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Emma Saunders Harmony Within An invitation to discover your true soul expression through vocal exploration and somatic practices It is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

Through our voice our souls essence is expressed into the world. To free the voice is to free the person. Through gentle somatic practices and vocal exploration we can go within to discover our true authentic voice, guiding us to the truth of who we are rather than who we think we should be. The healing power of the voice is powerful and transformational. Its where healing can occur at a cellular

and energetic level. When we sound, chant and sing we are giving ourselves a personalised sound massage from the inside out. We can clear blockages, heal trauma, release stuck emotions and make space for the creativity, joy, love and peace that is our natural state of being and our birth right as human beings.

Our first singing circle of the year is in just over a week's time and I'm so looking forward to it 🎶It's been an intens...

Our first singing circle of the year is in just over a week's time and I'm so looking forward to it 🎶

It's been an intense time over the last few weeks/months for so many, me included. For me, singing is one of the most powerful tools I use to calm my nervous system and bring me back to my centre.

The research shows the positive effects on mind, body and spirit when we sing together....it brings me so much joy 🥰

Are you being called to use your voice more, to open it up and freely express yourself? To feel more joy and connection with yourself and others?

Come and join us for an evening of song, singing simple heart-felt, soulful harmonies and mantra together.

No previous singing experience is necessary, you are all warmly welcome.

Please contact me if you require any further info and I look forward to seeing you there 🎵💗🎶


I'm so looking forward to coming to the grand opening 🥰

🌿🎶 Embracing the Timeless Magic of Song 🎶🌿In the heart of our ancestral communities, there was something truly enchantin...

🌿🎶 Embracing the Timeless Magic of Song 🎶🌿

In the heart of our ancestral communities, there was something truly enchanting about the way they celebrated life - through song and singing. 🎤🍃 From ancient rituals to festive gatherings, they wove together the tapestry of their lives with melodies that connected them to nature, to spirit, and to each other in ways we've almost forgotten. 🌍✨

Our ancestors knew that in a song, there's a special kind of magic ✨ They believed that when voices joined in harmony, it wasn't just music....it was a direct line to something greater! 🎵✨🎶 Through song, they marked the changing of seasons, paid tribute to the land's spirits, and connected with the wisdom of their ancestors 🪶🌠

But today, in our world of buzzing screens and endless distractions, we've lost a bit of that joy and reverence for singing📱🤷‍♀️ We've become shy about using our voices, even though it's one of the simplest and most profound ways to express ourselves and connect with one another 💞

My passion and mission is to bring song into our everyday lives and provide a space to explore the power of our voices once again 🌈🌟 I'm excited to share that I'll be hosting a series of workshops and a singing circle, where we'll bring back that sense of wonder and joy in singing. 🌸🌿

✨ In our gatherings, we'll sing Earth songs, celebrating our deep connection to nature's ever-turning cycles🌼🌱 We'll embrace mantras, those magical phrases that help us tap into our higher selves and connect with the spirit that unites us all 🤍 And we'll rediscover the simple, beautiful power of harmonies and rounds, just like our ancestors did for the sheer joy of coming together 💞

This isn't just about singing; it's about rekindling a sense of shared wonder and magic ✨🎶 It's about reclaiming our voices, our ability to express ourselves, and our profound connection to each other, to the natural world, and to the vast, mysterious universe 🌀🌌

Join me on this delightful journey of rediscovery and remembrance as we harmonise our voices with the spirit of our ancestors. 🌈🌟🎶 Let's bring back the sacred joy of song and dance in our lives! I would love to see you there ❤️

Dear fellow souls,As the sun paints the sky with hues of passionate red and orange, and the gentle breeze carries the pr...

Dear fellow souls,

As the sun paints the sky with hues of passionate red and orange, and the gentle breeze carries the promise of enchanting nights, I find myself captivated by the magic of the human experience. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, we often forget the profound connection we share with our true authentic voice and body wisdom. Today, let us embark on a journey of rediscovering our essence through the soul-stirring practices of singing, dancing, breathwork, and meditation.

Just like a symphony with countless instruments, we are each a unique note, contributing to the grand masterpiece of existence. Yet, in the chaos of the world, we sometimes lose touch with our individual rhythms, dimming the light of our true selves. But fear not, for the path to remembering lies within the simple act of singing.

When we sing, we open a gateway to our heart and soul, allowing emotions to flow freely like a river breaking free from its dam. In the resonant notes of our voice, we find solace, healing, and strength. Whether we're shower singers, car karaoke champions, or just humming along to a favorite tune, let us embrace the joy of vocal expression and let our unique timbres blend with the symphony of life.

Then there's dancing! How it enlivens every fiber of our being, unearthing buried treasures of joy and pure presence. In the rhythm of our feet, we connect with the heartbeat of the Earth, and in the sway of our hips, we unleash the chains of inhibitions. The dance floor becomes a sacred space where our bodies become the paintbrush, and the canvas is the cosmos. Together, let us set our spirits free and rediscover the ecstasy of uninhibited movement.

