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A weight loss program is more successful when you have support and accountability. Stop saying I’ll start over on Monday and call us today to schedule your initial consult or book online under wellness. Whether you have 5lbs or 50lbs there are options to help you feel as comfortable in your skin as you want to feel. We are here to help you to live healthier in your skin.


This is my daughter. She is a beautiful, athletic, outgoing, and caring human. She is eight years old, going on 18. Today she has to take her beginning of the year exams. Today she lacks confidence. Today she’s afraid to fail.

This morning I had to remind her to be a leader. That she’s not alone. Her peers are also scared. I reminded her to acknowledge her insecurities, but to be brave. Without failure, you are not growing. I reminded her that the most beautiful thing a human can be is compassionate. And the best feeling is to be confident.

She is 8. But how these things remain true into adulthood. At SALT, know that we want you to be confident. That we see your beauty as an individual. There’s no one pathway to beauty and wellness as marketing and social media love to promote. We have over 30 years of advanced medical experience within our group. We have the expertise, the training to guide you on your journey. At your pace. Without pressure. Without gimmicks. We would love to meet you, and promote your best life.


Loved doing these subtle and natural lips. Everyone has their own beauty, our job is to accentuate yours. Whether you want pillowy lips, crisp lips, border /no border or just a little volume and hydration to turn back the hands of time……. We have the skill set and product for you.


We stopped by our neighbors today and enchanted is the only word that comes to mind. Smells, texture and beauty surrounds and the owners are amazing!

Acne scars: Is microneedling more effective than chemical peels? 09/01/2022

Acne scars: Is microneedling more effective than chemical peels?

Newly released article on microneedling and acne scars! Come see us Salt Aesthetics Bar where this procedure starts at 199$!

Acne scars: Is microneedling more effective than chemical peels? Share on PinterestIt is best to see a professional for microneedling treatment to reduce acne scarring. ohlamour studio/StocksyA new study compared two dermatological treatments—microneedling and chemical peels—to see which works best for treating acne scars. The researchers focused on people wi...


Check out this recently published article. Microneedling creates small micro channels in the skin which prompt collagen and elastin production. This erases fine lines, improves acne scars and overall brightens your skin. You can pair it with PRP for even greater results! Microneedling starts at 199$
If you struggle with acne you will also want to check out our BBL Forever clear protocols and Clarifying hydrafacial treatments!


Sara completed further advanced training and certification in this weekend! We will always continue learning, training and asking questions so that you are getting the best from us at SALT! Congrats Sara!


Salt Aesthetics Bar

Kids are back in school soon!!! While I will miss the little ones and HATE making lunches …. It is time for us all to get back to us!

Use our online booking to take advantage of back to school specials! Simply click the link in our bio! It has not been easier to schedule your LHR, facial, injectables.

Don’t forget we also balance hormones, specialize in peptide therapy and sexual wellness!!!

Stephanie has added a 65$ spa facial to the menu as well - with product discounts at your consultation.

Pricing is good through the month of September. Call or DM us with any questions! - the Salty Crew

Salt Aesthetics Bar Aesthetic Medical Spa: Physician Assistant and MD owned and operated. Years of aesthetic experience, over 20 years in the medical field. Specializing in neurotoxins: dermal filers: PRP: lasers: facials: skin care


Congratulations to our leading lady! Stephanie we are so happy for you and cannot wait to rejoice in this new chapter with you!!!


Finally!!!!! Online booking is here!!!!! You can now make, change or check on your existing appointments with all of the providers at SALT. Download the customer app and set up your account for even easy access. Just search Salt Aesthetics Bar in the App Store!!! We do make you keep a card on file - so sorry but the no call / no show policy has proven necessary. We look forward to seeing you soon!


A few weeks after jawline tox. Steph and I looked at each other a few weeks ago and said “ it is working!” This treatment takes several weeks and often more than one treatment for the biggest impact. We used 12 units dysport on each side for this change.


We have a bride in the house! We are so excited to be getting close to Stephanie‘s wedding day! She has already had her and , as well as lip filler with . Today we did a . There is still time for a and before we send this beauty down the aisle! It has been so much fun! What journey would you like to take? You are worth it!


