High Ridge Harmony Farm: Animal Assisted Healing and Wellness

High Ridge Harmony Farm: Animal Assisted Healing and Wellness
A 501(c)3 non profit organization

Operating as usual


Horses are amazing animals and research is advancing our understanding of how horse-human interactions impact health and wellness. Want to learn more? Visit our website www.highridgeharmonyfarm.com or give us a call to schedule a visit.


With some new followers and lots of new inquiries we are stepping back to answer some fundamental questions starting with, "What is Animal Assisted Healing and Wellness?"
Working with horses and mules our participants improve their physical and mental health. We are starting our third season and have space for a few additional farm friends. If you are interested don't hesistate to contact us.
To learn more visit our website: highridgeharmonyfarm.com


Do you want to change the lives of children and young adults? We invite you to consider donating to our scholarship fund. Through scholarships we are able to provide our services to many individuals and help them on their healing and wellness journey.


Simply being in the presence of horses has a calming and reassuring effect on humans.
They help improve our self awareness, give us confidence, and provide us with space to be free of worry, with no judgement.


From our farm family to yours - wishing you a fabulous thanksgiving day!
Enjoy your family and friends and take a little time to reflect on what you are grateful for.


Time on the farm is an opportunity to find peace in your hectic day and learn new ways to cope with daily stress. Want to learn more about what we do? Come visit, schedule your tour today: https://forms.gle/AEWoXZh6wFxLCmWD8


In the US we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in 2 days. In the spirit of being grateful for our growing community of supporters, we want to give a shout out to our sponsors and donors. Our scholarship fund is growing thanks to our participant sponsors, and our horse angels are blessing us with funding for horse care.
If you are looking for a place to make a charitable donation during this season of giving, we welcome your donation.
We are a federally approved 501(c)3 non profit and all donations are tax deductable. https://www.highridgeharmonyfarm.com/general-5 ❤️❤️


Horses assist us in experiencing success, failure, risk-taking, uncertainty, and adventure while enabling us to feel empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for our feelings and actions.


As the colder weather settles in we are doing more activities in the classroom.
As much as we love the outdoors, it's always nice to have an activity that gives us some time to warm up. But, we wouldn't want to sacrifice our time with the horses, so we asked Mozey to join us. He graciously agreed and facilitated his first "classroom session".
We are so proud of him - he was a perfect gentleman!


Our horses enjoy, and take pride in caring for their participants.
As a uniquely intuitive, and intelligent animal, the horse represents a strong, trustworthy, honest partner. Olive and Emmy are excited to work with you this winter, they are doing their happy dance just thinking about it.
Register now: https://forms.gle/LPj9hgpR4imxZNVt7


So grateful for the wonderful energy and spirit that these folks bring to the farm. Their compassion, kindness and generosity fill every session with a safe, judgement free space for a wonderful experience.
It is hard to believe that this time last year these folks had not heard of High Ridge Harmony Farm and now, after 6 months, they are the heart of the HRHF farm family!




Sometimes we get days like today. We thought we were going to be fighting rain and ended up basking in the sun. Thank you Mother Nature for this little gift. Here's a dogs-eye-view of today.


In April of 2022, we met Jane Strong when she presented at the regional PATH conference. She and her team The Equus Effect Program do amazing work with veterans. We are so fortunate to be able to learn from their wisdom and experience


Horses are soothing, gentle animals.
They are straightforward in their interactions and do not lie or manipulate.
They do not judge or blame. Their presence alone can be healing.
This is how they earn our trust and why they can learn to trust us.


According to Cleveland Clinic, winter depression facts include the sobering statistic that about 5% of American adults experience serious seasonal depression, while 10%-20% experience a milder version called the “winter blues.”
Don't let the winter weather and the short days steal your happiness.
JOIN us weekly and spend time with the horses to ward off those winter blues.
Here are answers to the top 3 questions we have received this week:
YES - We have a few openings for the winter session.
YES - We have a very cozy classroom where we take breaks to warm up in between activities.
YES - The horses love their activities just as much in the winter - sometimes even more than the hot summer.
Register today: https://forms.gle/LPj9hgpR4imxZNVt7
Not sure? come take a tour: https://forms.gle/LPj9hgpR4imxZNVt7


From April to October - how our classroom has evolved.
This beautiful building is the heart of our center.
We start and end every session here. With the cooler weather on the horizon we are excited to light the woodstove to warm up and thaw out in between our activities.


