Where's My Midwife?

Where's My Midwife?


Happy Labor Day!

Midwives have long associated the "Worker's Day Off" to their own political and physical struggle to help bring babies to their mother's arms. I like that we use the word 'labor' to describe the woman's work of giving birth. This day is another chance to honor the women, mothers and grandmothers that have labored along with us to give life to new generation. This is our labor of love.
Please thank someone who is brave enough and caring enough to do this work, just like the factory workers that risked being fired or arrested when they took to the streets to demand better working conditions, reasonable hours and decent pay. These very basic provisions for wage earners are ever in dispute as we tack on benefits, healthcare and family leave in our increasingly complex society.

Getting it right with care for our mothers and babies in our state, in our country and in our world will be accomplished by the addition of midwives and their full scope integration into the health care system. The number of women using a midwife for maternity services is at an all time high in our country but we still have work to do. The International Confederation of Midwives Mission statement reads
"To strengthen Midwives Associations and to advance the profession of midwifery globally by promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women and in keeping birth normal, in order to enhance the reproductive health of women, their newborns and their families."

So as we labor on...
Won't you please join us!? Thank you to our Midwives and families, Support the NC Friends of Midwives!
Help us expand access to midwives in Kentucky. Many items can be shipped anywhere in the USA!
Not sure if you can help

