Therapy Associates of Georgia

Therapy Associates of Georgia


The entire staff is a great group of professional that know what they are doing. I have had multiple occasions to use their services and been extremely pleased with the results. Therapy Associates of Georgia is there to HELP you recover from any kind of bone or muscle problems.
Cuz IT visits the clinic.
After years of neck and lower back pain, along with countless injections and other physical therapy, Lori and her crew has me with a whole lot better quality of life. Less pain, more mobility, and a better attitude. Thanks Lori.

We are so proud of Marley !!!! TAG wishes you many blessings in this next chapter of life!! Kim Cone

[04/24/20]   It’s time to reopen!!! In order to control how many people are in the clinic at one time, I am scheduling appointments for therapy patients and gym members. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment! 229-896-2797 Please do not come to the clinic without an appointment.

We are so excited to announce Jack Darrell Thompson has arrived!!! Jessica and Jack are doing great! There’s no telling what pranks he will pull in his life since he was born on April 1st!!! But more than anything he will be loved!! Newest member of our TAG family!!! Jessica Nicole Thompson Susan Padgett Holt

[03/23/20]   I am heart broken to report this but the gym and therapy will be closed for the next week. I am making these decisions one week at a time. When I see things heading in a better direction with COVID 19, I will reopen. I know how the teachers feel about missing their kids. Some of my gym members I have seen almost everyday for years!!! We are a family! Because of that, I want to do what’s best for my TAG family as well as my own family. I will shout it from the rooftops when I reopen!! And it will be as soon as it is safe!! Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We have a full house this morning! I love to see these people exercising!

Therapy Associates of Georgia

Did you know that you can choose where you would like to receive Physical Therapy? 😱

If you are in need of our services, make sure to make a request to your Physician that you would like to receive your therapy services at Therapy Associates of Georgia!👏🏻

With over 15 years experience serving South Georgia’s therapy needs from our privately owned and operated office located in Adel, Ga. we have the qualifications as well as some of the friendliest faces around to help you through this process. 🤩

If you have any question please give us a call today at ☎️ 229-896-2797 or stop by our office located at 📍510 N. Parrish Ave. Adel, Ga 31620

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TAG would like to wish Mr. Leroy Howell a very happy birthday!! He has been exercising here at TAG for 12 years! I challenge you to come exercise with him and see if you can keep up! We are a family here at TAG and I am thankful for Mr. Leroy being part of that family. Come and see the difference we can make! Teresa Howell Parrish Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole Thompson

[12/06/19]   Happy 15th Anniversary TAG!!! It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since I opened those doors. The Lord never ceases to amaze me on how He provides guidance to me through running this business. There are days where all I want to do is treat my patients! Running the business is my least favorite part! And truly, without Susan Padgett Holt there wouldn’t be a 15th anniversary!! But I have been so blessed by this clinic. It has allowed me to be a “stay at work” mom! I have had enough flexibility in my schedule that I have been able to be a part of most all events my kids have been involved in. The Lord has blessed me with exactly the staff I needed when I needed it! Gladys Temples was a pillar at the clinic in the first decade and I am very thankful for all her hard work and dedication. I could not have done therapy in the past 7 years without Jessica Nicole Thompson. There would never have been a clinic to celebrate without my parents! They have helped me every step of the way. I guess I’m just reflecting on how thankful I am for all of you! The health care world is a volatile environment these days. You don’t see many privately owned therapy clinics anymore. So I am thankful for the people of Cook County allowing me to have this business and trusting me to provide them therapy!! I’m praying for another 15 years!! Leigh Bodiford Wilson

[11/14/19]   Here’s the truth!! If you and your doctor feel like physical therapy would benefit you, tell the doctor you want to go to TAG!! The people in this Cook County area should NOT have to drive out of the county to go to therapy!! We provide quality physical therapy to every one of our patients! Come join our TAG family and feel the difference of hometown care! Privately owned clinics are almost unheard of these days. Let’s keep our business local and support the people of Cook County. Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole Thompson

Meet some of our morning crew! Darrell Bryan, Leroy Howell, Dixon Sinclair, and Anne Davis are some of our faithful gym members!! Some of them have transitioned over to fitness from therapy but they have all been faithful gym members!! Mr. Leroy is one of my longest running members!! He has been exercising at TAG for over 12 years!!! I’m so proud of all of them!!! Anne Davis Teresa Howell Parrish Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole Thompson

So proud and thankful for my gym members!! Anne Davis

Thank you First Baptist Church in Adel for allowing me to come and speak at your luncheon! I had a wonderful time and the food was delicious!! Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole Thompson

Meet Megan, a VSU intern that has been with us this summer. She has been a huge benefit to the gym this summer!
My name is Megan Westenfeld. I am a native of Cordele, Georgia and an honor graduate of Crisp County High School. Growing up, I was always active and involved in sports. Some of the sports I played were softball, soccer, basketball, and I ran cross country.

