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I've started The Healing Root blog's page as a way to create a collective space for support, love, encouragement, openness and connection :) I am sharing my passion of health and wellness as a plant based chef and yoga teacher and would like to create a space where people can talk, ask questions, interact and inspire one another.

Affirmation of the day: I trust who I was, who I am & who I am becoming. My acceptance and self love are no longer tethe...

Affirmation of the day:

I trust who I was, who I am & who I am becoming.

My acceptance and self love are no longer tethered to my mind which makes that love conditional; they are instead tethered to the centre of my own heart which makes that love unconditional ♾️

When I do get lost in the maze of the mind, it is nature that reminds me of my truth. My truth of worthiness, wholeness & connectedness.

“Our bodies are our anchors for the rest of who we are” ~ paraphrased from

Pillars of relating PART 1.There are a LOT of ingredients that make a relationship strong, conscious and expansive. Here...

Pillars of relating PART 1.

There are a LOT of ingredients that make a relationship strong, conscious and expansive. Here are 6 of the ones I find vital 🕊️

1. Curiosity: can you stay open, interested & invested in the everyday-evolving person your partner is becoming? Express that curiosity. Ask them questions about how they perceive the world today. Notice how that changes in subtle ways on a daily basis & why. Take notice of the small evolutions. Your curiosity might also spark more reflexivity for them.

2. Expectation: Do not expect the response you want. Give them the space to have their own organic response to a moment. Wanting your partner to behave/respond in the way that YOU would respond means that you are in a state of non-acceptance of who they are as their own person.

3. Presumption: Do not presume or pre-empt your partners actions. If you always expect your parners’ ‘negative’ patterns to express (e.g. they don’t tidy up or they typically get stressed about inconsequential things or they … fill-in-blank) no room is given for them to change their patterning. This works both ways - ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Presuming a positive behavior and them not fulfilling it, will also leave you feeling miff. So, check in that your expectations on your partner are reasonable and appropriate. Be open to their own responses without overlaying your own hopes/ideas on them.

4. Attunement: tune into your partner regularly. Tune into the moment, their energy, their context. Their context of coming to an interaction is indeed merged with yours, but they still have their own context as individuals. Understanding this gives you more capacity to understand them, their needs & space to respond from the heart.

5. Belief: believing in your partners visions/dreams/goals/inspirations lets them feel seen, supported, fully held/received and motivated to TRY. Needless to say, feeling like your partner is your No.1 fan and believes in you relentlessly is medicine to the inner child, the present, empowered you and the you that sometimes lets self-doubt take the wheel.

6. Listen deeply: without thinking about your response, listen only to receive THEM in presence ✨

HELLO gorgeous humanI have written and shared a deep but necessary article where we explore: • The delicate relationship...

HELLO gorgeous human

I have written and shared a deep but necessary article where we explore:

• The delicate relationship that we have to pain and to suffering.

• Dissecting the differences between the two and understanding the role that the mind and ego play in this relationship.

• The beauty and necessity of learning to excavate our deepest wounds and emotional scar tissue in order to facilitate growth and evolution.

• Understanding how they both have their place & offer us different things in our lifes journey

• And the importance of not attaching to our pain or suffering as the only means for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

If you're interested to dive in, here's the link

Much love to you alllll

Exploring the delicate relationship that we have to pain and to suffering. Dissecting the difference between the two and understanding the role that the mind and ego play in this relationship. The beauty and necessity of learning to excavate our deepest wounds and emotional scar tissue in order to f

Hello beautiful humans, I just want to take a moment to thank you again for being here with me on this journey of self-i...

Hello beautiful humans, I just want to take a moment to thank you again for being here with me on this journey of self-inquiry, reflection and all of our journeys colliding in this expansive time-space moment :)

After a much needed hiatus from the socials, I am beginning to share again and so I thought it fitting to share with you all a piece of writing that is close to my heart:

11 sentences, thought processes and quotes that have changed my life and changed my perceptions of things.

I'd love to know, if you read it, if there is resonance with certain aspects of the piece of writing in your own journey :)

Much love, always

11 powerful thoughts to support self-healing, reparenting, inner intimacy and new perceptions of the inner and outer world. These thoughts & inner inquiry prompts will facilitate a conscious directing of your own healing process & will be helpful thoughts to come back to in challenging times

Little photo dump with .simons ✨🫶.I’ve been recently contemplating what intimacy means and how it has different faces & ...

