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How about showing YOURSELF a little spring-cleaning love? 💙✨ HydraFacial uses a patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and the spiral design delivers painless extractions. Now that’s our kind of spring cleaning! 😉

To schedule your Hydrafacial treatment at Central Texas Dermatology’s SkinCare Austin, call 512.327.2227.


Let’s wish a Happy Doctor’s Day to Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery’s amazing team of dermatologists and surgeons: Dr. Emily Prosise, Dr. Halliday McDonald, Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi and Dr. Zoltan Trinza! Every day, they collaborate to diagnose and treat complex skin conditions, eradicate skin cancer and help patients look and feel their very best.

To show your appreciation for your provider, leave a kind word below or a review here https://buff.ly/33ALxSK.


What a big difference a little filler can make, as you can see in today’s ! 👄

Our lips lose volume, color and elasticity as we age. Certified Restylane injector Diana used Restylane Kysse to add volume, smooth upper lip lines and enhance lip color for this client, with beautiful, natural results!

Book your fillers with Diana or Jenni now through March 31 and receive $100 off each 1 cc syringe of filler! Treatment must be completed by April 15.

Call 512-327-2227 to schedule.


SPECIAL ALERT ➡️ Just a few more weeks left for you to take advantage of our March patient appreciation special with aesthetic injectors Diana and Jenni! 👏 Purchase 30 units of Jeuveau, get 10 units free OR receive $100 off each 1 cc syringe of filler.

Book your appointment now through March 31 and complete your treatment by April 15 to receive this offer. To schedule or learn more, call (512) 327-2227.


Happy first day of spring! 🌸As the weather begins warming up, you may be starting to bare more skin. If you happen to notice a spot on your skin that’s new, changing or unusual, it’s time to schedule a skin check ASAP. ✅

How to spot those spots at home? 🔎

✔Examine your body, front and back in a full-length mirror.
✔Look at both left and right sides with arms raised.
✔Look at your underarms, forearms and palms.
✔Look at front and back of your legs, between your toes and the soles of your feet.
✔Use a hand mirror to examine neck, scalp, back and buttocks.

To follow up on any suspicious spots with a visit to Central Texas Dermatology:

🏥 Central Texas Dermatology
📍 102 Westlake Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746
☎️ 512.327.7779
🖥 https://www.centexderm.com
🍀 🍀 🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀 🍀 🍀
We all know that beautiful skin takes more than good luck. 😉

The physicians and skincare experts at Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery are always here for you. Call to schedule your new-patient consultation with Diana or Jenni today: 512-327-2227

*Consultation cost of $50 to be applied to products/services within 90 days.

Contemplating a tummy tuck before summer months? Then plan for a SPRING BREAK, says Dr. Eskenazi, double board-certified plastic surgeon.

The patients who seem to have the quickest recovery following their surgery are those who set aside time early on to heal. Most patients will want to take seven to 10 days away from work, and then refrain from any heavy lifting for four weeks. After a month, you can begin to consider taking a dip in a pool or the bathtub.

To learn more about a tummy tuck with Dr. Eskenazi, see his lastest blog post here:

Happy Monday, everyone! May your week be full of beautiful surprises! (Like this happy filler unveiling thanks to aesthetic nurse injector, Jenni!) 😍💋

Don’t forget, when you schedule your filler appointment with our amazing aesthetic injectors Diana and Jenni this month, you’ll receive $100 off each 1 cc. syringe of filler!

Call 512-327-2227 to schedule.

Details: Filler appointment must be scheduled by March 31 and completed by April 15 to receive this discount. Discount only available to new filler clients.
For this patient, first aesthetic injector Diana built structure with Radiesse and then refined with hyper-dilute Radiesse for 🔥✨ results that last up to 15 months.

This month, when you schedule your filler appointment with Diana and Jenni, you’ll receive $100 off each 1 cc. syringe of filler!

Call 512-327-2227 to schedule.

*Book your appointment now through March 31 and complete your treatment by April 15 to receive this offer.


Who makes an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck? Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi says an ideal candidate has loose abdominal skin or diastasis (laxity) of the re**us (6 pack) muscle. This is most commonly seen in people who have had children or lost a significant amount of weight. In either case, the ideal patient is within 10 to 15 pounds of their goal weight.

