ... cause effect; the cause of a problem then you have the solution. there is only 1 deadly affliction of humans and that is deadly deprivations of self-care 5TLCs 1. sleep. 2. Grandmas helping healing hands home cooking spiced up recipes herbal remedies. 3. Peace of mind restoration time. 4&5 Two absolutely daily mandatory muscle meat-motor locomotive engine maintenance schedules routines optimizing built-in mother nature healing mechanisms. So when parents wake up and they feel well rested pain free mental clarity bright eyed and bushy tail ready to go pursue happiness. ... The opioid crisis began in the 1980s as I began my career as a family doctor wondering why everyone of my family members who chose me as their doctor always complaining about pain, headaches, backaches, stomach aches, numbness, tingling, weakness all over their bodies, confusion, particularly postpartum anxiety, depression, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, many becoming homicidal or suiicidal psychotic picking up knives and guns committing murder homicides and su***des of their loved ones ... The answer is hidden in the archives of medicine you will not be able to find ... Google this PDF Department of Army battle fatigue field manual, Janet G Travell MD, Felix Mann, C Chan Gunn and if you like my book these names Yet you don't have to because I discovered and published in 25 years ago


1 Minute Medical School explained so 3-year-olds easy 3 steps in order of 123!
All 34 therapies must be used in systematic order of 123, 123, 123 repeat until MUSCLE CANCER is no longer detectable by PAIN signals.
More precisely; BYOD GrandmotherlyTLC123 helps Mother Nature miraculously from within Cure Cancer infectious disease neuromuscular cancer, curse of motherhood, more efficiently expeditiously and completely.
Therapies must never be incomplete "0"and out of order such as 000, 023, 032, etc. the definition of cruelty to themselves and their grandmothers mothers girls who give birth to God's children.
So by the age of 6, kids understand and comprehend with crystal clarity, mathematical precision, Masters of Medicine their own primary care provider physician making no errors.

What all God's children know pregnancy self-mastery there's nothing else to know except how best to help all grandmothers mothers and God's children experience peace comfort Joy.
When all God's children are practicing self-excellence will allow them to become the master of your destiny.

Most important common sense information;
Pregnancy: Basic girl plus boy, touch, rebirth, birth, pain misery elementary embryology, biology, anatomy, physiology, metabolism, medical-pathology terminology, language, names, nomenclature with definitions and examples.
-Mother Nature performs miraculously, automatically, flawlessly, faultlessly, and effortlessly creating "bundles of joy" within mothers bodies all by herself need no help from you or anyone else.
-Mother nature precisely regulates, the infinite numbers of intracellular intercellular organs tissues and is foolproof; Yet not idiot proof!
-Mother Nature works 100% miraculously 100% of the rain or shine on call all the time from birth to death.
-Mother Nature repairs heals cures all infectious parasitic cannibalizing diseases; viral, fungal, bacterial, protozoa, spirochete, worms, insect larvae, boo-boos, cuts, scr**es, bruises, knife wounds, lacerations, muscle hematomas, subdural hematomas, muscle tears, tendon tears, ligament tears, cartilage damage, slipped disc, joint dislocations, nerve damage, bullet holes, knife wounds, broken bones, fractures, etc.
-Mother Nature repairs regenerates rebuilds beaten mangled babies bodies bones automatically miraculously perfectly cures all cancers from birth to death and with your help more efficiently completely predictably expeditiously while you get a good night sleep.

human being:Given birth by Blue Planet.Blue Planet giving birth by engagement push n' pull, rubbing together, hanky pank...

