Zumba In Motion

Be ready to have fun, make friends, and get a complete workout in this exciting class where new moves and music make every experience unique & engaging!

Operating as usual

[07/10/20]   Hi All,
In addition to this page, my most active posting can be found on “Zumba In Motion Dayton”, right here on Facebook. There, you will see current classes at the Vandalia Rec, along with pictures and short videos. Join us Tuesday’s at 5:30 and Saturday mornings at 9:00 am.
“ See Ya on da dance floor!”😎

Coming your way! 😎

[08/12/18]   “Coffee with Robert”
Your shoes are so important! It’s a great idea to upgrade the insoles regularly depending on how often you use them. The cushion can makes the difference between having leg/knee pain afterwards or telling others how great you are feeling!😊
Good warm ups and cool downs and stretches does the same!!! 🤔

Don’t take any lightly 👍🏿

[08/09/18]   Save the date! August 25th 9:00am @ the Vandalia, Ohio Rec.
“Zumba In Motion” celebrates 1000th classes & it’s FREE, & in da Gym! Spread the word! 😎
Vandalia Rec.
1111 Stonequarry Rd
Vandalia, OH 45414

[08/05/18]   Coffee w/Robert - Modify

If you find it hard to do all the moves, that’s understandable. We all may have “old injuries, surgeries, illnesses, or health issues”, that make it hard to sometime follow. “ Please mimic the movement to minimize your pain. You come to Zumba to enjoy, not to “add” pain!

See ya in da dance floor!

[07/17/18]   Reflections of 11 years.

There’s a lot to be thankful of! One of them is All of you!! You all have contributed to making this class so very special! For that, Wednesday class tomorrow, is FREE to EVERYBODY 😎. Tell your friends too! 😎 (For the Richmond’s class!)

[07/01/18]   Coffee w/Robert


As we begin/continue our journey to better health, “ERE” is so critical!
These three components work for you or against you! They’re equally important! As you exercise, ever wonder why you aren’t losing weight 😳🤔? Yes, each component has its own components too; but understand the big picture first.
BTW -Zumba in Motion is THE exercise of choice. 😎

[06/24/18]   Coffee with Robert

We’re back from a much needed vacation. My biggest learning was; Take care of your body as it will take care of you later! As I saw this 70 year old guy dancing like a 30 year old guy! Yes, I am happy to pass that along! 😊

[06/10/18]   Coffee with Robert
Eating within an hour before class? 😳 Auuu might not be a great idea. Something small, non fried, and light, ya might get away with. Really try to get a full 2 hours in before class, and still, no fried foods. Ya body will thank you 🙏🏾. 😎

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but life gets busier at times. 😅

[04/22/18]   Part of exercising is to make it a way of life. Creating an environment that is conducive to good health (Keep positive people close by)! Yeah, ya gonna let ya hair down sometimes, but let that not be the norm. As we teach a fitness class, we know that we need to set the example. That’s why we move as much as anyone else in class, & then some. Set the example for others in Your life.

See ya in class Monday or Wednesday or Saturday 😎

[04/18/18]   I’m embarking on my 967 class tomorrow (Wednesday 4/18). Why count you ask? Because each class is unique, a story, a journey! Many times over the past 10 years, I wanted to change the title to “Art In Motion”. I or we, ( my wife Thelma Chandler), feel the music, let it MOVE you, then give it back to others! Passion may drive us, but sharing and seeing those smiles and sweat, fuels the soul!
We love what we do, and our students!
“See ya on da dance floor!” 😎

[04/18/18]   Hi All,
I know I’m a little behind on the marketing side; I’m changing that starting tonight.
1st my classes are;
1. Monday’s & Wednesdays at 6:15 in Richmond IN., at The Leland.
2. Saturday’s at Vandalia Rec, in Vandalia, Ohio @ 9:05 am.

At Zumba fundraiser for Wright State University with Marcia B, DJ Francis! Had a blast!!