Summer bliss.
Summer specials continue:
25% off laser hair packages
20% off toxins
Follow us here and on Instagram for all our specials and latest events!

910-769-1780 to book an appt


The absolute best gifts are made with love. And this is the most luxurious, amazing smelling soap I have ever been reluctant to use. Thank you to my amazing friend who has supported me from day one. People like you make the world go round!!!

Timeline photos 06/19/2022

Happy Fathers Day!


Curious about laser hair removal? Worried it will hurt or be too expensive?? Not only is our machine pain free it can be used all summer long and on all skin types. No interruptions. No mental prep needed!! This is a dedicated laser hair removal system …. Meaning it is designed especially for pain free hair removal and nothing else! Come in for a free consultation if you are still undecided! Packages start at just 600$ for 6 visits ( enough to be razor free), or opt for single visits and pay as you go……. Either way you will enjoy a razor and razor burn free summer!!! Call 910.769.1780 to book with our team! We look forward to seeing you!


HydraFacial Hydration

Dermal infusion therapy is available at SALT! Schedule your appointment today!


Manscaping: Hairy men get waxed


Laser hair removal is on sale…….

Call now to schedule. 910.769.1780


Today is World Cycling Day and I am posting a picture of my husband after he finished the Leadville, Colorado 100 mile mountain bike race. It starts at 10,152ft of elevation and climbs up to 12,516 ft and has a total elevation gain of 13,129ft. It is a super challenging race and when you live and train at sea level it is even more challenging. Chris loves to ride but with 2 children who play travel sports his training gets pushed to the side while we work and drive them around. Now here is where I plug peptides. He used Ipamorelin- a human growth hormone secretagogue during his training. This peptide helps with lean muscle and increasing strength, energy and stamina. Come race day he finished the race under the cutoff, earned his belt buckle and didn’t have an ounce of muscle soreness the days following the race. Come see me at Salt and let’s talk about how peptides can enhance your performance and help with recovery after workouts. It’s amazing what peptides can do for our bodies and keep us living younger and living better and help us to stay in the game. Call for your appointment today or send us message. 910-769-1780


Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. As someone who has lost loved ones in combat I hope that we all remember, pause and take a moment of prayer today. May those who have given their lives Rest In Peace and may their families feel our gratitude.


Changing the narrative in aesthetic and wellness medicine.

If you haven’t been paying attention so far, it is time to jump on board with this amazing crew.

Online store and booking coming soon……


It’s been awhile since I posted a B and A. I’m honestly terrible at taking the photos to begin with, after all your results are yours to enjoy….. So when this gorgeous client / friend posted this and shared with me - well, it fills my heart with joy. I told her my goal was to have her walking out the door without makeup on …..and boom …. Here we are. ❤️


Prevent Visible Discoloration and Fine Lines


Our services are not just for the ladies!!! Men - we have been specifically trained to achieve masculine results for toxins and fillers. Laser hair removal. Testosterone supplementation, prp therapy to include hair restoration and sexual wellness. The list goes on. Stay young. Stay strong. Stay in the game.

Timeline photos 05/15/2022

Timeline photos

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Practice self-care by booking your next SkinPen Precision appointment 🤗.


*See intended use, important safety information and clinical trial details at Data on file, results may vary.


Molly Hastings RN will be next week for our tox party kick off! 20% off Botox and Dysport and 30% off Xeomin while supplies last!!!!!!!!!!☎️ 910-769-1780 or DM for an appointment.


PRP, PRF and PRFM are all taken from your own blood stream using a centrifuge to separate blood [email protected] platelet rich plasma. Injections can revitalize tissues naturally, without chemicals, pills are artificial products. we are highly trained to use PRP in both aesthetic medicine and in our sexual wellness clinic!! Sara Tennant PAC has specialized in sexual wellness and enhancement, erectile issues/ dysfunction and urinary incontinence. One quick comfortable in office procedure can change your life dramatically. Call for an appointment 910-769-1780, DM us here or contact Sara at [email protected] for a consultation / appointment!

Watch this reel by saltaestheticsbar on Instagram 04/30/2022

Watch this reel by saltaestheticsbar on Instagram

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there. Expectant mommas who are already so in love. People hoping to be “Momma” some day. We see you.