To learn more about a tummy tuck with Dr. Eskenazi, see his lastest blog post here:

Happy ! Did you know that Central Texas Dermatology is a woman-owned medical practice? Physician-owner and Mohs Surgeon Emily Prosise, MD, FAAD, assumed full ownership and leadership of the practice in 2020. 👏

Dr. Prosise is joined in practice by colleagues Halliday McDonald, MD, Melissa Binney, PA-C and Lia Stratton, FNP-C (pictured here) as well as Zoltan Trinza, MD, and Benjamin Eskenazi, MD.

For more information about all of the providers at Central Texas Dermatology, see: https://www.centexderm.com/about-dermatology-office-austin/medical-staff/

Does anybody else have spring-cleaning fever? Why not use this time of year as an opportunity to level up your skincare game? ✨

Now is the time to toss those expired products and those that aren’t achieving maximum benefit for your skin. Purposefully invest in professional skincare to achieve the greatest protective and anti-aging benefits for your skin. 👏

To level-up your skincare game, call Central Texas Dermatology’s SkinCare Austin at 512.327.2227. A consultation with Diana or Jenni is $50, which can be used toward the purchase of a product or service within 90 days.


Central Texas Dermatology offers concierge-quality medical, surgical & aesthetic care.

Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery offers concierge-quality medical, surgical and aesthetic care in Austin, Texas. Emily Prosise, MD, a double board-certified Mohs Surgeon specializing in surgical and skin cancer dermatology, leads a talented team of medical dermatology experts. Together, they provide the highest caliber of medical dermatology care as well as comprehensive surgical treatm

Operating as usual


Regenerative, restorative, subtle … and when injected with skill and care, Sculptra creates undeniably beautiful results. ✨

Sculptra is a biostimulatory regenerative product that came on the market for aesthetic use in 2009, not long before Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca entered the world of dermatology as a nurse. And today she is a big fan of employing Sculptra as an element of her aesthetic rejuvenation plans with her patients!

Sculptra is a series of injections spaced over the course of a few months. It takes about 4-6 weeks to begin to see a noticeable change, but it creates amazing results that are well worth the wait! 🤩

Sculptra induced the growth of Lily’s patient’s own collagen and elastin, giving her a more supported, hydrated, and youthful appearance. Results are clinically proven to last up to two years, but she will continue to reap the benefits of this treatment.

*This patient has graciously given consent to share her results.


We’re all about beautiful, lasting results. Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca Lily takes time to listen to your concerns and empowers you to look and feel your very best.

To schedule your consultation with at Austin , call 512.327.2227.


Most ❤️Loved Skincare ➡️ As a Mohs Surgeon with sensitive skin, Central Texas Dermatology's Dr. Olivia Chen loves Vanicream Skin Care! Their products reliably lack the common offenders to those with allergic contact dermatitis and eczema, making them one of Dr. Chen’s favorites!


Happy ❤️ Day from us to you, with a little gift for your lips! 👄 Today through 2/28, when you purchase a full syringe of lip filler, you’ll receive 20 units of Botox free. VIP members receive even MORE love with a free Image Ormedic Lip Treatment. ✨

Call 512-327-2227 to schedule.

Lips by Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi


Most ❤️Loved Skin Care ➡️ A must-have for SkinCare Austin Aesthetician Diana Haeg is ISDIN Eryfotona sunscreens. These sunscreens are formulated to dry down to a powdery finish that feels weightless on your skin. Eryfotona not only provides protection of SPF 50 with zinc oxide, it also contains DNA repairsomes, peptide Q10 and Vitamin E, so it serves as protection and a skin treatment all in one! To try ISDIN suncreens for yourself, shop SkinCare Austin in-office or online.



Filler was one of the most popular non-invasive treatments sought out by patients in 2022. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Benjamin Eskenazi says filler is a great way to enhance your jawline with little-to-no downtime and minimal pain and bruising. When you consult with Dr. Eskenazi, he performs a complete assessment of facial harmony in order to customize a plan to your exact anatomy and needs. Call 512.327.2227 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Eskenazi at SkinCare Austin


LOVE ♥️your skin by protecting yourself from UV damage. ☀️ Even though it may be tempting to seek a warm glow during the winter months, you’ll want to steer clear of tanning beds because they’re a known carcinogen. 🛑

People who use a tanning bed before the age of 35, increase their risk of melanoma by 59 percent, and that risk increases with each use. Anytime you're outdoors, protect your skin from the sun by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 45 or higher. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sun-protective clothing, and plan to enjoy the outdoors during non-peak sunlight hours.


It’s peel season, and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca has plans to make you GLOW. Of course, she had to do a TCA to peel herself so she could personally share in your journey to beautiful skin! To get glowing, call us at 512.327.2227. Peel by Nurse Practitioner Lia Stratton .


