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Day 3 / Week 1 / 2021
A great looking group having the best week of their summer! A special thank you to all of our sponsors who help us to put on this awesome week for kids!!!
Please Consider supporting these local businesses: Spurk HVAC, LLC. - Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health Forrest Orthodontics - Massucci Vision Plus - De Novo Chiropractic - Law Offices of Lisa Standish - Lang Dental - Trek Bicycle - Zang Taekwon-Do - Beat Fitness - & Davis Accountants
This adorable home session is on the blog today! So gorgeous, you do not want to miss it Jean Turack Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health
Gary Gls Scheffler Jose Guilly Boesch Cody Wood Francis Graziano here are some and exercises to incorporate throughout your day to improve the health and posture of your body. Ultimately making you work smoother, more focused, and getting a killer workout in without going to the gym.
A great recap on what to look for in minimal footwear, the benefits and how to integrate the NABOSO Insoles! 👣

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Looking For An Affordable Chiropractor Miami FL? We provide high-quality, safe, and effective chiropractic treatment plans to Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami Lakes. If you are in need of professional chiropractic care, please reach out to our team to schedule an appointment!
This edgy maternity session is on the blog today! Jean Turack Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health
Do you or your client's use a STANDING DESK? Check out this video below on some of the best standing desk exercises and resets to offset the repetitive stress of prolonged standing.

Thank you Daniel Turack of Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health for creating this video and of course recommending Naboso Barefoot Technology Standing Mat.


Great video on reducing postural fatigue and foot pain at a standing desk. Thank you Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health for creating and including the Naboso Barefoot Technology Standing Mat!
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Our 5th annual charity golf outing is coming up next weekend to benefit Danny's path of life and we would like to recognize all of our sponsors for this years event. With out all of you this wouldn't be possible. We look forward to seeing everyone out there next weekend!!! Cintas Corporation Rob Wagner Auto Body Premium Supply, Transit, and Dumpster LLC Beat Fitness Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health Professional Parts Inc. Dragun's Landscape Supply The Medicine Shoppe of Ingomar Napa Auto Parts North Hills A&m family tires inc. Jan Can Can Adrian's Pizza of Ross Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Arden Courts of North Hills Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC North Allegheny Volleyball Alumni Association UPMC Hillman Cancer Center REAL-CIO Consulting Tim & Sandy Laux Jennifer Trottier Realtor Bryan Trottier
Thank you to all of the official Sponsors of the 2nd Annual Veterans Lift-A-Thon Sponsored By Cocoa Elite. Special Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Cocoa Elite and to our host, CrossFit St Clair! This years event was a success!

Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health
Mitchell's Fish Market
CrossFit North Park
Gators Grille
Liokareas Olive Oil
Final Score Trophies
Mallorca Restaurant
Take Yoga
VYGOR Fitness

USA = #1 healthcare costs, #50 health of individuals...Current Healthcare is Failing miserably. We a

We are a holistic clinic located in Western PA that understands the need for natural and alternative healthcare. With current healthcare costs skyrocketing in the United States and the degrading system of symptom based patient care, our goal is to educate the population on the benefits of preventative and alternative treatment options. Our clinic is a wellness based practice that takes a whole per

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We hope all of our patients have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season spent with their friends and family! 🎄✨


Correct Toes are made of soft, flexible silicone, and encourages the toes back into their natural alignment found at birth. 🦶

Check out how Correct Toes can benefit your feet:
➡️ Align toes and improve balance and stability
➡️ Strengthen muscles throughout the foot and lower leg
➡️ Restore foot function and relieve foot pain

Stop into our office for this functional holiday gift! 🎁


Your feet will thank you.

With every step in the Naboso® Recovery Socks, their neuro-stimulating texture acts like a mini-massage for your feet enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves and releasing muscles and fascia.

These are PERFECT for people who spend the majority of the day on their feet and will aid in reducing foot fatigue. 🎁

Stop into our office this holiday season to pick up these amazing Naboso® Recovery Socks! 🧦


The Hypervolt Go is specifically designed to be on the move with you! 💪 This powerful and portable massage tool is perfect to keep with you in your gym bag for some serious muscle-massaging relief with you anytime, anywhere.

Stop into our office this holiday season to pick up the Hypervolt Go!


The Achedaway Cuppers are changing the cupping therapy game! 💪

This cupper outstands ordinary cupping sets with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process.

Achedaway Cuppers are available in our office! The perfect present to unwrap this holiday season! 🎄


Activate and engage the nerve endings in your hands with Naboso® Sensory Sticks!

