Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.

Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.


Will paws & claws ever be accepting "new patients" again at any point?
RJ awaiting to see his favorite people 🥰
Thank you Paws &Claws for taking care of my little terrorist today! He’s feeling pretty good now 🙂
Missing since June 2nd 2020
7 year old Gray tabby Spayed female from Murrayville Rd
This is how Mina is doing today, thanks to everyone there!!! I cannot thank you enough!
Happy 4th Birthday!! Thank you for saving me! You gave me the best present, my life!! ❤❤🐾🍀
Thank you for taking such good care of Mina ❤❤
Please help us re-home Pearl. Pearl is a senior dog and her mom is currently in the hospital and then will no longer be able to take care of her. Currently Pearl is with someone her owner left her with when she went to the hospital and this is not good company. Please let us know if you can help. We are 5 hours away and unable to come to Wilmington to get her. Please contact me at facebook or at 704-618-1418. I'm super afraid Pearl will be neglected a her current location. Owner of Pearl is willing to surrender. Thank you, Jenny
MOLLY IS MISSING and we miss Molly!
On Friday night, March 20, 2020 at around 8:45 p.m. our wild and sweet Molly decided to make a run for it since she wasn’t on her leash This was what she liked to do. RUN Like the Wind! We live in Regency Manor in the Northchase area of Wilmington, North Carolina. Molly was a rescue. We had fostered her the past 4 months and had recently made the decision to keep her. She doesn’t have a chip nor any records yet. Molly is about a year old female, tan and white American English Bulldog. She was wearing a pink collar and attached was a pink metal tag with the name “Molly” on one side and with phone number 910-616-0927 on the other. Her collar had a tendency to fall off though because she is built like a beer keg with legs. Another way to identify her is that she has two obvious burn scar spots on the center of her back that causes her hair to appear a little irregular. I found these came from the previous owner dropping ci******es on her. She has the sweetest personality and loves affection. Can’t wait to be reunited with her. I’ve posted lost dog flyers from Interstate 40 at Exit 420 all the way to Castle Hayne area. Thank you to all that are keeping your eyes out for her.
Just a tip to those who use Amazon. Please consider using AmazonSmile. In that you can choose your favorite charity so a portion of your order goes to that Charity. For those who do not know Paws and Claws Aid Inc. is listed. Ex: Your current charity
Paws and Claws Aid Inc
has received $45.92
as of February 2020
Thank you for the card. It meant a lot to us, that Dr. Anderson tried to figure out what was wrong with Richard. His life started out rough because someone just wanted him to scare others. He changed hands a couple of times to equally bad situation. When we got him from the rescue, he was aggressive and hard to handle. In the seven years we took care of him, and his final days were spent in our bedroom sleeping in the bed with us. Thank you all for the kind words.
We just LOVE our Vet, Dr. SAM ❤️

Devoted Vets for Beloved Pets. Paws & Claws Animal Hospital provides several services to the coastal North Carolina area that are not currently available, or are only partially available.

We offer high quality internal, preventive, & geriatric medicine, and soft tissue & orthopedic surgical services to cats and dogs as well as exotic (non-traditional species excluding primates) and local injured wildlife. Additionally, we provide referral services in advanced dentistry and oral procedures, radiology, oncology, boarding, bathing, and pet daycare. PCAH also serves as a facility where

Operating as usual


Me after the amount of food I’m going to consume this week 👀🐱

It’s Thanksgiving week yall! Keep in mind our office will be closed from 12:30-1:30 on Wednesday and all day Thursday. 🦃

Need prescriptions refills? Get them filled sooner rather than later! We do have a 24 hour refill policy. 💊


Can you believe it’s here already? 🎄🎁

Our holidays ours are as follows. Please be aware that our office will close for lunch this upcoming Wednesday for our staff to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. 🍗

Photos from New Hanover Sheriff's Office Animal Services Unit's post 11/18/2022

The New Hanover Sheriff's Office Animal Services Unit has 3 guinea pigs up for adoption ($3!) that have been there for almost 2 months. Please visit their page to see each piggies info. They are such wonderful pets!


I take a nap here 😴

Puppies are a bundle of energy for sure, but did you know they typically sleep 18-20 hours a day on average! Talk about beauty rest! 💞✨

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 11/14/2022


We know a few of our followers aren’t the biggest fans of our slithery friends, but we gotta give love to all pets! 🐍

Lily the from Fresh Start Rescue Inc came in on Halloween and was lacking a costume - so we fixed that! One of our assistants, Hannah, made this adorable little hat for her!