Little photo dump with .simons ✨🫶.

I’ve been recently contemplating what intimacy means and how it has different faces & expressions for each person.

This can sometimes be hard to navigate in partnerships, relationships & even friendships. To learn the intimacy pathways of the person you are relating to is vital. Understanding their emotional landscape and context & how they have come to understand intimacy & what has shaped these perceptions is so important to find that sweet spot, that delicious middle point where intimacy between you both can flourish.

To me, I equate *emotional depth* with intimacy.

Emotions are what root us in our humanness and so when we go to the depth of our emotional spaces with others, we are sharing our humanness. We are saying “I feel safe enough to share my self with YOU”.

What on this Earth is more intimate than that?

Physical intimacy? Sure, s*x CAN be a pathway to intimacy but it is not a given because what makes s*x intimate? Emotion. Sharing your humanness (what emotes/animates you) with another. What makes s*x intimate is manifesting your emotions through physicality.

So for me, emotions are the root of it all.

What are some of your pathways to intimacy? I’d love to know 🫶

📷: by the lovely 💛

Often when looking for a loving relationship with someone else, what we’re really looking for is a loving relationship w...

Often when looking for a loving relationship with someone else, what we’re really looking for is a loving relationship with ourselves.

Once that primary relationship with self is in the ever-ongoing process of healing, we give ourselves the permission (subconsciously & consciously) to invite magnificent people into our lives 🫶
simons thanks for having the patience & capacity (& unconditional love) to hold the fort during all my ups and downs and wiggly directions in between.

📷: captured by 💛

Healing the parent-child wound 🫶We all have parental wounds. No matter how wonderful & conscious your parents are or wer...

Healing the parent-child wound 🫶

We all have parental wounds. No matter how wonderful & conscious your parents are or were, no matter how wonderful your childhood was there will always be some wounding there - because there is no such thing as perfect parenting.

Sometimes small wounding but significant enough to leave impressions in your psyche and sometimes big enough to establish deep trauma grooves in your psyche & soma.

Sometimes we may not acknowledge these pains - especially when we juxtapose them to other peoples experiences of childhood but this is opting out, taking the easy route. You can dismiss all of your own pain when comparing it against what other people have lived through. But that is not in service of your highest growth 🌱.

We gift ourselves a golden opportunity to move towards wholeness when we acknowledge our experiences of hurt and pain - no matter whether they are big or small - so that we can heal and integrate them.

When we heal, we change the cycle of how those wounds bury themselves into our relating patterns (intergenerational changes begin with your healing).

When we heal, we also gift this golden thread to our children and their children and our partners and friends. Our healing ends up going beyond just the immediacy of our own lives.

To begin, it’s helpful to:

1. Identify & accept the parts of you that mirror or are similar to the parts you are averse to in your parent (what you judge/dislike is often a part of your own self-aversion). Start with trying to feel neutral about these parts (moving from self aversion to self loving is too big of a leap). From neutrality, you can move towards loving & embracing more easily.

2. Then you need to do the hard and extensive work of offering yourself the experiences, traits and parts that were not given to you or modelled by the parent(s). E.g. If you had an incredibly volatile, unpredictable parent then developing inner stability & consistency is healing as it provides the missing experience to your body-mind 💛.

3. Cultivate radical compassion for your parent(s) and yourself. If you are able to work through this with them, YOU ARE BLESSED 🙌.

We live in a world that is modelled on the belief that more is better, and with that belief an intensity & frantic quali...

We live in a world that is modelled on the belief that more is better, and with that belief an intensity & frantic quality of desperate fumbling through the days is almost inevitable in order to “successfully” navigate through life. But, what I have had to humbly learn time and time again, through every illness & injury is that in order to live a life that is joyful, deliberate & meaningful we need to step out of this way of thinking. This way of relating to life only feeds the hungry beast of addiction, addiction to externally generated sensation, addiction to doing, to achieving, to stress, addiction to values and priorities that don’t actually sync up and align with the truth of your spirit.
To stay soft & open, tender & receptive amidst the all too seductive realm of rigidity, control, contraction and extreme imbalance is almost radical. So radical in fact, that I reckon staying soft can be your personal activism - activism that you have the choice to live & embody with each moment of choosing intentional living, presence & more moments of stillness in your everyday life.
Nourish yourself with the life offered in this moment by coming to the moment fully. Slow down, take time to settle the mind & feel into your body, eat nourishing food, move into your body with softness, invite soft gooey tenderness into all the nooks & crannies. Let it the softness seep deep into your bones & let it create more space internally. Feel the warm embrace of your own inward moving attention. ✨ pictured: spiced quinoa coconut milk porridge with spiced orange slices 🍊

Oh to come home to this body; this dense, fleeting & wondrous thing. Form & formless. Whole & yet ever evolving. Remindi...

