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Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 12/07/2022

Full Facial Contouring with filler to give natural, results. My goal is to only enhance your already lovely facial features. Never overdone, but subtle changes to add volume and play with light reflection. 🌟

Lips were also done just a few days ago and healing well!


Signature Lips Before & After

We used 1 syringe of a medium G’ filler to provide natural volume, maintain her beautiful shape and also support the corners of the mouth.

Lip filler can still look natural and not overdone. It all comes down to product choice and your provider injecting the product 💉🥰


Tip of the week!

Curious about how much Tox you might need? Here is a general reference guide if you are a first timer, thinking about getting a gift card for the holidays or if you are a regular interested in maybe trying somewhere new in your regimen.

Every client’s ‘typical dose’ may vary as we all have different anatomy, goals, budgets etc.

The best way to determine your recommended dose is to come in for a consultation in person so we can assess your skin and tailor your treatment plan just for you.

(910) 679-5027 or online booking available.

It’s December 1! Just 24 days left until Christmas!

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/29/2022

Morpheus8 lower face and submental. This before and after series of 3 was over 4 months. We can use this radiofrequency microneedling treatment to help melt fat, tighten tissue and help overall skin complexion!

Morpheus8 has won countless awards in the beauty industry and is one of the most highly sought after treatments on the market today. Curious about the treatment? We offer free consultations and now available with Pronox for additional comfort.


Before and After Treatment of Vertical Lip Lines with Dermal Filler. Not all filler products are created equal- some are thicker and have a better ability to give more structure, ‘lifting’ and support while others are very flexible and can be used in delicate areas like above the upper lip. We chose a product that is very flexible and has high integration with the tissue to allow seamless transition while smiling but can still give some support to soften lines. Filler rheology and understanding of the dynamics of products is key to optimal outcomes. Interested if filler is right for you? Schedule your free consultation online or by phone today! (910)679-5027


From our families to yours! Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful today and every day for all of you! 🦃

We are closed today but reopening at 9am tomorrow for our in office Black Friday Specials! You can also shop on line for any of our specials excluding skincare that must be purchased in store or by phone order.


Tox Tuesdays! Every Tuesday we offer walk in visits for our neurotoxins.

Neurotoxins are an injectable service we offer to relax muscles and smooth out lines and wrinkles- most commonly used in the ‘glabellar 11s’, crows feet and horizontal lines of the forehead.

There are several brands of neurotoxins, and one of the most well known is BOTOX® Cosmetic. We also offer Dysport® and Xeomin®. Curious which is right for you? Just ask any of our trained providers to help guide you through the process.

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/21/2022

Beautiful lips come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Our unique shapes and characteristics are what make us…perfectly us ❤️

Loved meeting this sweet client today.


Don’t forget! Walk ins today 9-5 🎉

Come see us at Lumina Station for a quick on the go Tox Tuesday visit!


Tox Tuesdays! Walk in for tox from open to close! We offer Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Your service will include a mini consultation during the visit to determine which neurotoxin would be best for you!

We accept ALLĒ, Aspire and Xperience.

(910) 679-5027


Today we honor all who have served. Thank you for your service ❤️🤍💙


Today we honor those who have served. Thank you for your service ❤️🤍💙

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/10/2022

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/10/2022

Facial contouring with filler for this lovely patient. Injectable treatments can be subtle and not overdone. My goal is to enhance your beauty, not drastically change your features 🥰.

We did a mini 8 point lift using multiple syringes to contour and give a beautiful light reflection on the lateral cheek.

☎️ (910) 679-5027
🖥️ Online booking available

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/08/2022

Just a half syringe of lip filler here for a subtle plump and hydration 💦

Lip filler doesn’t have to look fake and can still give a naturally fuller appearance 💋

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/03/2022

Tip of the Week!

Want to learn about a treatment that addresses pigmentation and also works at a cellular level to reverse the signs of aging?

Look no further than BBL!

The BBL photorejuvenation treatment turns back time on aging! Consider a series of corrective treatments and then maintenance management annually 💡

Wondering if this treatment is right for you? Schedule a free consultation online or ☎️ (910)367-5223

Stanford Study
Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment: A Pilot Study

Anne Lynn S Chang, Patrick H Bitter, Jr, [...], and Howard Y Chang

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 11/01/2022


Our November Aesthetician Promos are live!

