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Offering loving, caring and compassionate breastfeeding and doula support personalized to fit your unique goals. Our names are Cassandra Bickford and Amber Roy and we are a team of DONA trained Doula's and Certified Lactation Counselors.

We met eight years ago and it just so happened that we were at very similar points in our lives. We both were finishing up our Bachelor Degrees in Psychology but both felt like we wanted more. Through our journey, we have found that our passions are whole-heartedly with mothers, babies and families. It took us both a while to gain the courage to move forward in the field that we knew that we loved and now that we have, we have not looked back. Through this process, we have discovered how much we enjoy spending continuous time with the laboring mother and her partner and feel as though we are traveling along the paths that not only leave us feeling fulfilled, but also a path that brings out the best in us. We are enjoying every moment of our time as doulas and lactation counselors and feel honored to be in such an amazing field. We know that every birth is unique and deserves to be treated as so. We enjoy working with families to help create an environment that best suits their individual wants, needs and goals.

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#LoveWhatMatters 09/27/2016

Mom's Raw Postpartum Photo Highlights Lesser-Known Feeding Method

I pipette fed my oldest daughter for the first 3 weeks while struggling to breastfeed her due to an undiagnosed tongue tie. Although our breastfeeding relationship didn't start out in the traditional sense, it ended up being beautiful and fulfilling. "I felt so empowered and happy to be able to feed my baby.” 09/26/2016

Breastfeeding ArtPrize exhibit breaks down public nursing barriers Please enable Javascript to watch this video GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- To empower mothers to breastfeed in public, artist Miriel Smith entered her third year in ArtPrize to showcase paintings of nursing mothers and provide a shaded nursing and changing station. Smith's entry is located at Lyon and Monr...


Beautifully written. Beautifully poignant.

"Somewhere there is a woman: 30, no children. People ask her, “Still no kids?” Her response varies from day to day, but it usually includes forced smiles and restraint.
“Nope, not yet,” she says with a chuckle, muffling her frustration.
“Well, don’t wait forever. That clock is ticking, ya know,” the sage says before departing, happy with herself for imparting such erudite wisdom. The sage leaves. The woman holds her smile. Alone, she cries…
Cries because she’s been pregnant 4 times and miscarried every one. Cries because she started trying for a baby on her wedding night, and that was 5 years ago. Cries because her husband has an ex-wife and she has given him children. Cries because she wants desperately to try in vitro but can’t even afford the deposit. Cries because she’s done in vitro (multiple rounds) and still has no children. Cries because her best friend wouldn’t be a surrogate. “It would be too weird,” she said. Cries because her medication prevents pregnancy. Cries because this issue causes friction in her marriage. Cries because the doctor said she’s fine, but deep inside she knows it’s her. Cries because her husband blames himself, and that guilt makes him a hard person to live with. Cries because all her sisters have children. Cries because one of her sisters didn’t even want children. Cries because her best friend is pregnant. Cries because she got invited to another baby shower. Cries because her mother keeps asking, “Girl, what are you waiting on?” Cries because her in-laws want to be grandparents. Cries because her neighbor has twins and treats them like sh*t. Cries because 16-year-olds get pregnant without trying. Cries because she’s an amazing aunt. Cries because she’s already picked out names. Cries because there’s an empty room in her house. Cries because there is an empty space in her body. Cries because she has so much to offer. Cries because he’d be a great dad. Cries because she’d be a great mother, but isn’t.
Somewhere else is another woman: 34, five children. People say to her, “Five? Good lord, I hope you’re done!” And then they laugh… because those types of comments are funny. The woman laughs too, but not in earnest. She changes the subject, as she always does, and gives the disrespect a pass. Just another day. Alone, she cries…
Cries because she’s pregnant with another and feels like she has to hide the joy. Cries because she always wanted a big family and doesn’t see why people seem so disturbed by it. Cries because she has no siblings and felt profoundly lonely as a child. Cries because her Granny had 12 and she’d love to be just like her. Cries because she couldn’t imagine life without her children, but people treat her like they’re a punishment. Cries because she doesn’t want to be pitied. Cries because people assume this isn’t what she wanted. Cries because they assume she’s just irresponsible. Cries because they believe she has no say. Cries because she feels misunderstood. Cries because she’s tired of defending her private choices. Cries because she and her husband are perfectly capable of supporting their family but that doesn’t seem to matter. Cries because she’s tired of the “funny” comments. Cries because she minds her own business. Cries because she wishes others would mind theirs. Cries because sometimes she doubts herself and wonders if she should have stopped two kids ago. Cries because others are quick to offer criticism and slow to offer help. Cries because she’s sick of the scrutiny. Cries because she’s not a side show. Cries because people are rude. Cries because so many people seem to have opinions on her private life. Cries because all she wants to do is live in peace.
Another woman: 40, one child. People say to her, “Only one? You never wanted any more?”
“I’m happy with my one,” she says calmly, a rehearsed response she’s given more times than she can count. Quite believable. No one would ever suspect that alone, she cries…
Cries because her one pregnancy was a miracle. Cries because her son still asks for a brother or sister. Cries because she always wanted at least three. Cries because her second pregnancy had to be terminated to save her life. Cries because her doctor says it would be “high-risk.” Cries because she’s struggling to care for the one she has. Cries because sometimes one feels like two. Cries because her husband won’t even entertain the thought of another. Cries because her husband died and she hasn’t found love again. Cries because her family thinks one is enough. Cries because she’s deep into her career and can’t step away. Cries because she feels selfish. Cries because she still hasn’t lost the weight from her from her first pregnancy. Cries because her postpartum depression was so intense. Cries because she can’t imagine going through that again. Cries because she has body issues and pregnancy only exacerbates it. Cries because she still battles bulimia. Cries because she had to have a hysterectomy. Cries because she wants another baby, but can’t have it.
These women are everywhere. They are our neighbors, our friends, our sisters, our co-workers, our cousins. They have no use for our advice or opinions. Their wombs are their own. Let’s respect that." (Credit: Nadirah Angail. Photo by Joey Thompson, Unsplash ) #9Today 05/08/2016

