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Healing Touch and Wellness of Hancock, Cathy Lucchesi-Gedda, Healing Touch is a compassionate energy therapy used to balance and support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Once I started working with energy work many years ago, it was life changing for me. I stopped suffering from low energy, fatigue, emotional imbalance, anxiety and so much more. Now don’t get me wrong, I was living a very fun and fulfilling life yet always felt a bit “unhealthy”. I always thought that if I just ate healthier and got more exercise, everything would be better. Well although that was

true, I found that I needed so much more than that and in order to “feel healthier” physically and emotionally. I needed to work on things in my heart and not so much in my head! That is when everything changed and I began my formal education into energy healing , more specifically, Healing Touch. It continues to help me gain more mental clarity and focus which allows me to make quicker and better decisions. My immune system improved, my overall health and wellness (including the motivation to exercise and eat better) improved. I suffered from back and neck pain from a car accident (yep, I was hit my a semi), and the one thing that worked the most for me to decrease the pain was energy work. What I learned through that process was much of my pain was also emotional (anger). Bottom line is HEALING TOUCH can help restore balance and harmony throughout our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. It creates an amazing and optimal environment for our body’s innate tendency to self-heal. Self love + self care = empowerment.....
So I look at it like this: I love myself enough to take care of myself which empowers me to live my life with passion, happiness, love and gratitude. And the best part is that I have learned that taking care of ourselves is not selfish….it is the best thing we can do for our families so that we are at our absolute best for them. I know I am a work in progress yet everyday I strive to be healthier. Wouldn’t you love to feel healthier~physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally? Healing Touch techniques support your health and well-being for self-healing and energetic self-development. Benefits of this amazing modality are:

Facilitate wound healing
Decrease stress and anxiety
Reduce pain
Prevention of illness
Preparation for an drecovery from medical treatments, surgeries and procedures
Promote mental clarity and physical health
Improve your quality of sleep
Support your immune system
Deepen your spiritual connection
Support your self-care
Promote your health and wellness
Raising self-esteem
Losing judgment on ourselves and others

I would love to help you on your journey for a healthier life!


Well it has been an minute! More to come in the near future to share what I know to be true and what has worked to keep me healthy in my life! Stay tuned


Today I am grateful to be attending the We Rise Retreat with many beautiful people looking to move forward in their business and/or in their lives. What I heard today:
Is it time for things to change? To disrupt the norm? Maybe! Our purpose is who we came here to be. What we do is the vehicle to carry out our purpose! I love having a healing business where I get to touch lives in a way that is so meaningful to those that need balance, grace, assistance in self-healing physical and emotional pain. 💗💗🥰🥰



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