A friend of mine that lived in Varina, North Carolina passed away very suddenly last night. She leaves behind 2 boys and her 4 week old daughter. The baby didn't really take a bottle and the mama was an avid supporter of breastfeeding. I live in Wisconsin but have one of the mom's best friends willing to be a collection site for the baby. Thank you for considering donating to her. Please let me know if you have any to spare it would considering being a regular giver to help baby make it to at least a year on breastmilk.
Positive birth stories welcome! Hi dear ladies, my name is Debby Spitzig, I'm a HypnoBirthing instructor in Canada. I am collecting positive birth stories for a book I'm writing, that shows the beautiful side of birth. It brings women together; those who have inspiring stories, and those who will be empowered by them. I’m looking for all types of births, including Cesarean. If you're interested I would love to send you more information. Thank you!
Hello Where's My Midwife: A landmark study on waterbirth was recently released by the Journal of Midwifery We are asking that you share this information with your communities (full text is available free of charge). The study found, among other things, that waterbirth is a safe option for low risk women. Thank you!
Kentucky is working hard to license Certified Professional Midwives. Our online auction is live with over 200 items, many of which can be shipped anywhere! Check it out.
Dear friends at Where's My Midwife: Your calls needed TODAY to help ALL families in California access midwives:
Letter to the midwife from her mother twins, as a prelude to the first congress of Serbian midvife!
Little Giant - Association of parents of premature infants Serbia
Dear My grandmother, my sister,
At the very beginning I have to explain something. That's what I'm telling you ,, ,, not disrespect. Not even when he was with the doctors must be on ,, you ,, and you can also ,, you ,,. This mine ,, you ,, has another root.
You see, when we met, I was terribly frightened. Not because it hurt, it was not so bad. I was afraid because I'm here with you too early. I was afraid for my baby. Maybe it did not seem so from the outside, but inside I was ripped off the fear and helplessness. And you to seems to know! I brought you out just like a sister! I do not have a sister, but just so I imagine. If I had, and that she was there, it would not sound so look. On my scared, returned to this view, what was yours. Tim told me view: ,, Do not be afraid! We know what we're doing! It'll be good! ,, Thank you for that view! Thanks to him, I was just one, I was not the number, but I, a woman who is giving birth, a woman who is the most important thing in their lives, and in this she was not alone. She has a sister. That's why I tell you ,, you ,,!
I did not forget the look on his face when you showed me only my own children! It took a very short time, they were tiny, weak ... And you kept them with such pleasure, so important as to keep some heroes! Your voice was so festive! I do not know if you know this, but that is instilled superhuman strength. Told me that I missed, I am not mistaken, that's not my fault, that I should not be sad. You showed me that my children are there, they are alive, that I am a mother, a real mother even though I came early. Told me that they should be looking forward to share that smile with you, to be proud of. You're holding them proudly! I will not forget it!
And I remember your hand on his when I woke up from the anesthesia. Thank you for giving me explain what happened and where my children. Thank you for telling me that they are much more beautiful! The seconds as I saw them was not sufficient to every detail spasm. To tell you the truth, I did not remember. You reminded me that one has a beautiful thick hair and a pug nose, and the other as a sculpted face. And that your hand on my, that touch soft and sturdy ... It was like a pact, an agreement, a decision that you should listen and believe. To believe that they will actually still be all right! I remember that!
Thank you for having brought me another piece of my soul to hug me! He, the father of my children, scared and confused as I am, together with me, crying mixed happy and desperate tears. And you, patient, waiting. No cupkaš and not counting the time, you're letting this your first parental hug squeezed to the end. And you decor. You are a participant in this picture, as a protection, a safe cloak. Do not think I did not see how his heart leapt when you told him ,, Congratulations, Dad! You have two wonderful boys! ,, No medicine knows no better therapy for his crushed and frightened heart!
We used to hang out for a long time, we talked a lot. I could hardly wait for it to pass and go see their children, in another hospital in another city. And you knew it. I understand. Great you choose the words and tone. And what to speak and how to speak. You knew what interests me and to whom we interview not. Clearly you were to me it does not matter hospital routine, not procedures, not the wound that you do not temperature ... Everything you did it, I see, has performed as expected, and even now I do not know what all. It is clear to me that all this was just the way it has, but I have not been much of an interlocutor. Thank you all do and nothing I have not burdened. What was important, it told me. As much as you could and everything you know.
Thank you taught me how to keep their babies milk. Nothing looked like in the books and movies. No babies, no feeding, everything is somehow empty and meaningless. I did not know what to do with it her breast, nor did I know that it is that milk should do. You explain to me how these drops are important, you taught me how to keep them, it made me realize that this is the thread that connects me with them. Passion We had both with the team of my own fear petrified milk. You're tired, you leave me to quit, you've kept me that the thread to be for her alone for many days hold. For weeks and months after, my children are treated, guarded, fed, bathed some other sisters. As I'm not their mother, as if we were not all in the world, I saw it from the side, grateful for all but shattered soul. And the only thing I had as encouragement, as proof that mine and that I was that their milk. Thank you for that!
I then came not to tell you how hard it was to hear other people crying baby. Maybe it sounds strange, but I did not want to listen to and watch other people's babies. You might think I'm insensitive and selfish, but bothered me to hear even as a loud laugh. Nothing more beautiful than a healthy baby's crying and my mom's healthy laughter, some will think. But this beauty has hurt me at the time. My heart went out when, as I go down the hall, I see in an embrace. My soul is suffering from longing for my babies, for that hug. Fortunately, you did not put me in this room full of other people's happiness, so my soul somehow survived.
Thank you and you have me escorted out of the hospital some empty corridor, some empty elevator. I do not know if I bear to watch someone else's happiness and smiles, someone else's pink and blue crates full of life. Because of your hospital I went to an empty womb, empty, empty soul. Thanks for not letting me someone else's joy filled that gap even greater bitterness. Instead, like a real sister, on our parting for ever, with a firm handshake, you said: ,, Be strong! It will be good! ,, And so she enrolled in my memory for ever!
Show this letter to doctors - some are proud of you shared with you and your days, halls, corridors and rooms. Show him all the sisters who will become colleagues - let them know how to be a good grandmother and someone to be a real sister! To know that when someone comes too early, when the bore little giant, giant suffers but also remembers a giant!
You do not remember me, I do not know the name, but thank you forever, my grandmother, my sister!
On the Serbian language for the midwife said Granny.
Today we advocated for families to have accessibility to midwifery care at the state capital - we are one step closer. Advocacy Matters, is fighting for consumer rights to midwifery care.

We are a grassroots organization seeking to increase access to midwives in hospitals, freestanding birth centers and at home through education and advocacy.

www.wheresmymidwife.wordpress.com In August of 2009 a local OB/GYN clinic dissolved its midwifery program leaving many mothers without their chosen care providers. Mommies in the community got together to prove there is a demand for midwives in Wilmington and 'Where's My Midwife?' was born. We believe women deserve the option of a midwife for their maternal care and we are fighting to increase access to midwives in our community.

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Help Kentucky Birth Coalition!