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 11/11/2022

A nice warm, fluffy blanket. ☑️
Hanging out with some pretty cool vet techs ☑️
Pain relief & easier to get around ☑️
Wearing the coolest doggles in the world ☑️☑️☑️

That’s just the beginning of the benefits of cold laser therapy. Talk to your pets vet about how our cold laser sessions could benefit your animal! 🩺


Our internet is spotty today and causing issues with phones and our software. Please bear with us as we navigate this! Yay Mondays!


A cute puppy a day keeps the Monday blues away…

or however the saying goes! 💞 We love Poppie! 🥰


Megatron, one of our house cats, loves his new taco house! 🌮

Mega is the definition of a scaredy cat and has always preferred being out of the public eye. He is oftentimes found hiding in his many houses or under a blanket. Don’t let that fool you, though, he is one affectionate guy when around his hoomans! 🥹💞


Fun fact: We see hundreds of bearded dragons alone each year! 😳

This pretty lady is “Gravy” and we think her name’s fitting since it’s November and a Thanksgiving feast is right around the corner! 😅


If you see something weird happening at Paws & Claws, no you didn’t. 👀

Happy Howl-O-Ween everyone! Is your pet dressing up this ghoulish night? 🎃


October 29th is National Cat Day! 🐱✨

What better model than our infamous house cat, Mister Butterworth 💕

How are you celebrating with your feline friends today?


After an intense surgery morning, what’s better than ice cream cake?! It’s Dr. Kelsey’s birthday and we definitely celebrated! 🎉🍰

Give her some love in the comments! 💕


Can you correctly identify what we’re seeing on the microscope? 🔬🫢

If you guessed lice, you’d be correct! Eek!

Little topical medication will do the trick, but these are the real creepy crawlies 😳

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 10/26/2022

You givin’ me the stink eye?! 🐱👀

This is Taz! He recently came in for his annual wellness exam. It’s important for cats to come in yearly to be checked out as they can hide illness or discomfort really well.

We’re happy to report Taz is as healthy as a horse! (or cat that is) 💕🙌🏻


A box full of bunnies. Could you really start the day any better?! 🐰💕


When we say “you never know what’s going to walk through the door” we aren’t exaggerating. 🤯

Meet Dozer! This guy is a fourteen year old Sulcata Tortoise! Sulcatas can reach over 100lbs and live to be 70+ years old.


It’s and we’re celebrating the absolute best crew in the business! Our assistants and technicians are so much more than what their title implies. A vet tech does anesthesia monitoring, phlebotomy, pharmacology, dental care, hematology, radiology, client education, parasitology, patient care, and the list goes on.

Let’s give our amazing team a round of a-PAWS for their hard work and dedication to the veterinary field. 🐾 🥳

**not pictured are our newest additions Jessica M and Caelin!

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 10/14/2022

Crystal, the , has her first visit with us this morning! She’s absolutely darling and quite the photogenic chick! 🤩🥰

Swipe to see some selfies with Crystal & Krystin! ⬅️✨


The 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 is back in Wilmington!

This event is incredible, but will severely effect traffic here in the Port City. If you have an appointment on Saturday, please checkout the image/link below to familiarize yourself with how your commute may be effected.

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 10/13/2022

New staff in training! 🐶😅

But really, isn’t Nicole’s new addition the cutest?! Nicole is our kennel manager over - with 20+ years of experience in the veterinary world, including some with us as a vet assistant!

Harleigh wants to remind everyone to get their reservations booked for the holidays as space is limited and goes quick! 💕 Find more information on this by visiting The Diggs website at 📲


Ball pythons get their name from their tendency to curl into a ball, mostly when frightened. This little noodle, “Pebbles”, is a sweet, docile character that we recently saw. 💕

Did you know that matured ball pythons will grow to six feet long!? Crazy! 🐍


How can you deny puppy eyes like that? You can’t. 🥹🐶



One of our sweet clients brought in this guy who was found yesterday!

Please contact us if you’re missing your pup 💕


Hurricane Ian has been more polite than some other storms to us, but still stirring up some trouble. For the safety of our staff, we will be closing up a little early today! We are sorry for any inconvenience. 🌀

Please refer to the following information in case of a true emergency:

🐶 If you have an after hours emergency, please contact the Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital at 910-791-7387.

🐍 If you have an emergency with an exotic animal, refer to your emergency agreement or contact the NCSU Emergency Department at 919-513-6911 or the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Vick Ave at 919-781-5145.


Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Ian 🌧️☔️

As of now, our office will remain OPEN for normal business hours tomorrow and Saturday. If anything changes, we will update our social media asap.

If you have an appointment and do not feel safe traveling in the weather, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your pets visit.

