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Global Wellness Advocates - GWA Health


Two upcoming opportunities for bowl meditations this week. I'm looking forward to seeing many of your beautiful faces there!
I am so excited to be speaking tonight at Liv International's Education Night! I'll sharing how Blox has saved me from NOT getting sick for the past 8 years and how LIV Smart keeps my brain working at optimal levels! Come learn about the powers of these 2 amazing products from founder and formulator Jeff Tuttle!
Love the look of this page. Would love to see this picture on your website
Barbara Beers Belman
"Spring into Summer Inventory Reduction Sale".

All GWA inventory in the Brickyard location 20% (off with further BULK discounts available.)

1-When it comes to EMF protection, Negative Ion (anion) and Far Infrared (FIR) Bracelets, patches, foot insoles and beads do the trick. Various sizes and styles available.

2-Various frequency-infused "Intrinsic Innergy Discs" are placed on acupressure points to stimulate meridians and open up energy channels. Varieties include: pain, weight loss, immune support, energy & endurance, mood, arthritis, sleep, and more.

All products in photo album are available & in limited quantities. 1st come 1st served.

Retail prices range depending on product.

Send us a message for questions & details.
"Spring into Summer Inventory Reduction Sale".

All GWA inventory in the Brickyard location 20% (off with further BULK discounts available.)

If you are looking to stock up on some of the best hand crafted all natural healing balms and oils on the market, Wintercrest & the Sacred Grounds Healing Ministry products are some of the best!

All products in photo album are available & in limited quantities. 1st come 1st served.

Retail price ranges from $4-$75, depending on product and size.

Send me a message for questions & details.
Do your own research.
Go Oregon!
A recent study reveals that cannabis taken orally in the form of what is called ‘hemp oil’ can be an effective treatment for Leukemia and possibly other cancers.

Gina Anderson is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Body Transformation Specialist, Singing Bowl Steward, U

Gina Anderson of Global Wellness Advocates specializes in whole body healing through many natural health & wellness modalities including stress management, pain control, sound healing, medical grade therapeutic equipment, essential oils, wellness supplements, and life coaching. GWA Health assists you in gaining more clarity of what you really want in life and providing real solutions to help you a

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How does your garden grow? It’s harvest time!!

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Wednesday wellness. Self care with a bestie in perfect weather. We already have hearts in the clouds & found a special rock with 3 embedded stones.

Liv International Product Testimonials/Green LIVing Team 27/07/2022

Liv International Product Testimonials/Green LIVing Team

Such a touching testimonial video my team put together about how the LIV International products are changing so many peoples lives. Not only daily & monthly but, continuing on throughout the years.

I have been taking the Liv products that have suited my individual needs now for 14 years. (Confirmed last year by Liv’s own Genetic Test)

Along with these cutting-edge products and living a holistic & conscious lifestyle I also have a new testimonial to add to my list of successes.
And, I didn’t even realize it until after we were finished recording the video!

I have been aiming to stop taking some Testosterone & Thyroid medications that I have been on for a couple of years.

(I was in denial for a couple of years prior to agreeing to take these meds, that they were necessary. But I surrendered & they have made a huge difference in my energy, mental capacity & sleep patterns. Low or ZERO Testosterone for a women is a real thing, and something to take as seriously as a man’s levels. However, I didn’t feel like I would ever need to take these meds lifelong & am only taking them temporarily to give my body the support it needed to jump-start everything back into balance.)

After hearing Liv’s formulator speak in detail about AMP & ULTIMATE EDGE this spring, I was convinced that I could gradually substitute my 2 meds for these 2 supplements….it would just take a little time for my body to adjust.

Amp for the Thyroid support, and Edge for the Low T.

Amp & Edge have been added to my daily regimen the past couple months & I have slowly started intuitively titrating down on my meds.

Additionally, instead of taking the women’s Ultimate Edge formula, I’ve now been taking the MEN’S formula.

(I WON’T completely stop taking either med, until lab results show that it’s helping my numbers, but I do feel like the transition working.)

BUT AN EVEN BIGGER BONUS and something I didn’t put 2 & 2 together until hearing the last 2 testimonials on this video:

Over the past month I have had several people ask me if I have lost more weight?