Mother's Day for those who have lost or are longing - Adriel Booker

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms.

"For me, Mothers Day is sweet. But for many, I know it is bittersweet.

For mamas who have lost a child – born or unborn…

For women who have yearned for a child and have been unable to conceive…

For single women who long to be married and start a family yet remain waiting…

For those wanting to adopt who haven’t yet been able to see that dream become reality…

For those who needed to let someone else care for their child and had to say goodbye…

For single moms of young kids who are too young to know how to appreciate mommy as she deserves…

For moms serving in the military who are deployed and far away from their babies…

For moms of teenagers who have pushed away from them…


For those who never knew their mother…

For those who have had a mother walk out on them…

For those who had a mother who was there but not there…

For those who have lost a mother…

For those who have lost a grandmother…

For those who have lost a mother-figure…
To you all of you, I want to say Happy Mothers Day as well.

May you be comforted in your loss or in your longing. May your eyes be opened to those you have “mothered” through your love and care and nurturing, whether you have children of your own or not. And may you be filled with sweet memories of the special women in your own life who are as mothers to you, even if your own is gone.
Mothers Day is not just a day for moms; it’s a day for women.

Mothers and mother figures everywhere are deserving of our honor. You are appreciated… and I sincerely hope there’s someone in your life to help you know it.

I want your Mothers Day to be sweet as well. Because you make our future, and our children’s future, better."

Courtesy of the the beautiful blog post at:


Birth Without Fear

"Katjtindi's birth was a calm birth. I had the honor of sharing these precious moments with her and with her supportive sisters. We were at her partially made mud hut that she built with the help of her mother and sister up to the day before the birth. They were building a home for her and for her new baby.

Her contractions started at around 5am, and we were joined by a second midwife from the village. We were six women in this small hut. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. In the early morning the light started penetrating through the cracks between the walls of the hut, which created a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Katjtindi was nurtured, for hours by her sisters, she was calm through the whole process, completely trusting her sisters.

I felt something that I've never felt before, I was a part of a powerful women circle that connected me to a collective female power. I discovered how birth can be a euphoric experience, a way of accessing a unique power. Katjtindi gave birth to a healthy baby girl, several hours later."

Photo by Alegra Ally for the #wildbornproject {} 01/08/2016

Low Milk Supply 101 Forgive me for asking but... Do you REALLY have low milk supply? This is a very important place to start. Please bear with me. I don’t mean to doubt your situation and be annoying patronising... 07/20/2015

The Worst Things I've Heard as a Nurse in Labor and Delivery "Put in an extra stitch." From a father talking to the provider AND from a provider talking to a father. Yeah, 'cause that didn't make me just throw up in my mouth. 05/22/2015

This woman had the “perfect body.” But this photo caused a worldwide uproar.

Beautiful and empowering. With one picture she is changing the world. 05/13/2015

Ten Things Women Say in Labor (that are totally normal!)

#10 for me. I didn't say anything! So focused on meeting my sweet babies! What did you say during labor, or what would you add to the list? Written by Aly Folin, CPM, LM, North Star Midwifery & Erin Stertz-Follett, CD(DONA), Flutterby Birth Services After attending many births, it is safe to say that we as midwives and doulas have ...

[05/10/15]   Happy Mother's Day! Wishing everyone a very special day!


Such a wonderful story!

Our donors never cease to amaze us...

