Matt Skelly Training

Matt Skelly Training


Seca 514 Full Body Analysis/ Assessment/ (4) 1- Hour Sessions/ Swag Bag containing (L) T-shirt, (2) koozies, and (2) Ready for Results stickers. At Matt Skelly Training, our mission is to provide a complete approach to health and fitness for individuals of all ages and physical abilities striving for a happy, active, and balanced life. ​
At Matt Skelly Training we help our clients see how they want to look, feel, and be, once they have attained their goal. Minimum Bid - $150 (Retail value-$500)
Matt Skelly Training
A huge thanks to our Wish Upon a Chef partners helping make this an unforgettable night! Seacoast Skin Surgery MegaCorp Logistics PPD - Pharmaceutical Product Development Heath Grading and Utility, Inc. RBC Wealth Management Matt Skelly Training On Q Financial Wilmington Green Compass
Guidance on what to do based on your needs & how to do it right, accountability to stick with it because I’m rooting for you, motivation to work for it because you will feel and see that it’s possible when you put in the work, make this lifestyle stick and for it to be something you want to do for yourself because it serves you so well & you deserve it πŸ¦‹

Currently accepting clients at Anytime Fitness WilmingtonUC location on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat & Matt Skelly Training in the Forum on Tues/Thurs

Reach out to me if you’re ready for that support ✨
Representing this morning!

Here at Matt Skelly Training we specialize in RESULTS. With our innovative process of VISION, FUEL, Contact us today to sign up and save.

Providing a complete approach to health and fitness for our clients striving for a happy, active, and balanced life is our mission at Matt Skelly Training & Physical Therapy. If you're looking for a personal trainer in Wilmington, NC, to help drive you toward your personal fitness goals, you've come to the right place. We're all about shaping bodies and shaping the way people live by developing in

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Dealing with Tennis Arm? Let us get you back in action. Our Physical Therapist, Caleb, is here to help. Book an appointment today, at Matt Skelly Training.​​​​​​​​


Hard work pays off! That's why here at Matt Skelly Training, we offer a stretch after every session. ​​​​​​​​





ATTENTION GOLFERS! our trainer Sarah and her unique stick mobility training has improved a lot of our golf clients game. It will increase flexibility allowing you to get into correct position, drive the ball farther and allow you to be pain free! Don't believe?! DM us for a free assessment with Sarah to improve your golf game.


If you have a physical job most likely your mechanics will breakdown during the day which could results in injury. Caleb is manually rehabbing my shoulder impingement to help me get back to functioning optimally. If you're having issues any issues with pain we can get you back to feeling like you once did. Don't wait book today.


Wellness Wednesday - Mommy Workout

Are you struggling to find time to make it to the gym? We get it! Sometimes there is just literally not enough time in the day...

πŸ‘Ά So, for all those busy moms out there, here are a few at-home "Mommy Workouts" where you can get your kids involvedπŸ‘‡


As much as I train my legs and standing on them all day. My muscles get bound and don't have proper recovery. Our PT Caleb is helping to break down that tissue, to heal properly and help aid in my recovery. If you're a runner and go heavy on your legs I recommend getting Graston done . When you're READY FOR RESULTS and to enhance your training program come see Caleb.


✨ Meet the Team Monday! ✨

We like to kick off the week with a little appreciation for our trainers who work so hard to provide clients with everything they need to attain the RESULTS they're after πŸ’ͺ

This Monday we want to shine some light on one of our Certified Trainers, Cameron Poole ‡️

After Cameron started his own fitness journey of losing 55 pounds he found himself wanting to help other people reach their goals and develop a passion for an active lifestyle.

We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for team members like Cameron who are so dedicated to helping others live healthier lives!

πŸ‘‡ Get to know the rest of our team here πŸ‘‡


Here at MST we listen to your wants and needs and customize a program that is specific to you. We meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go. When you're READY FOR RESULTS come see us ​​​​​​​​


Julio Testimonial - Family Friday

Julio's dropped 35 points on his cholesterol AND lowered his body fat by 4% after starting his training sessions with Audrey 😲 Keep up the great work!

When it comes to achieving your goals, our team is dedicated to getting you where you want to be (and then some πŸ’ͺ)


Build rotator cuff strength and shoulder stability today with our physical therapist. ​​​​​​​​


When it comes to your health and fitness, what's the biggest thing holding you back from seeing results. . .

❌ Lack of accountability?
❌ Unsure where to begin?
❌ Need encouragement & support?
❌ Finding it hard to get motivated?
❌ Tired of wasting time and money on ineffective programs?

We have been there before! This is why we've created a unique approach to fitness training that focuses on YOU ⬇️

Your WHY. Your Fitness Level. Your Goals. Your Lifestyle.

