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My quality of life has drastically changed for the better. Nicest doctor I ever dealt with and has been great even tho I miss our phone call meetings all the time. I have brain problems, he gets it tho.
PCYP members can save $70 EVERY MONTH! The Frank Institute for Health and Wellness loves partnering with Port City Young Professionals, so they are offering a HUGE DISCOUNT for anyone who attends the #PCYP monthly events.

Every month, on the day AFTER a PCYP in-person event, they are offering a special Performance & Recovery IV for $30. This IV, normally $100, is a leading treatment for dehydration, joint discomfort, vitamin/nutrient deficiency, & energy-boosting! It also really helps if you had a little too much fun at the event!

All you need to do is call their office at (910) 679-8534, schedule your appointment for that day, & come on in. They cannot wait to serve you, because at the Frank Institute, you live - they help!
Join us TODAY for a chance to ⭐️WIN⭐️
- This bag filled with 2 glasses, a towel, and koozie for your next beach day donated by Spot Real Estate
Along with...
Free 30 Minutes on the simulator at Rounds Golf & Ledo Pizza
- 2 Passes to Battle House Laser Tag - Wilmington donated by Wilmington Today
- One (1) free Catawba Brewing - Wilmington branded straw sun hat
- FREE headshot ($199 value) by Chris Brehmer Photography
- 3 Pack of B-12 Shots OR Performance & Recovery IV with a B-12 Push donated by Frank Institute for Health and Wellness
- 2 tickets to a Thalian Association Community Theatre production donated by Thalian Association
- (2) 1 Free Week of Coworking at Blue Mind Coworking
- Shirt, glass, koozie, and $15 gift card package ($50 value) courtesy of Poe's Tavern - Wrightsville Beach
- $30 gift certificate to Pour Taproom Wilmington
- $50 gift card to True Blue Butcher & Table
We are SO excited to finally see you all in person this Thursday!
After having to delay this event one week due to last week's severe weather threat, we're happy to say we expect pleasant, warmer weather this Thursday for our in-person networking event hosted by City Club of Wilmington and sponsored by Frank Institute for Health and Wellness!

Session 1 had two tickets open up, so hurry and grab them before they're gone!

Session 2 has only a dozen open tickets now, so get yours today!

Thank you to Frank Institute for Health and Wellness for being a Sponsor for the 2021 NHRMC Wilmington Marathon! Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated for this year's event.
We want to thank City Club of Wilmington and Frank Institute for Health and Wellness for hosting and sponsoring this upcoming Thursday's in-person networking event! We can't wait to see you all there!

Our list of raffles for our March 18th event hosted by City Club of Wilmington and sponsored by Frank Institute for Health and Wellness is growing!

Join us for a chance to win:


- 3 pack of Performance & Recovery IVs donated by Frank Institute ($297 value)


- 2 tickets to Annie (For use March 19-26) donated by Thalian Association plus 1 free week of 1/2 theater camp for Creative Arts Camp
- (2) 1 Free Week of Coworking at Blue Mind Coworking
- Shirt, glass, koozie and $15 gift card package ($50 value) courtesy of Poe's Tavern - Wrightsville Beach
- $30 gift certificate to Pour Taproom Wilmington
- $50 gift card to True Blue Butcher & Table

A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR Frank Institute for Health and Wellness
For restoration, recovery, and rebuilding, the Frank Institute is here to help you live healthier, train better, and enjoy life. Give us a call at 910-679-8534.
Learn More 👉
Golfers turned out to support the Southport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce at the Carolina National Golf Club on December 4th. The Southport-Oak Island Golf Classic is a fundraising event for the Southport Oak Island Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit membership-based organization focused on creating business opportunities.

The December tournament was postponed from its usual May date due to COVID-19 restrictions. Outdoor activities like golf have social distancing naturally built into the sport and can be enjoyed, even in groups, without any close physical interaction among players. However, working with the professionals at Carolina National Golf Club, changes were made to make the event safer including pre-loading box lunches and drinks in the carts and eliminating the awards ceremony. On the course, employees from First National Bank in Southport and Frank Institute distributed hand sanitizer.

