Laser Healing Therapy

Laser Healing Therapy is committed to giving you relief from chronic pain. We want to educate people about this FDA approved treatment.

Laser Healing Therapy is a clinic that uses a highly effective and FDA approved treatment for pain relief. We use state-of-the-art technology to reduce swelling and inflammation thereby healing damaged nerves and tissue. The process is done by stimulating your body’s own immune system on a cellular level without the use of ANY radiation. Laser therapy is completely painless with no adverse side


Prof. Mike Hamblin Harvard Medical School

Some people still can't believe the results that can be achieved with laser therapy on conditions like arthritis, chronic knee and hip pain, or migraine headache. Here is Harvard Professor Mike Hamblin discussing results of a clinical trial with low level laser therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) mechanisms and dose response.


Click here to support Operation Battle Heal by Barry Boyce

The "Operation Battle Heal" GoFundMe campaign is officially live. Visit the page here, watch the video and donate to this worthy cause. The Laser Healing Therapy team, Colonel Craig and Kim Munley thank you so much in advance for your help! Our mission is to lower su***de rates among military veterans. Did you know that 22 veterans commit su***de every single day in the United States of America? Our sons and daughters, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters are suffering from chronic pain and depression on a regular basis. �You...


We are raising $150,000 to help treat our wounded veterans with the newest medical technology...laser healing therapy. Stay tuned to hear just a few of these veterans' stories.
Visit our website to learn how you can help! We are just asking for $10 from each person who knows a veteran. Thanks in advance!!


Laser Healing Therapy Testimonial with Jane

Here is another video from a current patient sharing how laser therapy has helped with her chronic shoulder pain.

This video is a testimonial from a current patient at Laser Healing Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jane has been treated for 5 weeks for chronic pain... 06/25/2016

Green Light Reduces Migraine Headache

Migraine affects millions of Americans each year. It reduces productivity and causes significant amounts of stress. This article from Pain News Network talks about light therapy aka laser therapy can help. Share this with your friends who suffer from migraines! By Pat Anson, Editor Many people who suffer from migraines will tell you that bright light can trigger a horrible headache. But researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston have found that a narrow band of green light can significantly reduce light sensitivity – known as photophobia... 06/24/2016

Low Level Laser Therapy for Chronic Pain

This is a must read article on laser therapy from author, Cindy Perlin, about low level laser therapy. If you are suffering from pain, please call us for a FREE consultation. By Cindy Perlin, Guest Columnist The first time I heard about laser therapy for pain, a veterinarian recommended it for my cat, which had osteoarthritis in her hip. My knowledge of lasers at the time was limited to a vague idea that they were used to cut tissue in surgery. I couldn’t imagine...


MLS Laser Therapy for Healing Injuries & Pain Relief

Orthopedic Surgeons Promote Laser Therapy

LASER THERAPY FOR HEALING INJURIES AND PAIN RELIEF We help you get back on your feet. A Step Above Foot Care is proud to be on the leading edge of medical te...


30 Laser Healing Testimonial Debbie

Listen to what she has to say about her frozen shoulder and the pain it caused her, and how Laser Healing Therapy helped get her life back.


30 Laser Healing Testimonial Male

One of our Patients that was healed with our therapy.


While this ABC News story is about the positive effects of cold laser therapy on pain management, we use a better and more advanced type of laser in our office with great results. Check out our testimonials in the video section on this page. 06/21/2016

Why These Doctors Are Using Light Instead Of Medicine

Here is more research that shows the benefit of treatments like laser therapy for pain, depression, acne, migraines and more... Study suggests light therapy holds promise, but in most cases the science isn't quite there yet 06/20/2016

NICE approves minimally invasive laser therapy for benign prostate disease | Lexology

Please share this with the men in your life...National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approves laser therapy for benign prostate disease. Most men aged over 60 have some form of enlargement of the prostate gland and around 13,000 men in the UK are thought to have non-cancerous… 06/17/2016

Fibromyalgia Flares: Symptoms, Triggers and Treatment - Living With Arthritis

Do you know someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia? If so, this article is interesting because it talks about why preventing flare ups is important. Fibromyalgia – an example a central pain syndrome – is a chronic health condition characterized by symptoms of widespread muscle pain, fatigue, memory problems and mood changes. As in many chronic diseases, fibromyalgia symptoms can come and go and vary in intensity. Fibromyalgia Symptoms While a pe...


30 Laser Healing Testimonial Debbie

See what one of our patients has to say!


Hip Pain Reversed Testimonial

Hip Surgery Cancelled!

This testimonial is about a client of ours that was cancelled his scheduled Hip Surgery due to the amount of help he received from our Laser Therapy.


Since having Healing Laser Therapy, my quality of life has improved. I am sleeping better, taking less pain medication, and overall feeling happier. Barry and his staff are compassionate and knowledgeable. Teri, Wilmington 05/21/2016

Types of Conditions Treated by Cold Lasers

Did you know that health care providers having been using laser therapy for pain relief for years? This article also states that over 2500 clinical trials have been completed on the effectiveness of laser therapy for pain relief.

Interested in learning more? Call us for a free consultation! Cold lasers are effective in treating a variety of pain conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, fibromyaglia pain, arthritis pain, and neck pain...


Hip Pain Reversed Testimonial

We are so thankful to our client, Craig, for providing us with this great video testimonial. Craig was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery and decided to give us a try first. Watch his story below--
If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, please call us to schedule a FREE consultation. You may just be able to stop taking so many pain drugs or cancel your surgery just like Craig did.

This testimonial is about a client of ours that was cancelled his scheduled Hip Surgery due to the amount of help he received from our Laser Therapy. 05/05/2016

The Benefits of Eating Vegetables

We are all about helping people live without pain. Eating more fruits and veggies can help reduce inflammation and improve your health. Read this article and watch this video to see how to get more of these great foods in your diet. There are many benefits of vegetables to your overall health. Sprouting and fermenting them are two ways to boost nutritional value even further.


Penguin Before and After

Whether you love cute animal videos or not, you have to watch this very adorable penguin suffering from arthritis after he has been treated with laser therapy.

All rights property of LiteCure, LLC. 04/27/2016

Harvard Clinical Trial Proves Lasers Activate Stem Cells To Regenerate Tissue

If you need to see clinical research about the efficacy and power of laser therapy, then review this study from Harvard University that shows laser therapy can regenerate tissue. Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. Harvard’s groundbreaking new research in the use of lasers to stimulate stem cells to regrow tissue is generating interest and excitement in medicine. 04/23/2016

Laser Therapy for Elite Athletes

Laser therapy is now being used for athletes in football, basketball, baseball, tennis and track. This article discusses how a physical therapist who was once skeptical of laser therapy is now seeing laser therapy as a "game changer" for getting baseball players back in the game. Three years ago, when I first started working in professional baseball and began using deep tissue therapy lasers, I would not have imagined writing an article about laser therapy and the impact it's having on treating and rehabilitating elite athletes in the big leagues. Furthermore, back in 2007,…


Are you wondering if laser therapy can really help you? Take a look at a testimonial from one of our past clients--

"I hurt my toe three months ago and could not wear regular closed toed shoes. I accidentally dropped a 25 pound wooden box that I was painting, wearing only socks and not wearing shoes. I smashed my big toe and injuring two others. I discovered Laser Healing..After one treatment I felt tingling and it didn't hurt anymore and after three treatments with the Laser I could wear regular shoes without any pain. I would recommend Laser Healing Therapy for your injuries. It really works!" Thanks again, Janet C.

We love getting messages like these. -Barry





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