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Bekah Weideman’s healing journey is inspiring. Once homebound by chronic illness, Bekah sought out many healing modalities to little avail until Reiki entered her life. Since receiving hope and healing for herself, she has been on a mission to bring the same to others. With the exquisite beauty of a Japanese Tea Ceremony, there is an art to Bekah’s Reiki practice that brings harmony, calmness, and serenity to the senses.�Book your appointment to see what Reiki and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy can do for you today!

I provide Advanced Reiki sessions, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Energy Clearing for Home and Business with Reiki to charge the space, Pet Reiki with Communication, Distance Reiki, and Aromatherapy.

The greatest freedom you will ever experience is the unbecoming of everything people said you were, and you assumed to be true. The unbecoming of all the self exposed limits, or the limits of others. The unbecoming of all the can’t be’s and can’t do’s. The WEIGHT of all of those versions of yourself, released!

The greatest adventure of your life starts when you’ve released all of that, and you start on the journey of a lifetime. The journey home. Home to YOUR heart. Home to YOUR dreams and goals. When you start the BECOMING process. 🙏🏻

These are all lessons I’ve walked through on my journey to healing. It is my honor to walk you through them, and be your coach to finding your authenticity. 💗

Celebrating my amazing daughter, Amity who is a #2020Graduate TODAY!! Congrats to my mini me who blows my mind with her love and care for others, and the depth of her character. 👩‍🎓 I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom! 👩‍🎓

We make time for our priorities. We find a way when it matters to us. Look at the things in your life that matter to you. Look at how you are spending your time. Make sure you realign with life, and invest your time and money where it matters to you. Sometimes we simply get distracted. Other times, we get totally thrown off course. That’s ok! Just course correct, and make the changes. You are totally worth it! 💗

I am not all that has happened to me.
I am everything
I became while I healed.
Stronger but softer.
Focused but not obsessed.
Teacher but still a student.
I am not broken.
I am beautiful.
I am a survivor.

You find your strength when you are being refined in the fire. Once you find your strength, nothing and NO ONE can take it from you. You become a Warrior. You become your own hero.💗

I work with women to discover their inner Warrior, find their strength, RECLAIM their strength and self identity.💗 This is one of my greatest joys, seeing women SET FREE. 🙏🏻

Your spirit knows when something isn’t right. Often times we call it anxiety, but what it really is happens to be a reaction to abandoning what our soul knew to be true.
Listen to that inner knowing. Your soul knows the way. 💗

Anytime you abandon your truth, your soul is getting the unsaid message that what you think and feel doesn’t matter. Part of the human experience is being heard, being loved, nurtured. As children, we may not have had that experience, but we can reclaim it now. We can start from this day onward listening to that still small voice, never again abandoning our truth. 💗

Discover the ROOT cause of sleep anxiety/insomnia and start yourself on the road to better night sleep, restful dreams and a relaxed mind. 🙏🏻

The method I use is different in that it treats the root cause of the sleep anxiety. It doesn’t cover over it and pretend or try to make you forget. This form of work is so powerful because it deals with YOUR truth!

Celebrating my beautiful inside and out daughter again, on this her week of graduation. 💗 I could have never asked for anything more than my precious girl. She was the absolute JOY of my life from the moment I knew a surprise baby was coming! 💗 She has been one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, and it is because she had to be. Life has been anything but easy for her. But in the sadness, in the betrayal, in the rejection, it caused HER to decide to find her OWN voice. And to EMBRACE herself, to love herself, and be kind to herself. She is also speaking up for her needs, and creating healthy boundaries. She’s not apologizing for breathing, because she knows she has just as much of a right as anyone else to be here. She agreed to let me work with her with Rapid Transformational Therapy, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. 💗🙏🏻💗 This girl has the rest of her beautiful life ahead, and I couldn’t be happier for her!! I miss being young.. But having so much more ahead, I’m super excited for her! She’s got it! But she’s also got the most amazing love I’ve ever see . 💗 I’m so blessed to be your Mom. 💗

I celebrate my daughter today.
Your Graduation Parade is today.
You deserve so much more.

You are stronger than I ever knew someone could be.
You are incredibly brave.
You are loving from within, in a deep and centered place.
A place with no expectation of others, but only for yourself.

You have endured more heartache than I can bare to believe possible. Simply by being other people’s idea of “not good enough”, “not perfect enough”, “not skinny enough”, not, not, “not enough” or “too much” 🙄

But the truth is, you are more than enough, you are perfect exactly as you are, you are more than so many will ever know because they made the mistake of letting you go.
They chose not to stick around because you were “too real”. You are #perfectlyimperfect

They chose to call you names because they couldn’t stand the sound of their own.
They chose to make fun of your body, because when they looked in the mirror, they were ashamed. Our experience in this life gives us the ability to look back and see with such clarity and understanding the actions of others.