We welcome November with a new positive affirmation.
A reminder to embrace our challenges and opportunities with our chins up and our hearts open. When we face new things we might get confused, feel uncomfortable, or stumble. New stuff can be hard and it is always OK to ask for help.
No one is perfect.


Horses are large animals. Because of their size and strength, we may be fearful, feel past trauma or lack of control. Some of us fear that the horse won’t like us or that the horse could hurt us. Rather than giving in to a reaction of fight or flight, we learn to tolerate and process the emotions we are feeling.
We build confidence in our ability to overcome challenges, and find comfort in our relationship with the horse. Empowered by the experience, we can address other fears, and this is transferred from our sessions to day-to-day life.


One of our farm friend's said "Mozey, you are looking a lot like the fall foliage."
He gives them this look in return.
We are sure he is thinking "I look this good all the time, thank you! Now may I have a cookie"


There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing 😂
BUT we have been thanking Mother Nature every day for the warm sun and beautiful fall foliage. No hats, no gloves, just sunshine and horse hugs.


Emmy, our sweet haflinger, is the horse version of the "welcome committee chair". It doesn't matter who arrives at the farm, she is there to welcome them. This is the first day she met her friend, Mozey. She shows up with nothing but love for him. We are pretty sure she doesn't even know how to use her "flat ear" muscles.
She makes us laugh, she entertains us, and most importantly, show us all what unconditional LOVE looks like.


We help our participants recognize how their interaction with the horse may relate to the patterns in their own lives. It might be seen as a simple observation of the physical space that the horse needs to feel comfortable. Without any words at all, horses make clear when someone has crossed their boundaries. Come watch Emmy and Olive some day - they do a beautiful job of setting/breaking boundaries.


6 weeks ago, the Dancing Pink Donkeys and the Funky Blue Elephants were formed.
In 6 days they will be hosting a Family Showcase.
What happens at a showcase? I'm glad you asked. We turn the reins over to the team leaders and they, with the support of their teammates and horses, facilitate activities for members of their family. They will focus on safety, horse cues, mindful observations, grooming and engagement.
Here is a glimpse of our "dry run".


Most people meet Binx and say, "OH, NO. What's wrong with him, why does he walk like that? "
Sadly, his hooves were not cared for properly so he struggles to walk and when he does walk, it looks funny. If a horse does not get proper hoof care it is devastating to their well being. As a prey animal, a horse must move to stay alive and when they can't, they are in a constant state of uncertainty and fear. Thankfully, Binx has good friends in his herd who watch out for him. Also, with the help of our farrier and our team who supports the treatment plan. his hooves are healing now. He's starting to trust more, fear less and he walks more easily, with less pain. We are excited about his future and love seeing him make progress in all areas of his well being.


Activities like "Approach, halter, lead" or mindful grooming teach us how to use our intercommunication skills. We observe and share what we see and feel. The horse’s responses to the engagement allow us to recognize if our perceptions are accurate or possibly misguided. We take time to discover the ways we may be projecting our own issues onto others.


When you look up and realize it is mid-October you say WHAT?!
Yes, that means we are halfway through our fall sessions.
What have we been up to?
So glad you asked 🥰🐴


Due to the fact he was a rescue, Mozey's past is unknown.
What we have learned over the past 3 months is that he is very comfortable with people. We think he must have had a great life and may have been a party horse. He knows how to hang with the crowd, mingle and socialize. He loves being groomed and always stands tall and walks proud. The more love he gets, the more he gives.


Horses do not speak, but they are excellent communicators. With flat ears and an outstretched neck, Olive is telling Emmy to move away from the hay pile. Emmy walks away, respecting the request.
Through working with horses, we recognize their patterns of behavior and how they interact with others. Some of us may have difficulty relating to or communicating with other people, but yet we are able to establish connections and close bonds with horses. Come for a tour and see for yourself: https://forms.gle/wKer9uFHLnWUHddp7


We all have different ways of greeting each other.
Mint gives his humans a Muzzle Bump. When he is ready to let you into his space he will reach out to you with his muzzle and give you a little bump on your fist. A Muzzle Bump from Mint is like a warm hug from someone you love. It feels so good!