✨How can you benefit from using the Naboso® Sensory Sticks:
▶︎ Daily hand and forearm release especially for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or who use their hands for work
▶︎ Strengthening the muscles of the hand, forearm, and shoulder
▶︎ Improving balance when walking and can be used like a walking weight

Stop into our office to pick up this perfect present! 🎁


Locked in and focused. 🔒

Join our team at Beat Fitness as we infuse each workout with optimal movement patterns to reduce pain, increase performance, and help eliminate non-contact injuries. Let's finish out the year strong! 💪


This , we’re thankful for our supportive patients and the ability to help them live an empowered and pain-free lifestyle! We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving spent with family and friends!⁠ 🦃✨

What are you thankful for in this year? ⬇️


We're excited to offer 20% off ALL of our supplements until Wednesday, Nov. 23rd! 🚨 Take advantage of this amazing offer!


We're excited to announce that ALL of our supplements are 20% off! Our Specials will run from Nov. 17th - Nov. 23rd. 🚨


Training the next generation. 💪

We're teaching student-athletes how to implement proper techniques when it comes to exercising and overall movement to help grow strong, pain-free, and help avoid non-contact injuries!

Contact us today at 724.940.3499 to learn more about our youth training programs!


Today and every day, we honor and appreciate those who have served and continue to serve our country. 🇺🇸 We thank you for your courage, sacrifice, and for your dedication to protecting us.


Teamwork makes the dream work. 💪

Join Coach Lexi and Dr. Chy for a workout at Beat Fitness that will activate and engage every muscle in your body!


Activating and unlocking your back chain muscles through vibration therapy on the Hypervibe! 🔓💪


Make the most of every stride. 💪

We'll analyze your form to optimize your running pattern and help in reducing non-contact injuries. Join us for a class at Beat Fitness!


Cold and flu season is coming! Let's boost your immune system with our October Specials!
▶︎ Immunitone Plus
▶︎ Immuno-Zn Lozenge
▶︎ Zinc Supreme
▶︎ Immune Support Packets

Stop into our office to pick take advantage of our specials this month! 🎃


We did it! 🎉 Thank you to everyone who subscribed to our YouTube Channel!

We can't wait to make more content over this next year!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
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The Venom Go by Hyperice is a revolutionary heat + vibration wearable with unmatched versatility and customization.

The Normatec Go by Hyperice delivers targeted massage for fresh legs on-the-go!

Stop by our office to pick up these legendary products to take your recovery to the next level while on the road.


Cooking up some new content! 🔥👀📹


Back to school is here, pick these up to help you get on track with these !

▶︎ ActivNutrients Chewables
▶︎ ProbioMed Infant & Kids
▶︎ Periobiotic Silver Toothpaste
▶︎ ATP Ignite

Stop into our office to take advantage of these monthly specials. ✨


The chiropractic treatment that is implemented by our physicians is very individualized and varies patient to patient.

This includes soft tissue work such as trigger point/ deep tissue therapy, manual stretching, and vibration therapy, which helps prep the spine for adjustment!

Call our practice to schedule your next chiropractic appointment! ▶︎ 724.940.3499


Dr. Dan's Plan YouTube Channel

New video dropped on Dr. Dan's YouTube Channel!
📺 : bit.ly/DrDansPlanYouTube


Looking for a stretch to release your back tension from a long week? Check out this back chain stretch to unlock and empower the muscles in your back and neck. 🔓

1. Match your fingers, hands, toes and feet.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Take deep breaths into and out of abdomen through your nose.

4. Let your body relax and clear your mind.

5. Feel your feet ground to the earth and your body press and release into the wall.

6. Bury the stress down through your back chain.

7. Envision strength, freedom, success, health, etc.

8. Be grateful for the ability to empower your body through movement.

Can You Benefit from the NutrEval Test? 08/30/2022

Can You Benefit from the NutrEval Test?

Can you benefit from the NutrEval Test?

This test provides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals. Many patients experience chronic illnesses because of nutritional deficiencies and this testing helps to determine what nutritional deficiencies are at the root of chronic conditions such as: depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, fibromyalgia or fatigue, and optimized health and fitness.

Many patients experience chronic illnesses because of nutritional deficiencies. NutrEval® offers nutritional recommendations based on a patient’s individual test results.

📞 Call us at 724.940.3499 for additional information or to sign up for an appointment.

Can You Benefit from the NutrEval Test? This test provides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals. Many pati...