I know that being so young and having such hatred spewed at you, being forgotten over and over again in classes (by so many teachers), be it by them not having music printed for you, not having chairs in orchestra for you, not having you even in their system, you felt invisible. Having being listed on two different schools graduating class program, again feeling invisible. You have NEVER been invisible to me. You have never been invisible to those who are privileged to see your beauty. I am so grateful for every moment of this life with my daughter, my friend.

While we aren’t people to swear, Pink’s words in her song hit home in such a powerful way this year. For me, as I was doing some much needed personal work, and for you as you release the wounds of the past. Leaving the grief behind, graduating and moving into this next phase.

And to all those people who checked out on you because you are too much magic, you are f*cking perfect to me. May you say no without guilt, and yes without fear. 🙏🏻

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Together, we can find those beliefs and feelings that are keeping you stuck in your past, strangled in the web of anxiety and release those lies to live a life of freedom. 💗🙏🏻💗 These sessions are 100% customized to your individual needs. Each client has a root cause that is unique to them. Together, we can open up doors you never though possible, allowing the mind to lead us and show the way. Your mind is SO powerful! Use it to HEAL!

Living a life of integrity is crucial to being in alignment with your authentic nature. You can not be dishonest and live your best life. It isn’t really yours then. It all belongs to a lie.

I’ve always had a thing about being lied to. I know when it is happening. I loose respect immediately, and I try to distance myself from that person as much as possible. I don’t have time or energy in my life for dishonesty.

Where are you being dishonest with yourself?
Who is being dishonest in your life that you need to have re-evaluate their place in your life?
Is there anyone that you feel you need to be honest and open with? Perhaps you haven’t lied, you just haven’t told them the truth?

Only keep the parts that make you a a better version of you. 💗

Your personal PEACE ✌️ is in YOUR control.
When you allow others to control that peace, you give up all control over your own life. 😞

Instead of allowing the media, negative people, news cycles and the state of the world to steal our ☮️ peace, we have to decide who it belongs to! Or, who we are going to allow it to belong to. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Nobody, and NOTHING should have THAT kind of control over YOUR life. 💪🏻 It’s time to TAKE YOUR JOY BACK! 🌈


YOU get to choose how much you allow in, and WHO you allow in. You know what the MEDIA is counting on? FEAR! You know how they create fear? Wrote gripping stories, take alternate angle photos, use photos from other times that fit the narrative, whatever they HAVE to do, to get you hook line and sinker! Sensationalize the newest story, to get you hooked in even more...

Do you know what happens in the body when you let them control you? Your stress hormone, cortisol rises. The adrenals are reacting as if you are in a fight for your life. Critical systems get the most energy. Your body believes it is in FIGHT mode. The stress that puts on your system when you are around this stuff daily, hourly, over and over is what weakens your body to actually fight off infection, causes sleep disturbances, can deregulate hormones, shut off digestion. Your body literally believes it is fighting for its life.

Now tell me, do news stories deserve that kind of energy from you? 👀

Do Facebook posts from all the Negative Nancy’s 💁🏻‍♀️deserve that kind of control?

Do emails, calls, text messages from those ENERGY VAMPIRES 🧛‍♀️ deserve to deprecate YOUR reserves to inflate their own?

The answer is, NO. Only YOU should have that control over YOUR LIFE, YOUR TIMe, WHERE YOU USE YOUR ENERGY, and KEEPING YOUR JOY!

I told a client recently, your joy is like little fragile bird eggs in your little nest. It is YOUR job to protect those eggs. If you get off your nest, you’ve opened yourself up for anyone to crush them, steal them, throw them at you, stomp on them and tell you how imperfect they are to begin with. GAURD YOUR JOY LADIES!!

If you are ready to start taking your own POWER back, I would love to help you in your journey! I have online sessions available, in person sessions begin August 4th.

What if instead of
You were healing your INSOMNIA

Ready to claim your 💤 😴? Message me and we will get your Discovery Call scheduled!
Call today! Currently scheduling for August!

I’ve been doing a lot of personal work over the last few months. I have an unsatisfied thirst for continual improvement of my being. 💗

It isn’t for lack of gratitude for where I am, but instead it’s an awareness of the many layers that unveil themselves, the deeper you go. Rabbit hole? Nope. Because that smokies it’s empty, deep and kinda pointless. When I do this work, it truly does unlock a new level of FREEDOM that my BODY can feel, my mind can feel repeat, and my spirit can feel at peace with. 🙏🏻

It has been a steadfast lesson throughout to come back to center. Meaning, staying grounded. 🌳 When I start feeling tipsy turvy, I’m not grounded.