Bidding is now OPEN for our Summer Online Auction! We have over 200 items for your bidding pleasure :) Many items can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Go check it out!

Ho​w to date a ​midwife 08/12/2016

Ho​w to date a ​midwife

Ho​w to date a ​midwife Number one know female anatomy.. really though ..know that the labia majora and labia minora not only differ in size and shape but in nerve ending count! and clitoral tissue exists underneath the l…

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New study conforms what we already know: Water birth is a safe option for low risk women!

The AAP/ACOG guidelines advise against waterbirth. How could the largest ever US study on waterbirth inform their opinion?

Learn more in today’s interview with the study’s authors: http://bit.ly/WaterbirthSafety

Get more resources on research and clinical experience in the new Waterbirth Position Paper by Midwives Alliance of North America and Citizens for Midwifery: http://bit.ly/MANAPositionPapers

Photo credit: Mandy Unruh of Mama Mandy: http://mamamandy.com/

BirthKeeper Summit 2016 01/17/2016

BirthKeeper Summit 2016

BirthKeeper Summit 2016 Washington DC May 14-15 2016, Help change the world

BirthKeeper Summit 2016 One Day that Could Change the World... Why is this an event you will want to attend? Because the Primal Continuum of Human Development directly shapes the architecture and “hard-wiring” of the human brain and the nature of RELATIONSHIP.

Midwives drop pay bombshell 08/30/2015

Midwives drop pay bombshell

Exciting Acton in New Zealand!

Midwives drop pay bombshell A High Court action on Monday will have 'global ramifications' for women's pay.

Navajo Midwives Launch The Changing Woman Initiative 05/27/2015

Navajo Midwives Launch The Changing Woman Initiative

Navajo Midwives Launch The Changing Woman Initiative The Changing Woman Initiative is a developing non-profit organization that seeks to draw on cultural strengths to renew indigenous birth knowledge and healing through holistic approaches and commun...

Photos from BirthKeeper's post 04/26/2015

Congratulations to Gena Kirby for winning the first annual Jeannine Parvati Baker Memorial Rising Star BirthKeeper Award! She is one hard working !

Timeline photos 04/25/2015

Fathers and sons matter! Show us your papa love! Do you have a beautiful picture to share of a father and son? We hope you can join us at The BirthKeeper Summit April 30-May 3 in Berkeley, CA. Thank you Birthing The Future - Suzanne Arms

BirthKeeper Summit 04/24/2015

BirthKeeper Summit

BirthKeeper Summit Action on May 3, 2015 presents six points for American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to address

BirthKeeper Summit MotherBaby MotherEarth

Timeline photos 04/15/2015

Uniting from around the world! We hope to see you at The BirthKeeper Summit. Our guests include Ibu Robin Lim, Michel Odent, Loretta Ross, Katsi Cook from Running Strong for American Indian Youth and many more! April 30th 2015.

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The story of a courageous midwife and .

Born In Auschwitz: How One Woman Delivered 3,000 Babies During The Holocaust

When Stanislawa Leszczyńska first became a midwife, she never could have imagined that she would one day be whisked away from her home in Poland, where she routinely walked miles to deliver babies, and into the real-life nightmare of Auschwitz. After the murder of her husband in Poland and the forced removal of her son to another work camp, Stanislawa and her daughter entered Auschwitz with only one hope: that they would survive.

Soon after she arrived, however, Stanislawa began to realize that her particular set of skills as a midwife might be her saving grace. The women’s barracks at Auschwitz weren’t set up even for basic medical care — let alone caring for pregnant women and their babies. Stanislawa was pragmatic and resourceful, assuring that the beds closest to the barrack’s stove, which were apt to be the warmest, were reserved for the “maternity ward.”

Many women were brought into Auschwitz pregnant, some perhaps hadn’t even realized it, and for Stanislawa assuring the health of the mother and her baby often meant making sacrifices. She also was forced to instruct the women to make sacrifices of their own: a few weeks before the woman would deliver, the midwife would tell them to forgo their bread ration in order to barter for sheets, which would be used for diapers and swaddling for the baby. If sheets weren’t obtained in time, the babies were often wrapped in dirty paper.