I hadn’t thought about it. I rarely get on the scale, and thought my clothes fitting differently was just my typical summer shed.
I haven’t done anything different except taking the Amp & Edge everyday.
I got on the scale (just to see) and I’m down 10 lbs from my average.

I ABSOLUTELY love this company, the products & the people I get to call family & friends.

Are there any health goals these products could possibly help you with?

Liv International Product Testimonials/Green LIVing Team Liv International products go beyond normal supplementation! Hear from people who have literally changed their lives because someone shared LIV with them. ...


What's in your bottle?

Several days a week I like to combine 1 packet of LIV International's Go Nitromax and 2 packets of Elivate, in my orange glass bottle!
It's such a stimulating & refreshing beverage combination. 🍹

Orange flavored Go Nitromax for vasodialation, nitric oxide production, endurance & heart health. ❤️

Pina Colada flavored Elivate, a full spectrum CBD beverage includes many additional ingredients for energy & concentration boosting along with mood enhancers.🧠

Great for before, during or after workouts, or just to keep me livened up throughout the day. ⏰

Want some too?


There’s good, there’s better & then there’s BEST when it comes to drinking water 💦

What’s in YOUR bottle? 💧

We all know drinking water is good. ✅

Drinking clean, filtered water in a glass bottle is better. ✅✅

And adding in some great tasting & nutritional chlorophyll is BEST!✅✅✅

Get AHEAD with Green2o, healthy hydration from LIV International!


Even GOODER in a GREEN GLASS BOTTLE out on the patio on a lovely summer evening💚 🌞




How do you order, and can you order over the weekend?
Business Associates can order online.
New enrollments must call in. If calling in after hours or over the weekend 1 (877) 449-9666 leave a message and it will be backdated.

Use promo code SpringBomb with call-in orders

No limit! Promo ends Sunday, May 1, 2022 at Midnight MT.


Have you been sweating your butt off this year trying to get to your target weight before summer? Make your weight loss journey a little easier with AMP Plus!

AMP Plus provides increased metabolic support especially if you are over 40 and want to lose weight. It supports mental acuity and hormonal balance which is key with diets that restrict carbohydrates.

Amp Plus is BOGO 1/2 off in March!


Essential Oil Z-pack Protocol

Consume recipe #1 for 2 days, recipe #2 for 2 days & recipe #3 for 2 days.
Take capsules immediately once per day &
Feel Better Soon!

Recipe #1
12 drops-On Guard
6 drops-Oregano
2 drops-Frankincense

Recipe #2
10 drops-Melaleuca
10 drops-Lemongrass
5 drops-Thyme
5 drops-Cinnamon

Recipe #3
10 drops-Cinnamon
10 drops-Oregano
10 drops-Lemon
2 drops-Frankincense


Tired of jitters and crashes with normal energy drinks?
Ever wonder what is in leading energy sources and what it is doing to your body?

MAX EnerG is full of supercharged natural caffeine. It’s safe to use and won’t cause jitters or an untimely crash with only 9 simple ingredients!

-Safe alertness
-Supports mental function
-Key adaptogenic herbs for focus and energy
-Supports improved cognition and mood

Try a weeks' supply and feel the difference for yourself. Booster pack of 6 for only $14.95

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Tired of jitters and crashes with normal energy drinks?
Ever wonder what is in leading energy sources and what it is doing to your body?
MAX EnerG is full of supercharged natural caffeine. It’s safe to use and won’t cause jitters or an untimely crash with only 9 simple ingredients!
-Safe alertness
-Supports mental function
-Key adaptogenic herbs for focus and energy
-Supports improved cognition and mood
Try a weeks' supply and feel the difference for yourself. Booster pack of 6 for only $14.95


Many recent studies have shown that the cannabinoids CBD-A & CBG-A, help prevent the spike protein from entering into our cells.
LIV International’s FULL SPECTRUM CBD comes in 2 amazing products.
Protect yourself today!

Photos from Gina Anderson's post 26/01/2022

Photos from Gina Anderson's post

Member Site 19/01/2022

Member Site

Another testimonial from a lifelong friend about Elivate…

“It’s that time of month again that I need to hook up with you for some gogo juice. I’m so glad you turned me on to Liv. I really enjoy how it gets my morning going it’s taking the place of all my other [unhealthier] morning drinks. Since I’ve been taking ELIVate the last four months I feel so much better. Thanks for everything you do!”