Keep growing has been the call of my heart. It was in the years of my life I stopped allowing growth that my depression nearly ate me alive. 😑

And now we come to the Learning to let go.
That is very interesting how things are unfolding for me personally right now. There has been a call to release, to let go over the last six months. It is oh so hard, but I know that it is only making room for what is coming. 🙏🏻
The thing is, even though I know that, letting go is one of the hardest things for me. 😞

I wonder, what helps you stay centered? (Grounded)
How do you insure continual growth?
And lastly, what are your signs that it’s time to let go? 💗

Massive love to you all! Together, we will be better for all of this, on the other side. 🙏🏻

When the whole family needs their bracelets and mineral pillows charged. 😂🤣

Your soul knows the way. 💗 Sometimes we need someone to help us get in touch with our soul, with our inner guide. You have never known freedom like this!


We have to start now.
We have to invest in our children, our community and ourselves today. 💕

What we 🌸LIVE 🌸 by our example, is what our children will 🌺mimic🌺 in their lives.

What our children mimic becomes the culture of the future. 🌻

Our voice can best be used by showing love and compassion to the hurting, and asking “how can I help”, and LISTENING. 🌷

We can be the change by the actions we take and the words we speak every single day, in the quiet, in the fear, in the unknown. We can teach the next generation about love for all mankind. About respect and reverence for the suffering of others. And what it mean for us to truly LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR. 🙏🏻

My hope is that every life I touch is healed, and they can then go out and heal. By not just words, but INSPIRED ACTION! 💗🙏🏻💗

As someone who suffered for years with depression and anxiety, I can see very clearly there is another epidemic reaching far more people than this visits has. #mentalhealthepidemic

Unfortunately, we are seeing skyrocketing numbers of clients dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression, insomnia, and so many other issues that are brought on by the fear and uncertainty we are facing.

I understand that we all have a lot on our already full plate. But I also understand we have to call it by it’s name. We have to be honest with ourselves about how we are doing. Trying to ignore it, only makes the problem bigger. Because what you are subconsciously believing is that your needs are not as important as others, and they don’t matter.

It is important that you also look for signs your children need some support too. They have all been disheveled amongst this chaos. It is normal for them to be feeling off. They may be getting lost in hours of TV or video games, and not engaging. Maybe it’s a good time to get a new game you can learn together as a family, and get everyone talking. 💗

I am happy to support my clients in online sessions, you can schedule by texting, emailing or messaging me through Facebook. The online scheduling system is blocked to keep people from booking in person sessions. Due to the current guidelines, I am unable to open for a multitude of reasons. The wonderful thing about my work is that I can do it remotely! 💕

Please reach out if I can be of assistance! For me, energy work was (and is) key to my mental health. Without energy healing, I don’t think I would be alive today. I was really that bad. Energy healing changed my life so much, people that knew me before and see me now are blown away!

There are some tips for you for managing stress and anxiety at the CDC’s website. Please consult your Dr. if you are feeling any symptoms of wanting to harm yourself or others. Please consult your child’s Pediatrician if you notice any signs of anxiety and/or depression in your child. There are many natural supplements and behavioral strategies that can help through this period of time, or they may recommend medication.

I always work on energy healing, and if the clients are open, we will do work through RTT as well. I find that is how clients are able to see change the fastest. 💗 Sending so much love to all of you.

Stay safe, spread love, love you too!

Getting in touch with your soul is the most empowering thing you will ever do! It is when we operate in the existence of what the world has taught us we are that we feel the emptiness, the loss of identity, and lack of passion and joy in our lives. 💗 It is a process. But it is one that can be done, and it will change your life!

Are you ready? 💗

💫💫Don’t allow other people’s actions taken in anger to steal your peace! 💫💫

How others choose to behave (or not behave) doesn’t have anything to do with you. **READ THAT AGAIN**

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Keep going on the direction of your heart’s calling. 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

The direction of,
💕 love, compassion, mercy, kindness, grace, acceptance, appreciation for others struggles, understanding and openness to learn and understand deeper.

I promise you, the world doesn’t need anyone else screaming, fighting, and making noise. 🤦🏻‍♀️

✨What the world needs is action!! ✨

👉🏻👉🏻Action that changes the narrative. 👈🏻👈🏻

💗Understanding where there is none. 💗

🙏🏻 Self reflection and the willingness to change.💕

Our world is in great need of positive change!!
But our voice often gets lost in the noise of society.

💥Let your actions be your voice.💥
☄️ Show the changes that our world needs by being the change every day, and by teaching our children to be the change too. 💥

☄️ On our own, we are limited!!!
Together, we can #riseup and we can fight against inequality, injustice and hatred that plague our world. 🤨

Together we can #bethechange and we can teach our children how to be the change too!

🌟Change starts in OUR heart.
I invite you to take some time today, to get quiet with your heart and reflect on what it is telling you. What is it urging you towards?
What are things that need to be left behind, so that you CAN move forward?
☀️I also encourage you to ask your heart if there is anyone you’ve wronged that you owe an apology to.
✨Take the first step towards healing that divide..
Lastly, ask your heart what areas of your life need some love breathed back into them? 💫

✨Start today. It’s a new day! It’s a beautiful gift of new beginnings. ✨

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