Women Advance- New Hanover

Women Advance- New Hanover


Hi folks,

If you'd like to join the (virtual) Stories Beyond Borders event tonight, below are some instructions on how to join.

You'll be able to tune-in through Facebook Live on the Women AdvaNCe page or through Zoom.

Instructions are in this image, and in the comments on the original thread on our page. Also In the comments is a link to more info about what Stories Beyond Borders is.

The program will be from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm and will go as follows:
-Screening of the films in the Stories Beyond Borders series

If you have any questions please tag me and let me know.
Thank you!
June is Immigrant Heritage Month and Refugee Awareness Month. This month Women AdvaNCe will be sharing true stories from women who have had to make the difficult choice to immigrate to the U.S.

Our first story is about a family from Venezuela who now resides in Chapel Hill. They fled their home due to violence in their country. Read this powerful story, and stay tuned for more stories like this.
Hi all,

We're currently looking for folks who are willing to share their personal abortion stories on our website www.womenadvancenc.org, as well as our main FB page "Women AdvaNCe."

If you're interested in sharing a personal story about abortion, let me know. If you have friends who may be interested, send them my way as well.
Thanks so much,

WA Leadership Team
“Back Burner Dreams,” a short feature about three black women who put their dreams on hold for various reasons, including family and relationships, but are determined to revisit them.

It screens 2:00 pm followed by a women's panel
Saturday, March 23
Cape Fear Community College
Main Stage
411 North Front Street
Cabi stylists donated more than 6,000 items from clothing, to shoes for women who lost everything during Florence. Everything was free of charge.
Peggy Hatcher says she was shopping in Walmart when she overheard a young girl ask her mother if they could purchase a Christmas gift for the girl’s sister. The mother was forced to explain that due to Hurricane Florence, the family did not have the money to do so this year.

“I did not suffer financial loss during this hurricane,” said Hatcher." But it did something to my spirit. It did that to a lot of people. But a lot of people suffered financial loss. They lost everything. Christmas is such a special time.
A home in the historic district of downtown Wilmington has been in Renee Garris’ family for about 75 years. It was her grandfather’s and was passed down to her through the years.

Garris is a grandmother, a full-time nurse at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, and is taking care of three people in her family who are battling cancer.
Before Hurricane Florence hit, Emily was a healthy, active, non-smoking 37-year-old. It wasn't until she evacuated her coastal home last month that she started to feel pain.

WOMEN in New Hanover County staying connected, informed and engaged with Women AdvaNCe.

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Are you following our series on Doxing? Find out what protections are available through Twitter. You may be surprised.


Women AdvaNCe

Imagine finding out that someone is impersonating you online, posting pornographic images claiming they are you, and threatening if you tell. It is happening to Jaclyn Brzezinski and today she begins the first of her three part series on how she was "doxed." Don't know what that is? You'll want to read and find out.


Women AdvaNCe

Had a great time on our field trip to Robeson County today. We got the chance to visit the Southeast Family Violence Center, and the Lumbee Tribal Cultural Center. We learned a lot about the work that’s being done in the community, and the current state of the community. A big thank you to , the and the Southeastern Violence Center for having us. @ Pembroke, North Carolina


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Our summer interns Joy and Olivia are interviewing Dr. Rachel Seidman of the Southern Oral History Program and Emily Hagstrom, a former Moxie Scholar who recently graduated from UNC Chapel Hill.


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Grab a cup of tea, snacks, and a cozy blanket because you will not want to miss out on The Feminist Power Hour!


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Who do you believe?


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We’ll just leave this right here ...


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She persisted.


Women AdvaNCe

Pay attention to what's happening in Washington today. NC Justice Center MomsRising.org


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washingtonpost.com 07/05/2018

Embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns

washingtonpost.com He was facing more than a dozen federal inquiries.


Women AdvaNCe

We are so grateful to Olivia Neal for bravely sharing her story on chronic illness.


Women AdvaNCe

Thank you Beth Dotson Messersmith at MomsRising.org for this recommendation.


Women AdvaNCe

"For most journalists, or contemporary historians as I like to think of myself, this is a vocation, not unlike those called to the Cloth. Most of us choose this career, knowing hours will be long, holidays will be worked, and salaries will be low. I remember when I enrolled in the College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, my parents warned me of all of these things – and none of them mattered."



Women AdvaNCe

We had an amazing time at the ERA-NC Advocacy day. We asked some people “I think NC should because...” and here’s what they said. Let us know in the comment section why NC should ratify the ERA.


Have a great book you want to share with women across NC? Here’s your chance! Message us your name, title of your favorite book, the author, and why you love it.😀


Women AdvaNCe

womenadvancenc.org 06/22/2018

What’s More Important: Following the Law or Doing What’s Right?

Wondering what you can do to permanently stop separation of migrant children? Check out this piece by our lovely intern Olivia Leigh Neal! Join the conversation in the comment section and let us know your thoughts.

womenadvancenc.org By Olivia Neal For the last week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ face has been running through my mind. I watched as she stood in front of the press corp on June 14th and ignored the suffering of t…


Women AdvaNCe

What Are Our Values? -


Women AdvaNCe

Congratulations to our June She is Fierce Winner! Amelia Posner-Hess!
Below are words from her nominator Anna Lynch!

What can I say about Amelia Posner-Hess? In the four years that she has been in our Middle School, she has been one of those students who you know will move on to something special as an adult. She sees the world with all its faults, yet she wants to be part of the solution. I am not sure when her interest in politics began, but I recall taking her on one of our field trips to Washington, DC at the age of ten where she gave a presentation about the Greensboro Lunch counter protest. By the time she was in seventh grade, she proposed a curriculum for a 12 week elective course on feminism which she co-taught with a teacher for two years. By her current eighth grade year, she honed her leadership skills as she organized that school’s response to the Parkland shooting. She and her friend organized the 17 minute walk out by setting up tables where other middle school students could read about the issues and sign petitions and write letters The following Saturday, they organized a student group to attend the March for Our Lives in Raleigh, NC which I had the privilege of attending with the group. At all times, Amelia was respectful of the needs of others as she moved her own agenda forward. Perhaps this anecdote best illuminates how focused Amelia is on her role in improving our world. The day after the 2016 election, she was in her science class and the students turned the conversation to the election results. While other students were discussing their opinions loudly, Amelia was sitting quietly counting on her fingers. When the teacher asked what she was doing, her response was that she was counting the years until she could run for president. This spring, Amelia had the honor of meeting former Vice President Joe Biden when he came through Durham. He was so impressed with her work, that he took the time to meet and speak with her at length after his speech. Like VP Biden, I also believe that Amelia has so much to offer our world already. Who knows, perhaps she will be Madame President one day, I wouldn't put it past her!


Women AdvaNCe

We are proud to partner with NC Justice Center and their campaign. Happy Father's Day Weekend.


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From Leadership Team Member Antionette Kerr -
This book of poems and insight was a gift from my dear friend, Kim Pevia. Now, one of my favorite poems is "honor the roots." It's a reminder to pause, breathe deeply, and see myself as sewed into the fabric of a larger community of women.

And from our intern Joy Ayioka-
The book made me feel empowered as a women, daughter, and sister. It redefined womanhood for me and the personal struggles that we often undergo. This book truly changed me, it also allowed a period of inner reflection within myself and my journey so far.




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Wilmington, NC

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