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The pandemic has affected my cruzy by needing to wear his hat and sneakers to bed every night. #isthisnormal? #cruz #imoutofmymind

Suns out Guns out! Blood orange margaritas, grilled bbq shrimp and asparagus with sun dried tomatoes. Big shout out to my gourmet chef and bartender hubby Timmy! #covidhealthyfoodwithcocktails #whatdayisit? #canhappyhourbemovedup?

Look closely. What do you see? A big boy in a little suit. And a little boy photobombing #Cruzcreeping #thenewmaverick #pandemicactivites

[04/23/20]   Try this quick upper and lower body At-Home workout. The challenge is to do as many reps to failure of each exercise for as many sets as you can do. Maybe 15 reps of each 4-6 times of the level that best suits YOU. #quarantinebodyweightworkout #itdoesnttakemuch #noexcuses @sweatinsideout

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to stand on my head. Yoga grounds me like no other. #earlymorninginversion #stayingfocusedupsidedown #yogaforthesoulandmind

[04/17/20]   Challenge your workouts by incorporating this fun cardio driven strength exercise to your routine. Also, If your looking for new, different and custom written or video workouts give me a shoot!! And now doing zoom virtual workouts. Personal or family. 30 min, 45 min and 60 min. #week6herewego! #stayaccountable #challengeyourselfandsweat @sweatinsideout

[04/17/20]   Challenge your workouts by incorporating this fun cardio driven strength exercise to your routine. Also, If your looking for new, different and custom written or video workouts give me a shoot!! And now doing zoom virtual workouts. Personal or family. 30 min, 45 min and 60 min. #week6herewego! #stayaccountable #challengeyourselfandsweat @sweatinsideout

[04/15/20]   Looking for a tech savvy person to build a mini site on Thinkific
If anyone is interested please message me!

How to fly your pigeon....Try to take your figure 4 stretch to a new level and try this arm balance! #flyingpigeonvideo #challengeyouryogapractice #stayingpresentandfocused

Boys regular looking pretty good on my man! XO #quarantinebuzzcut #badboydaddy #timmayyy

The struggle to find balance in our lives right now is real. Staying present and focused is challenging but incredibly important during these times. #livingdaytoday #breathe #stayfocusedandpresent #socialdistancewithyoga #wewillhugagain

Receiving gifts make me feel thankful. Giving gifts makes me feel extremely grateful to those in my life. But my Family makes my soul smile in a way I never thought was possible. #lovewhatwehave #holidays2019

Need a new leg routine? Combine Yoga, TRX and your own body weight to work your entire lower half! Do 15 reps of each sequence to get the burn and lean gams you crave! #trxlegworkout #buttworkout #leanlegs #yogaandtrx @sweatinsideout

Saturday selfie of my boys ❤️#twinning #daddyandcash #cruzysnaptime #bondingoveracaibowls

Pizza is one of the reasons I workout like I do! If I was stranded on an island and had the choice of 1 last meal....PIZZA! It’s my ultimate “cheat” food. But not just any pizza - it has to be really good to be worth the extra calories. Everyone deserves a cheat day. But you need to earn it. It always tastes better when you sweat for it! What is your cheat meal? #pizzaiseverything #earnyourcheatday #pizzasnob @sweatinsideout

#popupsweatcamp #outdoorbootcamp #summertimeworkouts @sweatinsideout

BETTER ANGLE! Check it out. #steplaterallungetocurtsylunge @sweatinsideout

Take your lunge to the next level! Grab an elevation step/box and alternate between deep lateral lunges to step up curtsy lunges! This will use EVERY muscle in your leg (especially your booty!) and correct any muscular imbalances you may have. #bootyworkout #curtsylungesfordays #unilateralstrengthtraining #legdayisthebestday #doitforthecompliments @sweatinsideout

Now that the weather is finally warming up, Inside Out Fitness will be offering “sweatcamp” classes outside. It’s time to think outside of the gym and use what the environment has to offer. These classes will consist of cardio intervals (running etc) along with timed resistance training (body weight, bands and light dumbbells). All levels are welcome. Challenge yourself!
***For my advanced people, you can use weighted backpacks to burn those extra calories!
If your interested in signing up, please message me the times that work for you schedule. I will post a summer schedule soon! #sweatcamps #outdoorbootcamps #thinkoutsidethegym #summerfundays

