Meri Wallace's Parenting Express

Meri Wallace's Parenting Express

Individual sessions to answer parenting questions, either by phone, skype, at home or my office, to Berry Brazelton).

Meri Wallace, LCSW, a parenting expert, and child and family therapist for over twenty years, is the author of “Birth Order Blues”, (Henry Holt and Co.) and “Keys to Parenting Your Four Year Old”, (Barron's Educational Series), and writes a blog for “Psychology Today.” She has been a columnist for Sesame Street Parents Magazine, New York Family Magazine and Brooklyn Parent; a contributor to many n

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Why does your young child kick and bite?
Young children do not have the language to express their feelings and lack impulse control so they express themselves the way small babies do- with their body.


Why siblings are fighting while at home.
One reason for your kids fights, is that you are around more than usual, and they are vying for your attention. Try to spend one on one time with each child each day, even for a short time. Set up a calendar, and post a time for a special activity for each child, (a half hour- an hour), then use an alarm or a timer to mark the time.This individual designated time will calm the kids. (more tips on the way.)

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus 01/04/2020

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus

Parents need to talk to their young children and older kids about the coronavirus, to explain what is happening, give them information to keep them safe (without frightening them) and provide them with support and optimism.

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus Give them information and support.


How can I help my child cope with his fears?
It is natural for kids to feel afraid during this difficult time. Here are some you can use to soothe your child: (Parents can use them too.)
Reassure your children by telling them you will keep them safe and give them optimism.Tell them that the scientists are working on a cure, and they always find something that works
Teach your kids to take deep breaths (3 counts in and 3 counts out) when they are anxious, and to lie down and do full body scans, (Relaxing each part of the body.) Self-talk is also very helpful, for instance, saying to yourself, "Everything will be alright." Visualization is also calming, for instance, picturing your favorite place such as the pond where the family went fishing. Reading funny stories and hugs are great medicine,too.though everyone is keeping a stiff upper lip,encourage your children to let you know when they are frightened and be open to family discussions.


Dear followers: I am reactivating my page, "Parenting Express". During such difficult times, I hope to serve as a resource for you about helping your kids cope during the coronavirus, answer any questions you help you with any daily parenitng issue you might have. Welcome back.

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Birth Order Blues has a powerful impact upon children's behavior, emotions, and development. This book will help you to understand the experiences of your first-born, middle child, and youngest child and give you effective strategies to help each child grow up feeling self-confident and equally loved.

Keys To Parenting Your Four Year Old is an invaluable guide to understanding your child's development. It teaches you how to communicate positively with a young child about their emotions and behaviors.

How to Raise a Happy, Cooperative Child 20/09/2019

How to Raise a Happy, Cooperative Child

I am a blogger for Psychology Today. This is a link to all of my parenting articles. I will be posting a new article within a week or two on how to deal with an aggressive child. I will give you tons of tips that will make your life easier.

How to Raise a Happy, Cooperative Child Parenting Strategies for All Ages