Healing The Center Reiki & Wellness w/Toni Dafeldecker RN; BCHN; CCHRMT

Christ Heart Reiki Sessions & Classes; Crystal & Sound Healing; Board Certified Holistic RN; Spirit Speaks Tarot Love ~ Tarot Readings for Life Guidance

Hello & Welcome! My name is Toni Dafeldecker. I am owner and practitioner of “Healing The Center” located in Clayton, North Carolina and serving the Raleigh; Research Triangle and Johnston County areas. I also teach classes in New Jersey. Additionally, I love to teach!!! So, I would be overjoyed to travel to teach a class outside of these areas. Please contact me for more information. I had lived

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This is a beautiful healing system that is open to all people to learn &/or experience. During these challenging times, we could all use a little centering and peace.

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Thank you so much..
Wishing You All Love & Peace On Your Journey ~ Toni

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A lesson that turns out to be a blessing. (psa: all lessons
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True Healing begins with Healing the Center

Providing Resources for the Healing & Empowerment
of the Earth
and ALL Her Inhabitants;
that We may ALL live Abundantly in the Ever Expanding Universe☮️💜🙌🏼

healing-the-center.com Healing the Center Reiki & Wellness with Toni Dafeldecker RN, CCHRMT Founder, Christ Heart Reiki

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Our Story

Hello & Welcome! My name is Toni Dafeldecker.

I am owner and practitioner of my private healing practice called “Healing The Center”, which is located in my home-based studio, in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I also teach classes in New Jersey. Additionally, I love to teach!!! So, I would be overjoyed to travel to teach a class outside of these areas. Please contact me for more information.

I had lived all my life in New Jersey, at the Jersey Shore, until January of 2010 when my husband and I decided to make North Carolina our home. Here we have found God's Grace in the beautiful people we have met & the amazing nature that surrounds us.

I began my own "healing the center" journey in 1989 and I have been on this exquisite and rewarding path ever since. During this time I have been given many opportunities which have allowed me to be of service to God by helping others to explore their own Healing The Center journeys.

I became a Reiki Practitioner in January of 2000 and I have been a practitioner and student of Reiki ever since. In August 2005, I received my Reiki Master Teacher training from William Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training. I received my Karuna Reiki® Master training in August of 2013, also from William Rand.

Also, I have been guided to bring forth Christ Heart Reiki®.

While in NJ, I worked for many years as a Hospice Nurse. During those years I was privileged to have witnessed many, many times the amazing healing benefits my patients would receive from Reiki.

Also during those years while working as a nurse I was blessed to have a small, but lovely healing practice. I was not sure if it would be in God's Plan for me to resume the work I love, here in NC. But I am very happy and grateful for Gods guidance to continue to move in the direction of sharing my Love, my Joy & my Passion, here in North Carolina, and wherever I can be of service.

I look forward to meeting and sharing that passion with each and every one of you who are on your own journey of Healing The Center.

My Qualifications

I am a Registered Nurse (RN), licensed in the State of North Carolina. Within the Nursing Profession I hold a Board Certification in Holistic Nursing (BCHN). This is an American Nurses' Association approved specialty.

I am the Founder of Christ Heart Reiki®, which is overseen by Jesus and conducted by Jesus and the Archangels.

I am a Registered Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher (#59160) and a former ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher.

I am a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor and Educator (#3068105)

I am a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (LMBT) #10368, licensed in the State of North Carolina. Within the Massage Profession I hold additional Certifications in Geriatric & Prenatal Massage Therapies.

My Private Practice

Consists of individual treatment sessions combined with Holistic Nursing guidance.

Holistic Nursing recognizes that we are Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional beings and that healing best occurs when it takes place on all these levels. I utilize my training and experience as a Holistic Nurse to enhance the outcomes of the healing modalities offered in my practice.

Together, my clients and I work together to identify areas of concern and determine desired outcomes. All work is focused on bringing the Whole Person back to their Center so they are able to Live Their Divine Truth.

Together, with the use of Holistic, Alternative, Integrative & /or Complementary modalities that I practice, &/or suggest, we can find the simple path that leads to establishing one’s Divine Presence & Divine Purpose.

My Mission Statements:

HEALING THE CENTER Within Us All... and,

To Live a Meaningful Life committed to Drawing Down the Light & providing Resources that assist in The Healing and Empowerment
of the Planet and Her Inhabitants.

The Sessions I offer:

  • Reiki Treatment Sessions (I am trained in Usui; Holy Fire II; Karuna®; Christ Heart Reiki®)
  • Location


    Board Certified Holistic Nursing Guidance;
    Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki
    Christ Heart Reiki (TM)
    Young Living (#3068105)
    1st Saturday - (Reiki Share; Reiki Circle; Holy Love Experience);
    Spirit Speaks Tarot Love (TM)
    Raindrop Technique Massage Therapy



    1303 Summer Hideaway Rd
    Wilmington, NC

    General information

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