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Here at Beautiful Birth Beautiful Life, we believe in normal, natural, intuitive birthing. We promote: natural fertility methods, prenatal and antenatal preparation for the body mind and spirit; through a healthy sustainable lifestyle change for life

My Heart is warmed by this immensely! the ladies that have started Milk Monologues meet up after they connected as ambassadors for Mothers Milk NZ, and here is the first podcast of many, the Milk Monologues is all about normalising the various ways we can feed our babies, and the journey through that bumpy time.
Please go and listen and share!

Yay - we are LIVE!! The very first episode of The Milk Monologues is now available for you to listen to!!

First up we have Mel who is one of our very own. She describes her raw experience of finding out she couldn't produce enough milk to feed her first baby. She tries to boost her production and mix fed her daughter before eventually transitioning to formula and later is diagnosed with a condition called IGT - Insufficient Glandular Tissue.

With her second baby she engages with a IBCLC to increase her production again and sought donor breast milk as well.

We are so pleased to finally go live and thank you to everyone who listens to our very first episode. We hope you enjoy! x

Listen now at Apple Podcasts or Spotify via the links below:


I am going to talk about Health today. 😷
Internal health reflects your external and mental health.

Does your supplement make you feel different? does it give you energy, restored your hair and nail growth, balanced your hormones as mine does?

It is essential to take a wholefood nutritional supplement as your body will recognise the food and absorb it as nature intended. 🍐🍊🍋🍌🍉🍇🥝🥦🥒🥑🍓🍈🍒🍑🍏🍎🥕

To be able to give your body what it needs in time of stress (hello, how many times do you wake in the night? normal yes, but it is a strain on your body) will make all the difference between healthy-happy-mummy, albeit tired and a frazzled- crazy-woman that even you don't recognise anymore. Trust me, I was that woman and my poor husband suffered whilst tiptoeing around me on eggshells. 🥚🥚

If I had my time again, I would find the $$ to maintain my supplements that I stopped taking around the third month. I was breastfeeding Twins for 3 years for god sake! I was the quintessential waking mombie and I am sure my husband would have more to say on that.

👩‍👧‍👦Mothering is freaking hard work and your body is expected to keep up with it all and feed them milk. But if you are not adding extra nutrients into your body, even with a healthy diet, adding in extra goodness will give you that extra bit of energy to survive the day and smile more often.

Post natal depression anyone? yep that was me too, for the first 3 years to be honest. What is one of the leading contributing factors to Postnatal Depression? Nutritional depletion. Get the nutrition right and you will feel better for it no longer fighting complete exhaustion, 😴😴 I would fall asleep at every breastfeed sitting up. You take your sleep when you can get it right? But what if I was taking a proper supplement that could have supported me daily? How different life could have been back then, I might have smiled more often and enjoyed my babies better. 💗💗

Your Health is your Greatest Wealth, so treat it like gold.
Happy mummy happy family. 🤱👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💑

My Pure Health

This is so encouraging! I am so thrilled that Vitamin C is being taken seriously finally!

"A covid and vitamin C trial is under way in Italy and a large Canadian trial looking at vitamin C and sepsis has been modified to enrol patients with covid-related complications, Carr said.

Earlier this month Carr and colleagues published a paper showing patients with some types of pneumonia exhibit depleted vitamin C and elevated oxidative stress."

What are you taking for your Vitamin C supplement?
Is it varied and rich in polyphenols?

A Transition from Medical Model Maternity Care to Women Led Maternity Care • Midwifery Today

For a great insight into maternity care globally and within New Zealand, read this article written by Sharon Robinson - Midwife.

🤰🤰Empowerment makes any birthing experience beautiful. If the mother feels heard, respected and understood her birthing experience reflects this and so influences her postnatal period and breastfeeding experience.

I love the quote Sharon left us with. 💗💗💗

These words by Suzanne Arms underpin my calling to become a midwife:

“If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation, or love and trust.” On an epidemic scale, women in childbirth today are being “cared for” by maternity health care personnel who take control and make decisions for them.… Read more…. A Transition from Medical Model Maternity Care to Women Led Maternity Care

Keeping Waterbirth Safe During COVID-19

In light of these troubling times I thought soon to be mothers would appreciate that water birthing is still possible. I have received so many questions about whether it is safe to attend water labors and birth right now in light of COVID-19 spreading so rapidly. Will the water contribute to the spread? Many of my …

Stay fierce stay bonded.
Why am I saying this?
To have well intended friends and family say your baby needs to get used to others being with them is nonsense, they only need their parents at 4 months, in fact socialisation is only needed after 3 years of age. 👶

Yep this is hard work and can feel like ground hog day, it certainly did for me with my twins.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Remarkably though, once you get to age one, you can see all the vast and wonderful changes that took place with your baby as they bloom in their first year of life, going through those changes is another story. Eat, sleep, nappy, play, repeat. 🥳
Take joy in the tinest of things, the first smiles the first toe sucking, first time you get peed on 😂 the fist splat of food across the kitchen onto the furthest wall, the first little butt wiggle to your fav tune🎶🎸 (they heard it all through pregnancy remember!)

