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We received the following alert yesterday:

This equine arbovirus health alert is to notify you that we have received a laboratory report confirming the first positive case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) for 2021 in North Carolina in an unvaccinated two-year old gelding in Pender County.

If you have any questions, please contact your equine veterinarian to discuss further. If you’re looking for a veterinarian in the area, we recommend Reagan Equine MVS 🐴
Hope came to us on December 21st 2020 on the plea of a woman who heard of us through the equine community as someone who might could save this sweet soul. Hope is emaciated, covered in painful rain rot, and at some point lost an eye! Despite being cold and weak, she is sweet and curious. She wants to see what I am doing as I make the indoor safer for her and her sight limitations, she was unsure of her mash dinner but gladly accepted food! She was exhausted from her trip a few counties away where she was found. A good person meant well trying to help her, but bit off more than they could handle! Hope is a QH x Appaloosa cross that come from cattle working lines from what they were told. But none of that matters now... Now we just have to try to feed her without killing her and literally save her skin! 💔

We will be getting the vet out hopefully this week to check her over! Feel free to donate to her care here, Reagan Equine MVS, B and K General Store on our accounts for vet care and Tribute feed; or Standlee Alfalfa Hay!
Counting down the days until Christmas with our friends at Reagan Equine MVS 🎄
Well this just happened... 🤦🏼‍♀️. 2020 Won’t quit. Had to take a super early lunch to take in two paint mares. Age unknown. They seem sweet just very overwhelmed! They were taken in by an Animal Control agency yesterday and then hauled to me today. We have a call into the vet already. The black mare seems painful when she eats. Luckily we have cubes on hand to soak for later. 💔
Why???? God these poor animals 💔🤬 please help is help them!

Veterinary Care will be with Reagan Equine MVS 910-792-6001 you can feel free to call in and put money on our account there!

Feed will be purchased through B and K General Store 910-259-5200 you can call in donations to our account there for feed!

We also need Standlee alfalfa hay from or Tractor Supply! Feel free to PM for shipping detail or delivery information
To our veterinarians who help us no matter what! Thank you for following your calling on World Veterinary Day!❤️ Mallory Bradbury DVM, Ginger Reagan DVM, Johanna Parker DVM, and Joni Shimp DVM we simply could not do it without you! Reagan Equine MVS Rocky Point Animal Hospital
Over the past week, Ryley had a good week and enjoyed the warm sunshine, riding her bike, & all the new baby calves being born on the farm. This stage of her treatment isn't as harsh and should allow her to do a little more than what she's been able to do in the past. Of course, we have to use caution & moderation, but she's enjoyed a little more freedom.

The trip to clinic was special this week. We stopped in Raleigh for supper and ate at Amedo’s. This “Wolfpack restaurant” as Ryley called it is filled with NC State paraphernalia and happens to be where Marc took me out on our first date. Then there was a stop at Insomnia Cookies on Franklin Street at UNC too. At clinic, her port access went much smoother & her counts looked very good. Rising platelets & ANC level was a plus. She got to wrap up the day with a little partying at Reagan Equine’s Halloween party with her sister and friends.
Love this! Ryley has support from friends and family all over the US. Our vet’s office posted this picture showing their support and there’s even some furry paws and claws in the mix! Thanks to everyone at Reagan Equine for your love, prayers & support!
Maya and Spirit 🐎♥️
Maya wanted to share Spirit's first time under saddle.
Folks - Those of you in NC that are in a panic about a 6 month health certificate/equine passport and riding at Kings Mtn Sate Park, I just got off the phone with the NC state vet's office. Here is where it stands - the old 6 month Equine Passport program is going away as of July 1, 2019 and then the online Global Vet Link (GVL) Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI) will take effect, which will require you to go through your vet to get it and they must first be enrolled with GVL to get this done for you.

But... if you can get a 30 day health certificate done in the next day or two with your local vet and you submit your Equine Passport Application along with your current coggins, health cert., 3 digital photos of the horse and $5 per horse and you notify the NC State Vet that you are sending it in before June 30, then they will still issue you a 6 month equine passport that will still be effective.

This might help a few of you that have the ability to get that done in the next few days.

For the rest of us, we need to be having a discussion with our vets to make sure they are set up with the online GVL system and find out what the attached fees will be per horse

Also, as it stands right now, it is my understanding that if you are issued an EECVI for 6 months then everytime you cross state lines you are supposed to record your travels with GVL. I expressed my concern about this for those that live right next door to Kings Mountain but are technically in NC and might frequent the park 3-4 times per week that this was a bit excessive and unrealistic. They agreed with me and said that they had a call into GVL to see if a once a month entry would suffice. They are supposed to get back with me on an answer.