Oh to come home to this body; this dense, fleeting & wondrous thing. Form & formless. Whole & yet ever evolving. Reminding reminding reminding myself that this body is the ultimate vessel of presence & knowing. ✨


After leaving LAST SUNDAY for a road trip back home to start Uni on Monday, .simons Riley and I had a series of pretty ridiculous events that left us tapping into our energetic & emotional reserves in a big way. I’m talking breaking down, sleeping on the side of a road, mechanic after mechanic, friendly strangers, being towed I don’t know how many times, sitting in the blazing sun waiting and hoping for good news & drinking lots of red wine in the evenings to see us through it all. We are finally relatively sorted (a week later) and leaving again tomorrow. It’s funny when you plan things & have clear ideas about how you would like things to go. Sometimes life goes along with those plans, sometimes she sure doesn’t. I thoughts I’d share two delicious pieces by that helped me bring some clarity, grace & a sense of peace to it all today.
“...feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we’re holding back. They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we’d rather collapse and back away. They’re like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we’re stuck. This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it’s with us wherever we are.”
“People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something ‘bad’ and they are being punished. That's not the idea at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. To the degree that you didn't understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, you're given this gift of teachings in the form of your life, to give you everything you need to open further.”
― Pema Chodron


Nourishing plates 🤤. This holiday I’ve fallen in love with food again. My relationship to food will always have room for more healing but in the last few weeks I’ve truly reconnected with the power of food to unify & be a magnificent way of living consciously & attending to your relationship to self & others 🙏.
It is a sacred thing, food. There to be enjoyed, loved + appreciated for all that it is, all that it has the power to be & do for us. What I’m also learning to appreciate again is slow-process food. Taking the time to create, taking the time to let flavours melt & develop & to really let the food be considered and more carefully crafted. One practical way of making this change is to start cooking BEFORE you get super hungry. I always used to start cooking once I was already hungry so it meant that the whole cooking process had an element of impatience & rush. With slow process cooking, there is an energy quality of patience & generosity that is felt throughout.
Here we have a plate of pan friend sourdough in olive oil, smeared with garlic & rosemary with a side of homemade hummus, a fresh chard salad & leftover homemade Thyme gnocchi with a roasted almond basil pesto 🌿


Happy New Year lovelies (Yes, I’m aware that it’s already halfway through Feb 😂). I hope that this year brings grace, presence, health + steadiness for you & your beloved beans 🙏.
What a beautiful past few months it’s been. New paths, new experiences, new tattoos (courtesy of ), new connections, new respect for a healthy immune system and last but certainly not least, new additions to the familia cue my little Riley boy who I adopted from . He has brought so much joy & love into my life. A true reminder of unconditional love & being present in joyfulness. His nature is so gentle + nurturing, I feel so blessed to have him be part of my daily life.
I haven’t really known how or when to step back into this social space although I’ve wanted to for quite a time now. So, I decided to just dive in, with the addition of my new furry baby. For those of you asking about The Healing Root recipes & website, it is still running however it is, as some of you have noticed, currently unavailable but will be up and MOVING again soon with some exciting new recipes & posts to share ✨. I am really looking forward to being back in my kitchen & creating & sharing with you again.


The safety, connection, healing & love that we all seek in the quiet moments of the yearning heart lie not in anything external. True safety lies in the intimacy of how we receive ourselves in presence. ✨