Thank you to my amazing son Leighton who helped with this reel. My life began the day I held you in my arms.

Watch this reel by saltaestheticsbar on Instagram saltaestheticsbar • Original Audio



I have been getting a lot of questions, as has the beautiful about botox since we posted her super cute reel documenting her treatment . So I thought it was a great time to make a short post about the who, the what, the why, and the when of toxins!!!

Lets just talk about the elephant in the room here. Dare is GORGEOUS. I mean, why in the world would this model – esq looking person get botox? The answer is in the question. She is GORGEOUS. Clearly, there is nothing to correct, and people in their 20s and 30s want to keep it that way.

Those fine, etched in lines that your mother’s friend has? Or the deep grooves men develop? Those didn’t happen overnight. People don’t wake up one morning looking tired, and aged – it happens slowly over decades and once you arrive at that place where your reflection doesn’t reflect you, it is HARD to turn back the hands of time.

It is much easier to prevent those lines from ever occurring, which toxin will do – reliably – Every. Single. Time. (I can promise you my 46 year old forehead isn’t smooth because I have used sunscreen regularly since age 30)

So who gets toxin – men and women who want to preserve their skin quality and texture. Anyone who wants fine lines and wrinkles treated and anyone who wants to look more rested, awake and approachable during the day. RBF is a thing people.


So how about the where Well this is two questions ; 1. Where on your face. And 2. Literally, where do I get treated.

Where on your face is ANYWHERE!!!! This is where we talk. What are your goals, what do you want to change. What do you want to keep? Do you want your fine lines gone or do you want a little boost to your pout with a lip flip??? Do you want to look more rested? Do you want to appear more approachable because you work with the public or are on zoom all day long? We can do that! Upper face, lower face, neck. I tell people , I have toxin from the collar bone up!

Where to get it?? NOT ANYWHERE!!!!! Ok guys, I don’t want to p**s anyone off here. But here is the skinny. Reconstitution matters (how dilute is your toxin) Depth matters. Units matter. And none of this is cook book. So – experience matters. I am still learning from people in the aesthetic community everyday and devote hours and money to CME every year! (And that is after 10 years of doing this stuff). People sometimes ask me; “is there really an art to it?” Well, basic tox is gonna get you a basic result. So if you liken yourself basic, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you have an opinion about how your face ends up, find someone you are comfortable with. And hey, we all were new at one point, so new is not necessarily bad. But make an informed choice that you are comfortable with. Even the best injectors in the world have things happen so feel confident in your choice.

Finally, how much you need is not what your bestie needs, is not what your momma gets, is not what Sam, Dick and Harry got.

How much you need depends on your desired results and your budget. This stuff isn’t cheap and I get that. Being budget aware is SMART! I can work with any budget but will also set realistic expectations. A lip flip is 6 – 12 units and it goes up from there! And finally, with respect to budget – consultations are FREE. So please come on in and I will go over all your options and answer all your questions as they apply to you specifically. Everyone’s beauty is unique, you deserve the time individually.


Time to enjoy the coast!!! We are stocked up on sunscreens that double as make up!! Luxurious and protective!!!


Toxins are all 20% off:
Botox 9.60
Dysport 3.20
Xeomin 8
/ unit.

Booking up quickly!

Call to schedule your appointment !


Monday is calling.... have you booked your filler appointment?
is right around the corner stay tuned for our specials....


In case you needed a visual. I take great care of my skin with medical grade skincare, laser and light treatments, but living here on the beach some of these conditions are inevitable. If fine lines, age spots, rosacea bother you... is the solution. Come play at Salt Aesthetics Bar ...I'm just a phone call away!


A perfect year round pick me up! Increased collagen , elastin and improved surface texture with less than a day of downtime. See what the fuss is about and book a consultation or treatment! 910-769-1780

Timeline photos 04/12/2022

Come experience what sets our hydrafacial apart. Stephanie combines the best of the day spa experience with medical grade boosters and even an optional mini peel or dermaplane. Neck and décolleté massage with essential oil facial steam, steam towels and the patented hydrafacial system are sure to leave you glowing! Best part, it does not cost a penny more than you pay somewhere else. Check out our full line of Alastin and SkinCeudicals products.