Your bond is precious, hold on to it gently.

She is 4 months.

Her aunt is holding her
Her eyes dart around looking for me.
She finds me and I feel her eyes burning into me.
I look over at her and she beams.
I smile back and carry on cutting the veges.
I can tell she’s staring at me.
I look up again but instead of a smile, her face crumbles and she begins to cry.
I take her back and her aunt finishes the veg.
She immediately stops crying.

She is 4 months.

I place her down on the mat next to the en-suite so I can duck to the loo.
My face disappears and she sobs.
I poke my head out and her relief is palpable.

She is 4 months.

She’s had enough of playing so I scoop her up.
There’s washing to bring in still so I pass her to daddy.
I turn to walk away and she’s already crying.
I turn back and she’s staring sadly at me.
I take her back and she snuggles in.
Daddy collects the washing.

She is 4 months.

She does not yet have the brain function to manipulate.
She’s not cunningly devising a plan.
She is not deliberately making my life hard.
She’s not asking for more than she needs.

She is 4 months.

Her needs are so genuine.
Her experiences so real and raw.

She is 4 months.

For the first time in her life she is realising that we are two separate people.
Until now, she and I were one and the same to her.
Just as we shared our circulatory system while she grew in my womb she came to this world knowing only our shared existence.
She didn’t exist without me and me without her.

She is 4 months.

Suddenly, she can see with painfully limited understanding that I can indeed leave her.
This person who is her sun, her moon , her stars.
This person who sustains her...
Can just walk away.

She is 4 months.

This reality is terrifying.
With no concept of time she only has one thing-
A deep trust and faith that I will come when she calls.

She is 4 months.

Some days, she’s permanently attached to my hip or the carrier.
Some days, she’ll happily play watching her brothers.
Some days, I can hand her over to another and she’ll happily coo and chat a while.
Some days, she crumbles before the handover is even complete.

She is 4 months.

She’s just learning about life.
Learning about trust and faith.
I come when she calls be it day or night.
As I also have deep faith and trust in her.
She knows what she needs and as long as my arms, my chest and my presence are where she finds peace, safety and security she shall have them.

She is, after all, only 4 months ❤️

❤️Carly Grubb, Little Sparklers founder, 2018 ❤️

Incredible award-winning photos show the beauty and bravery of childbirth

Childbirth photography is so special and can capture the most incredible moments. have a look at these gorgeous photos captured in the moment. 💛💛💛 These winning birth photos prove just how amazing mums are.

I managed to breast feed my twins to 3 years, was aiming for 2 years, but organising a wedding meant I didn't want to 'deal' with weaning yet. was easier than I thought by then, but I am glad I went the extra year especially after reading this awesome list of nutrients!

Breastfeeding has benefits for parents and babies for many years

Crunchy Mom Memes

Our obsession with infant growth charts may be fuelling childhood obesity

Babies don’t come with a manual, but they do come with growth charts. The World Health Organisation Growth Standards describe normal child growth from birth to five years. A baby’s growth should roughly follow the same curve on the chart over time.
Unfortunately, many parents interpret growth charts incorrectly – or have not had growth charts properly explained to them – and think a baby tracking above the 50th percentile is good, and below is bad.
Of concern then, is that parents appear conditioned to feed children in ways designed to bump them up over the magic 50th. This upward crossing of percentiles represents the rapid growth that increases the risk of obesity in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
One example is when a mother is advised to supplement her infant with formula, because she appears not to have enough breast milk. Drinking formula will increase the baby’s intake of protein and the baby will put on weight. This fixes the immediate concern, but high protein intake in the first two years of life can result in rapid weight gain, and obesity risk. The message given to new parents is the higher the infant weight gain the better. Yet being a big baby and growing fast is a risk factor for childhood obesity.

Asbestos found in Johnson & Johnson baby powder

Baby powder has had a red flag on it for other ingredients that I've forgotten (nearly 6 years since I last read up on it) but it's since been discovered that asbestos is also in this baby powder!
Unbelievable that Johnson and Johnson would make such a knowingly toxic product! Johnson & Johnson US has announced a voluntary recall of its popular baby powder after some bottles were fo...

It's normal it's normal it's normal.
Get it? It is normal for your baby to want to be close to you and suckling has more benefits than bringing on milk. Linguistics for one, comforting an upset baby or child is so good for their cortisol reduction.

Swap regression out for milestones it's that simple.

Friends, please help me erase these phrases from our talk about babies.

Babies shouldn't regress, but sometimes a change in habits makes us feel as tired was when they were newborns. Remember, they are going through many developmental leaps - this is exciting! They are super wired to practice their new motor skills! It's just not easy for us when that practice is at 3:00am. Take a nap the next day, and remember this is a short stage. You'll get through it!

