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Today puppies Tank and Luna were oblivious to the importance of Election Day in America... and nonchalant about the frigid winds and blowing snowflakes in the air... But they sure noticed we have a wonderful new Licensed Veterinary Technician named Tori that has joined out team here, and they gave her the warmest welcome! Tori has had a great first few weeks with us here and we're feeling very lucky she has chosen to join us. Clearly Tank and Luna approve as well!

Our retired Alaskan sled dog Koven was today's most enthusiastic trick or treater! It was Koven's first Halloween not working and he got to be a Matador for Halloween! He came for curbside trick-or-treating and was very careful about his choices from our basket. But Koven loved trick-or treating so much that after we had all said goodbye and we had gone back inside and he had gotten back into his car to leave, he jumped out, ran up the ramp to our front door that he could not open alone, ran to the back door, ran up the basement bulkhead and pressed his nose to our conference room window, and then ran into the hospital when Katie and Lucy saw him and flung open the side door. Koven quickly located the trick or treat basket at the front desk and jumped up on the counter to ask for more. When you have run 11,764 miles across Alaska working, apparently your first trick or treat is a VERY big deal!

Happy Halloween from 161 Gardiner Rd! Our Halloween celebration kicked off today with The Mad Hatter (our technician Lucy) serving a tea party to Petey the Bat at the front desk : )

We're hoping some of our pets might drop by for a trick or treat tomorrow! Here are Dr. Noble's Mae and Petey getting ready for the big day! Lots of treats to any Wiscasset Vet pet that comes by to show off their costume tomorrow. Call from the parking lot for curbside pet trick-or-treating, too!

Some treasured old friends of Wiscasset came for a visit today! We were thrilled to have a visit from Dr. Jim & Susan Wahlstrom, the original founders of the practice that eventually became Coastal Veterinary Care and provided decades of veterinary care to the pets of Wiscasset. The old and the new came together for a visit today and to reminisce on all the change this building has seen over the years and all the animals that have been helped here. We were touched that the Wahlstrom Family took the time to visit and support us, and we loved being able to show them that we are continuing the legacy of caring for the pets of Wiscasset and Lincoln County that they started so many years ago.

Malibu came in for her first veterinary visit with her new Damariscotta family at one o'clock this afternoon after being adopted from a litter of boxer-pittie pups born way up near the Canadian border... And then Duke came in at four o'clock today with his new Bristol family after being adopted from the same litter! So brother and sister have both found families in the Midcoast and haven't seen each other since receiving homes a couple weeks ago, but their first playdate and reunification is already planned! They are going to be so thrilled to see each other again!

We have something extra neat to share this week. The lighter colored lead sled dog on the right in this first picture is our new patient, Koven, and his story is amazing!

Koven is a 9 year old Alaskan Husky that retired just a few short weeks ago from his life as a working sled dog for the National Park Service in Denali National Park in Alaska. Denali's 6 million acres of wilderness is patrolled by rangers and canine rangers like Koven. Koven has logged a whopping 11,654 miles patrolling Denali, and ran 2,668 miles as lead dog of the team. Denali National Park has the only working sled dog kennel in the National Park Service, and the dog teams are used to haul scientific equipment for research on the glaciers, monitor wildlife, patrol for poaching, educate park visitors, and transport supplies. When park temperatures drop to -50 F, they are more reliable than a gasoline engine, and create much more minimal impact on the wilderness environment the Park Service works so hard to protect.

Denali's sled dogs retire at age 9 and Koven has mom and dad for the first time now! His parents are park rangers that have just moved to Midcoast Maine. Maine has 22 million acres of beauty to explore Koven, so you better get going!

Below are some incredible pictures of Koven with his team. Thanks very much to Koven's new parents and Koven's prior mushers for gifting us with these striking images to share to tell his story.

Scooby is 4 months old and was born in a barn in Dresden. He has a mom and a home now, and this past week he caught his first mouse in his new home while Mom was sleeping. Mom reports that Scooby very considerately carried his prize to his Mom's place at the breakfast table so it would be waiting for her right where her plate goes when she got up. We all appreciate Scooby's dedication to his Mom's morning nutrition, and made sure he received a dewormer and flea prevention with his vaccines this week!

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week to our amazing licensed technicians, Lucy, Melanie, and Tori!