I would also like to stress that what happened at Kings Mtn State Park this weekend was not a park mandated thing. This was coming directly from the South Carolina State Vets office and is their legal right, as the law does state that if you cross state lines with horse, livestock or poultry, you technically should have a current health certificate or 6 month passport/extended veterinary inspection certificate.

Reagan Equine...Will this affect what we need to cross state line as Virginia? What will we need to do if so. This is the first I have heard of this. Also, We travel to SC frequently to shows and other farms. This seems a little excessive.
Love seeing people recognized for the good work they're doing! The AAEP recently honored Dr. Ginger Reagan with the Good Works Distinction for the services she provided to horses after Hurricane Florence last year: Reagan Equine MVS
Dr. Ginger Reagan embodies community commitment. She established the unique Junior Vet Club in 2016 in Wilmington, N.C., to introduce area children to proper horse care and hopefully inspire a few future horse doctors along the way. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence's devastating landfall last September, Dr. Reagan and her team at Reagan Equine MVS responded to stranded horses by airboat and used the clinic as a food distribution point for animal owners.

Please join us in thanking Dr. Ginger Reagan, April's Good Works for Horses honoree, for her service to horses! Is there a horse doctor you'd like to nominate?

Reagan Equine’s goal is to increase the soundness, enhance the performance and better the heatlh o

Reagan Equine Mobile Veterinary Services is a comprehensive practice dedicated to the well-being of all of our patients. Our goal is to increase the soundness, enhance the performance and better the heatlh of all of our patients.

Operating as usual


Don't forget to comment below if you plan to attend Junior Vet Club, it's going to be a fun one!


We are without power & phones. Please call the 910-792-6001 and have the vet on call paged if you have an emergency with your horse.

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Our new associate, Dr. Lindsey Arthur is excited to be offering acupuncture therapies in addition to our other services here at Reagan Equine. She obtained her certification in Veterinary Acupuncture from the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL. Give the office a call to schedule your acupuncture appointment today.


Many of you have already met her. Please help us in welcoming Dr. Arthur to our team.


Ready or not, fall is right around the corner! As a horse owner, the best part about this time of the year is knowing we won't have to deal with as many insect-related issues. However, now is also the time to start thinking about housing, nutrition and preventative health strategies suitable for the arrival of winter.

Your equine veterinarian is one of your greatest allies this season: be sure to give them a call soon to discuss vaccination and deworming protocols appropriate for your horse’s situation; use this opportunity to chat about recommended changes in nutrition and exercise program as well!


Ready or not, fall is right around the corner! As a horse owner, the best part about this time of the year is knowing we won't have to deal with as many insect-related issues. However, now is also the time to start thinking about housing, nutrition and preventative health strategies suitable for the arrival of winter.

Your equine veterinarian is one of your greatest allies this season: be sure to give them a call soon to discuss vaccination and deworming protocols appropriate for your horse’s situation; use this opportunity to chat about recommended changes in nutrition and exercise program as well!


Summer is one of the best time of the year to be a horse owner but heat, aggressive insects and drought-hardened pastures can really impact the health and comfort of our equine friends.

For example, some horses are unable to sweat properly; this compromises their ability to thermoregulate even in weather that doesn’t seem that hot and therefore puts them at higher risk of heat stress. This particular condition, called anhidrosis, is not fully understood yet and can affect any horse in varying degrees. If your horse has a high respiratory rate and does not seem to tolerate turnout on hot days, be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian.

Our friends at Equus Magazine talk about the importance of sweat and offer additional valuable strategies to help your horse cope with hot weather-related problems in their issue of EquusExtra dedicated to summer care. Read more at


Want to come join our fun team and work with amazing horses? We are looking to hire someone with excellent horse experience to help us in the barn on the weekends. Please send your resume to [email protected].

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We had a great time with our Junior Vet Club last week! From making brownie eyeballs to hunting for f***l eggs, we had a lot of fun! A huge thank you to Zoetis for providing dinner and ice cream & to Ritner Goff for donating his time to teach us all about the equine hoof.


We are so thankful for our amazing clients!!

Have you been waiting longer than usual for an open appointment with your veterinarian or been unable to access after-hours services for your horse? The shortage of equine veterinarians in the U.S. is likely the cause. Many veterinary practices have too few horse doctors to service all their clients.