As a reminder, please call and leave a message with the pharmacy to fill any last minute medications. We do have a 24 hour refill policy, so do so sooner rather than later!

Be safe out there. We’ll see you soon. 💕


Dr. Kelsey takes the term “pocket pet” literally! 😅💕🐾


Your pup may be cool, but do they wear doggles? 😏😎

Patients wear protective eyewear like this when undergoing cold laser therapy sessions. This process is quite relaxing for pet as the laser is slightly warm when in use. Most patients sit, lay, and some even take a nap during their sessions! 😴

Cold laser is great for aging animals with arthritis, acute injuries, post-operative care, and general pain management. Yes, we even use it for exotic patients! Ask your vet how it could benefit your pet! 🩺 🐾



Please read following information regarding road closures this Saturday.


The Historic 43rd Annual YMCA Wrightsville Beach Triathlon will be held Saturday 9/24 and there will be some traffic control on the East side of the county. Please read below if you are traveling around the beach or Oleander Dr. Saturday to avoid traffic delays.

🚧1. ALL OF AIRLIE RD FROM 7am to 9:30am

🚧2. GREENVILLE LOOP RD FROM 7:15am to 10:00am

🚧3. PINE GROVE 7:15am to 10:00am



🚧6. EASTWOOD NEAR THE BEACH TO WB PARK - 6:30am to 10:30am

🚧7. CAUSEWAY DR. - CLOSED FROM 6:30am to 10:30am.

For any questions please email [email protected]

Wilmington, NC Police Department Wilmington, NC Fire Department City of Wilmington, NC Government City of Wilmington Parks & Recreation WhatsOnWilmington Visit Wilmington, NC and Beaches New Hanover County Government, NC


It’s of utmost importance for us to make sure your pet is comfortable while in our care. Plenty of clean bedding, treats, and love goes a long way and helps even the most nervous of pets feel less stressed during their visit. 💕

We also practice the same standards at our daycare and boarding facility, The Diggs - at Paws & Claws, for worry-free overnight stays. 🐾


Did you know we have our own online pharmacy? 🎉

Hosted by Covetrus, one of the nations leading veterinary distributors, our online pharmacy guarantees the products your pet receives are legitimate and direct from the manufacturer.

NOW is the time to stock up & sniff out those savings! Use code SEPT40 for up to 40% off your entire order! This is massive and you don’t want to miss it.

Shop online at 💕


Why were you late for your appointment, Lexi?

I was doing my hair 💁🏼‍♀️🤣✨

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 09/12/2022

Meet Artemis! This little guy came in for his first visit recently and checked out healthy as a horse (or snake, really) 🐍🙌🏻

It’s important to establish care for your exotic animals before they’re sick and needing to see a vet. Pets in general are difficult to tell when they’re under the weather, but exotics even moreso!

Give our office a call to go ahead and get a chart started! 📝


Every bunny is happy it’s Friday! 🎉

🐰 The vaccine is now available for our bunny friends. This disease is easily spread by coming into contact with infected excretions from other rabbits or indirectly by carrying it in on contaminated materials (clothing or shoes).

Ask your vet about vaccinating your rabbit for this disease or read more about it at 💻


A dose of adorable puppy to get you over the midweek hump? It’s just what the doctor ordered. 🩺🐶

Annie 🐾


We are closed this upcoming Monday for Labor Day! 🇺🇸

🐶 If you have an after hours emergency, please contact the Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital at 910-791-7387.

🐍 If you have an emergency with an exotic animal, contact the NCSU Emergency Department at 919-513-6911 or the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Vick Ave at 919-781-5145.


Us giving the side eye to those tropical storms brewing in the Atlantic 😒😫

Make sure you and your pets are prepared when storms may hit:


Today is ! 🐶💕

Show us some pics of your pup(s) in the comments below! ⬇️ 📸


We’re planning another vendor market! 🎃🍂

This time it’ll be a little cooler 😎 (literally)

When: Saturday, October 29th
Where: Paws & Claws Animal Hospital
Time: 1-5pm
What: Tons of local vendors, a food truck (TBD), music (TBD), all benefiting Paws & Claws AID! 🐾 ✨

Vendor sign up link in bio!! 💕⬆️

Photos from Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, P.C.'s post 08/24/2022

The many faces of Mister Butterworth 😂🐱

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Can you believe this video isn’t even in slow-mo?! 🤯Lunch time for our lizard friend! 🦎🍴
We’d make @drpimplepopper proud! 🙌🏻🐢This box turtle was brought in to us recently and presented with this huge cyst on h...
Check out Dobby’s whiskers! 🥰





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