While I was in high school, I also participated in the Work Based Learning program which allowed me to work onsite at a physical therapy clinic. This program not only opened many doors for me, but it allowed me to see who and what I wanted to one day become: a physical therapist. I want to be the person that motivates and encourages my patients to continue getting stronger through their rehabilitation.

After graduating from Crisp County High School, I was accepted into Valdosta State University. I first completed my core classes and was then accepted into the Exercise Physiology program, which I will graduate from in July of 2019. The Exercise Physiology program at VSU has taught me how the different systems on our bodies work and how exercise improves our overall function. It has given me a passion to lead others towards a healthy and active lifestyle by creating fitness regimens for individuals along with educating them on proper nutrition.

When I am not working or studying for school, I enjoy working out, going running, spending time with family and friends, and being involved with my church. One of my goals for this year is to complete a half marathon race. With any goal it takes hard work, dedication, and willingness to be uncomfortable with change. As I am reaching for my goals, I am also encouraging the clients I am working with now to reach their health and fitness goals as well.

“A little progress each day adds up to big results!” Mrs. Anne Davis continues to show progress each day as she is working through her exercise training plan created by our student intern, Megan Westenfeld. Mrs. Anne has already improved her cardiovascular/heart health along with her muscular strength and endurance!! We are so proud of Mrs. Anne and her dedication to improving her health!

Thank you to all our active and retired veterans for your service! We love providing therapy for our military! We are thankful for this wonderful nation we live in and the freedoms our military protects every day! Happy July 4th! 🇺🇸 🎇 Art work by Gracie Betts. Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole ThompsonLeah Leah Reynolds

So thankful for the people of Cook County and the surrounding areas that make the choice to stay local for their therapy needs!! Let TAG help you get back to being YOU!

[05/23/19]   Last night, Dr. Kyle Fleck from Georgia Sports Medicine in Tifton did a great job on his talk covering orthopedic issues with knees and hips. He is very pro-therapy and only reserves surgery when it is absolutely necessary. We are glad to have you in this area Dr. Fleck!! Wherever your doctor is located, don’t forget that if therapy is an option for you, choose TAG for your therapy needs!

So excited about having a visit from these students who are in the Exercise Physiology program at VSU! It only took 14 years but I finally got one of my favorite college professors, Dr. Mark Kasper, to come tour my clinic! It was a great visit and I enjoyed talking to these students about the physical therapy profession!!

Merry Christmas from some of the elves at TAG! Susan Padgett Holt Jessica Nicole Thompson

Happy 14th anniversary TAG!!! So thankful for how the Lord has grown me, my family, & the business!!! Looking forward to many more years!!! Thank you to all those that have graced our doors over the years!!!

We had fun on Halloween!! We were playing cards and twinning with my newest therapist! Thankful for my TAG family! We couldn’t have done it without you Dillon Bailey!!!

We have been so blessed to have Leah Reynolds as a PTA intern for the past 7 weeks. She has been fantastic! We will miss you Leah! We also enjoyed having lunch with her husband, Jessie, today for her last day. We were honored to meet him and appreciate his sacrifice to serve our country as a helicopter pilot. May the Lord protect you both and continue to guide you!

Get PT 1st

Ask your doctor about coming to TAG for your therapy!!

A physical therapist can help you take care of yourself in so many ways!

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So thankful for my wonderful staff!

We have such great workers here at TAG! They even match!!

So proud of my staff! Thank you to the people of Cook County and the surrounding counties for giving us your business!!

[01/17/18]   If you want to start this new year off right, START EXERCISING!! We make it easier for you to do that! NO ENROLLMENT FEE! It’s only $25 per month to exercise as much as you want! Only pay for the months you exercise. If its after the 20th of the month, DON’T WAIT!! Your monthly fee pays for the rest of the current month and the following month as well. We have qualified staff on hand during all of our business hours to help you with your work out. We want to help you get healthier!! Come by and see us to find out more!

Therapy Associates of Georgia

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[01/17/18]   TAG will be open for business Wednesday Jan. 17th! Please everyone be careful traveling though!!

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