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We wanted to share some exciting news with you all!
Today, our parks staff installed a Communication Board, created by Barbara Fernandes with Smarty Ears, that will allow youth to communicate with their parents or peers by utilizing this communication tool. What exactly is a Communication Board? It is a board that will provide children a better opportunity to communicate together not only with parents but also with peers. Symbols on the new equipment are arranged in squares on a grid. They include the alphabet; numbers; shapes; and core words, the most basic elements of language. Words such as Hug, Go, Bye and Hi are featured on the board along with specific play features that the children can play on while at Kids Kingdom.

A special thanks goes out to Barbara Fernandes, CEO for Smarty Ears for bringing the first of its kind to Kids Kingdom playground with the hopes of adding a few more throughout the city in the future. This will be such a fantastic addition to this playground as it sees high volumes of youth throughout the year not only from Rowlett but from surrounding cities!
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Hi! I've been the very happy owner of the BAPA app for years. Recently, the function of sending out my reports by email has stopped working. I've sent many messages via the contact form and even a PM, but no response. The phone number is not connecting either. How can I get some help? Thanks!
✨Find our latest episode here:
Barbara Fernandes joins us this week for a very informative conversation around the importance of parental involvement when it comes to working with children. Barbra is a speech-language pathologist and the founder of Smarty Ears Apps! Follow the link to the full episode to hear about how tablet apps are making a big comeback in therapy sessions!
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Hello! My name is Anthony. I’m a research assistant at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My lab is conducting a study to collect data about SM in children. The purpose of this study is to examine the behaviors and communication abilities of different children who have selective mutism according to parental report. Your child must be between the ages of 6-10 in order to fill out the study. I appreciate your time and feel free to ask any questions about the study.

Hi! I’ve been using Preposition Remix a lot lately. Is it possible to have the prompt spoken again after an incorrect response is given? That would greatly help my students, who inevitably are having some time between when the prompt is given and a correct choice is made.
This app is very versatile for various sounds and age groups.
I have smarty ears apps that I use and love preposition remix and SLP goal bank. I love the ease of use for both apps!
Love your apps! Signed: a speech Language patholgist
Smart ears apps and the company in general is Awesome! They know their stuff and are a great help for SLPs.
I love smarty ear apps. I have used Verb Quest and have found my clients have increase their ability to use irregular verbs within sentences.
I am hoping this is the right place to review... I have several apps from Smarty Ears, and enjoy them daily with my students.
My favorite app is BAPA, it has saved so much time with my bilingual kiddos!

Smarty Ears is a technology company that creates high quality technology for speech, language and communication. You can find some of our apps on Apple's App Store or you can access all our app on our signature platform called Speech and Language Academy

Smarty Ears has created the most revolutionary apps for children with speech, language and communication delays. Our apps are compatible with the iPhone and iPads and can be downloaded here:

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Did you know that Smarty Ears has created a suite of activities that can be accessed from any device? It is called Speech and Language Academy. Get your account here:

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Imagine a digital assessment for articulation and phonology that automatically generate an individualized sound profile for each one of your students. A dream? No! A reality! Download it from the App Store today:

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For years we have been asked to make our apps available on a cloud based system! We finally did it! This is by far the best all inclusive platform for service delivery. For less than $0.50/day you can use Speech and Language Academy with all your students. Learn more here:


Are you a teletherapist looking for the best platform to make your sessions more engaging! Check out Speech and Language Academy. Sign up here:

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Some speech-sound disorders such as childhood Apraxia require an even deeper focus on sounds like vowels and syllable structures. Have you used Apraxia Farm before? Download it here:


Based on scenes, Articulation Scenes provides numerous opportunities for children to pronounce their sounds more clearly. All activities were beautifully designed around the theme of cinema and movies for a fun and interesting learning activity.
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Using Pronouns is for improving pronoun usage, which is crucial for developing grammar and communication. The student is shown a picture of a real-life event and given a sentence. One of the words in the sentence is missing, and the player must drag-and-drop the correct pronoun into the space. There are over 50 pronouns and the settings gives the ability to either select (multiple choice), or type the pronoun.
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Every kid loves a role-play situation based games which helps to learn effective communication, and @smartyears has House of learning for an idea and action based communication.

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This activity has been created to facilitate an understanding of verbs, Verb Quest has 20 levels ranging from simple present tense to the complex skills of negation, tense shifts, and participles. The game can be played in a receptive (multiple choice), or expressive (open-ended) format with ability to easily toggle between both modes. Understanding, and using, the correct verb tense is critical for academic writing.

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A multi-level, multi-player app, Pronoun Heroes consists of four (4) activities to teach and reinforce pronoun usage. It targets multiple types of pronouns (e.g., personal subjective, personal objective, demonstrative, possessives, and reflexive) and includes 19 different pronouns. Two of the four activities allow the adult to customize targeted pronouns to tailor the therapy session specifically for the child.

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Available on the App Store:


5 Easy Steps to achieve ANY Goal. Basically, just follow these. There's no special trick, or hack or shortcut. There are just practical steps, which if followed, anyone can achieve their goals. Give these a try!


SLP’s Back to School: Digital Backpack

This Webinar sponsored by Smarty Ears will focus on Supporting Speech and Language Pathologists in their back to school journey this year.