Despite the horrors surrounding her, Stanislawa’s only concern when a woman went into labor was making her feel safe and comfortable — just as she had in Poland aiding laboring women in their homes. Women who were in the barracks with Stanislawa remembered her staying up through the night with woman after woman — hardly ever resting. She was a calm, composed and steady presence for all women there, and pretty soon everyone was calling her Mother.

In addition to her exhaustion and malnourishment, the barracks at Auschwitz had nothing by way of antiseptics, dressings or tools. This meant that Stanislawa had nothing to give women for the pain of childbirth, and all her practices were carefully monitored by Nazi physicians. There were many other Auschwitz medical professionals besides Stanislawa, and they cared for the sick and injured under Nazi guidance. These doctors were instructed to give progress updates on patients, and when a person was not apt to recover, they were immediately taken to the gas chamber.

Many who were in Auschwitz contracted Typhus, and though there was a fairly good chance they wouldn’t recover, the doctors often lied to the Nazis in order to buy them enough time to heal. If they succumbed to Typhus, at least they hadn’t been sent to the incinerator. Likewise, Stanislawa was immediately told to drown all the surviving infants she delivered.

The Nazis assumed that the babies would never survive to term–let alone labor and delivery, but when they acquired Stanislawa’s progress reports they realized that she had not lost a single baby — or mother — since she had begun practicing midwifery in the camp. They were immediately incredulous, and instructed her to drown the newborns in a barrel in the barracks. She refused, and risked her life by doing so. Instead, the task was given to an imprisoned German midwife who had been convicted of infanticide.

As Stanislawa continued to successfully bring thousands of babies into the world despite the camp’s treacherous conditions, the Nazis began to take any children born with Aryan features, sending them to orphanages to be adopted by German families. The mothers were devastated, and together with Stanislawa they found a way to surreptitiously tattoo the tiny babies in a subtle manner, with the hope that one day mother and child would be reunited.

Though she was able to help over 3,000 babies enter the world while imprisoned at Auschwitz, Stanislawa rarely spoke publicly of her time there. One story that she did regale to her children — who have subsequently told it on her behalf— involved a young mother whom she had assisted during labor. Within a few hours, the young mother’s number was called to go to the chamber. The woman bundled her up and wrapped the baby in damp paper fluttering around the barracks. Knowing that she was about to die, the woman clutched her newborn to breast and walked out of the barracks.

Obviously, the women at the camp understood Stanislawa’s incredible presence–as did those responsible for placing her there in the first place. Dr. Menegle visited the “maternity ward” in the women’s barracks and was furious that the midwife was allowing the babies to survive. She orchestrated wet-nurses within the barracks who would suckle the babies whose mothers were so malnourished their milk never came in, and thus, babies who were born close to the camp’s liberation survived.

Even though Menegle was clearly opposed to Stanislawa’s saving of Jewish infants and their mothers, he did remark to the other Nazi physicians that not only was she an exceptionally skilled midwife, but that she was the personification of hope prisoners clung to that they may, eventually, escape the camp.

Released when the camp was liberated, Stanislawa was reunited with her children, both of whom went on to become doctors. Until her retirement in the 1950s, Stanislawa never really spoke of her time in Auschwitz. What she did share, and what others who had been in the camp with her shared, went on to be documented as justification for her beatification by the Catholic Church as a saint, a process that began in 2010.

Stanislawa died in 1974, but her story is perhaps the most miraculous account from the Holocaust’s history. As she spoke about her time at Auschwitz upon her retirement, she concluded her story by saying that even though many of the 3,000 babies born in the camp perished at the hands of the Nazis, either directly through murder or indirectly through malnourishment, she was proud to say that every single one of them had been born alive and into her waiting, loving hands.

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Want to attend the Summit for free?

We are giving away THREE FREE one day tickets to The BirthKeeper Summit!!! There are two things we need you to do:
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Social and Legal Perceptions of Birth Experiences: Informed Consent 04/01/2015

Social and Legal Perceptions of Birth Experiences: Informed Consent

We were asked to share this survey by Amanda Penrod, a PhD student with a law degree studying "Criminology, Law and Society" (with an emphasis in Reproductive Justice) at George Mason University. She is conducting research on people's perceptions of birth experiences as they relate to social norms, laws, and what qualifies as birth trauma.

