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Channeling all that Buffalo juju for tomorrow.....Go Bills!

Channeling all that Buffalo juju for tomorrow.....Go Bills!


Just in time for tomorrow!


1st day at Bradley Creek Elementary.....Go Ellie!


Fall backyard fires, cold beers, great music.....can't beat it!


Happy birthday babe! I love you and cant wait to create more memories with you. Cant wait to see tomorrow with you and our crazy little girls.


Happy Cinco De Mayo.......Go Bills!


Happy birthday to this gorgeous babe! I cant wait to keep floating with you on that crazy river of life to see what silly adventure come are way next. I hope you had the best birthday today!


Happy mother's day mom! I hope you have a wonderful day, cant wait to see you soon. Love you


Happy mothers day babe! We love you to the moon and back


Happy anniversary babe! Still cant believe you gave me a chance and 6 years later said I do! Time is flying and glad I'm flying with you! I love you, babe


Happy Valentines to the 2 little stinkers and my Babe. Babe, thank you for choosing me and putting up with my shenanigans. I love you and hope you have the best Valentine's day.


Passion - O2 Fitness TV Commercial


O2 Fitness Television Commercial - Passion. Featuring Brian Kenney, General Manager at O2 Fitness Wilmington in Mayfaire Town Center. Filmed at O2 Fitness Se...


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Happy birthday Josie!
The big ONE, that year went fast.

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The Broken Brain Documentary Series

change your life!!! watch this.

brokenbrain.com This is your exclusive invitation to watch Dr. Mark Hyman’s entire Broken Brain docu-series for free.


Happy mother's day babe. You're the glue that holds us together, the rock I lean on, the best mother to our crazy insane girls. I don't know how you do it everyday, I guess that's why you're, The Mom.

I love you, hope your day is awesome.


Happy mother's day, mom. Wish I could spend it with you today. Make sure you have a drink....or two.


Didn't realize this was from West Seneca, N.Y. I knew it was extra delicious for a reason


Love it!

main.poliquingroup.com 11/27/2017

The Massive List of Reasons To Eliminate Sugar

Watch your sugar intake with the holidays.

main.poliquingroup.com Unless you don’t care about your health at all, you know that it’s important to cut back on sugar. For most people who are busy and don’t make the time to cook, this can be a daunting task.


Great workout Deedee Street, your well on your way to crushing your goal!


You want the results?...here's the secret.


Work hard everyday, be better everyday, do more everyday.

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starnewsonline.com 09/09/2017

Pastor to climb Mount Kilimajaro to oppose gender-based violence

Please check this out. Matthew Ray has come such a long way since we started. I've seen a huge change in his workouts since we started. We've gone from getting nausea and soreness in every muscle to Matthew opting for extra rounds of burpees during workouts. His transformation is not complete but he's well on his way to crushing his goal and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Great job Matthew and thank you for allowing me to take part in this journey.

starnewsonline.com The climb is to raise awareness and money for WE International, which has established programs to fight against gender-based violence.


Weekend workout - 5 Rounds for time.

1.Squats 15 Reps - pick an appropriate weight
2. Chest to ground Push ups 10 Reps
3. Plank 1 Min
4. Pull ups 5 Reps - Modify if necessary
5. Jump Rope 1 Min

Post your times below

Have a great Weekend!
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Exercise of the day - Chest Press

1. Be sure retract and depress the shoulder joint to open up the chest.
2. Lower the weight slowly toward the top of the chest (just above the sternum)
3. Press the weight straight up away from the chest.
Avoid over pressing with the shoulders and pressing high from the chest (near the clavicle). If you maintain shoulder stability (step 1) you will activate and fatigue the chest faster.

If you have any questions or comments please message me or leave a comment below.
If you want me to review another exercise please let me know and i will do my best to get it on here
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Attitude is everything. Visualize yourself going to the gym, running faster and hitting your goals!


Enjoy the day off and if you're working....Thank you.

Share this to your page and win 4 WEEKS of TRAINING

Message me for details


Finally a beautiful day to train outdoors! Try this workout, adjust reps and weights to your fitness level. Message me if you'd like to join us.

(FYI - Jess crushed me during this workout!)


Ryan Engel

Watch this!

Quick fad diets or fitness programs don't work......remember the big picture, it doesn't happen overnight. For serious changes it must be a priority and the commitment needs to be there.


Actors and actresses undergo some of most rigorous and elite fitness & nutrition training while preparing for roles.

🔑 Imagine the budget and dedication behind their transformations and EVEN they require months and months HARD WORK! There are NO OVERNIGHT RESULTS.

💥 Never let anyone else you things can happen "quick" & "easy." Trust the process, stay disciplined and PUT in the work - you will ACHIEVE.


Brian Kenney

Please help grow my business, please share and like my page!
Message or contact me for the free workout.


Please help grow my business, please share and like my page!
Message or contact me for the free workout.


Leg Day......Everyone loves leg day! Added a little strength work in the 1st series.

Be sure to keep up with Jess's workouts and if you'd like to join in on all this fun, please pm or call me.


Check out the new video, a little behind on this post but back on track and moving forward fast.

The transformation continues, stay posted!!


Workout #5....Check it out 1 extra round and 1 extra exercise.....crushed it.

Be sure to follow along, watch the intensity and the heat rise!


The transformation continues, this was a late workout but the determination was still there....NO EXCUSES!

Please follow along and see if you can spot the changes.

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