We will be officially open at our NEW location at 1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 105 28403 starting November 7!

We will have a full menu of customizable medical grade facials, microdermabrasion and more!

To introduce these services, we are offering up to $75 off a facial service! Swipe for more details!

Call (910) 367-5223 or book online. CC required but not charged for online booking to verify the appointment.

And mark your calendars for November 17 for our grand opening with skin care prizes, giveaways, WIN a free year of TOX! And package bundles.


Tip of the week: Eat a small snack before your injectables visit!

Injectables on an empty stomach (especially if you’re a first timer!) can make some patients feel a little light headed. Best to eat at least a small snack and stay hydrated with plenty of water prior to your appointment.

Bonus! If you like pineapple 🍍, consider this healthy snack as it contains an enzyme called Bromelain- which can help reduce the duration and severity of bruising! Bromelain is full of anti-inflammatory properties that studies show help to reduce bruising and swelling.

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/25/2022

It’s and we are loving the results so far!

We offer a wide range of services to help with pigmentation concerns, fine lines and wrinkles, texture and just overall skin luminosity!

A few days left to save $200 on a BBL/MOXI 2 series combo 🥰

☎️ (910)367-5223 or online booking available!

Theresa Hoffman, PA-C
Season DeLoreto, RN
Jennifer Wiles, PA-C

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/24/2022

Before and after with this lovely client that first came to me last March. We dissolved some migrated product at that time and have slowly added 1/2 syringe at a time to build volume and correct some minor asymmetries. She had beautiful, full lips to begin with and we wanted to enhance, not change her features.

(910) 367-5223 or online booking available.


Nothing spookier than your tox wearing off just before the holidays 👻

has opened up Saturday hours to host our Boo-Tox event! All tox is $10/u for this one day event!

You can book online or call (910)367-5223 to reserve your time. Limited appointments remain!

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/21/2022

Tired of looking tired? We got you! Treating the tear trough hollow is one of my favorite places to give a little refresh. This photo illustrates one side treated and one side not.

Curious if you are a candidate? Book a free consultation with me!

(910) 367-5223 or online booking available

This specialty area is priced at $625. Little to no downtime!


Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/19/2022

Teamwork makes the dream work ❤️

This patient initially saw last June and stopped in for a touch up for additional volume with yesterday.

Spacing out your appointments and building volume slowly allows the tissue to adjust to the volume and avoid overfilling or migration.

☎️ (910)367-5223 or online booking available!


It's tempting, but popping or squeezing a pimple won't necessarily get rid of the problem. Squeezing can push the bacteria deeper into the skin, which might cause more swelling and redness. It can also lead to scabs and potentially leave you with permanent pits, scars or hyperpigmentation.

Because popping isn't the way to go, patience is the key. You can also seek some help with a certified aesthetician!  Starting November 1, we will be offering customized facials and our signature Diamond Glow® treatment.  Got a deep, cystic pimple?  We also offer steroid injections to quickly calm the inflammation.  

Put your acne into the right hands by getting help from acne professionals. If you’re tempted to pick at your acne, pick up the phone first and give us a call!

Theresa Hoffman, PA-C
Season DeLoreto, RN


The power of combination treatments 💉🥰

This beautiful client of has had a few treatments to help brighten her skin, soften lines and restore volume over the past month. She is glowing 🌟

She did have some mild migration in her lips from a prior treatment and we injected some targeted hylenex to have a clean, fresh start in just a few weeks! (Stay tuned for final results ☺️)

Treatments performed:
- VI Peel
- Botox (glabella, frontalis and crows feet)
- Dermal filler 8 point lift
- Hylenex lip dissolve

☎️ (910) 367-5223 or book online through the link in bio!

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/14/2022

This is MOXI® 🥰

MOXI® is a tunable non-ablative laser designed to target pigment, texture, build collagen and promote healthy, glowing skin.

We achieved this result after just 1 treatment and these photos were on the day of treatment number 2, stay tuned for more results!