This year the tournament added a chipping game prior to the start and during the event. The “Chip a Shot Into the Pot” was both challenging and entertaining as individuals attempted to chip into a toilet donated by Moffitt Builders, LLC. The winner Cody Kratzer a member of Frank Institute for Health and Wellness team was the only one who was able to keep the ball in the bowl. Mr. Kratzer won an Electric Grill from Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation and a case of toilet paper. Each player who attempted received a MoonPie for their efforts.

1st Place in the Championship Flight went to the Allen Kinney Electrical Team: Allen Kinney, Timmy Robinette, Pat Cullifer and Gerald Harrington.

First Flight: Farm Bureau Insurance Team: Ken White, Joe Yalch, Adam Byrd, Jamie Perritt.

Mixed Flight: Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS Team: Margaret & Al Bishop, Mike Reaves, Pat Goodman.

Ladies Flight: Rivermist Creekers Team: Michelle Taylor, Deb Sullivan, Annette Prout and Debbie Bjorkman

Winners for the Closest to the Pin prizes were: Timmy Dean, Pat Goodman, Brian Frank, Gene Duckworth, Susan Morrison and Cori Booth.

The organizing Committee for the event was Co-Chairs Adam Powell, AAMS, Edward Jones & Ben Frazier, The State Port Pilot and Committee Members Randy Moffitt, Moffitt Builders and Joe Biernat, Joe’s Golf Simulator. The Committee expressed its appreciation to all its sponsors and volunteers including Platinum Sponsors: Frank Institute, BEMC, and Rudd Sold Group, Brooke Rudd-Gaglie of Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS. A special thanks to Jeff Phieffer and Carolina National Golf Club Staff for their support.
Holiday Gift Idea from Frank Institute for Health and Wellness - Enjoy $50 off of this initial consult, just for being a part of Small Business Saturday.

Thank you Frank Institute for Health and Wellness for being our sponsor and supporting runners in our area!

Frank Institute is the Cape Fear Region’s Leader in Restorative & Regenerative Medicine. Where 'You Live. We Help!'
Join us today around 3:15 on The Big Talker 106.7 FM. We will be a guest on Dr. Frank of the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness radio show. Thank you Dr. Frank for the opportunity to talk about the area and the Chamber.

The Cape Fear Region’s Leader in Restorative & Regenerative Medicine. Where 'You Live. We Help!'

Operating as usual


Frank Institute will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (22nd-26th) to celebrate the holiday. We wish all our patients the happiest Thanksgiving. We will reopen on the 29th. Thank you!!


So today starts a new chapter of Frank Institute for Health and Wellness!!
We are now at our new office! We have moved to 1410 Commonwealth Suite 102B! Just down the road from our old office.
I can’t thank everyone enough who has given so much to the growth of this practice! I am so humbled and thankful to all of you!


We are so excited to welcome Kathy Mann to the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness! Kathy has spent the past several years dedicated to helping her patients live their best lives!


Don’t accept the aches, the pains, the mood swings, or any of those things that you’ve just assumed are ‘always going to be that way’. Give us a try! Let us evaluate how you feel & hear the symptoms you’re suffering from.

Maybe the solution is just an appointment away!

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Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain 08/12/2021

Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain

Dealing with back pain? We have the fix for you! Watch Morgan explain how our unique acoustic wave therapy treats injury & inflammation, & retrains your pain receptors!


Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain Our own Morgan Campbell explains how the Frank Institute uses acoustic wave therapy to treat lower back pain, and retrain your body's understanding of pain s...


Our team for the 2021 WILMA Dash is filling out! Call us ASAP, & see if we can reserve your spot (& your swag) for the September 21st race here in Wilmington. Our number is 910-679-8534!

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Exciting times at the Frank Institute! We are growing!! And we need YOU to help us. We are looking for a Medical Receptionist, so please share this post, link people in the comments, & help us find our next team member!!