Few careers require such a diverse skill set that is required of a veterinary technician. They must educate a new puppy or kitten owner in one appointment, triage an emergency collapsed pet that arrives unexpectedly in the next moment, be the radiology technician, the phlebotomist, the surgery technician, preparer of lab samples, and the dental hygienist. In the hospital they check on your pet constantly, comfort them, cuddle them, walk them, and clean them. They are cheerful and keep going even when they have been peed on, pooped on, bled on, and even sometimes bit at. The technicians are the backbone of every veterinary practice and our ability to do what we do every day starts with them.

Lucy, Mel, and Tori, I thank you and I have no doubt that the nearly 700 pets of Lincoln County that we have helped in recent months thank you in their own way, too.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Noble

A day of puppies! The big rainstorm today has been no match for our newest pups at Wiscasset Vet. Bella, Shelly, and Scooby all stole our hearts today and had their first veterinary visits with their new families. Welcome to Wiscasset, pups!

This is 17 week old border collie mix Bear and he has a new family! Bear's new mom and dad were with us to say goodbye to their loyal and faithful black lab Ella this past summer, and we were sad to watch them grieve. But this week we got to meet the new addition to the family with Bear's arrival! Bear was in an overflowing shelter in Alabama and a rescue group matched him with his new mom and dad in Maine. We're pretty sure this trio was destined to be together, and we are certain Ella is glad for her mom and dad to have some canine companionship in their home once again. Welcome to Maine, Bear!

One of these felines is our new patient Spooky, posing with our decorative fall pumpkin during his first exam. And the other feline is our Halloween decoration near the hospital front door. Bet you can't tell which is which!! ;)

The only thing more adorable than a Frenchie puppy... is a Frenchie puppy named Scoop... with our exam room lobster toy! The lobster seems down for the count and appears to need veterinary care more than young Scoop. But don't worry Wiscasset, we care for lobsters too, if needed and Scoop and Lobster will both live to square off again someday soon!

What could be cuter than a Persian named Rosita... that rides in her own basket... with a homemade quilt? What a pleasure it was to meet you today, Rosita!

Our globetrotter patient Donuts sent us updates from Mallorca and Italy this week! She sure is covering some ground despite those little Corgi legs!

Today 12 week old golden Emma got the last x-ray before the power went out in the storm this morning... and she needed it! Despite her small stature, she loves to eat and managed to swallow something that she shouldn't have and had to be rushed in... but we were able to help her and she went home with Mom and Dad with her tail wagging right as the power went out for the rest of the day. Good timing, Emma! (but no more eating things you shouldn't!) Sadly we had to help all the other pets in the dark today without electricity or running water, which was a challenge but everyone had a good attitude about it, and we still managed to help the pets that needed care. Tonight the power has come back and we'll be returning all of your calls and emails tomorrow!

[09/30/20]   Hi Folks, the storm got us pretty good here and we do not have power or phones at the moment, but we are here and seeing our appointments in the dark as best we can today. Hopefully we’ll be fully back online soon!

It appears the first puppy shots were just a little too much for young bulldog siblings Tank and Luna! They had their first vaccines, their first dewormer, and their first heartworm prevention, and that just about tuckered them out so they settled in for a nap while the adults talked afterwards. What sweet little angels!

We must have done something very good to deserve this... On Friday afternoon our last scheduled appointment of the day was Oliver, a 14 week old English Sheepdog Poodle mix. And today on Monday morning we got to start the week with 12 week old Cooper, a new golden retriever puppy that just arrived in his Maine home. Our weekend was bookended by adorable puppies! We love you already, boys!

Congratulations on finishing your final heartworm treatment, Riversong! Heartworm treatment takes several months and several hospitalizations to complete, and we know it can be painful at times. You were a trooper, kid! And your parents were, too - they were so excited to adopt you from the rescue and then got you the best care and treatment possible when they learned you had heartworm disease. Great job, everyone on Team Riversong - her best days are still ahead! xoxoxo, River!

Mabel had an eventful first veterinary appointment today. She arrived on the schedule as a male kitten named Henry that needed veterinary care for his eye, and left as a healthy little girl re-named Mabel knowing it was okay to be different. Her right eye did not fully develop before birth, a condition called microphthalmia, but she has never known it any other way, she does not need any medication, and it only makes her cuter!