[03/18/18]   “The Difference is in the Details”.

What does that means to Zumba?

Zumba is like a sport. As you practice, you get better.
1. In the beginning, I practiced to get the major moves.
2. I practice later to get the timing.
3. I practice later to be more fluid
4. I practice later to be more powerful
5. I practice later to be more engaging
6. I practice later to extend “me” into my arms, hands and fingers.
7. I practice later to include the arts, the story, the very scene, with emotions of feelings.
8. Lastly, I practiced before anyone sees it for the first time!

This is why we dance 😊

[03/17/18]   Happy Saint Paddy Day to all!!👒
Robert and Thelma Chandler

@ The Studio. What a fun time with Guys Gone Wild #10

[03/03/18]   The Studio
9501 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati 45251

Is where I’ll be tonight doing some songs tonight!!

[03/03/18]   Guys Gone Wild #10 tonight!!! Cincinnati Northgate Mall.

Less than 12 hours away! 😎

[02/18/18]   Coffee w/ Robert

Years ago, I published some helpful notes to help you take your game to another level. Here they are:

• Helpful Stuff:
o Eating – at least 2 hours before a class
Carbs before / Protien after class
Water before, during, and after a class

o Clothing – Breatheable, Shoes-“Running”,cushion;

o Movements- “Keep Moving”; “As big as possible”; “Push”; “Unlock Waist”

o Understand the principal of adding weights to your program:
-Cardo is good for you! Cardo plus weights is even better!! Why; because you are adding a strengthen component to your workout. It helps with not only your strength, but your shape as well. It adds to a "healthy" look on top of you being stronger. Now we are getting closer to a full body workout!

[02/18/18]   Coffee w/ Robert 1

- For Students;
Zumba is filled with emotional movements. Thus, seek to go past the motions. When you do, there’s another view to be seen!
Find your limitations and weeks later, find them again. Understand why you come to class. Gradually, push yourself, and don’t UNDER ESTIMATE, your warm ups, nor cool downs!!

-For Instructors;
Value your class! Know what kind of teacher are you, and what population your students consist of. Please continue to learn, ALWAYS! Continue to look for & feed off, the positives.

[02/14/18]   Happy Valentines Day to all!! 😊

[02/03/18]   Tomorrow morning I’ll be teaching my 941 class. Where did the time go!

I’ve learned a lot, and shared a lot. To teach is a gift in itself! To learn is sign of humbleness! I feel one always helps the other. I’ve so much more to learn! 😇

[01/28/18]   “Disguising Fitness”

Returning zumba peeps (over 4 months), or those that are trying zumba for the first time (in our classes), we will have fun, but make no mistake, this is a Fitness class! If you are under doctor care, please consult with them first. Or, if you have questions or concerns about the workout, please don’t hesitate in asking me in class, the page, or message me.

The class is a hybrid of Zumba/circuit with weights. It’s unique, and it works!

[01/21/18]   “From “A” class to “The” Class”

An evolution took place as the years rolls by; So did our teaching, so did our choreographing, and so did our styles. Teaching 16 different styles helped bring others to class that wouldn’t normally come. Why say all this; because change can be good. It opens our minds to possibilities, challenges and other opportunities. We spend almost twice as much time preparing for a class than we do doing the class. The challenges are always there, but The Class is worth it. Thelma & I work as a team and our styles are different. What a bonus to have! 😊

Robert & Thelma

[01/14/18]   Weights & Modifications:

When we’re doing weights, they are to the beat of the songs. The movements (75%), are not designed for weights over 3 lbs. In fast songs weights over 3 lbs can hurt your joints. We’re aiming at your muscles. It’s ok for the muscles to be sore for a couple of days.

Modifications; is sometimes needed if we have issues with parts of our bodies. Thelma and I will show some modifications during the routine, but not always. If you’re not sure, stay low impact and ask for suggestions after class. Our routines are designed to go hi or low.