When you step on an InBody 270, you get a complete breakdown of your body composition.

Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

It can give you insight into your overall health over traditional methods like BMI & weight.

Step on the InBody 270 and get your results in 15 seconds! 🙌


Whole Body Vibration helps with reducing warm-up time. ⏱

“Exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury.”
-HyperVibe website

Hop on the Hypervibe before and after your workout. Your body will thank you. 🙌


What does our Custom Meal Planning & Health Coaching Program include?

▶︎ 10-min Free Initial Consultation
▶︎ Customized weekly meal plans which include specific caloric and macro goals, easy to follow recipes, and convenient shopping lists
▶︎ 50% Off InBody Assessment
▶︎ Unlimited mobile support
▶︎ Supplement recommendations and discounts

Looking for more information about this program? Contact our office at 724.940.3499 or send emails to [email protected]!


Level up your recovery game. 💪

The Naboso Technology Recovery Socks are recommended for:
▶︎ Resetting the feet at the end of a long day or hard workout
▶︎ Minimizing foot fatigue and foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis or arch pain
▶︎ Reducing foot fatigue in standing employees such as nurses, hair stylists, and trainers
▶︎ Improving foot circulation and peripheral nerve health

Available in our office! ✅


Need some inspiration for dinner time recipes!? We've got you covered. 👊

CorEats pizza mix is off the charts in flavor and texture!

AND you don’t have to only make pizza with this low-carb mix…

Check out their wide range of recipes using this mix featuring:
▶︎ Pepperoni Rolls
▶︎ Ham & Cheese Rolls
▶︎ Reuben Stromboli
▶︎ Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Check out their wide array of mixes that are available in our office.

For more recipes:


Minimalism footwear to the rescue. 👣

Vivobarefoot shoes are thin, which offer sensory benefits through the nerves of your feet. They are wide, which provides a stable base of support. Lastly, they are flexibile, which help the muscles and tendons in your feet become strong and supportive.

Invest in your shoes. Wear Vivo.


We're proud to be building our online video gallery featuring chiropractic appointments, exercise instructional videos, and breakdowns of our favorite functional fitness products on YouTube! 📹

Help us reach 10k subscribers on our YouTube Channel! ⬇️
📺 : bit.ly/DrDansPlanYouTube


Children can benefit from chiropractic care.

They are very physically active and experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living as well as from participating in sports. It can also help with strengthening their immune system and reduce the incidence of colds and ear-aches, as well as help alleviate digestive issues.

Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient, and in the care of children, very gentle.

Looking to schedule an appointment for your kiddo? Call our office at 724.940.3499.


High-intensity results with low-intensity effort.

Utilizing the Hypervibe whole body vibration machine helps increase balance which when combined with more muscle power makes you more agile.



Did you know that just like your feet, the surfaces of your hands are incredibly dense with nerve endings?

The Naboso Technology Sensory Sticks stimulate the surfaces of your palms, which sends thousands of signals to your brian to equip the rest of your body to lift, throw, balance, and grab.

Pick up these 2 lbs sticks in our office to help activate your muscles to help create a mind/body connection.


Every rep counts.


Movement is the key to life. 🔑

Turack Chiropractic uses an integrative form of chiropractic care that incorporates a variety of manual adjusting and soft tissue techniques that are custom tailored to each patient’s specific condition.

Do you need to schedule an appointment? Call our office today! ▶︎ 724.940.3499


Summer is coming to a close, so it's time to gear up for the fall with our ! 😎

➡️ Hi-Po Emulsi D3
➡️ ImmunoBerry Liquid
➡️ Allicillin
➡️ WheyCool

Stop into our office to take advantage of these monthly specials.


The Hypervolt GO is the perfect item to add to your student-athlete’s gym bag, especially as preseason begins. 🏈

It is portable and an ideal recovery tool to help find relief from sore or tight muscles after a training session.

Pick up one in our office before they’re gone! ✨


How do your muscles recover from workouts?

Step our the HyperVibe after your Beat Fitness workout and the vibration waves will move throughout your body to help detoxify your lymphatic system and break up lactic acid to reduce sore muscles.

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High-intensity results with low-intensity effort.Utilizing the Hypervibe whole body vibration machine helps increase bal...
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Dr. Dan displays the #GOATA movement running patterns through this slow-motion footage! 💪🔥Run over to Beat Fitness and b...
Tuesday Turack Tip #3 | FAVORITE EXERCISE
Turack Tuesday Tip #2 | Turack Chiropractic
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