I am therapy

I am therapy

Facilitating the body’s own healing through the power of touch. Providing reiki healing and reflexology (student practitioner). Healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, to help bring the body into improved health and balance.

When really old , meets old, meets new. I’ve always dreamt of having a grandfather clock and today my dream came true thanks to my beautiful hubby. Rich’s great grandads chair, my Art Deco Enfield grandfather clock and my new cushion. Home is where the heart is 💕💓 #enfieldgrandfatherclock #grandfatherclock #thebesthubbyintheworld

‘The Mouse’s House’ kids reflexology book arrived today by the amazing @susanquayle. #susanquayle Specifically created to empower parents and caregivers to heal their own children through story telling and performing reflexology techniques on their little ones. My daughter who is nearly 7 loved every bit of it. The illustrations are just beautiful and we finished with her wanting more. Highly recommended. I am blessed enough to be studying with Susan and in the coming weeks I will be a qualified practitioner which will allow me to bring her children’s reflexology programme to NZ for the first time. I will be running workshops for parents and caregivers in the next month. Message me if you’re interested in hearing more. #childrensreflexology #childrensreflexologyprogramme #childrensreflexologyinstructor #themouseshouse

The world might stop but the learning continues. Thanks to my amazing teacher and wonderful fellow students 💕

What a pleasure and delight to see these 13 smiley faces (including my own 😄) looking back at me on the computer screen yesterday and today.

For our scheduled April and May Diploma weekends we got together on Zoom for our classes.

Of course meeting virtually does mean that we weren’t able to do the practical aspect of our usual physical time together, but with some readjusting of the planned itinerary for our course we have covered much more of the written work than we would have by now, which means that when we meet up together at the school, we can spend more time focusing on the practical ... which will be heaps of fun!

I wish to congratulate and thank my 12 Diploma students for being so adaptable as we transferred ourselves on to online platforms to be able to continue our studies.

At a time when life itself was throwing many stressors at each one of them, in the form of the potential threat of Covid-19, the uncertainty of jobs and incomes, and the general loaded energy all around us, they tackled new and unfamiliar terrain on technology, and they conquered it!

We plan and hope to meet up all together in Browns Bay once more for our June weekend.

x Karen x

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Sunday morning study. Research this morning involves diseases and disorders and the benefits of reflexology. I have chosen to focus on depression as I myself have suffered from this and it seems lots of us have experienced elements of it during the challenging times we are faced with at the moment. Grateful for my furry friend who is keeping me warm.

Run with the pup. Starting to feel my legs again since my big race. Over a year of recovery. Strongest I’ve felt in a long time. Running is my meditation. What’s yours?


'Covid toe' and other rashes puzzle doctors

The feet don’t lie. ❤️ REFLEXOLOGY for this reason.

bbc.com A Spanish study identifies five rashes present in some coronavirus hospital patients.


4 Step Relaxing Facial Reflexology to lift your spirits in lockdown

I am a huge fan of Ziggie Bergman and her facial reflexology techniques including anti ageing techniques. Here is a 4 step facial reflexology that you can do at home to help melt away any tension you might be holding on to. Thanks Ziggie 💕

Ziggie Bergman shares her easy to follow Facial Reflexology Bergman Method techniques to help everyone relax and lift your spirits during lockdown. Ziggie Be...


Books - The Children's Reflexology Programme

Would highly recommend these children's reflexology story books for both parent and child to enjoy by the amazing Susan Quayle. These books provide simple reflexology techniques that anyone can do. They will help children who struggle with sleep, have anxiety, relieve tummy aches and tooth aches and for those children that have additional needs. Check them out. I wish I knew about them earlier. Bought all 3 books and can't wait for the to arrive. Much Love 💞



Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing)

Today brings an alert level 3 here in NZ to combat Covid 19 and with that, a little bit more freedom, yippee! It allows us to explore nature a bit further a field than our own back garden. So, here is some food for thought. When soaking up all the health benefits nature brings I put it to you to go get earthed. Grounded! By simply putting your feet in the sand, in dirt, on wet grass, or in water. This simple act has so many health benefits.
1. Improves stress, sleep and pain management 2. Improves inflammation and immunity. 3. Grounding neutralises free radicals. Go and absorb the negative charges from the earth and stay well. Much love 💕

fibrofix.com Syncing your bare toes into wet grass, dirt, sand, or water is the latest trend in wellness. Known as “earthing” or “grounding,” when skin comes into contact with the ground, the human body becomes a sponge that soaks up negatively-charged electrons from the earth. This practice is quickly e...

Karen's Reflexology

This is my amazing teacher of Reflexology. Reflexology doesn’t just belong on the feet it’s also for your hands and ears too.

Yesterday I did a little experiment on our daily walk.🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

I gave myself an ear massage!👂🏼

I have to tell you that I could not believe the results. And almost instantaneous too.

My thought to try this happened at about 6.5km in to our walk.

You know how some days the body is just not feeling quite in to exercising ... Well, I was feeling tired at this point, some muscles were aching, and mentally I was just ‘over it’. ☹️

Anyway, as I said already, I could not believe the results. In fact I was so impressed with the change I felt, that I passed my phone to my husband and asked him to take the little video for me.

I felt suddenly more energized, both physically and mentally. The muscular aches that were niggling, were gone, and I felt as though I had more breath capacity.

I’d love to hear your experiences if you try this.

It’s probably best to NOT walk in the middle of the road as I did .... though there’s not much traffic at the moment during our lockdown. 🔒

x Karen x

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Thank you for your support via social media. I have shied away from SM for a long time but, it seems it can be my friend after all if it means I can reach people who need help on their healing journey. Thank you 💞🙌


Reflexology Market Research

Attention all Aucklanders in the Eastern Bays - Would you kindly complete this anonymous market research survey for my Reflexology Diploma. It will take you all of about 1 minute. TIA. Would be grateful if you can pass it onto others that live in the Eastern Bays. Much love 💞💞

surveymonkey.com Take this survey powered by surveymonkey.com. Create your own surveys for free.

I am therapy

[04/24/20]   I am super excited to be setting up my business offering Reiki including distance healing and Reflexology. As a student you will still receive all the benefits that reflexology offers but at a discounted rate to help me gain experience. Please follow me and share my page with those that you think would benefit from a healing. Thanks in advance for your support. Much love ❤️

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I am therapy

The Power Of Touch

I has been on a spiritual and well-being journey for as long as I can remember and really only fully embracing it since having my two children. Having been in the corporate world for decades as a coach and mentor I wanted to help people in a much more holistic way through Reiki and Reflexology by using my coaching and mentoring skills along with the power of touch to help heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

I want to incorporate the spiritual element with my current training and studies as a reflexology practitioner to build a holistic practice. I strongly believe that the power of touch is more important now than ever with the constant connection we have with technology and how disconnected we have become from each other.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and growth with you.

Much Love x



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