Thank you for the amazing gift basket you sent us this week, Winston! We are so glad you are feeling better, and we have been loving the bruschetta, gouda, olives, brownies, and caramels you sent. You are our favorite English Mastiff, we love when you shake your paw with us, and we are so glad you are on the mend! Good boy, Winston!

Check out this duo! Nine year old Beatrice is a superb caregiver to 4 month old Tilly (short for Matilda). Tilly is full of spunk despite her young age, but she loves being held by Beatrice, and Beatrice was an excellent assistant to us during her visit. Great job, girls!

What do you get when you cross the old blue eyes of Frank Sinatra, the handlebar mustache of Wyatt Earp, and a snaggletooth shark?...

You get Finley the Himalayan!

He has the bluest eyes, the cutest curly whiskers, and the most adorable snaggle tooth. We love you, Finley!

Today the morning brought the first frost, the afternoon brought a basketful of kittens, and the evening brought an early fall sunset with the smoke of the Western wildfires. Be safe, West Coast.

Our well-traveled patient Donuts just sent us an update from Ireland! Look how perfectly at home she looks in the Irish countryside. She is about to pop over to the castle to see what's being served for dinner!

Football is back!!!

Berta asks our technician, "Is it true, football is back, Lucy?" Lucy assured her that it was.

Cherry Pie is pouting a little, because her family's team is the Giants and she is not sure how she can make it all the way to Monday night to see them take the field. There's always the Pats on Sunday, Cherry Pie!

Berta and Cherry Pie want to spread the word - Football is back, everyone!

Look at this face! This is 7 week old border collie Pearl. She was in a litter cared for by our neighbors in the Amish community of Whitefield, Maine. Her new family lives in Pittston and went to visit Pearl in the barn she was whelped in every day for the past two weeks so she would feel more comfortable when it was time to leave her siblings. Pearl, you have been given a wonderful start to your life in Maine, and we can't wait to watch you grow!

Look at these two cutie patooties! Little sister Cookie came in today racing around, full of spunk and sporting her pink strawberry harness with a matching pink bow in her hair. Older brother Rascal weighs only 5 lbs, has trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth (adorably), and prefers the cozy safety of his mom's shoulder swing. These two Morkies split their year between Southport Island and Naples, and are excited for autumn in Maine this year!

Seeing double! On the right is 9 year old Ivy, our newest patient at Wiscasset Vet. On the left is Dr. Noble's 2 year old Petey, who makes himself at home around the hospital. The only way you can tell the difference is that one of these felines is looking for an extra treat from our tech Melanie, and the other just had their vitals taken by Melanie and is no longer in the mood for treats!

Luna from Louisiana! Luna gets to split her year between Louisiana and Maine, and she was especially grateful to be watching Hurricane Laura on The Weather Channel from Wiscasset last week rather than down on the Gulf. Luckily Luna's Southern home weathered the storm, and we join her in thinking of all the families that have been so terribly affected by Hurricane Laura. We are glad you were safe up here with us, Luna, and we're thinking of all your Southern pals right now.

Introducing Reba! What a lucky girl she is. She was recently rescued from Alabama and transported to Maine to join her new family in Newcastle. Reba is still a pup at 8 months old, and has a new big brother chihuahau named Remi that is 4 years old, and a new big sister chihuahua named Ruby that is 5 years old. Her older siblings have welcomed her into the pack and they are having a ball together already. Watch out, Newcastle - here comes Reba, Ruby, and Remi!

Oscar is such a handsome boy! He is also brave and wants to be best buds with Hannah, the exuberant chocolate lab in his new home that is not afraid of anything... except him! Hannah is still figuring out this new furry creature that wants to play, but Oscar seems very sure of himself and very determined. We're pretty sure he can win Hannah over in the end. Keep trying, Oscar - a good friendship is always worth the effort!

Mail from Dolly! Our golden retriever patient Dolly is feeling better this week and sent us an update on her own personal stationary. She even has her own return address label! Your mail made our day, Dolly. Thanks for taking the time to send us fun mail!

Meet Cash! This little man is 14 weeks old and learning more about the world every day. So far the thing he loves the most is cheese, while the thing that is the most scary is a dingleberry that stays with you even if you run away from it. Growing up in this world is tough, Cash, but you are doing great!

Wiscasset Veterinary Hospital

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