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Shan The Doula It is my joy to provide families with postpartum doula services in Wilmington, NC and surrounding ar Contact me anytime for a consultation.

My passion is serving and supporting families during the postpartum period. As a new Mother myself, I know just how crucial a strong support system can be during this time of transition. My experience and education in social work and ministry geared toward children and families has prepared me well for this role. Through training with ProDoula, I have gained skills that allow me to provide quality

, beneficial services to families during this time. Services Include:

~Being a supportive, encouraging, and stable presence in the midst of transition and newness for your family.
~Ensuring that the new Mom is taken care of so that she can bond with her baby and heal well from birth.
~Assisting with and providing education regarding newborn care.
~Providing breastfeeding assistance and education.
~Caring for older siblings.
~Running errands, light housekeeping, and meal preparation.
~Demonstrating various baby-wearing techniques.
~Providing Biblically-based spiritual support as desired.
~Overnight care and support.
~Empowering your family to embrace your new identity as parents and to feel confident in your own parenting philosophies and practices. I am currently available to serve families in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas. I look forward to serving your family!

8 Photos of What Maternity Leave Really Looks Like

"This is maternity and paternity leave: a time of terror, joy, fear, wonder, pain, blood, and tears. A time of leaking breastmilk and sleeping for no more than two hours at a stretch. A time of your partner having to lift you out of bed.

In an era of highly curated selfies, it isn't easy to show the world what we look like at our most raw. But we want the world to see us, and know us, like this. No, we wouldn't trade a moment of it, and no, we're not complaining. We are simply showing the emotional, painful, joyful, unreal realities of new parenthood. We're doing the work of humanity, and we're asking you to see and value that work for the beautiful mess that it is."

The beautiful, the ugly, but most of all the honest, side of those early days.​​


Happy Mother's Day from !

Bitty & Beau's Coffee

One of the most welcoming, loving, and happiest places in Wilmington. If you haven't checked it out yet ... You are totally missing out!

WATCH THIS! The Lighthouse Film Company captures the essence of Beau's Coffee

What I Wish They Had Told Me Before I Had My Baby | Becky Thompson

As my family is preparing to welcome our second little one, I know I sure need these reminders. Sending them your way too, sweet momma. It's going to be okay.

"You are going to do a great job. Not because you picked the right diapers or the best bottles… Not because you are going to breast feed or bottle feed… Not because you are going to wear your baby or put your baby in a swing… But because you are the best mommy for the job and that is exactly why God chose you!"

The warm sun shone through the nursery window as I rocked my 5 day old in a plush aqua colored glider. I had rocked in that chair for weeks before my son arrived hoping he might become accustomed to the feel of it. I thought that maybe if he got used the gliding motion while… read more

To the Mom who is Exhausted, Depressed, and Overwhelmed

"Because, in the end, you can never be a super-mom. But, you can serve a super-God. He will make you all that you need to be for your family. He can see you through when you are ready to give up."

If you are exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, and even resentful, you are not alone. Elijah felt this way too, and God's response might surprise you!



A wrong text led to two brothers attending the birth of a complete and total stranger


Happy St. Patrick's Day from My house to yours!


Save the Storks

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To the Momma Up in the Middle of the Night | Becky Thompson

"I know the night can feel endless… But the sun is just over the horizon. It’s light breaking through the fear. It’s the dawning of Hope in the promise that tomorrow is coming and Jesus will meet us there too.

You’re doing a great job.

Rest when you can, pray when you can’t, and never stop looking for God’s presence in your life… (even in the middle of the night.)"

Shhhhh. I won’t take much of your time. I know you’re busy. I know you’re tired. And I know thaat more than anything you wish you were sleeping and your little one (or not so little one anymore) was sleeping too. I thought I might keep you company for a second. I know how lonely… read more

To The Mommas Who Made It And The Ones Who Didn't Make It To Church This Morning | Becky Thompson

Speaking as the Mom who didn't make it out the door today ... I can say this truth nourished my soul. Hope it does yours as well, sister! 😉☺️

  I’ve been known to joke that on the seventh day, God rested… and moms everywhere wondered what that would be like. Let’s be honest, I’m all for rest. Rest is so important. But I’m also a mom of a 6, 4, and almost 2 year old, and those restful moments aren’t always a reality.… read more

I Don't Think I Can Do This | Becky Thompson

"Just when we thought we couldn’t, just when we were sure that there was no way we ever could, we discover that we had it in us all along. Because we have Him."

