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One Moment of Peace, LLC

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Q&A August 29th at 2pm. Meet the instructors and check it out.
Would you ping liking The Kettlebell Lady Leanne Wylet page too? Thanks!
Thank you for the invite here Steve....many blessings wished for you x
hey steve! believing in God's greatness through you all the way! i love your heart and i love what you are doing to minister to so many through your generous heart and sharing your time, talents, treasures, and your testimony...loving people back to life. i'm so glad i've gotten the opportunity to meet you and look forward to seeing you again! way to go! May all god's blessings and favor be over you and through you! :) karieve, traveling passionate helper :)
Hey there! Great seeing you last night!
Hi Steve. Tell me more about this? Also, heard you are teaching yoga nidra at Dave's, is that this weekend?

Meditation, writing and other modalities to cultivate peace within ourselves and everyone around us. To join our mailing list:

Modalities and teachings to cultivate peace within ourselves and thereby calm everyone around us:

• Individualized meditation & mindfulness instruction

• Yoga nidra (deep relaxation meditation) for individuals, groups and teacher training programs

• Writing workshops and individual coaching to promote awareness and sharpen written and verbal communication

• Life coaching for all life issues i

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Whistling Shade

Bob Dylan is 80 today. Here's how one writer feels about him:

Whistling Shade Before poetry, nary a soul understood the depths of my heart's dilemma over Bob Dylan and his music. My husband did. A man sort of figures it out when his wife spends down to the last penny in her pocket-book for something Dylan-related. Music, books, magazines, t-shirts.


The Sanskrit word klesha means coloring. Not in an artistic way, but as a habit that causes suffering. Without our realizing it, our minds color our perceptions with all kinds of thoughts, beliefs, expectations, memories and highly charged emotions like fear, anger, and frustration. The practice is to stop coloring and start seeing situations and people exactly as they are. How do we do this? Masters from every wisdom tradition agree: meditate!

Emotions are running extremely high right now. Meditation can help you stay clear and nonreactive and take wise action. If you’re interested in rooting a daily practice, these simple instructions might help:


According to the yoga sutras, there are four ways of knowing.

The first is direct experience. You know it’s raining because you can feel the drops on your skin.

The second is sound reasoning. A wet umbrella in the vestibule gives you good cause to believe it’s raining.

The third is a reliable source. Your mother tells you it’s raining.

Then there’s prajñā, or insight. Prajñā cuts through statistics, opinions and theories and goes straight to the truth. In this time of mass confusion, it can really come in handy.

Prajñā is not a download from your angels or guides. It’s an innate intelligence that can only be sharpened through the practice of meditation. You have to spend time each day to quiet your mind. Nobody can do it for you.

If meditation is challenging for you, find a teacher. Meanwhile, these simple instructions, based on the method given in book two of the sutras, can help get you started:



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Jackie is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Mindfulness Instructor, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Toe Reader/Soul Coach

Steve is an E-RYT Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Mindfulness Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Life Coach, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Steve is a published author and all of his books are available for purchase:


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