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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃.
Remember to give yourself grace today too. 💕

Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm 03/20/2020

Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm

For all of you with a curious mind like mine, I found this so interesting.

This is a very informative interview with Michael Osterholm that talks about infectious diseases including Covid19.

Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in...

BEAP | usbg-foundation 03/18/2020

BEAP | usbg-foundation

For all you bartenders and servers...
Please take the time and apply for this assistance!

BEAP | usbg-foundation Please read through the Selection Criteria and Eligibility Requirements for the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program and if you believe that you are eligible, please fill out the application making sure to include the required supporting documents.


Make this the best year yet!

Why You Should Pay Attention To World Mental Health Day 10/10/2018

Why You Should Pay Attention To World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day!
Why is this so important?
Because mental health is imperative for our overall well being. ...For every single person on earth!

When we aren’t mentally strong our immune system suffers, making us more susceptible to disease and illness. Our relationships can go haywire. We don’t function at optimal performance levels.

Address whatever is bothering you or not working well in your life. Be strong and fight it head on!

Why You Should Pay Attention To World Mental Health Day If you’ve ever heard the term ‘mental health’ and thought this isn’t for me, you may just want to keep reading. While the language around mental health and mental illness has existed for decades, the conversation itself has become far more open and relevant to all (and rightly so).


Studies show that optimism reduces the stress hormone, increases energy, boosts the immune system and improves your general satisfaction with life.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to lead with a grateful heart in times of tragedy, desperation, frustration, disappointment and sadness, It is exactly what your body and soul need you to do.

Take a chance and find gratitude in your life.


With both Bud(dh)a as my teachers, I’ve come to understand that life is itchy…a journey filled with joy, love, happiness, frustration, friendship, yearning, loneliness, learning, doubt, fear, failure, success, creativity, and an overwhelming sense of awe.

Could it really be as simple as embracing fluidity, like a wave in the ocean, continually renewing itself without judgement or expectation, accepting each moment as perfection?

Or maybe it’s just to embrace the itch!

Read more on our blog


Start living today without regrets!


It is when we stop trying to control the outcome that beauty unfolds.
Breathe and let be.


Happy Friday! I thought today would be the perfect day to introduce Buda, pronounced Buddha, but easier to spell, since spelling is not Buda’s strong suit. Giving lots of love, calming the anxious minds, napping, eating and protecting those who might be in need are just a few of his glorious strengths.

When you work with InnerCoastal Coaching, Buda is part of the experience. You can’t help leaving your sessions feeling better!

Tune in on Fridays to follow Buda’s story. It’s a sweet one.


Happy ! Let’s get centered and get through this Wednesday!


Mondays are the perfect day to set an intention for your week. If you had a stressful day at work today, try setting an intention to stay in the present moment and not to bring work home with you!


HOT TIP of the day:

Action = Motivation = Completion

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Waiting for motivation to kick in? Instead of waiting for life to start happening to you, start living your life now!

Pick out the easiest piece of your task and start there. That little bit of movement will create some motivation which will eventually lead you to the finish line!


Wednesday = mid-week grind; not friday!
Do something that you love today, even just for 10 minutes.


Wednesday Wisdom with Maggie

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective!


Committing to a decision can be scary. I really get that. But living in a state of indecision can eat away at your happiness. DM me to schedule a free UnStuck Yourself Session, and start living your dream life.


Start setting your intention to get exactly what you want in life. Like attracts like, so think about what you DO want and not what you don’t want. Focus on your dreams, not your fears!


Focusing on what you can do right now is the key to a calm mind, which allows us to find clarity and gain momentum toward reaching our goals.

Francesco Molinari reaches new heights thanks to coach Dave Alred 07/23/2018

Francesco Molinari reaches new heights thanks to coach Dave Alred

People are achieving astonishing results with personal performance coaches more than ever! Want to reach the next level in your performance? InnerCoastal Coaching has you covered! DM me to schedule a session.

Francesco Molinari reaches new heights thanks to coach Dave Alred Francesco Molinari has reaped the rewards of working alongside renowned performance coach Dave Alred after winning his first major, The Open, at Carnoustie at the weekend.


Sometimes when we relax and lean into it is when the solution appears.
InnerCoastal Coaching can help you find the answers. Schedule your UnStuck Yourself! Session today.


Nourish your soul this weekend.


“The end of one gives way to the beginning of another”...
Always remember the journey is filled with possibility. Take some time over the holiday to reflect and rejuvenate.

Timeline Photos 06/21/2018

Did you know that today is the Summer Solstice? Which means that despite all these already hot temps ☀️ we are officially in the summer season! What are some of your fun summer plans?!

Timeline Photos 06/20/2018

Don't live in ? Or maybe just don't have time to leave the house? I understand! Which is why I offer Life Coaching via phone. 📲 DM me if you're interested in trying out our Coaching Calls - Start your new life today!

Timeline Photos 06/18/2018

Your thoughts have more power than you think! Focusing on our minds and empowering our thoughts comes first. Then comes everything else. 😊

Timeline Photos 06/15/2018

And don't you forget it!

Timeline Photos 06/13/2018

Isn't is crazy how nature can speak to your soul? The ocean always gives me clarity. What's your favorite outdoor spot to find peace?

Timeline Photos 06/12/2018

Life's tough. Trust me, I get it. Why don't we try growing from our setbacks instead of dwelling on them?

Timeline Photos 06/08/2018

Say goodbye to your fears and hello to your dreams when you begin your life-coaching sessions with InnerCoastal Coaching! 💛

Timeline Photos 06/06/2018

Are you a busy, on the go person who finds it difficult to schedule in face to face appointments? Do you find some of your best work happens when you are on the phone? Are you traveling all the time? InnerCoastal Coaching conveniently offers coaching sessions by phone and via Skype and FaceTime at a private time that works for you! 📲

Timeline Photos 06/04/2018

Here is your Monday morning reminder that you have the ability to take your thoughts captive. Think positive. Be hopeful. Expect better. Watch your mind transform your life!




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