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My Pet Passages My Pet Passages is a Pet Cremation service based in Wilmington North Carolina. We provide cremation services for veterinary clinics and families.

We provide cremation services for veterinary hospitals, animal emergency clinics, and individual pet owners. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them. Just call us at 910.612.9334 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Tomorrow is National Take your Pet to work day!!!


Looking for a dependable driver to work weekends on call. This would include pick up and delivery of animals.
Must have valid NC drivers license, be drug free, I will do random testing, well mannered, and dependable.
Pay is salary per weekend and will increase upon proving politeness and good work ethic. Heavy lifting is a part of the job.
Must have a good work ethic, honest and dependable.

Contact me by pm if interested, serious inquires only


It is Jan. 20th and a mosquito flew in the door! Please make sure you have your dogs and cats on possible preventions!


Mothers Day is just around the corner, don't forget Mom's like gifts from their pets on Mothers Day!!!!!


Think about where you let you pet sit while you are driving......if you let your pet sit in your lap while you are in the front seat and you are involved in a crash, the air bag may deploy and injure your pet. We all love to let our pets roam while they are in the car, but.....are they in a confined area if you crash, or will they be flung against the back seat and injured or worse thrown out the window. Please think about this before you start your car.

it is getting hot outside, please do not leave your pet in the car alone!!!!


Weather folks say it is going to get cold next week-please bring your pets inside or make sure they have shelter and warm bedding. Dogs need heartworm treatment in the winter months and fleas are looking for warm body to snack on. Please use preventatives..... don't forget the kitties!
Haley Launa Baker Perkins turns 4 today- we have cupcakes a new bark box and cake for the humans. She also has new toys and pumpkn chews. She will be resting today in anticipation of her celebration tonight! Please say happy birthday to her if you see her and of course I wll post pictures tonight!
Tell your pets you love them today!


Pets need presents too- don't forget your furry friends while you are shopping!


Cooler nights are here, please bring your pets inside or make sure they have a dry, warm place to sleep. Heartworm and flea treatment are necessary in the winter months. If you have any extra blankets, towels sheets, pet beds or toys----please donate them to the Humane Society or local pet shelter.


Hot dogs are only good on a bun- Lock your car, and take your dog,


The 4th of July is one week from today- Frontline shared these hints for preparing your animals:
Tire your pet out earlier in the day before the fireworks start, give them special attention and play with them .
When the fireworks start leave your pet inside. Turn the television on to mute the noises. close your curtains or blinds to help filter the flashes.
Please make sure your pet has a nametag or micro chip- hundreds of pets go to shelters yearly because they are not identifiable.
Please close your doors so pets do not bolt for the door when the noises start.
Diversion is great- special toys, treats and holding your pet will help relieve the stress.

Fireworks in Wilmington start at 9:05pm- Please remember City Code DOES NOT allow pets at functions such as this, and Please DO not leave your pet unattended in your car.

Happy 4th of July- Have a great celebration and love your pet!!!!


The Humane Society is accepting old blankets and towels for their shelter pets- please clean out you linen closets! They are on North 23rd Street near the airport. If you cannot get there you can drop them off at our office and we will deliver them.

Also can you imagine having fleas all over your body and not being able to do anything about it???? Cats and dogs don't have thumbs to squish those critters------Flea treatment is a wonderful thing- only one pill a month to provide relief for you and your pets!


Every month your pet needs heartworm prevention- also every responsible pet owner uses a flea treatment to prevent or eliminate fleas. Dead fleas are good fleas!


Please remember homeless pets need beds and toys too. Please donate old towels, blankets and used toys to your favorite charity for these pets. Pet owners are devastated at the loss of their pet and don' t think of making these donations. These charity's also accept food items for pets. The upside to this is you can make a donation to any shelter even if you have not lost a pet.


Frequently asked Questions
What should I do when my pet dies?
If your pet dies at your home or a veterinarian’s office, please call us. We are on call 24 hours a day and are there to assist you with your needs. Just call 910.612.9334 and we will make arrangements to come pick up your pet.

What happens when you pick up my pet?
Whether we are picking your pet up from your home or the veterinarian’s office they will be safely and carefully transported to our facility on Netherlands Drive. Your pet will never leave our care. Cremation is performed at our facility. And we can deliver the cremains to you directly or to your veterinary clinic. Deliveries to your home are made by appointment so you will need to discuss what time you would like us to come by. If you live outside of the New Hanover County area, there will be a fee for delivery of cremains.


What is the cost of cremation?
Our prices are based on the weight of your pet as well as if you choose to have your pet cremated privately, or in a communal manner. Our services include making arrangments to pick up your pet at your home, or return their cremains to your home, within the Wilmington area, or for an additional fee, to a home in the surrounding counties.

Please call us at 910.612.9334 to discuss pricing or to arrange for us to take your pet into our care.

Types of Cremation:

Private: Cremains are returned to the owner after an individual cremation.

Non-Private: Cremains are NOT returned to the owner after a communal cremation.


Why Choose Cremation?
Pet Cremation allows pet owners to keep the ashes of a beloved animal with them no matter where they go. This allows pet owners the ability to memorialized their animal while still having the pet close to them at all times. Having an urn with your pet's ashes means you never have to leave them behind.

This is particularly important for people living in subdivisions and apartment complexes that don’t allow them to bury their beloved pet.

Whatever your needs may be, our goal is to provide a dignified, caring, service for your pet


6709 Netherlands Drive Ste A
Wilmington, NC


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