See ya on da dance floor 😎. Coach

[01/07/18]   Coaches Corner.
This is particularly focused for the zumba instructors but there may be others that it could apply to.
1. Depending on your teaching frequency, it could take a new instructor 6 months to form an identity. This is also based on your exposure to different types of instructors too.
2. Please look to see who are your audience!
3. The class is for your audience! Just add your flavor 😎

[01/07/18]   The Arts
For me, zumba is Art! Plain & simply. Is it because I’m an professional Engineer and that I like to create or build, or because Dancing is ever so present in our zumba? Or, is it all of the above? There’s fun, laughter, sweating, swearing (😳😗), and a whole lot of booty shaking! For an hour, you get a break from everything & let loose and even pretend you’re in the club. A no judgement zone perhaps! Afterwards, you feel more energized with positive energy than before you started the class. Regardless, it’s there. It’s a story, with a beginning & an ending. This is why it’s special! This is why we dance! This is why we do zumba.

[01/04/18]   Hi All,
It’s been a while since I last posted.

A few little tweaks I will be doing this year. The frequency of communication will increase first. 😊. Secondly, I will add a section called “instructor’s corner”. I’m doing this because I feel I need to & I want to.

Feel free to shoot me your feedback anytime. 👍


[12/31/17]   It’s cold out there! Yeah. But ya still need to move your body! You “invest” in ya body, so ya body can take care of you! 🤔 That’s a great payback on your investment!
“Zumba Yo!” Coach
See ya In class. 😎

Coming your way this Sunday. We will be doing a few songs as well.

Come join us for a special Zumba event to benefit local teen Collin Griffen who has stage 4 cancer. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Zumba All The Way fundraiser. Mark your calendars for Sunday December 17 at 1:15pm.

[12/10/17]   Why Wait! 🧐
A lot of people think waiting to the 1st is a good thing to start exercising. 😮 Could it be because you DREAD it, perhaps! Are ya watching that clock on the wall when you were working out! 😳
It’s time you come to our class; I’m thinking🤔.

[11/26/17]   Coffee with Robert
After the class Saturday, we were approached by a student that said this about the class:
“I’ve figured out why I love this class! You actually get 4 things from it:
1) The Music 🎶
2) The Emotion😁
3) Helps your Cognitive 🤔
4) The Sweat 💦
She’s only been to 6 of the classes!! “
It brought internal tears.

[11/05/17]   Coffee?
"To Good Health"
1. Da Music!
2. Da Movements!
3. Dance, Yo!
4. Fitness!
5. Discovery!
6. Emotions!
Zumba in Motion is da Music that stirs the soul! It's da Movements that ignites the heart to beat faster! It's da Dance that's comes from the virety of rhythms! It's da good fitness as a result of you having fun! It's da Discovery that you have gained confidence in other areas! Lastly, it's the Emotional download, and expellsion, that keeps ya going, cause you have realized that you lost weight & in better health, made new friends and have "inspired" others!! "Ya feel me!"

Saturday Morning Zumba at Vandalia's Rec. with surprise guest instructor Wendy!

[10/29/17]   Coffee w/ Robert
“Weights In Motion”
Why: It works!
Why: It is “fused” with cardio!
Why: Cardio & weights alone, only goes so far. The fusion of both gets you further in being “overall fit”. After teaching cardio type classes for over 12 years, I’ve seen results in students, Thelma, and myself first hand. The last 4 years of combining weights have made our entire body stronger, not just the heart!
In the past using weights was tough physically and mentally! By adding a third & sometimes forth piece (“Emotionally & Artfully”), our methodology makes it so much fun! Mind you, you are still getting a great workout, & building strength! Take for instance the song “Ghostrider”.... I had to add weights to the song to make it challenging!! That says we have gotten stronger! 💪
Soooo, “See ya on da dance floor!”

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1111 Stonequarry
Vandalia, OH

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Saturday 09:05 - 22:05
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