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Vertigo - causes, symptoms, and treatments


Migraines and Vertigo - Dizziness
Vertigo. It feels like the room is spinning around you. Many bouts of vertigo are caused by crystals in your inner ear that come loose. But for some vertigo sufferers, the dizziness happens thanks to migraine, the same condition that can cause severe headaches.


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Epley Maneuver- Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo


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Best Way to Stop Feeling Dizziness - Vertigo Treatment


How to Get Rid of Vertigo-Top3 Best Home Remedies to Stop Vertigo

Determining the correct method of vertigo treatment can be challenging. In large part, this is due to the fact that its ...

Determining the correct method of vertigo treatment can be challenging. In large part, this is due to the fact that its symptoms and causes vary greatly in their severity and visibility. Knowing the correct angle from which to attack the problems of dizziness, nausea, and disorientation that are associated with vertigo involves taking time to accurately pinpoint its source and see what other complications are associated with it. When the condition is better understood, a number of treatments can be administered.

Once a doctor has met with a patient and spent time determining the source and intensity of vertigo, a myriad of actions may be taken. Drugs may be administered by pill, patch, or IV to the patient in an attempt to stop the feelings of motion that vertigo brings about. These vertigo treatments are the most common and are usually successful in treating moderate cases of vertigo that haven't persisted for a long period of time.

In cases of bacterial infections of the inner ear, antibiotics are used as vertigo treatments. Similarly, if doctors diagnose a patient with Meniere's disease (an inner ear disorder that can often be the culprit of vertigo) antibiotics may also be used in addition to diet changes. If the vertigo has been brought about by significant damage or puncture to parts of the inner ear, the most likely treatment will be surgery by an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Vertigo treatments are not just medicinal, however. A number of exercise therapy techniques have also been explored and many have proven beneficial for vertigo sufferers. Vestibular rehabilitation involves the patient laying on alternating side of their body in an attempt to restore the body's sense of balance. These alternations are continued until disorientation is gone. Similarly, cases of vertigo believed to be brought on by disruptions of the inner ear may be treated by having the patient perform specific head movements that are designed to realign inner ear elements. While these treatments may not have the power of medicinal remedies, they are often effective and can be continued by the patients when at home.

The best way to learn about vertigo treatments is by consulting a professional. Often, the symptoms of vertigo are ignored or self-treated for too long and treatment becomes a difficult take. By recognizing symptoms early and exploring the options of treatment thoroughly, vertigo sufferers can attack the condition head-on and be returned to a more peaceful life.


Epley Maneuver- Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo - Dizziness - Vertigo Treatment


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Top 3 Signs Your Vertigo is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

A prevalent anxiety symptom is dizziness and feeling light-headed. By exploring the link between anxiety and dizziness, ...

A prevalent anxiety symptom is dizziness and feeling light-headed. By exploring the link between anxiety and dizziness, we will embark on a search for answers.

Which came first, the anxiety or the dizziness?

Anxiety, and dizziness; does one cause the other? Ailments of the inner ear are often the trigger of dizziness, and imbalance. Feelings of dizziness can cause anxiety, and concern, with respect to your overall health. In such instances, the anxiety is proven to be the root cause of the dizziness.

To the contrary, there are times when anxiety leads to dizziness. The heavy breathing associated with an anxiety attack, induces a feeling of light-headedness, which can create a sense of dizziness.

Whatever your suspicions are regarding your dizziness, please consult with your physician.

Eat your way to a life without anxiety and dizziness

Proper nutrition is essential in avoiding feelings of dizziness due to low blood sugar. To accomplish this, eat several small meals per day. Lost in the shuffle of the day, many people find that they don't have enough time to have breakfast or lunch.

Eating three meals per day can help you maintain your health. Being short on time won't be an excuse, if you plan, and prepare your food for the week, on Sunday afternoon. You will be able to grab your prepared lunch on your way to work in the mornings.

Taking it slow, and learning how to beat anxiety and dizziness

Those with anxiety and dizziness may have a fear of leaving home. This fear is rationalized by the fact that their home is a place of safety, and that a bout of dizziness could cause them to collapse in unfamiliar surroundings. Do not feel limited, as there are things you can do to battle dizziness.

Hyperventilation is a key indication that you are experiencing a bout of anxiety, or a panic attack. Amidst this heightened state, your body's oxygen levels are off balance, which can cause an increase in the feelings of anxiety, or dizziness.

Slow, rhythmic, breathing can help you calm yourself, and reverse the symptoms of a panic attack. By using these deep breathing practices, you are assisting your body to lower the levels of anxiety, and symptoms of light-headedness and subsequent dizziness.

Within minutes, you will feel more relaxed.

By far, these breathing techniques are the best way to combat anxiety-onset of dizziness. Get to know your breathing patterns so that you will know when to counter an anxiety attack.

Yes, anxiety and dizziness do share a link. Keep in mind that you can counter the effects of anxiety, and that the anxiety itself is the cause of your dizziness.


Top 2 Acupressure Points to Get Rid of VERTIGO & DIZZINESS - Vertigo Treatment

Being dizzy is one of the worst symptoms that you can ever feel. Dizziness can make you uncomfortable, sick and even sui...

Being dizzy is one of the worst symptoms that you can ever feel. Dizziness can make you uncomfortable, sick and even suicidal. But worry no more! Here are 5 simple tips to stop dizziness.

1. Sit in a dark room

The best thing you should do if you feel dizzy is to sit down in a dark room. Bright light or unpredictable light patterns can aggravate dizziness symptoms. The dark room will also decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system which in turn reduces dizziness.

2. Wear ear plugs

Noise is a contributing factor to dizziness. Noise can sensitise dizziness and can make it far worse. The simple solution to this is to wear ear plugs. Ear plugs help to block any noise out and hence reduces any dizzy spells.

3. Wear balance bracelets

Balance bracelets are the new homeopathic phenomenon which helps to reduce your dizzy spells and also improve your balance. Designed by top homeopathic and chiropractic physicians, they are known to help nausea, dizzy spells and headaches.

4. Avoid hot temperature

Heat increases nausea and dizziness. Keep yourself cool as much as you can to avoid reproducing wooziness and vertigo.

5. Bite on something hard

Biting on something like a piece of wood in your mouth can reduce any dizzy spells. This reduces dizzy spells as this triggers a reflex in the brain stem to reduce sensitivity in the balance cortex. This is an ancient primitive reflex in preparation for a nervous situation. For instance, if you ever felt nervous, you will bite your teeth. This will dampen your vertigo reflexes.


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