human being:
Given birth by Blue Planet.
Blue Planet giving birth by engagement push n' pull, rubbing together, hanky panky, heat generated between of relationship 3 orbs and 4 heat forces;
Madam Mother Earth is a pressure cooker filled with Stardust Water (no carbon).
1. Heated by Ms Sola energy rays on the outside.
2. Heated by Ms Magma on the inside.
3. frictional heat Stirring by a Ms Luna every 30 days.
4. Heat generated reflective of snow and water
5. Ms Mother Nature Ecosystems stirring by weather patterns tornadoes hurricanes tsunamis burning fires wood producing carbon base-forms.
-So beginning of RNA viruses DNA viruses and our double helix DNA.
-Blue Planet is a self-replicating o***y producing eggs.
-all life forms kill and eat and are killed and eaten in cycle & circles of O+O = ∞ life forms.
-Animal Planet laws of survival of the fittest, food chain, predators eat prey eat Predators eat prey ... nothing goes to waste. conservation of energy.
-Placental mammal exactly like all others, most related to hairy monkeys.
-1 O***y, 2 per female.
-1 Egg + 1 S***m within fallopian tube -> rebirth a females bodies represent totality gardens of Eden food vegetables grains beans meat vitamins minerals milk and honey &
dead end birth of females with p***ses weapons of mass destruction!
-###Yo***y -> XX eggs + XY testosterone stoking te**es -> s***m banks s***m donors.
-full Essence females Natural Born flawless faultless generous obedient determined loyal indomitable nurturing essential selfless survivalist GODLINESS.
-~34 dimensions are feelings experiences invisible in all 37.2 trillion cells, 78 organs, 12 organ systems, especially muscle cells which retain muscle memory which is the primary location of muscle cancer.
-XYs 1 dimensional lust For P***y Galore... females try to justify in**st rate torture torment with forgiveness that's misguided by deadbeat daddies police officers politicians parents Physicians professors etc.
-"woman that art loose" is disgusting blaming females for what men do to females like females wannabe r**ed torture tormented abused desecrated made to dance on tables expose themselves to their sons and fathers for a dollar to make a living.
-Blue Planet belongs to mothers and children, and do not belong to older girls and boys once we reach puberty and able to reproduce in the bushes.

here are a few examples of free will words and behaviors:
-You Child V or P of your mother, scream your Mother with violent hateful vindictive facial expressions, "Hell No, I ain't gonna help around the house with chores!"

"F*k U BLACK BITCH, this is America I have freedoms."

"I'm going to go play games with my friends!"

We are animals and like dogs oxen horses ghosts camels mules must be train like free will Natural Born Criminal mad hairless Monkey minded murderers of mothers, must be trained to obey Grandma's Rules of Engagement with the carrot cake and stick concept. -works perfectly when enforced punishment are dispensed quickly swiftly decisively properly Machiavellian style 3:1!


Pregnancy Pain PTSD "postpartum traumatic stress decay", Propulsion Power Procreation Property Privilege 34-55 Pearls of Wisdom to All Females World Wide!
1 – muscles miraculous meat-motor locomotive engines require continuous maintenance;
2 – 5 TLCs per day optimizes maximize automatic rebuilding healthy muscles from muscle cancers cells and tissues.
3 – The Cures for Cancer Cells causing pain, misery, dysfunctions, discombobulation, malfunctions, brain fog, hallucinations, delusions, memory loss, complete brain shut down, complete organ systems shut down, complete muscle locomotive shut down is already built-in Miraculous all natural, automatic, Multiple Mechanisms of Actions of 5 TLCs mandatory meat motor locomotive scheduled maintenance routines.
4 - Mother Nature heals cures repairs re-processes rebuilds rejuvenates regenerates recombobulate harmonizes stabilizes automatically precisely perfectly and must be optimized with your help.
5 - 30 TLCs per day helps mother nature work more efficiently while you sleeping refreshed pain free mental clarity blissful content experiencing peacefulness comfort joyfulness togetherness wonderfulness oneness happiness, battle ready, predator vs prey, and survival of the fittest every day.
6 - 5 TLCs for overall well-being.
7 - these 5 TLCs must be performed 5 times a day every day for the rest of your life. Thus 5×5 = 25.

