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Caring and helpful with worrying over eye problems .
I went on my patient portal and was totally impressed with all the information posted on it.
Thank you Dr. Johnson and wonderful staff.
I am so happy about the time frame I was given by the staff.
I called about 10.30 am with a irritated eye. They took me in at 3 30 pm same day. That made me happy. I realize not always would work like that , but if you have a real serious problem Dr. Johnson will see you.
Thank you Dr. And staff
Catherine Schottman

Intracoastal Eye is Wilmington's premier provider of eye care and eyewear for the entire family.

Operating as usual

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Myth: Squinting your eyes causes vision loss

Fact: False! is not harmful to your eyesight. Eye squinting is a natural reaction that you can't see clearly and need to squint to make your vision focused. It's a common sign that you need to get your eyes checked. If you have any questions or concerns, schedule a consultation with Intracoastal Eye to learn more by calling 910-777-8254 today!

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A is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. The common causes of cataracts are aging, previous family history of cataracts, have other medical issues and eye injuries. If you are experiencing blurry vision, seeing double, extra sensitivity to light, trouble seeing at night and seeing colors faded or yellowish, you may have a cataract. Your eye doctor will be able to examine your eyes and make a cataract diagnosis.

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Here is a tip that can help during allergy season: Apply cold compresses to your closed eyes to relieve inflammation.

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: Germs are everywhere! Remember to wash your hands, clean and regularly any item you wear close to your eyes. This extra step may help you avoid any unpleasant .

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: You see with your brain, not your eyes. Your eyes work as a camera by sending the information you see to the brain. Your brain actually is the one who decides what to do next and sends a response back to your eyes.

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is the inflammation of the eyelids. Common signs are red-looking swollen eyelids, a burning or sore sensation and flakes wrapped around the eyelashes. If you are experiencing these symptoms, wet a clean washcloth with warm water and place it over your closed eyes for a minute. This will help you relieve the symptoms for a little bit. Then, reach out to Intracoastal Eye by calling 910-777-8254 right away to make an appointment.

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Be vigilant about your eyesight! When you cook or play with your pet, accidents can happen anytime and may get you a scratched eye. If you feel like something is stuck in your eye, eye pain and tearing after an eye injury, reach out to Intracoastal Eye right away before applying any product or home remedy that can worsen this injury.

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: Allergy season is here! If you are experiencing any symptoms such as eye irritation, don't rub your eyes. If you have any questions about the best allergy products for you to use, reach out to Intracoastal Eye by calling 910-777-8254 today!

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: 80% of all learning happens through the eyes. Your vision needs to be healthy since we depend so much on it. If you have any difficulties with your visual skills, give Intracoastal Eye a call at 910-777-8254 today.


MASKS STILL REQUIRED. Please make sure that you wear your mask to your next appointment. We are working hard to keep our team members, their families, and other patients safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Myth: There is nothing to do to prevent .

Fact: False! Regular eye examinations can help prevent serious illness and provide timely treatment. can also help save your sight from unexpected accidents. Don't take any chances with your vision! If you're overdue, schedule an appointment with us today.

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It is important to know your family's history when it comes to . You may find out if you are at risk of an eye disease or problem. There may still be time to work on preventing any disease if it is treated early. If you have any concerns, give Intracoastal Eye a call at 910-777-8254 right away.

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Are you in front of a digital screen all day? Try to sit around 25 inches away from the screen (about at arm's length) to avoid eye strain.

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: Are you experiencing eye strain? Exercising your eyes may help you relieve this problem. A great example is to roll your eyes every day. Slowly roll your eyes toward the ceiling, to the right, to the left, and then to the floor. If you have more questions or concerns about eye exercising reach out to Intracoastal Eye by calling 910-777-8254 today!

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: Eyes can distinguish approx. 10 million different colors. The visible spectrum shows you an example of all these colors.

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Myth: Your eyes are the only part of your body that never grows.

