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Any pressure put on your brain stem creates a subluxation, meaning the communication throughout your body is affected. If we can take pressure off your brain stem it allows proper nerve flow, and the healing process then begins!


It is amazing the things your body can do when it is communicating properly. Those 99 problems may begin to fix themselves! We always offer our consultation at no charge to see how we can help you.


Happy Thanksgiving!


The office will be running on limited hours this week so we can enjoy time with our families! We are so thankful to be able to serve Wilmington and hope to meet more people that we can help heal!


All of our patients know that we are there for them every step of the healing process. Our compassionate staff truly cares about every person we see. Call to schedule your consultation today to see how we can help you!


We have our Patient Orientation Class every two weeks. This gives everyone an opportunity to learn more about us and why we do the work that we do! Come join our next one on Monday 11/21 at 6pm in our lobby!

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We Gnome-ally don't look like this, but we are enjoying our Halloween! Don't forget if you are an existing patient and you come in dressed up, your visit is free today!


We look for the cause instead of each symptom people may be experiencing. It has been proven that when your body can communicate properly, it functions much better than when there is a subluxation .Call our office to schedule your first visit!


The origin of chiropractic stems from 2 Grecian words: Cheir-hand and Praktos-done, meaning "done by hand". Upper cervical adjustments are quick, gentle and very specific. Call to schedule your consultation to see how we can help you!


There are daily decisions you can make to live a healthier life. Getting an upper cervical correction is so important to your health and making sure your body is functioning at 100%. Add this to your routine by calling the office and scheduling a consultation!


The spine is the lifeline. It is amazing how connected our bodies are. If there is a subluxation at the top of the spine, at the brain stem, our nerve flow can be interrupted, causing miscommunication throughout your body. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help!


Surgery is a very serious operation. If there was another way to combat the pain you are facing, would you try it? Call our office to schedule a consultation. This is always no charge, and how we can determine if we can help you! (910)821-8006.


Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder, which we see a lot in the office. Our consultations are always no charge, so schedule yours to learn how upper cervical care can help you. (910)821-8006.


Happy National Boss Day to Dr. Shaw! We are so fortunate to have a strong leader. Make sure to compliment his new spine tie that Christine and Kayla gifted him!


Every body is different, and healing can look and feel different to each person. It is hard to say how long it will take, but the outcome is worth it! Get started today by calling to reserve your time for a consultation, which is always at no charge to you. (910)821-8006.


A Pez Dispenser has a plastic case that protects the candy inside, just like how our spine protects our spinal cord. An interference creates a disruption of communication. Call to schedule a consultation to see how we can help! (910)821-8006.


Coffee and an adjustment will help make your Monday better! Do you have yours scheduled? Start the week off right by calling (910)821-8006!


Healing is not linear, and every body is different. It can take some time but having your body function properly is worth it! We are here every step of the way. Call to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you! (910)821-8006.

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Suffering with any sort of pain can be life changing. We offer a consultation at no charge to see how we can help you! T...
Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder, which we see a lot in the office. Our consultations are always no charge, so...
Now no longer just in our resting room-you can bring one home to use! Hand crafted by none other than Dr. Shaw's wife An...
Know someone suffering from Fibromyalgia? Have them give our office a call, our consultations are always no charge. (910...
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Want to learn more about us? Our patient orientation class is the perfect time to come in and listen to Dr. Shaw about w...
The great thing about our office is our consultations are always at no charge. Come meet us and learn about how we can h...




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