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I will be posting about my personal testimonies with using Young Living Essential Oils and Products. Recipes and photos or screen shots

Hey Everyone! Just to give you a lil insight on who I am. I am a wife & mom of 3! I recently started a journey to find more natural and healthier way of living and healing. I discovered that true100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have sooo many uses.Topically, Aromatically and Ingested as a Supplement. With the economy the way it is and Health Insurance the way it has changed people are finding Alternative Styles of Healing with Eastern Practice Influences (or going back Old School the way our Great grandparents and/or Ancestors did it) I would be honored if you would like my page and follow me on My Journey and hoping to help you find a more natural/holistic way with something you may have.

Embracing my "Inner Hippy" tonight
Diffusing * Pine, Hyssop & Patchouli *
Some tv, tea & adult coloring

Think about it.
Contact me if you would like to hear and learn more about YLEO

And A Surprise Bonus Oil!!!

This is the Ad that goes along with my post

My friend April posted this and everything she is!saying is exactly how I feel and what I think Please read BEFORE you even look at buying from a store shelf or online.
100% Pure Essential Oils


"I received this ad in the mail and I feel the need for a PSA. If you want a little bit more education on essential oils, keep reading. If you think I am just trying to sell you something without a genuine concern for you, then you really don't know me and might as well unfriend or unfollow me right now. Here's the deal. Every store out there is jumping on the essential oil bandwagon. And I want you to know what you are getting yourself into when you buy less expensive oils from the grocery store, wal-mart, target, or wherever else. If you only want to use oils for the nice smell and aren't considering using them for health and wellness, then, go ahead, knock yourself out with these cheaper oils. But if you've seen and read any of my posts, PLEASE, don't buy these thinking they are going to have the same effect. I guarantee they won't, you'll be disappointed, and you'll decide essential oils don't work. These oils say they are 100% pure. Did you know it only has to contain 5% essential oil in the bottle for them to make that claim? Know why? Because the oil that is used may truly be 100% essential oil, but before it is bottled, it is mixed with a carrier oil and highly diluted. PLEASE never use these topically or internally. It even says so on the bottle. They may even mix other synthetics into the bottle. Did you know Young Living is the only essential oil company to own its own farms? AND anyone can visit their farms and watch the entire process, from distillation to bottling - and see for yourself that nothing but essential oil goes into the bottle. They know exactly where these plants have grown, how they've grown, and they oversee the entire process. AND they never use pesticides or synthetic chemicals on their plants. You can see the process at I sell Young Living because I believe in the product and I have researched it a lot. I know they can help in your health and wellness because I've witnessed it in my own family. If you want to learn more, I love teaching and sharing what I know, so please reach out to me. I can come teach a class for you and friends or just meet one-on-one. I would be privileged to equip you and your family with these amazing oils." THANKSGIVING POINT BUSINESS PARK 3125 Executive Parkway Lehi, UT 84043 Phone 1.801.418.8900 Fax 1.866.203.5666 (toll free) / 1.801.418.8800 (local)

Get ready
Be prepared

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*some oily sample goodies
*YL is giving a 15ml of Cedarwood!!

[06/26/16]   Things have been pretty crazy around here finishing up school... And Baseball...
I am constantly using my bug repellant... Can't wait to get my Celery Seed Oil to Add
Bc it repels All Mosquitoes for up to 2 hrs!
***And heard a few things about more products coming to YL
The FDA Approved them for medical use!!! How awesome is that! ***

50 min and counting. ..
Best investment I've ever done

family & friends who have talked to me about essential oils...
TODAY ONLY Young Living is DISCOUNTING the Starter Kit 10%
AND I might just throw in another surprise while you're at it!
***** includes a diffuser not pictured *****

Can't wait to help you in a healthier lifestyle!

CDC admits essential oil effective as DEET for mosquitoes Concerned consumers who want protection against ‪#‎mosquitoes‬ can now turn to lemon eucalyptus oil with the blessings of the ‪#‎CDC‬. ‪#‎zika‬ ‪#‎zikavirus‬

2 oil things
We were heading to a bday party this afternoon and on the drive I used Frank on my wrist, forehead & under nose... My oldest 8.5 says to my middle 5 "O that oil smell is Frankincense. It's like Frankenstein but it's mom big favorite... I don't know why bc it smells bad" LMBO!!
Then... Later we come home and the kids were acting nuts and horsing around... My daughter 3 falls hits her back bad... Cries etc.. I said come over honey I want to put ... She finished my sentence.. "An oil on that!"Then she runs and grabs her doll play kit and hands me this... And says this is Her Oil for her Baby Doll!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Essential Oils and Pets: A Quick How-To If you love using Young Living products in your home, you’ve probably wondered how you can share their amazing benefits with your animals. Which oils are safe to use? How much can I apply? Should I diffuse or apply topically?   If you’ve ever had questions like these, we’re here to help! Check out t…

[04/12/16]   I'm preparing for summer...Are you?
People say they have tried certain oils for things and they didn't Bruce a change... Well if you purchased an EO at a food store or OTC... I'm 95% positive it's an "Organic" stamped oil filed with synthetics ...
It does not mean it's pure and therapeutic grade..
Just sayin

The New Premium Starter Kit... NOW with the New Vitality Oils

[03/16/16]   My PSA for Today
Ok... It's that lovely season again of sneezing and such...
Prepare your roller bottles ladies and gents... And OIL UP!
Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint & you can throw in Copaiba too

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Here is a break down

Dr. Max Gomez: Essential Oils And Autism CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports.

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[01/29/16]   I really would like to teach 2 classes in the month of Feb & March... so... I am coming up with a Promo...for it to benefit you, the host...
Stay tuned...

My Journey My Story's cover photo

My Journey My Story

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Timeline Photos

8 Essential Oils for Sore Throat Pain - Dr. Axe Did you know that essential oils can make a sore throat go away quicker or avoid one all together? Check out these 8 essential oils for sore throat pain.

My Journey My Story

My Journey My Story's cover photo

I will be housing 2 Make & Takes this month.
Please inbox me for info

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