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Videos by A Body To Live For Personal Fitness in Wilmington. A Body To Live For is Wilmington's premier personal training studio. We are located at 6826 Market S

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Lori working hard and making progress on a Friday afternoon.

My first time on a balance board

Challenge yourself a little each day.

Carla lovin' hip squats

Bridges / hip thrusters done on the Squatmax MD

Chest supported rows on the Squat Max MD.

We put the Squat Max MD together this weekend. Now we get to explore all the things that it does. This is a narrow stanc...

Another step closer to being able to do full pull ups.

Lori is kicking ass this week.

Check out that back.

Working hard, making gains!!!

Kicking off the weekend with a kick ass upper body routine.

Training people and puppies.

Sam climbing the rope.

1 min. wheel plank.You ROCK Miss. Barbara

Push up tower
Push up tower

Guest trainer
Blue Belle is doing a great job of cratiquing her Mamas form

Leigh Carter doing iso RDLs on a bosu. Non=dominate leg no less.

105 lbs. Incline dumbbell presses.

405 lbs. Deadlift
405 lbs. DeadliftMaking comeback.

Getting it back
Coming back from A broken leg. We are well on our way.

What's your excuse?