Get ready for RESULTS with our training today πŸ‘‰


FB - Wellness Wednesday - Band Workout

Bringing in more tips for a healthy YOU for ‡️

Don't let being stuck on the road slow you down! Here's a great travel workout to do when going to the gym isn't an option.

Plus, these bands are lightweight and easy to squeeze into your suitcase 🧳


✨ Meet the Team Monday! ✨

"I have found that when you listen to someone’s vision and give them the right tools, 1:1 individualized attention, and positivity anything can be achieved!"

We are so lucky to have Audrey on the Matt Skelly team as a personal trainer. She continues to change the lives of people across Wilmington and Leland with her passion for fitness and unwavering support πŸ‘

What makes Audrey unique is her personal connection to fitness and how it has quite literally saved her life.

Not many people are able to manage 6 autoimmune diseases, but by making drastic changes to her lifestyle and incorporating fitness into her daily routine, she has felt better than ever!

πŸ‘‰ Read Audrey's full story here:


Educating our clients is extremely important at MST. We want to make sure you move with purpose and leave feeling better than when you came in. When you're ready for results come in for your free assessment!


It is important to remember we will hit plateaus but it is also important to push forward. Remember movement is medicine and you are working on your overall health every time you come into one of our facilities.


HEY Where do you think you're going without your Here at MST we provide our clients with clean eatz meals to take the nutritional guess work out. We make our clients journey as easy, fast and enjoyable! Have your doubts, come in for a free assessment and find out for yourself when you're ready for results.

Timeline photos 09/16/2022

With our amazing team of trainers we will help push you into getting the Results you're seeking in the quickest route possible.

Timeline photos 09/15/2022

If you want to attain something exceptional than you have to work hard for it. If the journey came so easy than it wouldn't serve towards your personal growth.

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

One of the many things people love about our facility is the relationship and positive upbeat personality of our staff. We want to make sure you can escape after a long day and make training an enjoyable experience. Most important this leads to the RESULTS you're seeking.

Timeline photos 09/09/2022

Meet Coach Kahlin! Kahlin trains at our Leland facility but also is our head trainer part of our TUFF program (Train Us Forward Fitness). MST sponsors individuals with physical and intellectual disability that cannot afford the services of a personal trainer. We make sure our programs are inclusive of all individuals because everyone deserves to lead a healthy and fit life. If you are interested in TUFF please DM us to find out how you can help.

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Here at MST we make sure that our programs translate to your everyday life. Here Hayden is working on getting back for football season after a rough ACL tear. We are so happy with his progress and can't wait to see him on the field this fall season! If you are suffering from an injury or want to get better at sports specific training come see us! We guarantee RESULTS!

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

So proud of our man .nance04 during his ACL recovery. He is doing exceptionally well and can't wait to see him on the field this year! Keep it up buddy!

Timeline photos 09/06/2022

‼️ Transformation Tuesday ‼️​​​​​​​​
We are so proud of Tracey! Since she started training she is down 60+ pounds 😳 In the process she has put on a lot of lean muscle! Keep it up Tracey more RESULTS ahead!

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Happy Labor Day! Remember rest is important for growth. Enjoy the holiday and those around you while you recover. We will hit it hard tomorrow! πŸ’ͺ

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

Mike has been training with our team for about 10 years. It has been a pleasure working with him and increasing his balance and strength. Whatever your goals are our team will meet you where you are and help you see it through to your Results!

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

We are excited to share that we are now offering online training with the best team in Wilmington. Unfortunately there are very limited spots left to work in person but we still have a lot of people we want to help!​​​​​​​​
With our online training program our clients receive:​​​​​​​​
βœ… 1 on 1 coaching​​​​​​​​
βœ… Daily Check in's​​​​​​​​
βœ… Video Demonstrations​​​​​​​​
βœ…Custom Nutrition Programming (add on) ​​​​​​​​
βœ… On Demand Workouts ​​​​​​​​

Timeline photos 08/31/2022

Our Physical Therapist has worked wonders. Being a client myself his pre-hab and training programming had allowed me to complete a Spartan Ultra Race, 31 miles and 60+ obstacles, without his help I would have never been able to finish. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Strassberg for all your physical therapy needs and high performance programming.

Timeline photos 08/30/2022

Want to get better at mobility!? Our amazing trainer Sarah has a unique and efficient way to increase mobility. Our clients are really enjoying the process and our amazed with the results. Whether you're trying to get a better golf swing or simply relieve pain and stiffness, stick mobility is worth the try! DM us to book an assessment.

Timeline photos 08/29/2022

Our staff is always engaged with the clients to make sure they get the results they deserve through our custom programming.

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Wellness Wednesday - Mommy Workout
Julio Testimonial - Family Friday
FB - Wellness Wednesday - Band Workout




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