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Pisces New Moon ( total solar eclipse) –March 20 2015: What’s the Turning Point for You?

Shara Eisen

The cosmic weather is basically off the charts all month long, and this particular new moon marks the pinnacle of these watershed times. Most of us are experiencing a mix of the grieving and strong emotions around what must be let go and the elation of the possibilities that are just on the other side of this turning point. If you are one of the many that is challenged with the grief ,loss,and challenges that are coming up in spades now, take heart. This too shall pass, and the possibilities are beyond what we might even be able to currently imagine, as the letting go runs its course.

The moon becomes new, as it lines up exactly with the sun, Fri morning at 5:37 (east coast time ). Being at 29 degrees of Pisces is not only the last degree of a sign, but the last degree of the entire zodiac, which is a powerful significator of endings, as well as the new beginnings that must follow. Eclipses, especially when total, are something like a new or full moon (lunation ) on steroids: the potency of the time can be multiplied by 20 or even one hundred, just depending on where it falls in your chart*. Pisces, Aries, Virgo ,and Libra will be the most personally affected, but we will all feel this. The event is powerful not just for the day or week, but can be felt for a month or more on either side.

Just 13 hours after the new moon, the sun’s entry into Aries heralds the spring (vernal) equinox and thus, spring officially begins Fri evening at 6:46. Being so close to the eclipse, this event surely impacts the overall meaning and experience. This is the new year’s day of the zodiac, as well as for most agrarian and natural world calendars. Here is the place where we experience the other side of the losses and the letting go…the possibilities. For many of us, this month we get glimpses of our soul longings and possibilities. An inability to deal with, process, and integrate challenging emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, sadness, despair, anger, and alienation keep the masses firmly in denial, but with the denial comes a certain breakdown of the will, the creativity, and the ability to think clearly and independently. I see this new moon eclipse turning point as a serious game changer for many in this regard, because our ability to be present with some of those tough emotions is heightened now, and we sense the critical importance of doing so.
Gone are the days of “man up” and pretend you don’t feel anything. Now are the days where we “woman up” and feel what we need to be present with, so that we can move on with full integrity and fulfill our deeper callings.

The last of the seven squares between Pluto and Uranus just passed on Monday, the 16th. This has been another critical ingredient creating the poignancy and potential of the times. This square is the most influential of all astrological pulls for the decade, and here we are immersed in the peak. This square shakes us to our very cores, as a people and individually. The first of the seven squares was in mid-2012, and has been creating shockwaves ever since. If you know people who claim that nothing much is changing in their lives, or it’s all business as usual, I say 2 words: walking dead, or one word: denial. It is practically impossible to hold onto the old ways as the cosmos quake with the changes that could awaken us into our potential.

Some of us are going to lose loved ones, literally, in this time thru death or relationship endings *. Others are going to be immersed in the energy of loved ones who have passed out of their lives for one reason or another. Some will feel some of their toughest emotional states more intensely now, and others will be encountering life changes that warrant some tough good-byes. It is all part of the massive global clearing that sets the stage for the new.

With the oncoming front comes important new relationships, opportunities, and ideas. Some of the newness is being experienced as visions of a type of work one is to begin, or a new place of residence beckons. It may be a vision of an entirely new way to emotionally exist; a new courage involving being oneself fearlessly and shamelessly. Many of us are more easily accessing other dimensions now, and finding undeniable assistance, peace, and guidance, all in realms that supposedly don’t exist!! This is better than the best drugs, yet legal and free of the harmful side-effects…Wow! There are themes central to all of this newness involving the greater ease, passion, and joy with the new ways that are flooding in now, or will soon enough.

I want to emphasize how little it matters what side of the equation you currently find yourself on; the loss/grief or joy/potential side. In fact, they are simply two sides of the same coin, and we are all headed in the same direction at our own paces. In a certain way we are collectively learning how to turn our rowboats and float downstream…finally releasing the struggle and the suffering.

Enjoy the eclipse and the beautiful spring, and stay tuned for the lunar eclipse notes of April 4th! Happy New Year as well!

*For more info on specifics of your own chart and how this eclipse and the current astro –weather affects you personally ask about an astrological consultation

*We know that real love can never be lost and yet that is central to the human dilemma: the illusion that love can be lost is compelling


