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Specializing in Wound Care and the Care of the Lower Limbs The Wound Care Center treats patients with what is often deemed “unhealable” wounds.

Our center treats and helps heal these wounds and instructs the patient how to avoid new ones. Each patient is evaluated and a treatment regimen is then developed. Both traditional healing methods and new advanced methods may be used in combination, depending the the patient's needs. We offer comprehensive diagnostic, rehab and surgical care on an out-patient basis. Outpatient surgeries enable the

Operating as usual


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Foot Health Facts

Don’t forget your feet when applying sunscreen as you enjoy the warmer temps this summer. Your feet can still develop melanoma if not protected from the sun. Learn how to prevent it and what to look for at .org:


Dr. Recko is here to help you safely and expertly.

Here are more urgent reasons to make an in-person appointment with your foot and ankle surgeon during this crisis. Visit to find a physician in your area.


Foot Health Facts

COVID-19 Tip: Get some fresh air! Get outside for a break while practicing social distancing. Go for a walk, run, walk the dog or go for a hike.


Foot Health Facts

Spring is here! The newest issue has timely tips to stay mentally &physically fit amid the COVID-19 situation & is a great resource as we ease into warmer weather & a new season. Check out the newest issue now on :



Sound familiar? Call Dr. Recko now!

Tingly feet can be a sign of nerve loss. Any new or abnormal sensation can be an early sign of neurological or vascular problems. If you experience numbness or tingling, see an foot and ankle surgeon right away.


Foot Health Facts

Women are more prone to certain foot problems, mainly from years of walking in narrow-fitting shoes and high-heels that squeeze the toes and cramp the forefoot. Read about the various foot problems women face:


Foot Health Facts

Ankle sprains may be one of the most common injuries but are commonly misdiagnosed. This could be because the two major types of sprained ankles—high ankle sprains and lateral ankle sprains—often look the same, even though they affect entirely different ligaments.


Foot Health Facts

It’s common to experience dry, cracked heels in the winter, but it can also be a subtle sign of more significant problems. If they come with an open sore, contact an foot and ankle surgeon. Learn more at :


Foot Health Facts

Stress fractures are tiny hairline breaks occurring in the bones of the foot. They’re caused by overuse or overtraining, or improper training habits. Find out more at .org


Foot Health Facts

See what you can do to protect your feet from the cold weather in the winter months. Get tips from !


Foot Health Facts

When’s the last time you checked out your feet? Today is “Measure Your Feet Day” and the perfect excuse to put your feet up and have a good look at them. Pain, bruises, cuts, bumps are all signs you might be wearing the wrong size shoes – or sometimes they can mean something more serious. For an expert opinion, find a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon at


Dr. Recko is here to help. No need to suffer.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue from the heel to the toes. It’s most commonly caused by faulty structure of the foot and those with overly flat or high-arched feet are more prone. Visit to see other causes and treatment.


Dr.Recko can accurately diagnose this condition and help you with this and any other foot issues.

A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that could develop in any area of the body. The most common in the foot is a Morton’s neuroma which occurs between the third and fourth toes. Visit to learn more:


Foot Health Facts

Your big toe plays an important role in standing, walking and other daily activities. While signs can be obvious, big toe arthritis is often overlooked. Learn more with :


Dr. Recko is both highly credentialed and experienced.

Did you know that all content on is provided by foot and ankle surgeons? Learn more about the surgical specialists of the podiatric profession.


Foot Health Facts

The holiday season can trigger painful toes with changes in your diet and overindulging in certain foods and beverages. Learn how to avoid gout this holiday season with :


Holiday Hours:
Tuesday, December 24 open until 1p.m.
Wednesday, December 25 closed for the Christmas holiday until...
Monday December 30 open regular office hours
Tuesday December 31 open regular office hours
Wednesday January 1,2020 closed for the New Year's Day holiday
Thursday January 2,2020 regular office hours resume
Wishing all of you a wonderful season of celebration!


Foot Health Facts

Obesity is an ever-increasinig problem in American society and while it seems obvious, many studies have found a direct link between increased BMI and foot problems. Learn more about obesity’s impact on your feet at :


Foot Health Facts

The holidays are an exciting and busy time for everyone. Keep your feet happy this season with five tips for healthy holiday feet from .org!


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Foot Health Facts

The holidays are an exciting and busy time for everyone. Keep your feet happy this season with five tips for healthy holiday feet from .org!




Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Dr.Recko and the staff of the Wilmington Wound & Podiatry Center!

The holidays bring many things—overindulging in food is one of them! Watch what you’re eating and drinking this holiday season as changes in your diet can cause gout this time of year. Learn more at .org.


Uh-oh- better call Dr. Recko.

Chronic ankle instability is a condition characterized by a recurring giving way of the outer side of the ankle. It usually develops following an ankle sprain that hasn’t adequately healed or wasn’t rehabilitated completely. Learn more about other causes and treatment at .


Foot Health Facts

For , get the dos and don'ts of diabetes care with this Infographic from and visit for more information!


Foot Health Facts

Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet. To avoid serious foot problems that could result in losing a toe, foot or leg, follow these diabetes foot care guidelines:


Dr. Recko is great with kids. Don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a child's foot pain is something serious or just part of growing up. Get tips for spotting kids' foot problems from .


The best advice is to listen to Dr. Recko!

If a foot & ankle surgeon has recommended surgery as the best treatment for your foot or ankle condition, visit for guidelines to make your recovery experience much easier.


Foot Health Facts

As we hit cooler temps and make the annual switch to closed-in shoe styles, this may be a painful transition if you have bunions. Learn how to treat bunions with .


Pain ? Dr.Recko is waiting for you with skill, compassion and may be even a laugh or two!

Ankle pain could mean a lot of different things. To figure out what your ankle pain might be, visit or see a foot and ankle surgeon.


Foot Health Facts

If you're running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this weekend be sure to take care of your feet and ankles. Visit for tips from foot and ankle surgeons.

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