I'm a second time breast milk donor!! After learning at 19 weeks that our daughter, Sophia, had a fatal birth defect I started researching how I could help others through my loss. Sophia was unable to be an organ donor due to her birth defects. That's when I came across Mothers Milk Bank. They partnered with a local hospital in my home town and made it really easy to donate breast milk. Sophia was born silently into the world 12-28-2013. Sophia gifted the Milk Bank with over 800 oz of milk. Then 6 months later my husband and I tried and successfully got pregnant ! Much heartache came again at 19 weeks when we found out that our son had a birth defect however this time it was a treatable one, or so we thought. It wasn't until Owen was born that we learned just how severe Owen's birth defect was. Owen was born 2-26-2015 and spent 32 amazing hours with us before he went to Heaven. The picture I am holding is of my son Owen. Surrounding me is Owen's gift to you. I hope no mother or father ever has to endure what my husband and I have. We hope that Owen's gift will help make your baby happy and healthy so that you can watch your little one grow up and smile and fill your life with such joy! We held our babies in our arms only a short while, but we will hold them forever in our hearts.


These images are stunning! Definitely worth a look!

Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 12 years of his life taking pictures of the foetus Developing in the womb. These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope. Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb. His first photo of the human foetus was taken in 1965. 02/16/2015

Why African Babies Don’t Cry I was born and grew up in Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire. From the age of fifteen I lived in the UK. However, I always knew that I wanted to raise my children (whenever I had them) at home in Kenya.


Mila Kunis on Leaving Her New Baby

Mila talks about having to leaving her newborn baby at home for the first time. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the lat...


The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center

In an effort to find a donor for a critically ill BBCH patient, there will be a bone marrow screening at Maine Medical Center's Impressions Cafe Monday, February 9, 7am-6pm. The objective is to find a bone marrow match for a girl currently receiving care at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital who is in critical need of a transplant. Screening requires a simple mouth swab with a q-tip. Contact Matt Parks [email protected] for more information.

In 2008 6-year-old Hayley Desjardins had her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. At an age where most kids are dreaming of the extraordinary, Hayley simply dreamed of being normal and living a life that didn't revolve around blood transfusions and hospital visits. When her treatment was deemed a success in 2009 the Desjardins family thought their prayers had been answered and their fears left behind, but in October their hopes came crashing back... down: Hayley's aplastic anemia was back and her time was running out.

Due to the severe nature of her relapse Hayley's doctors have decided that the best option will be to receive a bone marrow transplant. Unable to find her ""perfect match"" Hayley is now in a desperate race against time. Please share Hayley's story with your friends and family and encourage them to take this opportunity to give hope to Hayley and the thousands of other patients in need.

For information regarding eligibility please visit


Peaceful Breech Home Birth (PG)

Our sweet little baby boy is here! After four different types of births from c-section, hospital epidural, hypnobabies, and vbac breech delivery, we wanted t... 01/19/2015

Mother Says Breastfeeding Her Adopted Son Brought Their Family Closer Jamie Lynne Grumet has been on the forefront of the conversation about attachment parenting since she appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in May 2012. In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Friday, Grumet explained how breastfeeding her adopted s... 01/14/2015

New Report Urges Less Intervention in Births “If overtreatment is defined as instances in which an individual may have fared as well or better with less or perhaps no intervention,” says a new report which collects and interprets the research regarding the hormonal physiology of childbirth, “then modern obstetric care has landed in a deep quag… 12/24/2014

A Visual Guide to How Babies Are Made

Pretty neat! All of human embryo and fetus development in a single, spiral-shaped GIF 11/28/2014

Mother's soothing presence makes pain go away, changes gene activity in infant brain A mother's 'TLC' not only can help soothe pain in infants, but it may also impact early brain development by altering gene activity in a part of the brain involved in emotions, according to a new study.


Breastfeeding Basics

There is no point at which the benefits of breastfeeding suddenly “run out”. Breastmilk does not turn into water overnight on your baby’s first birthday. As long as you nurse, your baby gets valuable immunities, as well as the security and emotional advantages of nursing. 10/20/2014

'Breastfeeding saved my life' They say breast is best, but for Ellen Rees, feeding her baby son turned out to be a lifesaver. 10/14/2014

A timeline of a baby’s first hour | Science News A study carefully documents newborns’ instinctual behaviors in the first hour outside the womb, observations that paint a picture of what babies might need in the moments after birth. 10/05/2014

39 Baby Halloween Costumes Even More Delicious Than Candy If you're a new parent this Halloween, here's some good news: You simply cannot go wrong when picking a Halloween costume for your baby. Behold, 39 pieces of evidence that tiny humans will look insanely cute, whether they are dressed as pop cultu...


BellyBelly - Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

WHY BREASTFEED A TODDLER? Why on earth not?! If breastmilk was that bad for our toddlers, it would not contain this much goodness in it - as well as protection from illnesses and the power to calm and soothe.

12-23 month olds do not yet have a full, balanced family diet - let alone enjoy eating it! Breastfeeding helps to bridge the gap of nutrition and protect against deficiencies, until they are able to eat such meals. The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding be part of a toddler's diet up to two years of age, longer if you wish. In many cultures its normal to feed from 2-4 years.


Benefits Of Breastfeeding Your Toddler:

Breastfeed a Toddler - Why On Earth?!




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