Walking the Moonlit Path: Virgo Full Moon-March 5 2015: Remembering how to Dream

This full moon stands out for quite a few reasons. It will be our last lunation before the final of the seven Uranus Pluto squares. This series of seven squares began technically in June of 2012, though we began to feel their rocking of our world two or more years before. The final square is under two weeks away: on the 16th of this month. We will undoubtedly feel the effects for years to come, and it may be longer than that before we can fully understand the impact. We are squarely in the times that could be called “act 2” with “act 1” being the sixties. As much as the world was changing on countless fronts in the sixties, individuals were changing in their consciousness, which was debatably the most profound change of all.
Consciousness is changing now, and fast, even though many attempt to cling to the old ways. We have been indoctrinated into beliefs around our own powerlessness and need to suffer and struggle for so long that many of us are going thru the proverbial ringer as these squares attempt to dredge all of these toxic thought patterns out of our systems. But how do we dream this new world into being, when we are often too depleted, stressed, and/or distracted to do more that get through the day? There seem to be catch 22’s abound, as the old beliefs tell us to use all of our energy to be good workers, and if there is leisure time, we are readily offered distractions that will deplete rather than feed our souls.
The fire trine is partly exact now, and the original trine of Uranus ( Aries ), Jupiter (Leo), and Saturn ( Sagittarius ) that is active for much of this year, is now joined by Mars and Venus in Aries, creating powerful support for the new ways that are all about joy, expression, creativity, and exploration vs. getting through the day. With Venus paired up with Uranus trining Jupiter closely, we are going to get some support, some breaks, and some breakthrus, if we will just put in some steady effort. That is where Saturn comes into the equation. We can’t sit back and coast now; not if we are determined to regain our lost ability to dream the world we are ready for back into being. One of the messages of this active fire trine is to find your inspiration and take a chance…leaps of faith are rewarded in times such as these. They also stoke our creative fires, making us want to dance, sing, play, and create…we are finding our passion!
The sun lines up with Chiron, the wounded healer, this week, giving us a chance to feel deeply into some of the core wounds that may be holding us back. Some of us will feel the heartbreak that seems to come with Chiron territory, while some will feel hints of mastery that come with integrating these lessons. Most of us will find a mix of the two.
Unusually, two yods ( aka “finger of God “ ) are featured in this full moon chart, one featuring the sun, and the other the moon. These formations involve 3 or more planets where 2 funnel energy towards a key focalizer planet. In this case, one focalizer is the moon and the other is Jupiter. These bodies will be providing answers and keys for these next few weeks. The moon reminds us to nurture ourselves and others…the care that we take of our bodies, minds, and souls will be our foundation for the amazing times that lie ahead. Anyone who has spent time watching the a sublime moonrise knows how intimately the moon is connected with the world of dreams. The moon can help us to slow down in ways that are essential if we are to regain our ability to soar. Jupiter helps us to stay expansive and positive, with the faith that when our visions and dreams are in the best interest of all, there are only reasons to know that they can come to pass.
Enjoy this unique full moon time and stay tuned for info on the extraordinary new moon total eclipse in the last degree of Pisces on the 20th! 03/05/2015

March 2015 | CFLM Magazine Check out my March horoscopes on pg 59, and look out for Virgo full moon on March 5 CFLM is designed to promote Southeastern North Carolina. Our objective is to let everyone know what’s in the area, what’s happening, and where to find Businesses and Services that you may need or want to know about.


Walking the Moonlit Path: Aquarian New Moon Feb 18 2015: The Surf is Up

By Shara Eisen

What an unusual new moon we had in Aquarius Wednesday. Since Aquarians are known for being full of surprises and “out of the box” it seems an appropriate weirdness. It is hair-splitting to even decide whether to consider it an Aquarius or a Pisces new moon, akin to a person being born being born 59 seconds after 11:59 pm…which day will you say is their birthday? You have to pick one; you can’t say you have both days as your birthday, and either side would be correct enough. Technically, the previous day would be the way to go, but some would say that it’s just a second away, so go with the new day. I went technical here, but you may see some calling this a Pisces New Moon. It can’t hurt to take both signs into account.
There are some key echoings of last month’s themes, but the heat is up now, and it will likely stay on steadily for at least the next 6 weeks. Here is what these active, heated times seem to mean:
1. We see more chaos “out there” in the world, on the news, etc
2. We experience more change in our own lives

There may not be much that we can do about the first part of this equation, but how we experience the change in our own lives could be with essential realizations and throwing off of outmoded habits that no longer serve. On the other end of the spectrum, life could feel like a series of stressful and even overwhelming challenges, or some of each. It has to do with how we deal with change and to some extent, how much we allow ourselves to get sucked into the chaos field around us, which can be magnetic.
The call with the Aquarian theme is to step out of our own little world, with our endless needs, desires, and dramas. This isn’t about judgment in the least, but rather about the necessary ingredients for thriving. When we get too caught up in our own little worlds we are inevitably headed for pettiness and discontent…too much “me” and we are simply a bigger version of a toddler, wondering why happiness seems so elusive. Aquarius calls us to get in touch with a bigger picture. Pisces is the sign that allows us to merge with something larger than ourselves, and thus has a key similarity to Aquarius, but Pisces takes it to the metaphysical level. With Aquarius we are joining with and caring for our planetary family, which includes humans of all nations, status, race and creed, as well as our animal family members. With Pisces we are joining with forces beyond our senses and beyond this dimension. We may get this transcendence with the help of a religious or spiritual practice, via dance, music, or other art forms, through nature or in a thousand other of our own ways. One thing is for sure; our need to transcend this dimension is deep within all of us, and if we don’t see to it that we are fed in this way, than the path of tune-out, addictions, and distractions is inevitable.
So, this new moon encourages us to expand the parameters of our typical life experiences and concerns in these key different ways. We can take some guidance from Venus and Mars on how we might broaden and grow. These two planets are traveling together for the next couple of weeks. They were in late Pisces at the time of the new moon, and entered into Aries at the end of the week. The planets ruling the feminine and masculine together in the skies give an opportunity for important inner balancing. It is also a critical time for us to see how we can re-imagine and re-create relationships that function well. So many women continue to be stunted if not crippled via their romantic lives, and men are by no means exempt here. The demands that we place on them, and importance that we give to them seem to be in need of change, as we learn that our true happiness and contentment has to be an inner job.
The square between Neptune and Saturn is about as exact as it is going to be until this Fall, when it becomes exact on Thanksgiving day for the first time. This combination can make us turn towards our addictive, compulsive, escapist behavior due to Saturn’s heaviness, or it can be just the recipe for freeing ourselves from the madness. With the emphasis on the romance planets this month, we may make some quantum leaps if we are amongst the many who get more than a little compulsive when it comes to relationships. The nodes of the moon are still involved enough with the Uranus Pluto square to be calling for quantum leaps now, and supporting whomever is ready to take this sort of jump. We are just weeks from the final of these seven squares ( 2012-2015), which surely shape the opening quarter century more than any other planetary configuration, and reflects the need and call for overwhelming change.
Stay tuned for the full moon report in a couple of weeks, and best of luck to all of us as we keep surfing the cosmic waves…the surf is up!