5 TLCs specifically for muscle rebuilding.
deep tissue massage
spinal unwinding
Acupuncture needling
hypodermic needling

Thus 5×5+5 = 30 TLCs saves mothers lives all for free just like God intended it to be.


wonderful news to all mothers worldwide to cure for cancer has always been in grandmother's kitchen!
Grandmas are the original physicians.
Grandmas homes are the original hospitals.
Beware, you go to the hospital you're entering a slaughterhouse designed by males to use females as chattel property. That is the definition of cannibalism.

But it gets worse!

In the 1800s males began playing doctors with medieval constructs exorcisms are hysterectomies is disemboweling the universe for mothers to cure them of hysteria a.k.a. pregnancy exhaustion.

Pregnancy exhaustion cured by mother nature requires tender loving care.

TLC helps cure fatal PTSD.
PTSD won't respond to opioids, poisons, lethal injections, toxic chemicals, handwaving, magical thinking, demonism witchcraft charlatanism capitalism cannibalism.

You go to the hospital a.k.a. slaughterhouse all you will get his nursing services. Mothers do grandmas do miraculously perfectly flawlessly at home for free.

Now females you know truth!
Critical Points on Pain: (forget nerves, nerve roots, arthritis, DJD, osteoporosis, joints, skeleton and made-up diagnoses ie Migraine Trigeminal Neuralgia CRPS)
The Muscle Organ System contains the only tissues within the human body which have an absolute mandatory requirement to receive daily doses of TLC care and services.
All of the other organ systems DO NOT need any direct daily care or services. These organs are self-contained as long as we obey the needs of the mind, body and spirit.
It is impossible to help heal muscle scars with drugs, opioids, co***ne derivatives, knives, saws, cheiles, amputations, removing body parts, rearranging body parts, fix’n a nerve, quick fixes, doing nothing, half-stepping or using a watered down concept of “physical therapy.”
It is impossible to “see” or witness muscle scar chronic pain on any high-tech radiology image such as X Ray, MRI, CT scanner thus the invention of the Unicorn.
It is worthless to test nerve function beaser nerves do not generating pain signals - muscles are the primary pathology

all you need to know about how the body heals muscle damages replenish neurotransmitters is here.Don't need to be enslav...
Acupuncture and Hypodermic Needles, Safe Keys To Unlock Blood Flow Within Tight Toxic Ruined Muscles Unleashing Fresh Natural Stem Cells!: Stem Cells are Powerful Muscle Tissue Regenerating Dynamos!

all you need to know about how the body heals muscle damages replenish neurotransmitters is here.

Don't need to be enslaved 12 years medical school!

Acupuncture and Hypodermic Needles, Safe Keys To Unlock Blood Flow Within Tight Toxic Ruined Muscles Unleashing Fresh Natural Stem Cells!: Stem Cells are Powerful Muscle Tissue Regenerating Dynamos!

Thanks to genomic mitochondrial DNA sequencing pure scientific evidence reveals:females own blue planet and all the natu...

Thanks to genomic mitochondrial DNA sequencing pure scientific evidence reveals:
females own blue planet and all the natural resources! so when all females worldwide take back full control of all the natural resources sharing them equitably. Grandmas can cook up the cures for cancer and her knuckle sandwiches guaranteed to cure cruelty child slavery, child abuse, child cruelty, child brutality, child abduction, orthopedic and neurosurgeons using children as guinea pigs unnecessary spinal surgeries fixing scoliosis which is natural phenomena does not cause pain and does not require mutilations butchery torturing tormenting children using God's children as Cash cows!

It said, "once you know TRUTH you will be set free!"
What is TRUTH?
What did the founding fathers mean when they said "these TRUTHs are self-evident?"
How do you know TRUTH TRUTHs from fantasy, magical thinking, fraud, felony acts of omission cruelty, true, correct, and licentious lascivious lewd lies in the liars that spew them?
How can you confirm TRUTH with absolute certainty, crystal clear, without shadows of doubts?
Who is you?
Set free from who what?
Free to go where and do what?