Are you looking to replace some of your less healthy beverages and feel better by drinking gogo juice instead? (AKA Liv’s CBD infused vitamin, mineral & adaptogenic herb mix called ELIVate)?
Get some!

Member Site This site represent all the sites for our distributors

Member Site 13/01/2022

Member Site

A friend reached out to me just after Christmas with the following request…

“I was in the hospital last night with severe stomach pain. All they want to do is throw meds at me but they chalked it up to possible ulcer and gastritis. What can I do to fix this?”

After supplementing with the Green2o & E3 for 10 days, I received the following message…

“So far I’m out of pain and much better digestion. I believe this stuff is amazing and helping immensely!”

I love offering solutions & helping people heal what ails them.🤗

Member Site This site represent all the sites for our distributors


Good news on the horizon! 👏
75 years just turned into 8 months.
Take that EF DE AA!
Link in comments…


Jump on the weekly Opportunity Zoom call tonight at 6:30pm MST to find out EXACTLY WHY!
I have the privilege of hosting tonight and will be sharing all the things I LOVE about LIVing Younger Longer…the unique products, amazing people, lucrative pay plan & simple process to join this awesome opportunity!

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Sassy Messages 📝
Healthy Beverages 🍹
These are a few of my favorite things I’m gifting to all my besties & favorites at this time of giving. 🥰 🧑‍🎄
2022 daily Soul Whispers from the Sassy Sage, Dawni Angel.
And Elevating, Energizing Detoxifying hydration from LIV International.
Gift the gift of wellness this holiday season while supporting your local businesses.
Local action creates global impact!!


Just DO IT anyway!


Give the Gift of Health Cyber Monday Sale!
10% off all LIV International product orders-unlimited-today only!
Green drinks, CBD, multi-vitamins, immune boosters, probiotics & enzymes, fiber & protein, energy stimulation, weight loss, heart health, skin care & over all feeling good for the holiday season.


The truth is getting more & more difficult to deny. Facts can only be buried for so long before the lies are exposed into the light of day.


It’s a BIG DAY!
✨11/11 Portal Opening
🇺🇸Veterans Day
💉Axe the Vaxx protests still going strong
Can you feel the shift in the air?
Can you see the darkness coming into the light?
Can you hear the narrative being questioned day by day?
Stay strong!
Change is inevitable!
Awakening is happening!


Self care is the most important & empowering ritual we can do for ourselves today & always!
I start my day off with 32 ounces of clean water & a morning meditation, usually on my Migun thermal massage bed.
Last night I took an hour long bath full of essential oils, a 6 lb bag of Epsom’s salt, a heap of bentonite clay & a bunch of baking soda, topped off with candles and relaxing music before bed.
What does your self care ritual look like?


I’ll be co-hosting 2 virtual zoom parties today at 2 & 7pm. We will be discussing alimentary issues the new LIV International full spectrum CBD products can assist with healing.
Fun, prizes & special incentives to be had!

Will you join me?


This darling 3 year old was introduced to Green2o last night. He practically drank the entire Liv sample bottle himself. (His new ‘sippy cup’.)

Figuring out how to open & close the spout, taking another drink each time, he’d say to his mom, “I like this, mom.” “Mom, mom I like this.”

His mom signed up as a LIV International member with a Weight Loss kit for herself, and a bag of Green2o for her son.

Order some healthy hydration for your family today.


Do you or someone you know being forced out of a job & looking to start a home based business??
I’m hiring!


I just received this testimonial from a friend who is diabetic & has neuropathy:

“I need more CBD... I'm out.. it is also keeping the edema in my feet down... amazing... 😀”

Are you ready to take your life back? Let’s get you started today!

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After weeks of anticipation….

My CBD order has arrived!👏

My CBD order has arrived!🎉

My new Liv CBD product order has finally arrived!😋

And….I have plenty to share!
Who wants a sample?


Next Wednesday, July 28th I'll be offering free singing bowl demonstrations at Water & Wellness from 1-4pm.
Joline will be sampling the wonderful LIV International products.
And, Richard will be explaining how this awesome wellness center has much more to offer our community than just clean water!
We will be raffling gifts & prizes. Come out and join us!