Fact: Throughout your lifetime, your eyes start at about 18.5mm at birth and grow to approximately 25 mm when you become an adult.


Over the years I have worked closely with the physicians and staff of Wilmington Eye, and I know from first-hand experience that we are joining an outstanding organization. I have full confidence that this merger offers the absolute best platform for us to continue to provide exceptional eye care in our community. - Dr. Greg Johnson

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Safety first! Wear safety eyewear when you work in any hazardous activities. This may be the best defense against any accident such as getting dust, liquids or flying particles in your eyes. If you have an eye accident, give Intracoastal Eye a call at 910-777-8254 right away.

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Adding a portion of grapes to your meals may support your eye health in multiple ways. Grapes contain a natural source of lutein which helps protect your eyes from the sunlight and maintain your retinal structure.

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: As the sun comes out every day, you should be wearing appropriate sunglasses too! Make sure to check with Intracoastal Eye by calling 910-777-8254 for more information.

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: Did you know that our eyes do not naturally open when we sneeze? This is because closing our eyes is an automatic reflex plus combined with the pressure of the air coming out of the nose and mouth. But it is technically possible to sneeze with our eyes open. It just takes a lot of extra effort! .

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Tossing out any eye product or eye makeup every three months may help prevent any possible eye infections. These products may carry built-out bacteria that can be in contact with your eyes and provoke an eye infection. If you get an eye infection, contact us right away.

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Eating -colored vegetables and fruits may help protect your vision. These types of foods contain a great source of which helps diminish the formation of cataracts and other eye disorders. Try adding to your meals and as a snack to keep your eyes healthy.

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians 03/07/2022

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians

We are excited to announce that, effective today, Intracoastal Eye has joined Wilmington Eye. Please see the link below for my statement about the exciting change.

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians Dear patient, I am excited to announce that, effective March 7th 2022, Intracoastal Eye will be joining Wilmington Eye, the …

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians 03/07/2022

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians

We are merging with Wilmington Eye. Read the full letter to our patients from Dr. Johnson about this exciting new change. If you have an upcoming appointment with Dr. Johnson or Dr. Kelley, please plan on coming to your scheduled appointment as usual unless otherwise notified by Wilmington Eye.

Letter to Patients - Intracoastal Eye Physicians Dear patient, I am excited to announce that, effective March 7th 2022, Intracoastal Eye will be joining Wilmington Eye, the …

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: Remember to manage your , cholesterol and . Uncontrolled blood sugar, high and high blood pressure can reduce the efficiency of your circulatory system. If your can’t get proper blood flow, may suffer from retinopathy, glaucoma or blurry may result.

Make sure your eyes are in tip-top shape by scheduling an appointment with Intracoastal Eye. Call 910-777-8254 today!

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: wore earrings because they believed it improved their .

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Myth: Looking at for a long time will damage your .

Truth: Staring at a or screen for long periods of time can make your feel tired, but don’t worry, you are not doing any permanent damage. You usually less often when you look at a screen for a long time, which means your eyes get dry and feel strained.

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March is National Save Your Vision Awareness Month! It's important to take care of your before problems begin. Protect your vision by scheduling an eye exam with Intracoastal Eye. Call 910-777-8254 today!

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is just around the corner! That means it's time to cure the case of cabin fever with some fun in the sun. Before hitting the , make sure you know what is lurking in the water! Protect your by not exposing your contacts to water!

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: Remember to from looking at your ! The rule of thumb is, every 20 minutes take a 20-second break to focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away.

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: Your are positioned in hollowed sockets to help protect them. Your prevent sweat dripping into your eyes and keep dirt out of your eyes.

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Myth: There's nothing you can do to prevent .

Truth: At the very first sign of , such as blurred vision, eye pain, flashes of light or sudden onset of floaters in your , you should see %practicwe_name%. If detected early, some treatments can correct, stop or, at least, slow down the loss of vision. Schedule an appointment by calling 910-777-8254 today!




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