The founding fathers fatal flaw forgetting females existences gave birth to American slavery to make money literally cannibalism then body part harvesting to make more money.

we are not humans, Homo sapiens, superior in fact Caucasian history proves we are perverted primate species.

thanks to Department of Army Janet G. Travell, MD et al Wonderful news for all moms worldwide entrusted with God’s child...

thanks to Department of Army Janet G. Travell, MD et al Wonderful news for all moms worldwide entrusted with God’s children: TRUTH revealed to me and the true pure panacea cure for cancer fell into my lap. 40 years family Doctor Attempting to master Acupuncture treating helping assisting moms wounded warriors postpartum depressed hysterical on the edge of homicide su***de.
-The true pure panacea cure for the most “fatal highly contagious infectious dis-ease metastatic malignant, flesh eating, invisible chronic pain misery, crippling disabling and neuromuscular cancer” has always been in grandmother’s homes and kitchens!
what do I mean? Crucial critical 6-year-old basic biology physiology pathology metabolism neuromuscular dynamics common sense simple 30 part explanation: Blue Planet exist embodied in all and only Females; Mothers who give birth to God's children; Egg donors and s***m donors.
The 30 simple free absolute mandatory daily survival needs of all mammals exist.
Thanks to Janet G. Travell, MD MD Department of Army 30 part restorative protocol for battle fatigue PTSD shellshocked combat stress is exactly the same as postpartum depression sleep deprivation chronic pain misery hysteria psychosis homicide su***de syndrome.
Actually the recipe cure for cancer is in every grandma's kitchen!
Here it is the reformulated so that 6-year-olds will understand with absolute certainty crystal clarity.
30 TLCs per day plus essential vitamin R and R's assist miraculous perfect Mother Nature help augment optimizing maximizing built-in ruined muscular wound repairing and neurotransmitter replenishing mechanisms.
5×5+5 TLCs is the cure for all afflictions diseases cancers injuries gunshot wounds broken bones skull fractures multiple traumas mental physical dramas while you sleeping wake up refreshed and battle ready.
Your absolute mandatory maintenance daily essential requirements works and goals:
Natural Cure 5TLC: mind, body spirit mental emotional psychological neuromuscular situational, rest, and restoration.
1. SLEEP "get overdosed" 8-10 hours/day! Take catnaps, power naps.
2. DIET Intake - Eat wholesome earthy REAL FOODs, extra Multi-Vits, B complex, Minerals, copper, zinc, selenium, lithium, Magnesium Glycinate.
3. TRUST TRUTH, Earth, Natural World is incapable of deceptions lying backstabbing, Peace of Mind, Mental, Emotional, Spirit, Emotional Balance.
4. Five 5 Daily mandatory muscle meat locomotive engines continuous maintenance routines; unlocking muscle memory thus releasing vitalizing blood flow!
a) Walking, getting down and up from the floor or ground.
a) Walking helps stamina, replenishing depleted neurotransmitters, improving deep emotional state, and well being.
b) Get Down on floor is Stretching all your lower body spinal muscles! ie Yoga.
c) Getting up from the floor is lifting your own weight; Weight Lifting improves power, agility, balance, coordination.
d) chiropractic, osteopathic Acupuncture, Travell-Simons, Combinations
5. Time retreat restore refresh Epson salts soaking allowing Mother Nature to optimize restoring fresh vital stem cells and immune functions maximizing cancer cell killing ability.

On December 1, 2021, CDC announced the first confirmed case of the Omicron variant had been detected in the United States. As of December 9, 2021, 23 states have announced COVID-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant. As the weather gets colder and people gather indoors, getting a COVID-19 vaccine or booster dose can help protect you and the people you love. Learn more about Omicron and booster doses in this week’s COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review:


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