Healing Reiki Touch

Reiki is natural and restorative healing modality that unblocks and directs energy flow . Feel free to book a session with me to experience it.

[11/15/17]   Notice: This FB webpage will be closed on No 22.
I will be creating more intimate , private group with members who are interested in my treatments or just information about Reiki.
I will post the name of this group , so you could ask to be added.

[10/31/17]   What to do before and after Reiki session

Many of my clients ask me what they have to do before and after Reiki session

Before Reiki Session
1. Scanning. Before the session spend 15 minutes to scan yourself. Check any sensations in your body , emotions or thoughts that you have . Acknowledge your current physical and emotional state.
2. Hydrate + eat . Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat few hours before the session , so you are not distracted by thirst and hunger.
3. Get comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes . I usually ask my clients to wear socks , so your feet are warm.

After Reiki Session
1. I recommend to take it easy after Reiki session . There is a energy shift which your body has to adjust to. Take a walk in the nature, lie down , meditate or even take a nap.
2. You might find yourself hungry after session, so listen to your body . Eating something light and healthy will help to ground your body.
3. Drink water, it help to replenish your body
4. Reflect . Journaling your experience helps you to acknowledge your feelings and sensations in your body. Draw images or pictures how you felt Reiki energy.
5. Contact me if you have any overly challenging emotions or body sensations. Reiki energy is very gentle , but because it removes blockages in your energy system, it can trigger some issues as a result.

[09/16/17]   Hello beautiful soul!
If you would like to keep up with updates, please follow my page.
For now please pm me to schedule your free Reiki session .

[09/15/17]   What to expect . Plan to relax ! You will lie on a massage table . Before treatment we start with setting our intention to release what no longer serves you or your highest good, and to receive reiki healing energy. Then off we go: I will gently lay my hands on different locations on or above your body.
You may feel deep heat or warmth coming from my hands. This is because the Reiki energy flows into the body and energy field bringing you back to balance! A healing session is a deeply rejuvenating, restorative, and safe.


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