February is American ❤️Heart❤️ Month and today is Wear Red Day to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease. Did you know that there are ways to spot the warning signs of heart disease on your skin? Here are 12 warning signs to look out for: https://buff.ly/39xoQT3


Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. 💕 From 2/14 to 2/28, when you purchase a full syringe of 👄 lip filler, you’ll receive 20 units of Botox free. VIP members receive an added bonus of afree Image Ormedic Lip Treatment. ✨

Call 512-327-2227 to schedule.

Lips by


Thank you for patiently bearing with us as our office remains closed through noon on Friday due to power outages. We will keep you posted here, and we look forward to returning to care for you soon!


Show your skin some ❤️LOVE❤️ this month by scheduling a full-body skin exam 🔍with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. But the good news is that when detected and treated early, the five-year survival rate for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is 99 percent. Call 512-327-7779 to schedule your appointment.


Join with us in celebrating the grand opening of Clear Creek Dermatology in Llano, where SkinCare Austin Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca will also be caring for patients with cosmetic concerns! Share with your family or friends who live in Hill Country to let them know that Dr. Emily Prosise and her team are now also in Llano and Marble Falls.


Central Texas Dermatology & SkinCare Austin will be closed January 31 due to winter weather conditions. ❄️ Stay safe and warm, everyone!


Brrrr! 🥶 It may be cold ❄️outside, but you know what’s even colder? The liquid nitrogen we use every day in the office to cryogenically treat common dermatologic conditions such as warts and pre-cancerous skin lesions (actinic keratoses). Liquid nitrogen can readily be reduced to its freezing point of −210 °C (−346 °F; 63 K) by placing it in a vacuum chamber. Now that’s freezing!


Why are colder ❄️ months a 🔥hot time to have laser hair removal?

When laser hair removal is performed on skin that’s darker than its natural shade, it increases the risk of inaccurate laser settings, which can end up damaging your skin. Likewise, you should avoid prolonged sun exposure following and leading up to your treatment, as it will make you more sensitive and susceptible to UV damage.

With GentleMax Pro hair removal available at SkinCare Austin, a gentle beam of light passes through the skin on the way to the hair follicle, where it’s absorbed. The laser energy is transformed into heat, destroying the hair follicle and leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Dark hair in patients with light skin color responds best to this treatment. At least four treatments are necessary.

To learn more or book your appointment at SkinCare Austin, call 512-327-2227.


There’s no way around it … Photos taken directly after lip filler are very swollen! Post-filler swelling is affected by – you guessed it – numerous factors! One thing is for certain though: You will swell.

Swelling varies by injection technique, tissue trauma induced by injections, consistency of lip tissue, filler type and placement, and the amount of filler used to name just a few factors.

Numbing lips prior to injection with topical lidocaine contributes to swelling. Certain fillers attract more water, so filler product choice also dictates swelling response. Post-filler aftercare including use of ice and even sleep positioning can affect swelling.

Filler swelling responses are absolutely individual, but there is an expected progression of swelling stages and timeline to healing and final results.

Click on over to this month's blog for a written and visual account of one patient’s journey from initial lip filler day to six weeks post lip filler with fully healed, settled lips!



Summer bodies are made in the winter. ☀️👙🌴 What do we mean? If you want to look your very best this summer and are considering plastic surgery options, NOW is the time to start planning! 👏

From start to finish, anticipate a minimum of two to three months from the time you schedule to the time you have good post-operative healing and can engage in summer activities like swimming and being out in the sunshine without restrictions.

Begin your journey double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi and you’ll be well on the road to your confident swimsuit silhouette by summertime!

If you’re just dipping your toe in the water and considering plastic surgery, calling and speaking with Amy, our our patient care coordinator is an excellent first step ☎️ 512-448-2777


Photos from Central Texas Dermatology and Plastic Surgery's post 01/20/2023

Let's talk about volume replacement and facial balancing. ✨ In this first session, Nurse Practitioner Lilly Machuca addresses the temples, mid-face and cheeks.

This patient plans to progress through a treatment plan with Lily that replaces volume, revitalizes texture and smooths out skin tone.

During consultation, Lily developed a comprehensive plan to address all of her aesthetic concerns while factoring in timeline, budget and goals.

Are you ready to get started? To arrange a consultation with Lily, call 512-327-2227.