There is a time when turning away from your body to find refuge and safety in the mind no longer helps in protecting you but actually severs your deeper and more intuitive connection to self. No amount of talking, understanding & holding will unlock the lived reality of trauma in the body.
The saying “our issues are in our tissues” says a lot. And speaks to the power of embodiment practices that help to dislodge and “toil” the soil of our inner landscapes so that new life can then grow in places that were bound too tight to let life move through on the breath of grace.
Healing from trauma is a process only made whole through embodiment. Intellect & insight are vital but they can only take you so far and once you reach that point it’s the body-mind calling you back to the fullest reality of your being. It’s important to then listen; to dive in and to remedy the relationship that you have to occupying physical space, weight, volume & energy and to do so with attentive awareness & compassion to what is there.
Freedom comes not in escaping the physical but in making peace with it, and finally, finding safety in the home that is your body. There are so many ways of coming home to your embodied fullness: yoga, breathwork, meditation, nature, stillness, nourishment, dancing, any creative expression to name just a few.
And I know that when you are in the thick of your activated trauma responses this embodied, creative part of the healing process feels miles away and completely untouchable: because you cannot live from creativity when all of your resources are in survival mode. And that’s okay too, I’ve learnt that we need to also give space for certain sticky parts of the process to run their course, and to be patient with them, too. And then, something in our lives will remind us of our humanness & we’ll decide to come back slowly, with process.
Picture: when I still had hair & we weren’t allowed outside; doing a little photographic interview from across the ocean with my beautiful friend .welt 💛


Hello lovely humans. Today I post my first recipe since what feels like forever ago - it is a single-bowl, 10-minute sweet treat quick fix that is filled with all the goodness to make the decadent truffles of your dreams. I am obsessed. I've honestly made this recipe like 4 times in the last week and a half, and have shamelessly been devouring these little superfood balls since. Decadent enough for dessert, healthy enough to be part of a yummy & nutritious breakfast, or even just a fab snack. They are filled with goodness: macadamia butter, homemade sunflower seed butter, natural peanut butter, cacao nibs, Wazoogles Vanilla Sky protein powder & more. To make these goodies head over the blog where the post has just gone live, along with TEN lessons I have learnt during this lockdown period - a period of a lot of inner inquiry & re-evaluation & CHANGE (as I am sure it has been for so many of us) ❤️.


Change, integration, vulnerability, softness, hardness, intensity, resistance, anger, overwhelm, joy, whole-body sensation, attention, fragmentation, coherence, simplicity, complexity, intricacy, stuck, understanding, letting go, fluid, shedding, healing, strong center, stability, instability, emotional volatility, confusion, awe, love, connection, surrender, gratitude, fullness, control, emptiness, spaciousness, change.
Some of my inner world experiences of late 💭 do you relate to any or all of these? 🐝 sending you all waves of soft love through the ether this evening


Hello love beams! 💫. Hi 👋 HAPPY FULL MOON 🌕 it’s been a while. I’ve missed BEING in this space, SHARING in this space, and I’ve REALLY missed CONNECTING with you in this space. some ways I also haven’t - because this time of stepping away has also freed up so much energy for me to sit with myself in ways I never have before, it’s given me the valuable time to sit & THINK about everything occurring in the world & REALLY engage with it in a way that has been incredibly meaningful. I feel ready to talk & share about things that I have now taken time to grapple with & understand & more importantly, to FEEL.

One of the many themes of the last few weeks for me has been: sitting in the fire of feeling it ALL 🔥. Sitting in the fires of shame, trauma & pain - my own, and others - but equally basking in the disentanglement of those psychological trips in the matrix of the mind & into beingness beyond✨. It’s scrummy 👅 and worth every minute of the journeying. Another, has been learning to come back to finding great fullness & meaning in the smallness of everyday life things.

I’d love to share some words from me to you for this Aquarius Full Moon 🌕. Words that found me on a walk yesterday evening.

Let Your Body Be Abundant

Let your body be abundant
Let it not hang off tired bones
Let it thrive in the heat of your love
And the glow of your care

Let your body rest in YOUR peace
And find stillness in the air
Let your body be abundant
Let other bodies be abundant
For this is all that is asked
For the body has enough to navigate in this life without your making it harder through your own unforgiving stare
Let it love you fully & freely & love it equally in turn
Let it guide you to what is real & true

Let your body be abundant
For this is only fair to you
This is only fair for all

Abundance gives your body the space it needs to learn to trust you again. In this trust, a deep & unconditional love resides. A love that awaits your awakening to its home in you.