Mint was adopted by Karlene Cudak in July - it was love at first sight! When you meet him, he will steal your heart. He certainly has taken a piece of all of our hearts. We aren't sure if it is his warm eyes, gray eyelashes or his aloof yet kind manner. When he welcomes you into his space, it feels like you've received a great honor.
Mules are amazing animals but Mint, is one of the most special, come visit and see for yourself: https://forms.gle/wKer9uFHLnWUHddp7


We start our sessions with an opening activity which includes reading the positive affirmation that is hanging in the classroom.
Great question. I’m glad you asked.
By saying the affirmation aloud, or in our head, we chip away at our negative thoughts, doubts and fears and set ourselves up for a positive experience.


The response the horse has towards us when we interact with them can teach us about ourselves. We gain self-awareness and see ourselves in a more realistic way. If we are angry or aggressive, the horse may become obstinate. If we are anxious, the horse may get skittish. When approached openly and calmly, the horse is more likely to respond in a peaceful, welcoming way. Each interaction is an opportunity for us to become aware of, and cope with, our feelings and moods.


How do horses communicate? GREAT QUESTION.
They use their body posture, their eyes, ears, tail, head and neck position to share their feelings and moods. We watch them interact with each other and us to learn their language. Horses are excellent communicators. Without making a sound they can tell us what they are thinking. We love watching their ears, they are the most active communicators.
Sound weird? It's actually pretty cool.
Want to watch some ears with us and learn a little more about horse cues? Pay us a visit and learn about flat ears, "yoda" ears, and the good ol' active listening ears: https://forms.gle/zjh8rgqhLhKFxdaUA


Olive has been caught giving Emmy a gentle, or not so gentle nudge (OK, a bite to the butt) when she feels her space is being invaded. She loves to remind Emmy about boundaries. But, what she loves even more is time with her humans. She has grown from a shy girl to a self-confident, no nonsense queen of the paddock. When we do our "hands on" painting activity, her body is a nice, big canvas! And as you can see, she can make any fly bonnet look good - she's a true beauty, inside and out! Want a tour so you can meet this lovely lady? Register now: https://forms.gle/zjh8rgqhLhKFxdaUA


During our sessions the horses guide us by providing a non-judgmental, safe space to be present and become aware of how you and they feel. We use our body and heart to feel and react in the moment.
This summer we adopted 3 rescues and we talked about the fear, loneliness and the unknown of all the changes they faced on their journey to our farm. We talked about what to do to establish their trust and make them feel safe.
One of our farm friends said, "Maybe if I feed him some hay he will know I'm a nice person, not a mean one. And maybe he will trust me and let me be his friend. But we need to give him some time, trust doesn't happen overnight."


Did you know that some struggles are good for us? We learn to push past our comfort zone, develop problem-solving skills, be persistent and ultimately improve our capacity to reach goals and contribute to the world. Every day at the farm requires us to face challenges and struggle. We work on small struggles like clasping a halter and big ones like guiding a horse through an obstacle course. The struggle is real, and it is GOOD!


Meet Coco, our retired school horse. What's a School Horse do?
A school horse spends a good part of their day supporting children as they learn how to ride a horse.
A school horse must be gentle, patient and calm even when they are getting mixed signals from their rider. Coco retired 8 years ago and he joined us. We recently asked him to come out of retirement and support the community in a new way.
He is so proud to be part of our program and truly LOVES his new job. He doesn't have to give rides, and he is grateful for that. He works very hard to educate us; some things he takes pride in teaching us: how to be clear with our thoughts, honest with our needs, and communicate from the heart.

Want to learn more or meet Coco? Register for a tour: https://forms.gle/A32Khafpn5jQhXai8


Looking to help your loved one learn to be more resilient?
We have seen amazing results including: Increase in self-esteem, Increase in self-respect, Improved adjustment to routines and guidelines, improved focus and even reduced aggression. Whatever the stressors are, we are here to provide tools and support in managing them.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
We took these photos during a session and yes, they are people working with horses. What the photos don't show you is what happens inside the hearts of the people doing the work and the "magic" that is happening.
What do we mean by magic?
There are profound changes that take place in our hearts and minds with each experience. You can only feel those, they don't appear in the photos. Join us and experience the supportive friendship of our herd and watch the magic happen.
Schedule a tour: https://forms.gle/ehxy5SA1vWcej9j38

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