Leo Full Moon –Feb 3 2015 : Childhood Dreams and Joys

This month’s full moon highlites the polarity of Aquarius and Leo. The sun in Aquarius has the ever-notorious trickster Mercury retrograde in its homecourt, while the moon in Leo has Jupiter as her co-pilot. This makes for not just an interesting day, but a mood that influences at least a week on either side of this culmination.

Leo is the sign that propels us to find our childlike joys, which are often simple, creative, and amazingly fulfilling. The aid of Mercury retrograde and the moon’s trine to it’s south node may aide the path of distant memory, helping us recall the simple joys and dreams of childhood. It is too easy to lose touch with this simple knowledge as we enter the often overwhelming and serious world of “grown-ups”. Yikes! In a childlike, innocent, way, we desire recognition and affirmation from others, and may be driven to seek this in a number of ways, which could be positive or not . The low side to watch for in Leo is too much emphasis on self and need for admiration and/or attention. The latter can be enslaving, and the former can lead to a tremendous load of suffering, as a life filled with too much “me” is so apt to ensure. That said, it is so often these gregarious Leos that aren’t afraid to be the life of the party, hop on stage at the risk of ridicule, in the name of attention and expression, and life would surely be a tremendous bore without them. It is also important to remind that we are all every sign…we all have Leo somewhere in our charts, regardless of whether the natal sun, or any other heavenly bodies can be found there.

As for Aquarius, this was highlighted last new moon, and will be again in a couple weeks. We have the rare “ once in a blue moon” phenomena of two consecutive new moons in the same sign this winter, making it an ever-so Aquarian time.

This is the sign where we step out of our insular bubbles and extend love and concern beyond ourselves and immediate clan. We have the ability here to get how truly we are one global family, filled not just with people of all colors and creeds, but with other species as well, with equal rights to take up space on the planet. When we feel moved by a cause beyond our own selves or clan’s well-being, Aquarian impulses are at hand. We may feel inspired to work for the good of all, and we don’t seek glory, fame , or recognition in this sign, we simply seek to be effective agents of change and healing.
Too much of the Aquarian low side can look like a depressing version of communism, where life has become too gray and people become automatons, simply because the Leo gifts of individual inspiration, creativity and joy have been repressed.

With the sun close to Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, where it will continue its backwards journey for another week plus, we can expect some Mercury retrograde emphasis all week. Presently, I have been interrupted no less than a dozen times since I have sat down to write today, with the plumbers mixed up schedule on the heels of the yardworker’s mix-up necessitating a plumber…on and on it goes. I can’t complain since I am so thrilled to have running water once again. My recommendation is to put off any sort of work, repairs, and purchases that can be put off until the 11th when Mercury goes direct, and ideally give it a little time, a few days to a week, to gather some speed. We can’t always put these things off, but sometimes when we wait, the problems will astonish us by fixing themselves ( many an uncooperative laptop has done just this )!

Lastly, this is a heavily Piscean month, even though neither the sun nor moon is there now, we do have Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron, and that’s a big planetary party. The experience won’t feel like a party to some of us, at least not all of the time, as Pisces energy can make us feel overwhelmed and victimized when we fall out of balance. We feel a pull towards other dimensions in Pisces, which can be played with in a healthy supportive way, or not. Alcohol, drugs, workaholism, excessive screens, and other addictions/distractions can represent a lack of healthy channels for this calling. Yet, there are countless ways, neutral to positive, to channel these impulses: playing music, yoga, meditation, prayer, dreaming, painting, and stargazing are just a few. The time is ripe for new breakthroughs along the lines of these dreamy places and faraway dimensions, so don’t do so much snoozing that the opportunity passes you by.

Enjoy the ride…and see you again on the 2nd Aquarian new moon on Feb 18!





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