You are not going to want to miss out this: SLP's Back to School Digital Backpack Webinar. This webinar is sponsored by Smarty Ears and it will be presented by Jennifer Cristiano. You can sign up here:


Introducing Speech and Language Academy

Remember when you would spend so much time going through the App store to figure out which app is useful to help children with specific speech, language or communication needs? 😩Over the last 12 years, Smarty Ears alone has launched 65 apps on the App Store. Imagine the work of actually finding and managing so many different apps. Without even mentioning when you spend time, money and energy on non-Smarty Ears apps that turned out to be a waste of time. We are so happy to share about Speech and Language Academy. For more information message us, or visit:

Comment and share this video for a chance to win access for one year! We will pick someone on August 12th, 2022. Where are all the Smarty Ears fans at? 🥰


Did you know that Smarty Ears has an AAC app called Expressive? it is an affordable one time fee app and it is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Top five software solutions for speech-language pathologists 28/07/2022

Top five software solutions for speech-language pathologists

Software for speech language pathologists range from a wide variety of programs and solutions depending on the needs. The main categories of software are:

Caseload Management
Data Tracking
Resource Library
Custom Resource Creation
Teletherapy Delivery

Top five software solutions for speech-language pathologists oftware for speech language pathologists range from a wide variety of programs and solutions depending on the needs. The main categories of software are: Scheduling Billing Caseload Management Data Tracking Resource Library Custom Resource Creation Teletherapy delivery Many of the solutions can solv...


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Articulate Plus for Speech Sounds

Articulate Plus is an app designed to help pronounciation of speech sounds. You can download Articulate Plus on the App Store:


Did you know that English is the language spoken in only 78% of houses in the United States? This means that in 22% of households in the United States, a language other than English is spoken. Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the US.

Spanish-English dual language learners are the largest growing population of concern, with 33% of young elementary children speaking Spanish at home.

Meanwhile, according to the American Speech Hearing Association, there are only 10,208 certified bilingual service providers the United States.


Free Webinar Alert: Using Speech and language academy to work with bilingual students.

Speech and Language Academy has interactive activities for speech and language practice with built-in data tracking for each student available in SEVERAL languages in addition to English!

Languages include:

Want to learn more? Drop a comment below or join Michelle for a FREE WEBINAR on June 23 @ 4:30pm EST.
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Check out all our learning solutions for special education:


A dream come true for Bilingual SLPs

Access dynamic speech therapy activities in English and eight other languages including Spanish, Portuguese and ​Dutch. Truly a dream come true for any SLP or institutions providing support to Emerging Bilinguals.


If you are looking to get your employer to purchase access to SLA for you. Here is an amazing document you can share:


Are you looking for a flexible and fun job with unlimited earning potential? Smarty Ears is recruiting SLPs, who want to work from home, for our sales consultant position. You must have superb technology skills and love meting new people. Appy here:


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After 13 years in business we have finally received the acreditations we should have always had. Smarty Ears is 100% minority women owned and founded. Founded by speech-pathologist Barbara Fernandes in 2009, Smarty Ears has created amazing technology for an entire industry. It is not an easy road. Being a minority woman owned small business (Especially in EdTech) means the road has always been rougher and risker filled with men. Nonetheless, the impact we have made around the world has made it all worth it... Govermental agencies ( Including schools) must do 5% of the business with our type of business. There aren't a lot of business like ours, especially in technology. We need your school purchases and schools need our technology! Please let your schools know that we are here for them. Send your school our way and purchase one of our technologies. Thanks for the all the love and support.


If you are a fan of Phonological Awareness Lab, you will be excited to hear that all of its games are now available on Speech and Language Academy! Here is a sneak peek of Decoding Room. Get your account here:


Rhyming Identification by Smarty Ears now on Speech and Language Academy

We have a new game now available on Speech and Language Academy by Smarty Ears!!! The same game you already love, now on any device. Sign up here:


Happy SLP Appreciation day! We are so proud of our team of Speech-Language Pathologists

Smarty Ears updated their shop. 29/04/2022

Smarty Ears updated their shop.

Smarty Ears updated their shop.

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Would you like to learn how to reduce your therapy preparation time and increase % of FUN you and your students have in therapy? We got you! We have a free webinar series. Not sure you can make it? Sign up anyways. It is free! Here is the sign up link:


If data collection was a dream


Apraxia Farm on Speech and Language Academy

Looking for some resources for your next session? Take a close look at Apraxia Farm now available on Speech and Language Academy. Get your account today at


We are looking forward to seeing so many of there again this week. @nbaslh

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Michelle Hernandez, MS, CCC-SLP

Michelle Hernandez is a first-generation college student and immigrant from the Dominican Republic and certified speech-language pathologist. She has a bachelor’s in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Stony Brook University and a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from SUNY Buffalo State. Michelle is a Bronx native but currently lives in Houston, TX. She is a PhD student with clinical and research interests in bilingual development, bilingual children with language disorders, and code-switching within Spanish-English school-aged children. She also continues to practice in the home health setting and supervises SLPAs. Michelle is committed to translating research to practice to promote effective identification, access, and inclusion for bilingual children who experience communication difficulties.


Looking for dynamic activities for Adjectives? We got you!


Happy Women History Month!

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Are you a teletherapist looking for the best platform to make your sessions more engaging! Check out Speech and Language...
SLP’s Back to School: Digital Backpack
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Introducing Speech and Language Academy
Articulate Plus for Speech Sounds
Supporting Emerging Bilingual Students with Technology
How to support bilingual students using Speech and language Academy
A dream come true for Bilingual SLPs
A dream come true for Bilingual SLPs
If you are a fan of Phonological Awareness Lab, you will be excited to hear that all of its games are now available on S...


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