  She was on the other side of the wall in the next room. I couldn’t hear what the nurses were saying or her husband or friends. I couldn’t hear what words her family might have spoken to assure her. I couldn’t hear the calm words of the doctor or the likely beeping of the… read more

Struggling with Nighttime Nursing?

Here are some excellent suggestions for coping with the oftentimes insanely hard nights with newborns. You aren't alone Momma and believe it or not, there are actually ways to learn to enjoy this special time. 😉 Any other ideas? Post them below!

How to get through those seemingly neverending breastfeeding night sessions and keep sane! This mom shares her 9 coping strategies for newborn nighttime cluster feedings.


Happy Valentine's Day! 😉❤️

Here's to celebrating in the best less-than-responsible way ever. Have fun! We're ready for November.


Now booking clients for October 2016.

To the Mom With the Cozy Coupe in Her Living Room | Becky Thompson

"It’s okay for your home to look like you have children. It’s not just okay when you get all of it picked up and tidied and put away… not just when the car is parked in the corner and everything looks neat.

It’s okay in the middle of it. It’s okay when life is strewn around you. I promise we’re not judging. I promise that your messiest moments are really not offensive to most other moms. We get it. We understand how hard you work. We understand that some days your house is just… a literal disaster.

But you are not. Your disaster of a house does not mean you are a disaster of a woman."

There has been a red Fisher Price Cozy Coupe parked in my living room for the last five years. We bought our first little plastic car when my oldest son turned one. He enjoyed climbing inside and eating his snack and putting his drink in the cup holder in the back. For the most part,… read more

Sneak Peek: The Dangers of Baby Crib Bumpers

Dr. Oz is talking about babies a lot today! Including the crib bumper confusion. What do you guys think? Did you use crib bumpers? Why or why not?

Crib bumpers are marketed to parents in stores and online but are they safe? Dr. Michael Goodstein of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Nancy Cowles of Kids in Danger explain why these products shouldn’t be in baby cribs at all.


I must confess ... this is my kind of plan! 😂 What helps you handle all the "it's"?

Velcro Baby.

How many of you have a Velcro baby?

Four Months I close the garage door behind me and tip-toe into the living room—a useless effort, as it turns out—because he is still awake. The sound of muffled crying hits me like a wave; my husband sits defeated on the couch. “I tried to give him that bottle half a dozen times,” he starts. I glanc…

breastfeeding and the eucharist

❤️ this.

I always thought communion was a little weird. I became a Christian when I was 20. Though my love for Jesus came easily, my acceptance of church traditions did not. Communion struck me as a pointless...

New mamas get nothing done (and other untruths)

"There is no greater task than the nothing you did yesterday, the nothing you are doing today, and the nothing you will do tomorrow."

I often talk to new mamas with babies who “aren’t very good sleepers.” The latest mama has a happy 5-month-old girl who doesn’t nap more than 15 minutes at a time and is still waking up about every 3-4 hours at night. It’s exhausting.

10 Ways to Make Motherhood Rock in 2016

Do you have any motherhood goals for the new year? What are they? I am liking #1 myself 😉

As we approach the end of 2015, we're sharing 10 ways to make motherhood rock in 2016.


Happy New Year! 🎉

Ask Steve: Don't Touch My Baby!

Anyone else ever feel this way? 😂 seriously though... How do you handle this in a polite way when in public?

Rebecca wants to protect her son.


Timeline Photos


Merry Christmas! Hope it was wonderful. 😊

why your kids just need you

"I think that’s what I want you to remember tonight. Maybe you’re tired of this whole motherhood thing. Maybe you’ve just had enough. Maybe you’re needing a break. Maybe you’re wondering if this even matters. Maybe you just need a friend. An encouraging word.

This is that.

Carry on brave mother.

Your kids don’t need perfection."

I pick my son Samuel up from kindergarten every day. Pick up consists of a whole bunch of parents crowded into an entry way, making small talk and waiting for our five or six year old to make his way up in the pick up line. We’re all standing there – all with our stories […]


Wilmington Coastal Doulas soakin' in some awesome postpartum wisdom today in Jacksonville!


Sweet baby Teel decided to make her debut this morning! Congrats Teel family!!

Welcome baby Teel!!

My Heart Outside My Body

Here's a good tear-jerker for your Thursday morning. 😉😢

"Being a mother changes everything. It changes your marriage, your job, your priorities, your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your successes and your failures. It changes you to your core in ways you could never anticipate or ever articulate."

Doulas of Los Angeles is committed to creating and continuing strong relationships between care teams and client families. We believe that everyone has a voice and a story, and those stories deserv…


representing at the Lifeline Pregnancy Center's Run for Life 5k this morning!


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