Freeze Fat with CoolSculpting

❄️ Winter months are the perfect time to begin your CoolSculpting treatments at SkinCare Austin with an eye on vacations and warmer months ahead! ☀️👙

CoolSculpting reduces fat in isolated areas with no surgery, no shots and no sweat. It freezes and kills fat cells while leaving other tissue intact. Your body eliminates the dead fat gradually, leaving slimmer, natural contours in a matter of weeks. 🔥

To learn more, call 512-327-2227 to schedule your complimentary consultation with CoolSculpting expert Alyssa at SkinCare Austin. Treatment time and pricing will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.


Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca adored this magical lip session with her patient who happens to share a mutual love for Harry Styles AND is an aspiring NP!!😍

✨Their goals were to add volume and hydration without going all-out Kardashian 🫦🤫 and reduce slight lip asymmetry

✨Lily selected Restylane Kysse for soft lips that provide moisture without loss of flexibility and natural movement 🙌🏼💉💕

To schedule your filler appointment, call 513-327-2227.


What's the right amount of lip filler: One syringe or half a syringe? 💉

The choice to use one syringe or a half syringe is not clear cut, and depends upon your unique anatomy and desired end result. Your skilled injector will assess your lips and facial structure to determine the amount of filler that will provide you with the best results to meet your aesthetic goals.

For this patient, SkinCare Austin Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca used 1 syringe of Restylane Defyne to provide structure and volume to even out the upper lip to allow the sides to fully close. This patient's lips were proportionate in volume already, so we added equal amounts to upper and lower lip. By request, she gave the lower lip a pouty, cute keyhole opening 👄 🔑 💁🏼‍♀️ She then used the bit of filler she had left to project and balance the chin with her lips.

To learn all about our customized approach to lip fillers, read Lily's latest blog post: https://www.centexderm.com/blog/lip-filler-swelling-stages/


Are we hitting the gym hard this year? 🏃🏼‍♀️Here are some tips from our board-certified dermatologists and the American Academy of Dermatology to protect your skin as you get fit! If you're noticing any skin issues that don't resolve with modifying your habits, schedule an appointment with us. ☎️ 512-327-7779

Photos from Central Texas Dermatology and Plastic Surgery's post 01/06/2023

Filler is an excellent way to harmonize the face, says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi . This lovely patient of Dr. Eskenazi's didn’t need much. He utilized a small amount of to enhance her chin and jaw to balance out her lower face and sharpen her look.

Working with an injectable provider who understands facial harmony and anatomy, can properly assess you, and then execute is 🔑 To schedule your consultation with Dr. Eskenazi call ☎️ 512-327-2227.



New Year, New Lips ✨🪄👄 Have you ever seen a lip filler before-and-after photo on social media and thought to yourself, “Wow, those lips are too big?!” Maybe you’ve never even considered lip filler because you want a subtle, more natural look, and you’re afraid your lips will look too puffy, ducky, unnatural, or large. You’re certainly not alone!

In this month's blog post, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca, FNP-C, answers all your questions about lip filler swelling stages ⬇️



Did you resolve to have healthier skin in 2023? 📆 Then now's the time to schedule your full-body skin exam with our skin health experts. ✅

Having a yearly baseline skin exam is great for your peace of mind and can help detect problem areas early while they’re highly treatable. Anyone can develop skin cancer, but Caucasians and men over 50 have the highest rate of melanoma. And melanoma isn’t just for more mature populations … it’s the second most common type of cancer for women ages 15 to 29. Skin cancer can affect everyone.

Call 512.327.7779 to schedule your appointment with Central Texas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery.



Full hearts, full lips, can’t lose. As a reminder, our offices will be closed at noon on December 30 and the day of January 2 as we ring in the new year. 🎊🍾

We enter into the new year thankful for the opportunity to treat each patient and bring the most beautiful results to life!

Cheek, jaw and lipline fillers by SkinCare Austin Nurse Injector


We know it’s hard to not squeeze blackheads at home, but extractions from a trained professional are best to decrease trauma and to maintain the integrity of your skin.

To best treat your blackheads and whiteheads, seek the expertise of dermatologic professionals who can identify the type(s) of acne you’re experiencing and develop a treatment plan best suited to your skin’s needs.

To learn more about our approach, read Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca’s blog post linked here: https://www.centexderm.com/blog/whiteheads-vs-blackheads/


This is the final week to take advantage of FREE new patient aesthetic consultations with Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca! If you've been holding off, take this patient's word for it and call to schedule your consultation today! ☎️ 512-327-2227.