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Home - Frank Institute For Health and Wellness 07/05/2021

Home - Frank Institute For Health and Wellness

How was your Fourth celebration this weekend? If it was a little too good, our IV's are terrific for rehydration, recovery, and minor aches and pains from going a little too hard!

Get your week off to a good start with an IV at the Frank Institute!!

#recovery #hangovercure #youlivewehelp

Home - Frank Institute For Health and Wellness Home HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Every person experiences aging, injuries, and hormonal imbalances differently. These surveys offer our staff a confidential glimpse into your symptoms, challenges, & experiences before you ever walk into our doors. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Restorative & Regenerative Medicine At....


Have a great July 4th! We look forward to seeing you Monday morning, as we are back to our regular hours!

#july4th #wilmingtonnc #youlivewehelp


IV's are great for so many things that promote optimal health and higher daily performance, but all IV's are not created equally! Tailored IV's around your symptoms and labwork make IV's at the Frank Institute a class above anything you can find anywhere else!


Following a terrific June, we have given our team a much needed extended weekend off! So we are closed today & tomorrow, but will be back to regular hours Monday morning.

Have a safe & sensational Fourth!

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Acoustic Wave Therapy is absolutely life changing, & not only helps our bodies recover & disperse pain, but it can truly heal chronic conditions like lower back pain!

Call us today to find out how AWT might restore your body to optimal conditions!!

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We are proud to know so many wonderful soldiers who help make this nation great. And we also honor those we have lost in service to our great nation, on this Memorial Day.

If you know a soldier struggling through pain from injury or work, issues around rest or focus, or just need an ally in the medical world that will truly listen and help, we offer all military personnel a 10% discount on all of our services!

#youlivewehelp #MemorialDay #Wilmingtonnc


During these summer months, it's important to stay hydrated, protect your skin, and maintain better energy. IV Therapy at the Frank Institute is the fast, affordable treatment that will get you there!

With a range of treatments, some IVs can be completed in as little as 20 minutes!! So call us today to book an IV, and find out for yourself how at the Frank Institute, you live - we help!

#youlivewehelp #wilmingtonnc #ivtherapy

Photos from Frank Institute for Health and Wellness's post 05/18/2021

Good morning! How are you feeling today? Groggy? Sore? Tired of being tired all day? Missing gains in the gym? Just know that something isn't right, but no one seems to be able to figure out what's wrong?

We are the Frank Institute, & we are here to help!



Do you follow us on YouTube? Videos are updated often to help our clients with their treatment & recovery plans, & answer questions we are commonly asked!


Plantar Fasciitis can be an excruciating condition that can impact anyone. Marked by sharp pains across the base of the foot and real discomfort in walking or running, relief can be hard to find.

If you have questions about how Acoustic Wave Therapy at the Frank Institute, can soothe this pain and reduce the inflammation, read our new blog at


Whether you just finished a marathon last week, or you've hit the gym again, renewed for an upcoming summer, injuries happen.

Some injuries require a little more recovery than ice packs and stretching, and the Frank Institute is here to serve! Acoustic Wave Therapy, IV therapies, and a wide range of Hormone Replacement Therapies give our team a unique opportunity to help you build your recovery game plan, so give us a call!


Got an issue but can’t make it into our office? Too far away? Still not comfortable going inside a small building? We offer a wide range of telemedicine options for everyone. So call us today to book your telehealth appointment.

#youlivewehelp #telemedicine #hormonetherapy


Local business supporting locals!

We are excited to be a part of the 2021 NHRMC Wilmington Marathon.

Thank you to Frank Institute for Health and Wellness for being a Sponsor for the 2021 NHRMC Wilmington Marathon! Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated for this year's event.


We love the chance to serve our patients, & help men & women restore their health and energy! When we say 'you live - we help', we mean it!!

#youlivewehelp #frankinstitute


ED is hard to talk about. We get it. But we have a real doctor to advise you, and a real treatment that has successfully treated erectile dysfunction for men of all ages.

Our office is confidential. And Acoustic Wave Therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment for ED.