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My Liv Genetics test results are finally in! This DNA test takes out all the GUESSING and replaces it with KNOWING exactly what percentage of fats, proteins & carbs to to Eat, what type of exercises to Do & what supplements to Take, to achieve optimal health based on my individual genetic make up. HOW EXCITING!!!

I have been taking the Liv supplements since 2008 and have loved them all. Now I know which are the BEST, just for me…Green2o & Liv Sxinney (for different reasons), Go Nitromax, Serezen, Smart, LivPro15 & Ultimate Edge. TIME TO PLACE AN ORDER!

I have been drawn fitness my entire life, now I know WHY I get the most benefit from the lower impact activities & not so much to the extreme high-impact training. Working IN more so than working OUT…SO EMPOWERING!

Since changing my diet 5 years ago, I have wondered if eating this ‘new way’ was really in my highest interest. Now I KNOW for certain that it most definitely is!
I’m not sensitive to carbs, but highly sensitive to fats. My meal percentages should be 25% good fats, 40% high quality protein & 35% complex carbs.

All of these factors are 100% on point to all my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Exercise Program training.

Would you like to know EXACTLY what you should be EATING, DOING & TAKING?

Photos from Global Wellness Advocates - GWA Health's post 15/07/2021

It brings me such joy & pleasure to meet new people & share with my community healthy supplements that truly do make a difference in optimal wellness.

Welcome to the Living Younger Longer team!
Dawn, Michele, Brad, Brandi & Mark!


It would take an entire bottle of red wine, 600 blueberry pies, 13 pounds of pistachios or ~200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to equal the same amount of resveratrol in one stick of Green2o?! No kidding!

🌱Resveratrol🌱 is getting all the hype recently because of it's amazing benefits! It helps with:
▪️Glucose control
▪️Heart health
▪️Bone health
▪️Energy metabolism
▪️Reduced calorie intake (calorie restriction mimicking)
▪️Powerful antioxidant

What are the best food sources of resveratrol?
Red grape skin (red wine🍷), peanuts🥜, blueberries, & pistachios...and now, Green2o!

Not only does Green2o off heart healthy resveratrol, it offers:
🌱Alkaline ph balanced hydration
🌱Healthy hydration
🌱Detox benefits

To learn more about Green2o and it's amazing benefits:


Light grid connection


What do you do with gallons of Kombucha that has brewed FAR TOO LONG for bottling/drinking & you don’t want to waste it?
You turn it into the most rejuvenating foot bath on earth!!! Soaking up all the yummy biotics through the footsies.🦶✨💓

Another vibrant consumable batch will be available in two weeks.

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A beautiful bowl session
with a beautiful couple
in their beautiful yard 💗😍 🎶

Would you like to book your own summertime backyard bliss bash?

Singles, couples or group times are available now!


Chi & Tea!

Photos from Global Wellness Advocates - GWA Health's post 09/04/2021

Did you know Kombucha is full of probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, polyphenols, B-vitamins, vitamin C and various other organic acids? All beneficial for optimal health.

Did you also know there have been many recent studies showing that the majority of people adversely effected by "the rona" have/had poor gut health? (Sources available upon request.)

I have been making my own homemade Kombucha for the better part of 8 years and enjoy sharing the bounty with others. Everyone who tries it, say it's the best they have ever tasted!

My latest batch is ready & I have options available for purchase. My last few batches had sold out fast, so I upped my production this last round.

Bottled in amber glass and flavored with a little honey & DoTerra essential oils:

1-Wild Orange-Ginger-Grapefruit (best selling & tastes like orange ginger-ale)
2-Lemon-Lime (tastes like sprite or 7-up)
3-Wild Orange-Grapefruit-Lime (new citrus only flavor, for those who don't like ginger)

Liters-$15, Pints-$10

If you are in the greater Salt Lake area, message me if you are interested in getting a bottle or two of your own. Pick up & delivery options available.

SCOBY's and educational classes/instructions on how to make your own are also options I offer. I can come right to your house and show you how! (Sold separately.)

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I 💗 that I don’t have to color Easter eggs with toxic food colorings because my local farmer provides Nature’s own colorful palate.
Thanks Easter Bunny!
🐰 🥚 🎨
Say hello to all the cute animals at the farm 🐷 🐮 🐴 and have a Happy Easter Everyone!

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