Why? Only about 6% of new veterinary graduates annually enter equine practice. After five years, 50% of these young veterinarians leave for small animal practice or quit veterinary medicine altogether. The primary reasons are the personal demands of the profession and equine practice’s lower starting salaries. Many new veterinarians begin their career with more than $200,000 in student loan debt, making an equine position with lower compensation often unthinkable. When financial concerns are combined with the always present demands of emergency coverage, many equine veterinarians choose to leave for a healthier way of life.

The good news is that the AAEP along with private veterinary practices and veterinary schools are addressing the pain points which have led to the current crisis. But the solution is complex and will require the support and collaboration of every person in the equine industry — including horse owners. As we work to improve the profession for current and future veterinarians, you have a huge role to play in the much-needed transformation of equine practice. Horse doctors look forward to working together with you for the good of the horse and the sustainability of veterinary care!


Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight 🙂

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Marshmallow is getting ready for Jr Vet Club tonight!!💕


Looking forward to Jr Vet Club tonight!

Jr Vet Club is back!


Costco shopping for Jr Vet Club!!💕


Jr Vet Club is back!


Team Rich Strike


Sign up ends soon for the Reagan Equine 2022 Wellness Plan


The Equine Disease Communication Center is closely monitoring the recent Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) outbreaks in California.

EHV-1 most often causes a respiratory disease which is usually mild and self-limiting, but the infection occasionally leads to the life-threatening neurologic disease equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopthy (EHM).

To date (2.25.22), a total of 50 horses have been confirmed positive in the San Mateo, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Read the full news release at:

For the latest information about EHV, visit the EDCC's website at:

Timeline photos 01/21/2022

UPDATE: Please note that the office will be closing at 2:00PM today due to the weather.

Photos from Reagan Equine MVS's post 01/20/2022

Photos from Reagan Equine MVS's post

Photos from Reagan Equine MVS's post 01/19/2022

Here is our January/February 2022 Newsletter! Time to get ready for Dental month! We look forward to seeing y'all soon!


Canter hooves slow motion


American Association of Equine Practitioners

Espophageal obstruction, or “choke,” is a common equine emergency but can look alarming, especially if you've never seen it before. Unlike in human medicine, where choking refers to a tracheal (or windpipe) obstruction, choke in horses refers to an obstruction of the esophagus, the muscular tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.

Most commonly, choking occur when horses eat concentrated feed too quickly without chewing it appropriately, which results in a firm bolus lodged in the animal's esophagus. However, esophageal obstruction can also occur with hay or straw, hard treats, carrots, or nonfood objects. Poor dentition, which leads to inadequate chewing, is also a frequent cause of choke.

While common, chokes can have serious consequences so be sure to call your veterinarian as soon as you notice signs of choke. A bad choke is fairly obvious to both veterinarians and horse owners, but a mild choke could be confused with an upper respiratory tract infection or colic.

Read more about this condition on our website at See less


Due to the storms, our power & phones are down. We currently have the phones re-routed to our cell phones for emergencies.


Get a running start on 2022 with AAEP

Best wishes for a successfull 2022. Happy New Year, everyone!


Long Live The Horse | Zoetis Equine

We are blessed to do what we love!

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Behind the scenes with Santa's veterinarian, AVMA President Dr. Jose Arce

Santa's reindeer have been cleared to fly tonight!


Reagan Equine will be closed for the Christmas Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families. We will be closed on Friday December 24th & will re-open on Monday December 27. If your horse has an emergency, please call our office to have the veterinarian on call paged. We wish you a Happy Holidays!

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Colic is not a disease, but rather a combination of signs that alert us to abdominal pain in the horse. Colic can range from mild to severe, but it should never be ignored. Many of the conditions that cause colic can become life threatening in a relatively short period of time. Only by quickly and accurately recognizing colic – and seeking qualified veterinary help – can the chance for recovery be maximized.

Virtually any horse is susceptible to colic; while equines seem predisposed to colic due to the anatomy and function of their digestive tracts, management still plays a key role in prevention. And although not every case is avoidable, the guidelines listed in the graphic can maximize your horse’s health and reduce the risk of colic.

For more information about colic prevention and treatment, consult your equine veterinarian. Additional colic information is available on our website at

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Photos from 1 Oak Equestrian Club's post


Reagan Equine will be emergency only today in honor of Memorial Day. We hope everyone gets to enjoy a day with their families. If you have an emergency with your horse, please call the office and have the answering service page the doctor on call. 910-792-6001

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