Social and Legal Perceptions of Birth Experiences: Informed Consent

5 reasons to join the Birth Keeper Summit 2015 03/27/2015

5 reasons to join the Birth Keeper Summit 2015

Listen live to Progressive Parenting with Gena Kirby and Anna Graybill Van Wagoner this afternoon for a discussion about the Birthkeeper Summit!

5 reasons to join the Birth Keeper Summit 2015 Join me and Anna Van Wagoner as we discuss the EXCITING upcoming Birth Keeper Summit in Berkeley California.

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Michel Odent is speaking NOW! Join us! It's not to late to register. Just a few clicks and you can be there. You won't want to miss this conversation! http://yourboldbirth.com/birth-visionary-summit Michel Odent

Michel Odent, author and childbirth specialist, is a plenary speaker at The Summit taking place April 30-May3, 2015 in Berkeley, CA. Register before March 31st for a 20% discount. CEU's available. http://birthkeepersummit.com/

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Katsi Cook is speaking now. Are you listening? I love what she is saying about woman being our first environment, our first relationship, and our first medicine. What do you think?

Midwife, environmentalist, and women's rights advocate Katsi Cook of Running Strong for American Indian Youth is a plenary speaker at The Summit April 30- May3, 2015 in Berkeley, CA USA. CEU's available. http://birthkeepersummit.com/

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Midwives know the secrets of the universe!

"Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have."
We are delighted to have Ibu Robin Lim joining us as a plenary speaker at The Summit April 30- May3, 2015 in Berkeley, CA USA. CEU's are available. Register here: http://birthkeepersummit.com/
Ibu Robin Lim IBU ROBIN LIM "l'ostetrica dai piedi scalzi"

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Best of luck!

We are so lucky to have our BirthKeepers!!! Please share with your favorite and join us for The BirthKeeper Summit April 30th -May 3rd.

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Our hero, Jennie Joseph, will be at the BirthKeeper Summit! You don't want to miss this. Register now, the price will go up at the end of the month!

Join Jennie Joseph, founder of Commonsense Childbirth Inc. - THE BIRTH PLACE for her presentation "Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way! Midwifery as a model for reducing racial disparities, building community and creating revenue." Register now. See you there! https://birthkeepersummit2015.busyconf.com/activities/543c995be74d1da5b1000206

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Thank you midwives for being incredible BirthKeepers!

We are so lucky to have our BirthKeepers!!! Please share with your favorite and join us for The BirthKeeper Summit April 30th -May 3rd.

Mobile uploads 03/11/2015

Join us for this groundbreaking Summit! "It's more than a conference. It's a grassroots social movement!"

Mobile uploads 03/08/2015

Have you registered for The BirthKeeper Summit yet? The price goes up after March 31st! Also, did you know there are CEU's available? Get registered for a chance to see Ibu Robin Lim, Michel Odent, Loretta Ross, Katsi Cook, and many many more! http://birthkeepersummit.com/mobile/registration1.html

Our C-Section Rate Won't Budge—Is It Because We Don't Trust Women's Hormones? 03/05/2015

Our C-Section Rate Won't Budge—Is It Because We Don't Trust Women's Hormones?

Our hormones make all the difference. Must read article by Jennifer Bloc k about the new report from Childbirth Connection.

Our C-Section Rate Won't Budge—Is It Because We Don't Trust Women's Hormones? An unprecedented new report looking at the biomechanical mechanisms linked to birth and breastfeeding suggests that over-treatment in the delivery room is having lasting, harmful effects on both mothers and children.

Timeline photos 03/04/2015

Please help spread the word about our summit. "We honor woman, promote social justice, and protect the life-giving relationships of Mother Baby Mother Earth." See you in Berkeley April 30th! http://birthkeepersummit.com/registration1.html

Timeline photos 02/27/2015

"We are the world to our babies." Via Birthing The Future - Suzanne Arms. Please share pictures of your beautiful baby bumps and join us with your babies for The BirthKeeper Summit April 30- May 3rd. 2015 in Berkeley, CA. http://birthkeepersummit.com/registration1.html

Timeline photos 02/26/2015

Uniting from around the world! We hope to see you at The BirthKeeper Summit. Our guests include Ibu Robin Lim, Michel Odent, Loretta Ross, Katsi Cook from Running Strong for American Indian Youth and many more! April 30th 2015.

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