Looking for another way to use your Bosu Ball? Try these see-saw oblique push-up pikes. You will target your core, obliques, triceps, chest, lats, upper back (basically your whole upper body!)
Remember to train harder by being smarter! Working various muscle groups at the same time is more efficient and effective with less time at the gym! #bosuballworkouts #obliqueburn #pikepushups @sweatinsideout

Even on vacation you can still fit in a mini sweat session! Grab a Bosu ball and turn it over to expose the black side up which challenges your balance more than the other side. Try a single leg deadlift concentrating on form, balance and core/glute stability. Once you mastered a few grab a dumbbell! #balancetraining #corestabilization #glutesworkout #unilateraltraining #challengeyourworkout #singlelegdeadlift

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Mama and Sister. And to ALL the amazing mothers that give their very best everyday! Enjoy today with love and hopefully some peace! Xoxo #badassmamas #thankgodforwine

Here comes the bride! Great bridal event at Granite Links tonight. Looking to get in shape for your upcoming wedding and honeymoon? Contact Inside Out Fitness and use code “bride” to receive 15% off all training services. #herecomesthebride #insideoutfitness #bridalfitness #surfsetfitness #weddingbootcamp #thehustleisreal @sweatinsideout

Leg day is the best day! Try some pistol squats to challenge your balance and strength. Incorporating more unilateral training will help correct physical imbalances and overcompensation resulting in fewer injuries and less pain. And your gams will look pretty good too! #unilateralstrength #pistolsquats #nomoreinjuries #liveinbalance #doitforthecompliments @sweatinsideout

Getting ready for YOUR big day? Time can fly by while planning your “I Do’s” so don’t forget to schedule your workout sessions, bridal bootcamps and nutrition coaching NOW! You owe it to yourself... and your dress! @sweatinsideout [email protected] #doitforthecompliments #bridalbeachbody #byourbestyoubeforesayingido

Don’t miss out. Order your star fish girls now! These adorable ladies can be made as an ornament for the tree, cute napkin holders for intimate dinner parties, magnets for the fridge or even just fun decorations for the house!
Each bathing suit shell is hand picked on the white sands of Englewood Beach in Florida and painted by Sue G herself! (My mom).
Give a thoughtful gift or yourself something that is made with nothing but love!♥️

Email amy at [email protected] or text 617-438-0919.
#starfishgirls #cutedecorations #suegisthebest #nothingbutlove

On this snow day grab your cute 3 year old, a 30 lb weighted vest or even your own body weight and try this yogi drop squat to stand push up sequence! This is a total body workout that builds incredible strength and flexibility! #challengeyourworkout #snowdayworkout #yogisquatchallenge #howlowcanyougo #liftkidsasweights #cashandmommy

These are my Super Bowl champs! #cashandcruz❤️ #lovemyteammates #teammcandrew #gopatsnation

Yoga day is the best day! If your a beginner or even an advanced yogi check out this video to experience a modified version of the Sun Salutation A Yoga yoga sequence linking your breathe to each movement. #yogaforall #breathetomovement #strengthandbalance Inside Out Fitness

Looking for a new way to challenge your body physically and mentally? Are you going to group classes but need more personal attention? Are you constantly getting injured or feeling pain when you workout? Stop masking your weaknesses. Expose them and make them stronger! #formiseverything #workouttherightway #bandworkoutsessions @sweatinsideout

Mexican date night with my boo ❤️
#5yearweddinganniversarytrip #grandvelasrivieramaya #karma

Today starts our beautiful Mexican Fiesta. 😘
#5years #ourweddinganniversary #❤️myboo

Game night. #cardsagainsthumanity #lovetheseguys❤️ #myboos

Happy 5 years to us! It has been a journey of wonderful, challenging and unforgettable moments. Our 2 beautiful boys are the absolute loves of our lives who fill our hearts with more LOVE and JOY than we could have ever dreamed of. I truly couldn’t imagine existing in this life without you. Our love, hard work and dedication to one another makes us grow stronger. At the end of our hectic days your always my rock. Thank you for making me a better person. Xoxo. #5years #ittakestwo #ouranniversary #feelingblessed😇

Keto approved breakfast. Egg white bites with spinach, kale and roasted red peppers (cheese optional for dairy lovers) and Neiman Ranch organic hormone free bacon. #ilovesundaymornings #ketofriendlybreakfast #startyourweekright

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