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Dr Bill Sisson Alternative Health Care Center Get to know Dr. Bill Sisson:

I am a Wilmington native and graduated from New Hanover High in 1965. I love my work and I love my patients.

I completed
my BA at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware Ohio in 1969 with a History major
and a minor in Spanish. I then did a year of post graduate work at the University of
Wisconsin at Madison in Latin American Studies but that was the tumultuous 70’s
and many of us were trying to find ourselves amidst the chaos of Viet Nam and the
cultural upheaval that accompanied it. I then tried study

ing Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Berkeley
because I thought I could better help people in the developing world with that kind of
degree. When I discovered that agricultural economists mostly did work for agri-
business I decided to go back to Latin American Studies and transferred to UCLA
where I completed my MA in 1975 with a specialty in planning. In the process I found
a mentor in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning who had worked in Latin
America and decided that Planning was a good way to pursue my goal. I received my
MA in Planning from UCLA in 1977, specializing in environmental planning and the
study my group did for Los Angeles County on the recreational carrying capacity for
Catalina Island continues to be a pioneering work in this field. After school I got lucky and secured an internship with the LA Redevelopment Agency
working there for several months until a position in Los Angeles City Planning
Department opened up and I was lucky enough to get it. I worked for LA for 4 years
until politics intervened and undid 3 years of work trying to help to revitalize
Hollywood. Unbeknownst to me, I was supposed to credit the office of the
councilwoman for the Hollywood District for my work and when that did not happen
she had me transferred to the Outer Mongolia of the Planning Department. About that time I met my wife Joy and after the stress of the planning situation we
decided that I could best help others by pursuing an interest in health care. My
interest began when I got my massage license to help earn money during grad school. A friend had entered Chiropractic College and when I heard about all the things he
was learning and particularly about the seminars he attended I realized that he was
on the cutting edge of health care which is where I wanted to be. After a year of completing the dreaded science prerequisites that I had avoided in
college I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic – West in Mountain View CA. In 1985 I
graduated and faced the chore of starting a practice. I knew I was too old and too
ornery to work for anyone else. By that time we had our first son Misha and I knew
we could not afford to stay in CA so we moved back here to the last place I imagined I
would ever come back to, my home town. Our second son Ari was born in 1988 and we the office to its present location on
Oleander Dr. The rest, as they say, is history. You all keep me going and make my profession
more than just a job. I love exploring new areas of knowledge and hopefully putting
that knowledge to work helping all of you improve the quality of your life.


Many of you have asked about protecting and supporting your immune systems during this time of crisis. This will be the first of several tips that I can give you regarding something you can do for yourself to reach that goal.

First OBSERVE PHYSICAL DISTANCING! It could save you, or someone else's life.

Second there are two reflexes I will share with you, one for the thymus mediated part of the immune system and one for that associated with the spleen. Both are found on the imaginary line from the arm pit to the hip and both should be rubbed with a circular motion for 2 - 4 minutes twice a day. Note they may be a little tender. The first can be found on the right side by finding the rib just under the pectoral muscle or breast and following it around to the area I just described. The second is on the left side. Find the second rib under the pectoral muscle and follow it around to the area between the arm pit and the hip. Happy rubbing.

Tomorrow I will share a couple of other ideas designed to help you keep your immune system and you healthy.

Stay well.

Dr. S

Osteoporosis: How Fast Are You Losing Bone?

There is controversy over the most accurate test for bone loss in evaluating osteoporosis (fragile bones). The following article by Dr. Ron Grisanti sheds light on this issue and provides test suggestions that accurately evaluate the rate of bone loss. This should help you make a more informed decision regarding whether or not to resort to medication or supplementation.

- Dr. Bill

"Osteoporosis is reaching an epidemic status. It leads to 1.5 million fractures per year."


Source: www.FunctionalMedicineUniversity.com

Functional Medicine University - The Leader in Online Training in Functional Diagnostic Medicine. Functional medicine takes the scientific method and up to date research and applies it to treating the cause of a patient problem and not treating just the symptoms. It focuses on identifying the underl...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Thank you Mr. Corbin! We are so glad that we were able to help you play a pain-free game of golf again!

Thank you Mr. Corbin! We are so glad that we were able to help you play a pain-free game of golf again!

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


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