When your body rests in fullness, in wholeness, this is the truest you of all the yous.
LOVE YOU ALL - thank you for being alive & forming the collective


I've been taking a smoll step back from Social Media for a variety of personal reasons. It has been soul-enriching & very needed. And I will be taking more time away in the coming weeks to prioritize the intimacy & realness of life, learning, re-constructing, re-orienting, re-organizing, recovering, re-membering myself & what this life means in its transience & dynamism. 🌱
I will be sharing a few odds & ends here & there. Things that move me, things that teach, expand & nourish me.
As much as I value this virtual space & it's gifts, I find that right now life is demanding me to turn my full energy into areas where my full attention & awareness haven’t been for ages. So, I am going to listen to this call to come back to my seat of presence & grounding. I want to open myself fully: to be a receptive & vast vessel for life to move through, animating & enlivening me from the inside out, and to do that I personally need to be fully IN my own life - not floating in a disembodied & abstract virtual space (as awesome as this virtual space is!)🌻 present with sensing, feeling, observing, changing. In the meantime, if you’re wanting to get groovy in the kitchen, here are two new recipes up on the blog made using & goods ✨ the first is a Pear & Vanilla Cake Loaf and the second is ‘Salted Caramel’ Superfood Granola that is very hormone balancing 🌱 I am sending you all so much healing love & energy 🙏 @ Grahamstown, Eastern Cape



CHOCOLATE SWEET POTATO & ALMOND BUTTER PANCAKE STACK recipe is up on the blog using delicious goodies from and 😍✨ super quick & easy to whip together and perfect for any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, snacks and yes, even dinner🌻. In this post I’ve shared reflections on courage, finding strength to hold yourself in a container of love in & through difficult moments, how I’ve been navigating the last few weeks & months & how I’ve been dancing with perspective 🌞. I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and some of your own perspectives & reflections from this time! Link to the post is below 🌱 happy Friday y’all ✨


If you need some quick, delicious mid-week dinner inspiration, head on over to The Healing Root or blog for the recipe for this delicious Veggie-Packed, Chickpea Pasta bowl made using the divine CHICKPEA PASTA 😍. Getting those plant based proteins in through hearty & comforting foods 🌱. If you have eaten already, archive this post for a later moment where you are needing some fast recipe inspo.
In this post I also introduce the importance of adjusting your daily rhythms & routines especially in relation to food, with the changing of seasons from an Ayurvedic perspective - looking at cooling & warming foods & WHY this adjustment according to the seasonal shifts is the key to vibrant health & vitality 🥑. @ South Africa


Finding meaning, fullness, healing moments from trauma, shiftings of core beliefs that no longer serve & finding pockets of courage tucked away in the corners of my heart 🌱. Each & every day we are called & given opportunities to practice different versions of the courage we have met within ourselves. Courages that have sprung forth from facing challenge and not turning away. Courages that have different qualities, different expressions, different ways of holding life together. Courages that spring forward from turning towards moments where turning away might have been easier or simpler. But we stayed & rooted into the openings happening in the heart, choosing to feel fully & deeply. That is courage. And no amount of courage is to be overlooked today - whether it showed itself in small ways or big 🌱 song: one of my favorites, a cover by Alice Phoebe Loe of Lou Reeds Take a Walk on The Wild Side 🌻


I have recently decided to continue with weekly collaborations with a few fellow plant-loving friends and foodies from ALL OVER THE GLOBE! Starting with some creatives right here in SA 🌻 You can be sure to expect some more recipes, a lot more wellbeing information & a lot more inner inquiry prompting coming your way. I am feeling the thrills of inspiration tickling my inner world again after a long while, and I cannot wait to share the different flavors, perspectives & insights from different voices and creators in The Healing Root space 🐚
TODAY, I've done a recipe swap with and she has provided us all with the most BEAUTIFUL Rustic Toasted Coconut & Apricot Tart - time to bring out our inner Jamie Oliver & get creating some rustic magic in the kitchen! She is sharing the recipe for a delicious chickpea pasta bowl that I made using pasta over on her page 🥑 Michaela makes amazing plant based recipes & founded the Vegan App called Health Alignment - where you can find a range of helpful resources about veganism in SA! Be sure to give her some love & get to nourishing yourselves ❤️. @ At home


The Healing Root


The Healing Root's cover photo


Let’s talk pancakes for a moment. In need of a deeply nourishing, comforting, nutritious & super flavorful stack of pancakes? I’ve got you ✊ I’ve made a delicious STACK OF PANCAKES made with SWEET POTATO, Wazoogles protein powder magic & all the almond butter & tahini ✨😳🌻 option of either keeping them VANILLA or making them CHOCOLATE-y and indulgent! Perfect for breakfast, lunch & dinner (truly - I had these last night for dinner & they truly are just just magical). I’m finishing up the recipe today & it it will be live ASAP ❤️ and in case you need some Sunday night dinner inspiration: the Green Thai Coconut Noodle bowl recipe is LIVE on the blog currently ✨ @ South Africa



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