Pets at Peace Home Hospice and Euthanasia

Pets at Peace Home Hospice and Euthanasia


Dr. Doffermyre is kind, caring and dedicated. Most recently she helped our cat Onyx pass peacefully at home. She visited him and us on multiple occasions, never rushing our decision and helping us know when it was the right time. She helped us so much by doing that. We recommend her highly.
God bless you all for your kindness and caring when people and their beloved pets need it most. My friend Kelly's praise and gratitude for your organization and Dr. D brought me to tears.
I want to thank Dr Doffermye for coming to my home and helping my beloved Precious cross the 🌈 bridge yesterday. She was a Golden Retriever that I got at 13 weeks and she lived almost 15 &1/2 years. I knew Sunday morning, May, 28th, I had to let go and make the final arrangements. Yesterday was the hardest day of my life but I wanted Precious to pass here at our home, surrounded by me and Shannon Michaux Millsaps, her favorite toys and in our den we spent every night and weekends watching Westerns. The last five months was a steady decline for Precious and after $4000 spent at 3 different Vets, I knew she was in pain and was not going to get well Sunday morning. Dr Doffermyre changed her church and family plans and drove to my home here at Bricklanding in Ocean Isle Beach. She was very professional and compassionate with Precious's final moments. I was rubbing Precious's head when she went peacefully asleep and I had my hand on her heart when it stop. It's so hard losing her but she had a very peaceful end of life. She had struggled long enough. She's has no more pain and she is at peace.

Pets at Peace provides compassionate in-home euthanasia and end of life care for pets in southeastern NC and northeastern SC.

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Now it's easier to contact Pets at Peace Home Hospice and Euthanasia. 08/07/2021

Now it's easier to contact Pets at Peace Home Hospice and Euthanasia.

Now it's easier to contact Pets at Peace Home Hospice and Euthanasia.

[08/07/21]   Please send questions and inquiries via email at [email protected] (please do not use Facebook Messenger). Thank you!

[09/25/17]   Poet and professor Gary Gulliksen graciously shares his poem, "Pets in Heaven." He dedicated it to his beloved dog Buscuit and hopes it will bring comfort and solace to anyone who has known the loss of a pet. The poem is posted below.

[09/25/17]   Pets in Heaven
G.S Gulliksen

Morning rain...wet dog barks and lonely cat cries
St. Peter, dry and comfortable in his heavenly bed
Awakes and rushes in the dark, to the ruckus
At the Holy Gate.

Your cat upon your lap, the dog at the foot of your bed
All the wonderful and living pets of this world
Your hand gently rubbing their head.

St. Peter looks out at the army of love and wagging tails and
Misplaced wails and coats of many colors and countries and
Tags upon worn leather collars from all over the world,
All of these types and tender animals clamoring, yet calm.

Why are they at the Holy Gate?
And why don't they, thinks St. Peter,
Try to get over the heavenly wall?
And how will I feed them? And what do they eat?
Will there be enough milk for them all?
They must be waiting for something...
Just watching and waiting, that's all.

"We are waiting for our masters to join us here."
The animals seemed to say.
St. Peter thought...
"If only they would quietly return with the day."

And then they say St. Peter, spied a kitten curled up with a pup
We won't make too much noise, their wet eyes said,
Could we please just wait here, beside the Great Gate,
Just until our best friend comes up?

Your cat upon your lap, the dog at the foot of your bed
All the wonderful and living pets of the world
Your hand gently rubbing their head.

So tonight, St. Peter listens to raindrops
And sad howls and quiet lonely cries in the night.
She waters heaven with tear drops, and is gentle
With our morning light.
On earth we collect heaven's weeping,
And that is our morning dew,
Awake, smile, and remember,
Your pets in heaven are waiting for you.

Your cat upon your lap, the dog at the foot of your bed
All the wonderful and living pets of this world
Your hand gently rubbing their head.


[09/10/17]   NATIONAL PET MEMORIAL DAY - September 10, 2017

In honor of all animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I send this post with warm regards to all pets and especially to all whom I have assisted.
With warm regards,
Dr. Doffermyre

While nothing can completely erase the pain felt after losing a pet, participating in National Pet Memorial Day is a beautiful way to allow pet parents to mourn their loss and continue on their healing journey.

If you have lost a pet - recently or not (there's no timeframe on grief) - consider setting aside some quiet time on this special day each year to reflect on your feelings for your departed loved one, and to celebrate all the joy they brought to your life. This way, although they are gone physically, they will never leave you.

Ways to Commemorate National Pet Memorial Day
Spend a few minutes reflecting upon pleasant memories of your pet
If you buried your pet somewhere, go for a visit
Contribute to an animal shelter or rescue
Volunteer at an animal protection group
Create a small memorial in a flower garden in your yard
Plant a tree or a shrub as a living memorial
Create a pet memorial page on our website

Light A Candle and Say a Prayer With Us

Prayer for the Lighting of a Pet Memorial Candle

Today we honor the precious memory of our pet
with the warm light of this candle,
sending to all our beloved pets a message of love and peace.
We also hope that the warm glow of this candle will lift our grief and sorrow.

(Insert Pet Name), we have sent you on a journey
to a land that is free of pain.
The connection between us will last through time and space
and can never be broken.
You are with us always.


In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, Pets at Peace wishes to honor Alicia Rudd, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) for her achievement of graduating with highest honors, Magna Cum Laude, with an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Penn Foster College in 2014. Her academic success reflects her dedication to animals throughout her life. For over two decades, Alicia served as animal trainer and coordinator for animals appearing on TV and the big screen. There she used her unique abilities to bring out the best in them, making it fun for the animal actors, and above all, making sure directors treated the animals with highest respect. Alicia is featured in this month's issue of issue of Veterinary Team Brief, shown below. For all you do Alicia, for how deeply you care for all animals and their families, we thank you. Pets at Peace is blessed to have you on our team. 08/31/2015

In-home euthanasia becomes popular option for pet owners When Portland, Ore., veterinarian Meg McNabb arrived at our front door, I knew where I would find Echo, our dying tabby cat: upstairs in her favorite bedroom, beneath the chaise lounge. I climbed the stairs first while McNabb and my wife waited downstairs.


"Jake was a good dog and a faithful companion to us for sixteen years. He was a quiet dog but the silence now is deafening."
For the rest of the tribute from Jake's family go to


Hope 4 Cade- Swimming Again

Cade was 7 years old when he was paralyzed in a car accident. His Dad and Mom made sure that didn't affect his quality of life. This video is a powerful testament to the canine spirit and the power of love. Cade is now 13 and needs a little bit of hospice care. So far, he is responding well and back to his old self. It is a true pleasure and honor to know him and his family which now has two adorable two legged sons as well!
Enjoy the show!

Cade's First Trip to Beach Post-Surgery



To anyone missing a beloved pet, this one's for you.


6 things you need to know about your pet's pain

Pets are often stoic about pain. As predators, cats especially are adept at masking their pain. So as a pet owner, you need to keep a keen eye on your furry ... 03/17/2015

Veterinarians Help Pet Owners Choose the Right Time to Say Goodbye The decision to end a pet's life can be wrenching, but Dr. Marty Becker reminds you: Your vet is there to help, and to grieve with you.


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