Let our team help you get back to living your life!



We have several IV's that encourage active hydration and vitamin infusion, so let's meet one of those! The Performance & Recovery IV is amazing for so many people.

Read the 5 Facts below, & if the P&R IV is for you, schedule your appointment today! You could be in & out in under 30 minutes.

#youlivewehelp #wilmingtonnc


In the middle of your diet and exercise, focusing on your big goals, we are offering a huge boost with this discount on XanthiTrim - throughout the rest of January, come by our office for this incredible weight loss supplement to add to your regimen!

And for anything else you need on life's journey, you live - we help!

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The Big Talker 106.7 FM

On this week of Finding The Way Back with Dr. Gabe Frank and host Brad Caldwell we talk about loss. We welcome Tom Biddulph, creator Good Grievings!

Finding the Way Back with Dr. Gabe Frank


One final tip for a healthy start to your New Year!! Put the screens down. Aside from the benefits we've listed, you're also more likely to go outside, exercise, take a walk, talk to someone else, or grab a book if your screens are down!

We hope these tips have helped you get a great start to 2021! As you continue on in your health journey, the Frank Institute is here to help you restore you to optimal health!

#youlivewehelp #wilmingtonnc #healthtips


We still have a couple tips for a healthy start to your 2021! And today, we just want to encourage you to set some short term goals.

Take a walk every day this week.
Go to bed a little earlier tonight.
Avoid that one snack until the Championship Game this weekend.
And when you win at all these goals, celebrate by planning even more goals to accomplish!

#youlivewehelp #frankinstitute #healthtips #Wilmingtonnc


We don't know if you know this or not, but exercise is... like... super good for you!

And we are talking 30 minutes a day. 3.5 hours a week. Walking, jogging, lifting, rowing, circuit training, running, swimming, etc. Just get out there! We could all use a super healthy 2021!

#healthtips #youlivewehelp #frankinstitute #wilmingtonnc #exercise


Oops! We were supposed to post this earlier today... but we didn't get much sleep last night....

And sleep is SO important. Aside from the benefits to memory, productivity & energy, your body just needs to be able to recharge! So get some rest people!!

#youlivewehelp #frankinstitute #wilmingtonnc


Tip #4: Let's step back from the technology-driven world we live in & meditate. Breathe. Take 10 minutes every day... yes, every, single day... to help you relax and reduce anxiety!

#youlivewehelp #justbreathe #meditation


The Big Talker 106.7 FM

Mental health & resolutions, with Dr. Frank & Brad on Finding the Way Back.

Finding the Way Back with Dr. Gabe Frank


Let's keep those healthy tips rolling in!

Tip #3 - Eat breakfast! No, not bowls of cereal or loaves of bread. Get your body charged up properly with proper nutrition, energy boosting ingredients, and the kind of fuel that gets your brain and body motivated!

If you're keeping count, that's hydrate, remember your veggies, & eat breakfast! Another tip coming later today!

#youlivewehelp #breakfast #wilmingtonnc


What's better than one health tip? Two!!

That's right. We are doing health tip 'two-a-days' to get you ready for the new year. And this evening it's a simple reminder to add some veggies into your meal plans, for all of the dietary & nutritional value that they bring to your plate!

#youlivewehelp #eatyourveggies #eathealthy #healthtips #healthandnutrition #eatbetter #happynewyear #newyearsresolution #healthyin2021


As we all turn to a new year, we've learned a lot. But mostly, we've learned that we can only control what we can control. So let's end the year with a few health tips to inspire us into 2021!

First up, the importance of hydration! Proper hydration benefits cardiovascular, muscle, & joint health. Staying hydrated also keeps skin healthy, our bodies staying cool, and is the safest & easiest cleanser that we can take in.

So grab some water, & finish this Monday off strong!



Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season!

Our team is off for the rest of the week, but we look forward to helping you get back to a better life Monday morning!

#youlivewehelp #happyholidays

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This holiday season, consider putting hormone optimization on the wish list!




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