This little to no downtime treatment can be paired with our BBL HERO for even better results. The treatment is nearly pain free too!

Curious about this treatment? Schedule a free consultation with me!

(910) 367-5223



Sun protection should be part of your routine year-round. Everyone — regardless of skin type — should prioritize sun care and sun protection. While not always as strong, UVA and UVB rays still exist in the colder seasons and can still cause skin damage. Plus, you may have decided to shed some summer skin with a series of chemical peels or perhaps treated yourself to a BBL phototherapy and Moxi session. It is important to keep your skin protected while receiving these treatments to avoid any potential issues or poor outcomes.

And while you may not need to reapply as often in the fall versus the summer due to cooler climates keeping us indoors- if you will be outside, however, you’ll still want to refresh your SPF every two hours.

Theresa Hoffman, PA-C
Season DeLoreto, RN
Jennifer Wiles, PA-C

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/07/2022

Signature Lips 👄

Photos are before and after treatment. There is always some swelling present that typically subsides within a few days to a week.


Interested in getting Botox (or Dysport® or Xeomin®) for the first time? Here’s a few things to know before stepping into the office!

1. Tox injections are for the most part not too painful. The injections take about 3-5 minutes once we get started and are tolerated very well. Once you leave- there is typically no downtime or pain associated. Every now and then, you can get a bruise that often dissipates within a few days. Bonus- we can zap that bruise away with a quick follow up with our laser device.
2. In today’s world of instant gratification and everything at our fingertips, who wouldn’t want instant results?! Unfortunately, though, this is an instance where you're just going to have to wait anywhere from 7-10 days to see results. ❤️
3. Exercise and increased blood flow can make you more likely to swell and bruise after treatment- increasing the length of time it takes for these side-effects to subside. Best to hit the gym before hand and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
4. I think this tip speaks for itself. Passionate injectors and practices dedicated to delivering the best results invest thousands of dollars into training and advanced education. Add in the costs of the neurotoxin, needles, gloves, overhead etc and it certainly adds up. If it sounds like too good of a deal, it just might be! You want to make the best decision when investing in yourself ❤️ and deciding solely on pricing can lead to more headaches and cost to fix in the long run.
5. Well, don't we wish our Tox lasted forever? Unfortunately, it doesn't. Eventually, the action of the neurotoxin will wear off and the nerves will again be able to send those signals to the muscles to start working and contracting. In general, tox lasts 3-4 months. Everyone has a unique experience and results may vary.

☎️ (910) 367-5223 or online booking available!
*Now booking facials- including our Diamond Glow and Coastal U Specialty Facial!

Photos from Coastal Aesthetics's post 10/04/2022

Meet MOXI®

We added the BBL Hero and MOXI® technology to our lineup of services just over a month ago and are loving the results!

This tunable nonablative laser delivers amazing results to revitalize skin. It corrects sun damage, melasma!, tightens pores and gives the skin an overall amazing glow!

Schedule your free consultation today to see if this treatment is right for you!

(910) 367-5223 or online booking available!

Theresa Hoffman, PAC

Season DeLoreto, RN


October promos are live! Save all month long on skin care, chemical peels and our two part series BBL/MOXI combination.

☎️ (910) 367-5223 or online booking available

Theresa Hoffman, PA-C
Season DeLoreto, RN


🤭 Happy Saturday from the Coastal Aesthetics team!

Hoping everyone fared well in yesterday’s storm and can enjoy this beautiful, sunny weather today ☀️


🎉Spooktacular Savings 👻 🎉

We are offering 1 DAY ONLY promo pricing on Tox tomorrow, October 1 with Theresa Hoffman, PA-C Theresa Hoffman, PA-C]

Call (910) 367-5223 or book online to schedule! Link in bio!

Hope everyone is staying dry with this weather!

Theresa Hoffman, PA-C Theresa Hoffman, PA-C]


4 days left of our ✨Flash Filler✨ promotion with !

Save $300 when your receive a treatment of 3 syringes! This is the perfect package for a full face contouring rejuvenation ✨

Book online or call ☎️ (910) 367-5223

Promo ends at the end of the month!

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