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Videos by Lauren Valentino in Wilmington. "HI! I'm Lauren Valentino. I help women with their nutrition and fitness so that they can THRIVE in

This is the kind of "Diet Food" we design for Wholly Fueled. 🍒😆

We don’t just give you a Meal Plan…
✨Made specifically for the Female Body,
✨Macros Hacked for Perfect Performance,
✨Tight Toned Muscles,
✨Energy to Accomplish all the things,
✨Focused around Protein & Seasonal Fruit and Veggies...

We make it SIMPLE and Mind-blowingly delicious!

This week at Fit Foodie our Fuelers are raving about our Breakfast Protein Porridge with the Cherries on Top!🍒

Ready yet...
we're holding your spot!☺️

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This is the kind of "Diet Food" we design for Wholly Fueled. 🍒😆We don’t just give you a Meal Plan…✨Made specifically for...

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