Plump up that skin with HydraFacial. Book your next treatment at the link below:

PC: PURE Medical Spa Idaho


Favorite case of the week. Whenever I do a filler case on a Friday you will leave with not only post care instructions but my cell number for emergencies. It never gets old when the only text message I get is “I’m obsessed”. We all deserve to feel that good when we catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror.

Common rosacea triggers 04/11/2022

Common rosacea triggers

Rosacea! Ugh. I have it. I hate it!

Common rosacea triggers Learn what might be triggering your rosacea and how to avoid the triggers.


Self care does not make you high maintenance! Toxin - check! Fillers - check! Professional skin care line - check! Work out - check ( well…. I try). My number - 3! I can walk out my door with a 10 min shower and face the world with confidence at 46 years old. How about you????


Had so much fun hosting at SALT yesterday. Follow both of us for her results!!!! Tok tok she is a 💎!!!! Thank you for the vlog! Can’t wait to see you at Garden Party!


ASK and YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Theres a huge difference between IPL vs BBL. We're here to break it down for you..... This is why is the best and why we at Salt Aesthetics Bar carry the best photofacial device on the market. Safe & effective with great patient outcomes. Come see for yourself!


What is the difference in IPL and BBL?

What a great question! I planned to make a video on this today but time and my hair did not cooperate!

- if you know me, you know I hate to sell, love to educate.

So here is my best version. IPL and BBL absolutely are born in the same house. Light is used to reverse the tells of aging, boost collagen and make your skin glo.

IPL - intense pulsed light has one nm ( beam length). Now - that isn’t to say IPL doesn’t come in more than one size. It does. And often your provider will change out handles for you. IPL in the right hands is a good treatment - it is in fact the one that sold me on BBL.

BBL is broad band light. And with broad band light discussions you have to introduce the industry leading laser made right here in the US - Sciton.

With Sciton BBL the crystal is constantly cooled for safety and comfort - BBL and IPL are warm! There are numerous overlying spot sizes that will adjust down the treatment size as necessary that easily attach to a single hand piece. And within the same hand piece I have a collection of filters that I can adjust how much light , at what depth is delivered. I don’t have one beam in my hand piece - I have 7. They can be interchanged easily all in one treatment to treat redness, brown spots, acne, hair removal, spider veins….

BBL offers the most customizable , comprehensive treatment in light therapy . BBL also holds the only study on changing gene expression at the molecular level to reset the aging process - the premise of the forever young campaign.

If you Google it you will see things like “gold standard” and “upgraded” and “latest technology” discussed, which is exactly why we chose to make the extra investment into BBL vs IPL at SALT. It is a great example of our commitment to offering only the best treatments available within the aesthetic market.


Tues Tip from Andrea at Salt Aesthetics Bar ! 😆

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We stopped by our neighbors today @thecoastalsucculent and enchanted is the only word that comes to mind.   Smells, text...
We have a bride in the house!   We are so excited to be getting close to Stephanie‘s wedding day! She has already had he...
Had so much fun hosting @darepickard at SALT yesterday.   Follow both of us for her results!!!!  Tok tok @_daralicious_ ...
ASK and YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Theres a huge difference between IPL vs BBL. We're here to break it down for you..... This is...
What is the difference in IPL and BBL?   What a great question!   I planned to make a video on this today but time and m...
April Showers Bring Savings!!!Are you ready for Summer??Take your pick of savings:Laser Hair Packages 25% offToxins 20 %...
Watch how #bbl is done.... The light penetrates the skin, its kind of like a magnet to detect pigment. Over the course o...
PIGMENT.....SEEEEE YA!!!! With #bbl by @sciton_inc we are able to target pigment (#sundamage.... #freckles #age spots #l...
HAPPY FRIDAY.....WHERE my #bbl #saltbae😍  at?! #beautyisconfident #lipflip #confidenceisbeautiful #aestheticedits #aesth...
WILMINGTON'S LUCKY DAY! Azalea festival and St. Patrick's Day Specials! 20% off!! It took me the kids art contest last n...
Happy St. Patricks Day!  We are celebrating by giving away 20 units free Xeomin to one lucky winner!  Like, follow and s...
Lip journey….  This client came in 2 weeks ago hoping to add a little volume to her lips.  Unfortunately she had migrate...





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