We treated all our VIP members to these cozy sherpa blankets this holiday season! 💙 This is just one of the MANY perks of our SkinCare Austin VIP Membership, which also includes amazing discounts on products and services to help you look and feel your best. To get in the club: https://www.centexderm.com/cosmetic-surgery-austin/vip-membership/


Wishing you all the peace and joy this holiday season can bring. 🎄✨

Our offices will be closed December 23 and 26 for the holidays. We’ll be back on December 28 to help get you New-Years ready. 🎉We will be open a half day on December 30 and closed on January 2 as we ring in the new year!


Need a cozy blanket to stay warm this week? SkinCare Austin has you covered! We wanted to show you all how much we appreciate you by gifting you a warm sherpa blanket!
Please come on in and pick up your gift to keep warm before this freeze hits!
Stay Safe& Warm
❤️ SkinCare Austin


Happy first day of winter, everyone! ❄️🎉 Don’t let your skin suffer with the arrival of cold temperatures. ✅ Choose a cream or ointment over a lotion for maximum moisturizing effect. ✅ Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or washing your hands to seal existing moisture into your skin.

For more dry winter skin tips, see Dr. Emily Prosise's blog post here:


Our 🎁pre-wrapped holiday skincare bundles make the perfect last-minute gift! (Just like you had it together all along. 😉) Call ☎️ 512-327-2227 or stop by our office now through Thursday the 22nd to pick yours up before we close for the holiday on the 23rd. 🎄


At Central Texas Dermatology, each patient is valued and cared for with the utmost dermatologic expertise and kindness. 💙 We appreciate the opportunity to be your dermatology provider of choice.

To schedule your appointment with any of the caring experts at our office, ☎️ call 512-327-7779.


Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca shares the smoothing scoop on preventing and treating wrinkles. Here are her top four recommendations detailed in this month's blog ⬇️

✨ Use a sunscreen daily with at least an SPF of 30.
✨Daily apply medical-grade skincare products that contain ingredients proven to moisturize the skin and protect against free radicals
✨Nightly apply retinol to stimulate collagen formation and skin cell rejuvenation
✨Schedule an appointment for consistent treatment with neuromodulators (like Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau) every three to four months.


We spy less redness on this beautiful patient’s cheeks!

Aesthetic Nurse Practititioner Lily Machuca’s patient has a very common condition called rosacea. Topical and oral prescription medications can be used in this condition, but most patients have difficulty with residual redness and flushing.

An innovative therapy using small amounts of Botox injected superficially into areas of redness has been shown to improve this type of rosacea for up to 3-4 months!

The after photo (with less red cheeks) is taken two weeks after her first rosacea treatment using microdroplet injections of Botox.

At her followup, Lily repeated the dose and will follow up in two weeks for final results. Some patients only need one treatment, but in this case they decided to treat again for a little more improvement!

During the month of December, schedule your free aesthetic consultation with Lily by calling 512-327-2227.


Let's talk with Dr. Benjamin Eskenazi ...

Traditional use of ‘Tox has been to treat wrinkles in the upper 1/3 of the face. Experienced injectors see lots of applications in the lower face for balance, harmony, and even things that ail us.

A great example is where Dr. Eskenazi used 60 units to treat this patient's chronic teeth grinding that was causing TMJ and headaches. Not only will her dentist be thrilled, but when she sees how this slenderizes her face to give her that ❤️ shaped aesthetic she will too!


We’ve all been there, staring at the mirror and trying REALLY hard to resist squeezing that acne blemish! In today’s blog post, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lily Machuca discusses the differences between whiteheads and blackheads and answers the question: To pop or not to pop?


Our Story

Central Texas Dermatology & SkinCare Austin are thriving. While our practice has grown to better serve your dermatology and skincare needs, we are proudly local to Austin.

This year we celebrate our 17th year in the Westlake area. Since Dr. Ramsdell’s founding of the practice, we’ve gathered the brightest and most dedicated dermatology team in Austin, including Dr. Emily Prosise, Dr. Halliday McDonald, Melissa Binney, P.A.-C and Amanda Robalin, P.A.

At SkinCare Austin, our medically-supervised team of skin care professionals is highly skilled in helping you achieve remarkable results.

For more information or to make an appointment with any of our providers:

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Fresh off the 💉needle perfection this Filler Friday. 💋#lips #lipfiller #lipfillers #injections #lipinjections #lipgloss ...
✨GET GLOWING this Spring! 🌼For a no-downtime springtime glow up, call now to book a facial designed to meet the needs of...




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