Beyond singing and dancing, there lies a secret pathway to unlocking the power of our authentic voice and body wisdom: breathwork and meditation. As we inhale the breath of life, we are reminded that the very essence of existence courses through us. Through conscious breath, we cleanse, rejuvenate, and rediscover the art of being present. In meditation, we journey inward to touch the tranquil depths of our souls, where intuition and wisdom reside. Here, we find the whispers of our heart's desires, echoing softly, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Let us not forget that these practices are not meant to be reserved solely for sacred spaces or special occasions. Every moment, every day, holds the potential for us to reconnect with our authentic voice and body wisdom. Whether it's singing our favorite tune while cooking, dancing freely in the living room, or taking a moment to breathe and meditate amidst the chaos, let us seize these opportunities to remember the essence of who we are.

As we surrender to the sweet melodies of life, we witness the union of our body, mind, and spirit in harmonious symphony. Our authentic voice and body wisdom become a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards self-discovery, love, and acceptance.

So, dear souls, let us embark on this journey together—let the songs of our hearts and the dances of our souls guide us back to ourselves. Embrace the power of your authentic voice, your unique dance, and your sacred breath. For within these practices, we shall find the key to unlocking the romance of our true selves and embracing the divine orchestra of life.

With love and harmony,



I'd like to officially welcome you to my page, tell you a little bit about what I do and share some exciting news with you regarding a couple of projects I'm involved in....

So, welcome everyone ☺️ I've been a slow starter here on social media but I'm starting to find my way! My aim is to post more frequently and share information, events and some resources with you, letting you know more about me and the work I'm doing.

My name is Emma and I'm the creator of Harmony Within. I work with the voice and the body as your instrument and personal sound healing tool to clear energy blockages, promote healing and encourage self exploration and self expression.

I run workshops and 1 to 1 sessions where we explore embodied vocal exercises, gentle somatic work and the power of song and harmony to connect with feelings of love, joy, creativity and unity . As a compassionate guide to your self-discovery and authentic expression, I provide a space and invitation for you to Emerge! Trusting in your natural innate wisdom in that emergence.

I'm really excited to announce that I will be running a Singing Circle called 'Sound and Song with Emma' at the wonderful Sky Spa UK within the next month or so.....please keep an eye out for the date, I will let you know when it is confirmed. I will be doing a separate post on this to give you some more information about what to expect. I really hope you can come along.

Another really nourishing and joyful co-creation to announce is called Holistic Harmonies with the beautiful Holly Charles of Holly's Holistic Healing. This will be series of divinely led Sound Healing sessions to open our hearts and harmonise our vibrations .....more info to come on these but I am beyond excited! 🤗❤️

As a young child I learnt my voice wasn't accepted when it was loud or angry or sad.  When I screamed with rage I was sh...

As a young child I learnt my voice wasn't accepted when it was loud or angry or sad.

When I screamed with rage I was shamed.
When I wailed with sadness and despair I was silenced.
When I lashed out with hurtful words I was punished.
When I talked too much I was ignored.

I learnt that to be accepted and loved by those who cared for me I had to change my voice and hide my true expression.

This lead me on a path of people pleasing, abandoning myself and my needs and forgetting who I truly was in my core to make those around me happy....because that's how you earn love....right?

I observed those around me who seemed happy and content and I built a persona to match thinking that's the formula for life.

After decades of failed and abusive relationships, questionable life decisions and a history of disconnection from myself, my body and everyone around me I descended into the darkest of places. Hiding in this place with heavy blankets of shame and guilt as my comfort.

But my story didn't end there.....there had always been this little spark of hope, the flame of my soul...eternally flickering, leading me out of the darkness into the light. Tickling me every now and again, with a voice so quiet at first I could barely hear it. The more I delved into my inner world through various healing modalities the more I heard that voice....my true voice....and it was so beautiful. I heard it the most when I sang the words of beautiful songs, the bliss bubbling up in joyful bubbles, bursting with the energy of that little girl I was all those years ago.

That little Emma who I call my little firecracker, the one who was ignored, the one who was shamed, the one who was silenced. She's still there and wow, is she fricking amazing!

She is feisty.
She is full of wonder of the world.
She is curious.
She is playful.
She is mischievous.
She is strong.
She is wise.
She is wild.
She is beautiful.

And she comes alive when I sing.

I've sang all my life, music is my medicine....my joy...my bliss!
But only in recent years have I realised the healing power of using my voice in an intentional way. Using it to express what is alive inside of me, what is wanting to be heard and witnessed. This has been transformational. It has been so healing and has allowed me to grow, shedding those heavy layers of shame. I began remembering who I really am, knowing I am worthy and uncovering what has always been waiting for me, the harmony within.

This has been my journey with my voice.

Remembering my true soul expression.

Uncovering my heart voice and sharing it with the world.




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