Also, the baby or toddler that needs near constant feeding at the breast doesn't think of you as a lowly bit of plastic. You are much more important than that. They might not be feeling well, or just thirsty, or sleepy - these are all normal needs that suckling helps satisfy. You're the safe place, the one they trust the most. It's intense to be that needed, but pacifying at the breast is actually a *good* thing. It helps your milk production and settles baby more quickly.

Your parenting instincts to provide for these needs is spot on - don't let anyone tell you that your baby is using you or going backwards. Hang in there - you're doing great!

The Beyond Sleep Training Project

Repost from Jenny @gypsynspice ❤️ "People don’t talk about that transition much. First baby to second. About the guilt you harbor inside because your skin crawls. ⠀
I’m short, tired and annoyed with Lilly. ⠀
I look at her and wonder, what happened? How could she go from being absolutely everything, my baby, to Now? ⠀
My heart breaks for her. I feel like I’ve lost her. I know she can feel it too- she crawls all over me, trying to find some semblance of her old life. When she used to fit just right, but now there is a spot carved out of me for June too.⠀

People say ’Make sure to have time for just the two of you, like old times.’ And oh God, I get mad. What a stupid thing to even suggest- It can never be like old times. ⠀
I’ve forced my first baby to suddenly grow up and then let’s not forget about my newborn.⠀
It’s written in my cells. In my biology. I am pulled by an invisible umbilical cord and although I try and ignore it for nap and bedtimes, when I’m rocking and nursing Lilly to sleep, I cant. I hear little June cry out for me and I am annoyed. Impatient. I try and stay present, but my skin itches. I want to jump.⠀
A time where it was always just the two of us, a haven, has now become a burden. ⠀
And I’m sick over that. Because I know how lucky I am to have her. Healthy, alive and here right besides me. ⠀
And so when she has fallen asleep, I stay right there, ashamed and carving out the details of her face just so I can feel peace. I cry at her tiny little feet that seem to have grown overnight. She suddenly isn’t so small. ⠀
I’m telling you I am crazy.⠀
And I want to scream. And so I did. The other day in the car. And then everyone started to cry. And do you know what she did? She reached out as tears were streaming down her face to wipe away mine. ⠀
I feel like I am mourning something I didn’t know I could. The loss of Lilly and me. The loss of what we once had, because now I have June too. I belong to them both.⠀
I am different. It’s all so different. #postpartum"⠀

📷 Photo credit @gypsynspice⠀
. #beyondsleeptraining #tbstp #littlesparklers #thebeyondsleeptrainingproject #parenting #gentleparenting #peacefulparenting #parenthood

Doodle Diary of a new Mum

Try getting out of the house with twins!
It used to take me 2 hours to get out the door. There was always a clothing change (milk spew or poop) nappy change then, oh dear, now we need to feed again! trying to time all of our outings to be just after a feed so that I wouldn't have to breastfeed them both in public (not much space for coverage!)
Then they suddenly can walk and squirm as they get older, and run away from you while you are chasing them with their clothes..... ha good times!

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Here's a little 2 minute animation I did 3 and a bit years ago about the trials of getting out of the house with my baby. x

Bouncing back straight after a birth, who thought of that?? how utterly ridiculous! focus on making milk for your baby, nurture your baby and yourself with good healthful food and focus on your parenting achievements instead, make that the benchmark.

You're my child forever, but only my baby for a year

Take a moment to just be present with your baby, and having a sleep with them is nothing more than nourishing you both.
I miss those tiny cuddles now that my two are now at school. thankfully they are both still keen on curling up as small as they can to fit on my lap and snuggle next to me to fall asleep. I could probably switch the wash over to the dryer and get those towels that have been sitting in there folded and put away. But as I watched your chest gently rise and fall, I realized something.

Welcome to Beautiful Birth Beautiful Life.

Originally this page was about HypnoBirthing, and while I love and still agree this is the best way to birth, I have now extended the purpose of this page. Because life begins with the birth of a beautiful baby and then you suddenly learn what you thought you knew about parenting is so small, compared to what there is to know. Our Beautiful Birth has bloomed into a Beautiful Life and our focus is all encompassing, antenatal only prepares you for the birth, postnatal is where the fun really begins!

We all learn this valuable parenting journey through and with our child. It is often said, our babies teach us to be parents, which is true, however, I would like to impart my unique knowledge, and along with parenting experts or bloggers etc, that I find along the way, so that you may feel a little bit more prepared, or at least don’t get a shock when, lets say, your child poops back tar for the first time, or in your first couple of weeks of sleep is filled with nightmares of losing your child(ren) simply because you are not getting past REM (Rapid Eye Movement) with short stints of sleep between feeds (no one told me!).

The family bond is integral to success and I believe this needs to begin before the baby is born, with both parents talking to their baby and each other in loving tones.

Nutrition is the foundation for parenting success. The Mother feeds herself well and takes all the correct supplements while she is pregnant. However, this regimen, for a lot of mothers, slides south once the baby/ies are born. Self care is incredibly important. The old saying Happy Wife Happy Life, is a great reminder! Or we could say Happy Mother, Happy Other.

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